My Naked Sisters And I Part 6

Oldest Sister Teaches I And Other Sisters How To Have Sexual Intercourse Properly!

So with Oldest Sister finally satisfied after I and my other Sisters had thoroughly feasted upon her hot throbbing quivering fleshy lush soaked tight vagina, we all sat back and took a moment to gather our bearings.

I was on the floor sitting with my little erection pointed straight forward in front of me. Youngest Sister was to Oldest Sister’s left and sitting on her knees and Older Sister was sitting to Oldest Sister’s right, sitting upon her knees as well.

Meanwhile Oldest Sister sat on the couch, her shapely, smooth, soft, fleshy lush warm looking legs spread wide to expose that meaty smooth soft fleshy tight looking pussy between her legs.

Oldest Sister’s gaze seemed fixed on me, her thoughts probably on what to do with me and my naked Sisters next and her next words proved that.

“Have you guys had sex yet?” Oldest Sister then asked as she said aloud, still looking at me.

Older Sister grinned then and piped up.

“Yeah!” Older Sister chimed to which Oldest Sister nodded.

“All right, show me how you got it done. Brother, get on the couch and lie down, let me see what your Older Sister does to you.” Oldest Sister requested of me and so without so much as a nod I got on my knees and climbed on top of the couch as Oldest Sister moved out of the way so I could lie down though Youngest Sister stayed where she was and giggled at me as she looked down at me as I placed my head where she was.

Older Sister however had gotten up as well but then I was aware of her presence as she straddled my lap and wrapped her smooth warm tight soft fingers snugly around the base of my penis.

“Suck his penis first, get him wet so his penis slides easier into your vagina.” Oldest Sister instructed Older Sister and so with a smile still on her face, Older Sister positioned her crotch away from mine and lied down so that her face was positioned near my genitals.

I then watched as my little yet still hardened penis disappeared into my Older Sister’s mouth and then felt as my Older Sister’s lips and tongue went to work simultaneously sucking and licking my small hard hot throbbing fleshy lush erected penis.

She did this for a few minutes and once she felt I was wet enough she removed her mouth from my penis and sure enough as she removed her mouth from my penis, I saw my penis coated in a sheen of my Older Sister’s saliva.

Older Sister than repositioned her vagina towards my penis, peeling back the foreskin from the red rounded shaped head of my penis while simultaneously opening her vagina with her index and middle finger in a gentle motion.

Older Sister than once again attempted to lower her tiny tight throbbing quivering fleshy lush warm moist vagina onto my small hardened moist throbbing quivering penis where I watched the slick red rounded head of my penis touch the tiny pink wet throbbing quivering entrance to the orifice of her vagina.

However once the head of my penis touched the lips of my Older Sister’s throbbing quivering fleshy lush warm moist tight tiny vagina, he seemed to be stuck and not want to go in any further and it was because of this I began to whine and shift uncomfortably to which an impatient Oldest Sister slid her arm under me and grabbed my left shoulder from underneath!

She then used her thumb and forefinger on her free hand to wrap around the base of my penis and hold my foreskin back away from the head of my penis and even PINCHED the base of my penis which made me yelp and squirm but Oldest Sister held me strong and urged Older Sister to finish the job!

“Do it!” Oldest Sister urged and so now with me secured I could only watch with pouting expression as Older Sister redoubled her efforts in getting my tiny yet hardened penis inside of her vagina!

“Watch!” Oldest Sister said as she saw me try to close my eyes and lay my head back and so begrudgingly I watched as first, the head of my penis again touched the entrance of my Older Sister’s tiny tight smooth soft fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering pussy, before amazingly, my Older Sister’s tiny smooth soft fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering pussy lips actually ENVELOPED over the head of my small penis which was then followed by the shaft and then the base of my penis, with Older Sister’s vagina actually swallowing up my entire penis or rather my penis penetrating fully inside my Older Sister’s vagina, whichever you prefer!

Whatever the fact, I had now seen my little seven year old penis enter my eleven year old Older Sister’s vagina successfully! We were officially having sex!

The disgruntled expression on my Older Sister’s face when I had penetrated her was one of minor discomfort which was better than full blown pain but once I was completely inside of my Older Sister’s tiny tight smooth soft fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering vagina she had looked down, smiled, and even GIGGLED as if she had completed a harrowing task which in a way she did!

Oldest Sister and even Youngest Sister seemed to be impressed with us as well as Oldest Sister fixed us with a smug satisfied smile while Youngest Sister simply stared at us with wide eyes!

