Chad hated camping in general

Chad hated camping in general, but this was no ordinary night by the camp fire. He was meeting his dear friend Bethany, who he had always wanted to take possession of, and her hot friend Sarah.  Chad pulled up to the campsite to see Bethany and Sarah setting up their tent. Sarah had long curly hair and a gorgeous face, a hippy dream, and Bethany was, well, Bethany. Long brown hair, brown eyes, an adoring smile and that ridiculous giggle. She and Sarah had driven 9 hours just to spend one evening by the campfire with Chad. What sort of night would they have?

Chad assumed that because Bethany brought a friend she wasn’t interested in hooking up. No surprise there, she is married and the line had never been crossed in the 15 plus years that they had known each other. Sarah was another story…what was she looking for tonight? Naughty thoughts of taking her into the tent were running through this head. This girl was definitely interesting.  His smile got even bigger when he saw all the wine that they had brought. Ok, this will be fun.

Before long they had a fire going, and were making a fine dent in the wine. As the sun went down the three of them were laughing and getting along great, and Chad was feeling especially good. Sarah was a definite flirt and was giving him the unmistakable signal that she was interested in him. The strange thing is, so was Bethany. She was flirting with him and definitely drinking a little too much. Could she be interested too? Was that even possible after all this time? Chad started feeling cocky and slightly aroused. Both of these women seemed into him.  The big question was, now what? This was not an opportunity to be missed. Having either of these women would be amazing, but could he possibly have them both? At the same time even? Fantasies of having two women at once were wildly racing through his mind. He knew he had to make that happen. Tonight was going to be a night to remember.             

Sarah had moved over closer to him, and when Bethany took a trip to the restroom, she came over and sat on the picnic bench next to him. She was laughing at something he said, and sitting so close, looking into his eyes with a look he knew so well. One down, she would definitely be on board. He moved in to kiss her and she leaned into it, hungrily opening her mouth to kiss him deeply. She was so beautiful, and clearly hot for him. He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her gently towards him, settling her on his lap, and stroking her smooth cheek with one finger. He couldn’t wait to see those lips wrapped around his man hood. He relished the chase. This was his favorite part. Now, the question was, how could he convince Bethany to engage in a threesome with her two best friends?

Just then he saw her coming down the trail towards them. He hadn’t intended for her to catch them kissing but I guess it was too late now. As she approached he realized now was his moment, she was buzzing from the wine and had been sending him signals all night. Every time he made a joke she laughed heartily and gave him this warm look that stirred something within him. Her eyes glowing at him across the campfire burned with lust, he could feel it. She came all this way just to see him for one night. This was no ordinary friendship. Just then Sarah saw Bethany coming and jumped up off his lap, excusing herself to the restroom and scooting off down the trail before Bethany could really say anything. He could read her face like a book. She was a little shocked, and was that jealousy? Definitely. Hmmm. “I see you and Sarah are getting along well. Isn’t she great!?” He looked at her and smirked, “Yes she is.” Was all he said smiling up at her. Let’s see where this jealousy thing takes us he thought.“Well I’m glad you like her. She’s my closest girlfriend.” Bethany said. He prodded her a little more, “I do like her, I like her a lot”. A hurt look flashed across Bethany’s face for just a microsecond. He got her. Chad knew how to play her like a fiddle. Now was the moment, he looked up with a completely innocent look and said” What, you aren’t jealous are you?”. She bristled visibly at the implication. “Of course not” she immediately blurted out. She would never admit to being jealous, but the look on her face was clearly a hurt pout. He reached out his hand towards her and said “Come here, Bethany”. She took his hand and he pulled her close. She resisted a little bit, but he pulled her over and managed to maneuver her into perching awkwardly on his lap. This was something new, they had never been so close before. She seemed uncomfortable and ready to jump up and run at the slightest provocation. Luckily Chad knew just what to say. This girl could never hide anything from him, and he knew she wanted him. He looked deep into her eyes and very gently brushed the hair back from her face and behind her ear, his fingers lingering on her earrings, playing with them gently. After a minute he said “You have no reason to be jealous. Yes, Sarah is beautiful, but you know what? So are you.”

 Her eyes darted away from his, but not before he saw that his words had hit their mark. She had never felt beautiful, she had always been the ugly duckling in her own eyes, and he knew that seeing herself through his loving eyes would be irresistible. He took her chin lightly in his hand and turned her face to look at him. Their eyes were inches away from each other, and Bethany’s heart was pounding. He drank her in, and after a moment he whispered “Bethany, listen to me. You are beautiful.” She crumbled at the words. He saw her defenses falling, saw her opening up to him. She let out a small sigh, and he couldn’t wait any longer. He slowly leaned in towards her, and with infinite care he gently touched his lips to hers. When he felt her respond, and heard the little moan she made he lost control and began kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him, her hands in his hair, and gave herself over to her desires. She was on his lap, grinding unconsciously against him as they shared their first kiss. It seemed the kiss would never end. Suddenly they couldn’t get enough of each other. Bethany raised up slightly, their lips never parting, and straddled his lap. She pressed herself against his now hard dick, and he knew this would be even better than he imagined. The kiss may have never ended except that Sarah’s footsteps were soon heard crunching on the gravelly path. Reluctantly, slowly, they pulled apart. They looked at each other, and he thought he saw tears in her eyes. Something just started, he knew it in his heart. Sarah was laughing as she came down the path. “I didn’t know you guys were that kind of friends. That’s cool.” Bethany blushed bright red, and jumped up and had another glass of wine. Chad just smiled. This was getting interesting. The fire was starting to go out. Chad looked at the two of them, and announced “It’s getting late. Want to head to the tent?” They agreed, and the girls went off to change clothes.