“Good Girl! Now, try and move butt back and forth while his penis is in your vagina and then we’ll work on you BOUNCING up and down on his penis while he’s inside of your vagina!” Oldest Sister chimed.

Older Sister and even ME looked at my Oldest Sister bewildered on what she had planned for us.

Did she really mean that? Have my Older Sister actually BOUNCE on my penis? With what? Her vagina? Her Butt?

Older Sister and I looked at each other not sure what Oldest Sister had meant for us and this frustrated Oldest Sister enough to spurn her into action in that she sat on the couch, positioning herself behind Older Sister’s naked body and actually took hold of Older Sister’s butt cheeks!

“Move back and forth, like this, see, keep doing this until I tell you to stop.” Oldest Sister instructed and with that Oldest Sister began steadily moving my Older Sister’s naked body back and forth on mine.

What followed was an EXPLOSION of sensation between both I and my Older Sister I never thought possible as the intense pressure created on my penis was extrapolated tenfold with Older Sister’s naked body grinding on my small hardened hot fleshy lush warm throbbing quivering penis!

Where as having my penis sucked felt like a wet fleshy smooth warm sucking tingling sensation similar to having my nipples pinched only on my penis, having my penis in a small vagina like my Older Sister’s was like putting my penis in a hot wet fleshy like vise with the added movement of being grinded on!

This stimulated the nerves in my penis to throb, quiver and tingle but on a vastly different level, one of much greater intensity!

Older Sister and I didn’t really look at each other whilst we had sex, only looked down at our conjoined genitals which if I were being honest, didn’t look like much of anything because since my penis was inside Older Sister’s vagina, all I could really see was Older Sister’s pubis pressing and smooshing up against my groin.

The REAL star of the session was what I FELT and in all reality, that was really the only thing I was focused on and it was the most intense feeling I had ever felt! Even more intense than when I penetrated my Older Sister that fateful day in our bedroom, which was probably because of Older Sister’s fevered thrusting of my small hard hot throbbing fleshy lush erected cock.

Older Sister couldn’t have been grinding on me for more than a few minutes when my genitals, posterior region, and thighs began to feel sore she was thrusting so hard and yet she didn’t seem to mind herself because she gave me a haughty look and never took her eyes off of me after getting bored of looking down at her crotch and not seeing anything.

It was the sensation that excited her more than the sight and she focused on that while settling for looking at me.

It was the same for me as I looked up at my Older Sister and aside from her tired yet determined, lustful looking features there was the rest of her naked body to drink in which was red and covered in a sheen of sweat, breathing heavily and quickly and whimpering and whining with each thrust though she didn’t cry.

I was aware of my Oldest Sister beside us, watching us, on her knees, her fingers released from the base of my penis and touching between her own legs as I not only had glanced at her to see she was rubbing between her legs in a circular motion but had first been aware of her heavy and quick breathing.

But the intensely tight hot fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering grinding on my penis and my surrounding groin was my main focus and I continued watching my Older Sister grind on me until my Oldest Sister gave Older Sister a new order.

“Bounce!” Oldest Sister exclaimed excitedly and with that she grabbed hold of Oldest Sister’s hips securely and without further ado began making Older Sister bounce up and down my penis, using the strength of her ENITRE NAKED BODY to move up and down on me which caused me to yelp at the sudden different sensation for now instead of a grinding sensation I was feeling a POUNDING sensation not only on my penis but my surrounding groin as if a warm, tight, sweaty fleshy ball was being bounced up and down my groin which in a way it was!

“You’re fine!” Oldest Sister growled at me as she grabbed my hands as I tried to push Older Sister off of me and so I was forced to endure as Older Sister actually continued on bouncing her tight, throbbing quivering hot fleshy lush warm moist pussy and ass on me, even with Oldest Sister not supporting her though I wasn’t sure how because the intense pounding sensation on my crotch was making me see color blotches again and forcing me to simply look at the ceiling and and walls as well as my naked Oldest Sister who had a determined look as she grasped me!

“Look I’m doing it, Oldest Sister!” Exclaimed excitedly as she pounded into me to which Oldest Sister got an excited grin on her face!

“Yes you are!” Said Oldest Sister enthusiastically with a mock look of excited exaggeration and for about several minutes, Older Sister pounded onto my small, hardened, tight fleshy lush erected penis allowing me to not only FEEL the intense pounding on my crotch but to actually see my Older Sister’s tight fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering ham wallet going up and down the small hard length of my penis!

This caused me to gasp with wide eyes because I had never actually watched my penis going back and forth inside my Sisters vaginas until now!

“Yeah, you see that, watching your Older Sister’s pussy go up and down on your little dick? Yeah, you like that?” Oldest Sister purred as she undoubtedly saw my awed expression at seeing my Older Sister’s vagina go up and down my little penis!

I was too focused on what was happening between my legs to respond and it was around this time Older Sister finally got tired and came down on my crotch with a loud fleshy sweaty resounding THUD which sent a rather intense impacting reaction throughout the nerves in my crotch, causing me to yelp and sit up momentarily before my vision swam as I tried to get my bearings.

Older Sister’s naked body was red like a lobster and sweating profusely with her audibly breathing quickly and heavily.

I remember us sharing an exasperated look at what had happened between us though Oldest Sister had more stuff for us to do!

“Good Girl! Now, turn around and let your Brother see your ass, come on, let’s go!” Oldest Sister encouraged Older Sister and with that she wrapped her hands around Older Sister’s torso and actually turned her around so that Older Sister was facing away from me now so that I could see that small yet round tight fleshy lush sweaty red booty of my Older Sister’s which made me audibly gasp, and not just from the sight of my Older Sister’s ass but the feeling of her turning around on my penis while still impaled on it which created a quick yet intense warm wet twisting sensation upon me that stopped when Older Sister was properly situated on my genitals!

Once this was completed, Oldest Sister gave Older Sister to grind upon my little genitals once again and once again I felt the now all too familiar hot fleshy lush soaked grinding sensation on my genitals which caused me to yelp and grip the couch cushions though Oldest Sister ordered me to do something different!

“Look at your Older Sister’s ass! Why don’t you grab onto her and squeeze her to show you really and truly love her.” Oldest Sister encouraged and so I did just that, reaching out and grabbing my Older Sister’s ass as she rode me, facing away from me.

“Good, now, try and be a good boy and actually LOOK at your Older Sister’s butt as she’s fucking you. Don’t be a pussy and enjoy the ride.” Oldest Sister said trying to sound encouraging and so I lied there, holding onto my Older Sister’s ass while watching her ass bounce up and down my small hard hot throbbing fleshy lush erected cock for the next few minutes.

“Now BOUNCE!” Oldest Sister ordered when she was bored of watching Older Sister grind on me and so with that order, Older Sister grunted as she once again began to bounce upon my hapless little dick, using all the muscles in her body to do so which meant her entire weight was crashing into my little genitals OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

I obviously yelped at feeling the impact of my Older Sister’s naked body on my genitals, so much so that I almost bolted upright but, Oldest Sister held me steady and encouraged me to look at my little penis as my Older Sister’s ass went up and down on him!

This went on probably for another few minutes until once again, dear Older Sister got tired and stopped pounding on me and while I thought Oldest Sister would immediately have something else for us to do, she allowed us to rest for a few moments, and so I lied there on that couch, completely butt ass naked, my equally butt ass naked Older Sister impaled on my small yet still hardened cock because I could still feel the warm moist fleshy tight pressure of her pussy walls surrounding my cock with the weight of the rest of her naked body pressing down on me.

I felt exhausted, worn out, and yet surreal as I stared up at the ceiling contemplating what just happened.

I was aware of Oldest Sister rubbing Older Sister’s back encouragingly while kissing my cheek with the same reassurance before I once again cried out as another quick twisting sensation was on my penis as Oldest Sister turned Older Sister back around to face me before sitting me up so that my naked torso was pressed against my Older Sister’s!

Older Sister’s arms were wrapped around the back of my neck and my arms were wrapped around her torso.

We stared into each other’s exasperated eyes as not only Brother and Sister, Siblings, but as something MORE, despite our incredibly young age.

“Kiss each other, make love to one another, come on, do it!” Oldest Sister urged impatiently.

I was aware Oldest Sister was sitting back, masturbating herself, eager to let her younger siblings figure out the act of mating without her guidance and so without further ado I and my Older Sister began to press our lips upon one another while our small eager tongues explored the inside of each other’s mouths while simultaneously Older Sister began to grind and thrust upon me yet again causing me to whine out and break our kiss but Older Sister quickly grabbed my face yet again and pulled my lips towards hers so we could continue our passionate kissing!

However the intensity at which Older Sister was grinding me was just too strong and so again I broke our kiss and just focused on trying to endure the intense fleshy hot moist grinding pressure on my crotch by staring into my Older Sister’s lustful features.

“Suck your Older Sister’s nipples!” Oldest Sister suggested, seeing that I was struggling with handling my naked Older Sister fucking me and so heeding my Oldest Sister’s advice I actually knelt my lips forward and sucked deeply on the small yet firm tight fleshy lush warm nipples of my Older Sister, first the left and then the right, enveloping them with my lips before sucking deeply while also simultaneously moving my tongue around them. They simply tasted like flesh but because they were my Older Sister’s nipples, it was exciting to suck on them and it took my mind of the intense fleshy lush tight wet hot grinding on my crotch.

Yet I didn’t have to endure long, however, because after a few minutes, Older Sister got tired, and stopped grinding which annoyed Oldest Sister because she hadn’t cum yet and so getting on her knees she instructed us or rather ME on what to do next.

“Ok Brother, I know your strong, I know you can stand on your knees and I know you can move your hips despite your disability. Show ME and your Older Sister what you got.” Oldest Sister said encouragingly to me and so with a prideful nod I stood on my knees whilst Older Sister lie on her back with her legs spread revealing that small tight smooth soft fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering pussy which was thoroughly red, wet, and quivering thanks to not only my fevered thrusting but Older Sister’s excitement.

And so standing on my knees and peeling my own foreskin back to reveal the head of my still hardened penis I pointed the head of my penis at my Older Sister’s eagerly awaiting pussy.

“Are you gonna put it in Older Sister’s pussy by yourself?” Oldest Sister asked with impressed shock to which I turned to my Oldest Sister and nodded with a smile before looking back at the task at hand and without further ado I held the base of my penis before using the strength in my hips to push my penis forward and back into my Older Sister’s tight smooth fleshy lush warm moist soft throbbing quivering vagina which Older Sister moaned and then giggled at.

A couple things I should note here. Because I and Older Sister had now gotten used to our genitals being in contact with another, I was now confident in putting my own penis inside my Older Sister’s vagina which I had done successfully. Second was that with my disability, there were certain levels of it and I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with a level that allowed me to stand on my knees and thrust with my hips though it still kept me from walking though Oldest Sister had to teach me at first and guide me how to thrust into my Older Sister as you’ll read in the upcoming paragraph!

I felt Oldest Sister’s hands wrap around my thighs on either side as she held me steady.

“You ready brother, I gotcha, do you feel where I’m holding onto you, try to move only that part of your body back and forth and I’ll guide you for the first few minutes than we’ll see how you do, all right sweetie, can you do that for me, for your Older Sister?” Oldest Sister asked encouragingly.

“Yes, Oldest Sister.” I responded determined, and with that I began to thrust my hips back and forth with my Oldest Sister’s guidance.

While in reality the texture of my Older Sister’s vagina didn’t feel any different as I thrust my little hardened penis back and forth inside her small tight throbbing quivering fleshy warm soaked vagina the sensation was MUCH more intense in that not only was I feeling the thrusting texture of my Older Sister’s fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering tight vagina but feeling the lactic acid buildup in my lower body after just a few minutes of thrusting even with my Oldest Sister’s guidance with her hands on my hips! (I was only seven years old and this was my first time trying to use my hips during sex, SHUT UP!)

Yet despite my obvious weariness after a few minutes, Oldest Sister praised my actions and even let go of my hips so that I could try fucking my Older Sister on my own and for another few minutes I actually impressed not only myself but my Oldest Sister and Older Sister who voiced their praises of me.

“Wowww, we got a natural here!” Oldest Sister laughed while Older Sister laughed too and gave me an approving smile which I smiled at despite the obvious intensity I felt.

I’ll admit as well that I really didn’t look at Older Sister as we had sex as I stood on my knees but rather at my little hardened penis shaft as he thrust back and forth inside my Older Sister’s small tight throbbing red quivering fleshy lush soaked pussy!

Oldest Sister must’ve not approved of this because she ordered me to lie down on top of Older Sister and continue having sex with her that way and so lying prone so that my entire naked body was pressed on Older Sister’s I lied flat with my arms wrapped behind Older Sister’s neck while Older Sister wrapped her arms around my back.

We locked eyes with each other our faces INCHES within each other and we started to giggle at the absurdity of the situation we were in as I once again tried to thrust my hips inside my dear Older Sister. But because of how close we were I couldn’t get good leverage and so Oldest Sister had me raise myself up on my hands so that I could give myself some leverage in fucking my Older Sister and so with that I did raise myself over my Older Sister with my arms placed on either side of her head while she still clasped her hands behind my back.

And so in this new position I was able to thrust my hips better against my Older Sister’s vagina, albeit awkwardly but I could feel my penis inside my Older Sister’s vagina as well as see her reacting to my penis inside of her vagina by her rapidly breathing and licking her lips.

This happened for another few minutes before I got tired and again Oldest Sister ordered Older Sister and I to switch positions, this time with Older Sister and I lying on our sides with Older Sister facing away from me.

After Oldest Sister instructed Older Sister to raise her leg, she instructed me to try and put my small penis back inside her vagina but because he was so small I had trouble and was pushing my penis against Older Sister’s butthole which caused her to grimace uncomfortably.

“No, dummy, not her butthole, her vagina, like you’ve been doing, here, lemme help.” Oldest Sister insisted and so scooting me down so I had better positioning she helped me thrust my little penis back inside Older Sister’s vagina with Older Sister letting out a swift moan before we were back at it again with me actually moving my Older Sister’s naked body back and forth on my little hardened penis instead of thrusting back and forth which was causing my Older Sister to moan and groan while my Oldest Sister took notice of my new tactic!

“Ahh, look at you taking charge!” Oldest Sister commented seeing me fuck my Older Sister in a different way and so for another few minutes I did this until I tired out though Oldest Sister was quite impressed with us!

“Good, good, now, Older Sister, turn around and face your brother, come on, show him some love!” Oldest Sister ordered excitedly yet impatiently and so with an exasperated sigh my Older Sister turned to look at me to which we giggled at being within inches of each other’s faces before we gave each other an unexpected kiss!

“All right, this is gonna be a bit tricky, little brother, do you think you’re gonna be able to fuck your Older Sister from that angle?” Oldest Sister asked.

I gasped at hearing the swear word from my Oldest Sister but nodded quickly and tried to go to work.

Yet facing my Older Sister on my side while trying to thrust my little seven year old penis into her was proving difficult and so Oldest Sister had to help by holding Older Sister’s leg up and moving Older Sister’s butt and hips back and forth.

My little penis slipped from my Older Sister’s vagina several times because I just couldn’t penetrate my dear Older Sister deep enough with the angle I was at though we still had fun our smooth sweaty hot naked bodies pressed against one another while we kissed with me also getting to play with my Older Sister’s nipples by pinching and sucking on them which elicited a squealing laugh from my Older Sister!

And so because that position wasn’t working out so well, Oldest Sister ordered us into a different position with Older Sister still on her side whilst I was ordered to stand on my knees, straddling Older Sister’s bottom thigh with my legs whilst I braced her other leg against my chest.

This allowed my penis full unbridled access between my Older Sister’s legs and I took full advantage of this as my Oldest Sister grabbed my hips and helped me thrust sending my little hard hot throbbing fleshy lush erected penis into my Older Sister’s throbbing quivering fleshy lush warm wet vaginal orifice!

Older Sister went into conniptions because of this, my little penis obviously hitting some sort of sweet spot as her eyes went wide and she laughed and shouted during the entire time I was having her!

Eventually I ran out of gas and I was forced to stop, the lactic acid building in my little body which Oldest Sister understood as she allowed me to break but only to get into a different position in which Older Sister laid prone on her stomach whilst I took her in several different rear positions, first lying directly on top of her which was comfortable because I got to place my entire little naked body on my Older Sister’s naked warm sweaty back though I couldn’t get much leverage action going.
I then continued to drill Older Sister from behind with my body raised above her and my hands positioned on either side of my Older Sister’s shoulders.
But then I got on my knees and was ramming and reaming my Older Sister from behind whilst she was standing on her own hands and knees and this gave me full unbridled leverage between my Older Sister’s legs allowing me to pound my groin into that rather large ass of my Older Sister’s over and over again!

“This is what we called Doggy Style!” Oldest Sister had said smiling devilishly at me to which I cracked a smile.

Meanwhile, Older Sister was trying not to pass out as she was all red and sweaty and letting out long drawn out whining noises at feeling her Little Brother’s hard hot throbbing fleshy lush erected cock pound into her over and over again.

I had to admit I felt pretty powerful fucking my Older Sister. We did have our differences at time and our arguments and whilst normally she could best me in a fight it now felt good knowing I was dominating her with my Oldest Sister backing up.

Looking down at my Older Sister’s round full plump smooth soft fleshy lush ass I could see how red and sweaty she was on top of my little penis pumping back and forth inside her tiny tight smooth soft throbbing quivering wet vagina!

This excited me to no end BUT I could only hold out for so long until I got tired again and Oldest Sister allowed us to quit.

When I ceased fucking my Older Sister she sat tiredly down on her sweaty rump and looked at me with red sweaty features and pouting expression.

Obviously there was some resentment for having me just dominating her little vagina like I did but she knew she could do nothing about it and so just sat there looking at me with a pouty expression as Oldest Sister now ordered Youngest Sister and I into position, or rather, my Oldest Sister helped my Youngest Sister into position by grabbing her and holding her on her naked body, grabbing my Youngest Sister’s thighs and spreading her legs as wide as they would go revealing that small tight throbbing quivering pink fleshy lush pussy!

“Why don’t you fuck her?” Oldest Sister insisted to me as she held a smug seductive smirk on her face while my Youngest Sister wore a pouty expression as she knew what was coming.

My mind was reeling and I was actually pretty exhausted after mating with my Older Sister but seeing my Oldest Sister, all COMPLETELY BUTT NAKED and holding my Youngest Sister who was also COMPLETELY BUTT NAKED with her little pink wet throbbing quivering pussy looking at me whilst Youngest Sister pointed her pouty expression at me made me feel a new RUSH of excitement that made me eager to breed my Youngest Sister and so without further ado I crawled over to my restrained Youngest Sister and stood up on my knees, bracing myself against Youngest Sister’s thighs to hold myself upright before using one of my hands to take hold of the base of my penis and peel back the foreskin revealing the wet glistening head of my penis which I aimed at my Youngest Sister’s little smooth soft fleshy lush throbbing quivering pussy!

Then steeling my muscles and pushing forward I watched and then FELT as I was rewarded with the head of my penis first sinking into my Youngest Sister’s vagina followed by the dorsal of my penis and then the base of my penis.

Upon entry of my penis inside my Youngest Sister’s pussy I was made simultaneously aware of my Youngest Sister whining out and squirming in Older Sister’s grasp at feeling her brother’s small yet erect cock enter her little squeezing throbbing quivering pussy!

Looking up at my Youngest Sister’s face I saw that her features were twisted and scrunched up as she continued to whine and squirm.

I didn’t like or want to hurt my Youngest Sister but the literal pull her pussy lips had on my penis was too much for me to bare and so I began to thrust, just like I had done with Older Sister.

What followed was a blur of various positions, my Youngest Sister’s whining cries, my Oldest Sister’s words of encouragement, and the perpetual constricting throbbing hot fleshy lush pressure of my Youngest Sister’s pussy walls which I’m sure were trying to push my penis out but couldn’t because I was too deep.

I wasn’t aware of what my Older Sister was doing but I’m sure she was just sitting off too the side and watching the debacle unfold in front of her as I first fucked my Youngest Sister as my Oldest Sister held her with her front facing me before turning my Youngest Sister on her side and allowing me to fuck her in a kneeling sideways position. Then she turned Youngest Sister over so that Youngest Sister’s little round tight fleshy lush ass was pointed at me though I didn’t know I could fuck an anus at the time and so simply continued fucking my Youngest Sister in the vagina whilst using the sight of her little ass to keep me going until I could fuck no longer and fell back on my butt.

At this, my Oldest Sister released my Youngest Sister, leaving her to pout with her arms crossed as she sat on her little butt.

“How you doing, little man?” Oldest Sister asked as she sat back with her hands beside her, giving me a small smile.

Honestly, I was tired, cranky, hot and sweaty but seeing my Oldest Sister’s large fatty round plump tight boobies all sweaty with her large brown pointy nipples in the center of those fatty boobies kept me excited to the point that if I needed to keep going, I would if only to grope and suck my Oldest Sister’s boobies over and over again.

I smiled wide, excited even despite my tiredness to show my Oldest Sister that I could keep going to which she giggled, nodded, and then spread her pussy lips revealing the soft smooth wet warm pink flesh beneath!

“Come on then, big boy.” Teased Oldest Sister and so not wanting to waste time I crawled over to my Oldest Sister I climbed atop her smooth soft fleshy lush sweaty warm voluptuous COMPLETELY NAKED BODY where I immediately began tongue kissing my Oldest Sister whilst simultaneously groping her fat round full plump smooth soft fleshy lush large boobies!

Meanwhile, Oldest Sister took care of my penis by taking the base of my penis in her hand, holding back my foreskin and then guiding my penis inside her fleshy lush warm moist throbbing quivering vagina!

Now unlike my Youngest Sister and even my Older Sister’s vaginas, Oldest Sister’s vagina wasn’t obviously as tight around my penis and felt softer on my penis though Oldest Sister’s vagina was just as warm moist smooth and fleshy!

She also throbbed and quivered like my other Sisters vaginas and was just tight enough for me to comfortably thrust back and forth inside my Oldest Sister.

Because my Oldest Sister’s vagina wasn’t as tight and squeezing as my other Sister’s I was able to focus more on other parts of my Oldest Sister’s naked body such as kissing her lips, and neck whilst also sucking and groping on her breasts while I fucked her which I did with a gusto!

This was enjoyable for the both of us but because my penis wasn’t big enough to fill up my Oldest Sister’s pussy she needed extra stimulation and so reaching between her legs, Oldest Sister began to stimulate her clit with her fingers and rubbed herself vigorously which caused Oldest Sister to squeeze me tightly against her sweaty fleshy smooth soft naked body while also observing Oldest Sister’s facial expressions tighten into a grimace.

Then for the coup de grace I remember yelping out as Oldest Sister clenched me in a bear hug with one arm as she finally orgasmed and I was sprayed with her musky sweet smelling rich thin pussy juice which splashed the entire front of my torso as well as my face which made me blink with surprise!

I remember my other Sisters had exclaimed in disgust at seeing my Oldest Sister squirting all over me but quickly got over it as Oldest Sister instructed both of them to join us on the floor so we could have a free for all.

Like having sex with my Youngest Sister, it was mostly a blur.

I remember my penis still inside Oldest Sister’s vagina as Youngest Sister and Older Sister went to work sucking and groping on her big fat rounded plump tight fleshy lush boobies.

I remember hands groping my butt, hands from my Oldest Sister and probably my Youngest and Older Sisters.

There was kissing. My lips and tongue exploring not just my Oldest Sister’s but my Older and Younger Sisters as well.

I remember sucking not only on my Oldest Sister’s big fat round full plump smooth soft fleshy lush boobies but on the small yet incredibly hard nipples of my Youngest and Older Sisters.

Eager hands, from all of my Sisters, groping, squeezing, and pulling on my small hard hot fleshy lush throbbing erected cock before their lips ganged up on me and took turns as well as simultaneously taking sucking gulps on my little hard hot throbbing penis as well as my little churning scrotum.

I then returned the favor, using my mouth and little eager fingers to thoroughly finger and give oral sex to each of my Sisters, my other Sisters helping me as I did so.

My little hard hot throbbing erected penis once again found himself enveloped by each of my Sisters thoroughly used vaginas with the added stimulation of my Sisters stimulating the other one as I had sex with them.

When we each had a taste and touch of each other’s genitals, when each of our genitals had touched and played with each other I was beyond exhausted and honestly kind of frustrated though I couldn’t put my finger on why.

Whatever the case was, my Oldest Sister picked me up and braced me against her hip on one side and braced my Youngest Sister on the other while my Older Sister followed us into Oldest Sister’s room where we were placed on Oldest Sister’s bed, sweaty, cranky, smelly, and COMPLETELY BUTT NAKED!

In the bed the atmosphere was much more relaxed and we didn’t so much as continue or dalliance as we moreso simply cuddled and did heavy petting.

I was on Oldest Sister’s left while Older Sister was on Oldest Sister’s left which left Youngest Sister, the smallest of us to lie directly on top of Oldest Sister’s sweaty smooth soft fleshy lush COMPLETELY NAKED BODY!

As soon as Youngest Sister had laid her head upon Oldest Sister’s large fat round full plump smooth soft fleshy lush booby she was fast asleep which I was envious of.

However as I waited to fall asleep I absently groped at my Youngest Sister’s butt and my Oldest Sister’s boobies.

Meanwhile Oldest Sister absently stroked at my now only semi erect little penis.

I nestled in close resting my head atop my Older Sister’s fat rounded full plump smooth soft fleshy lush boobie to which Oldest Sister kissed the top of my head to which sleep eventually took me.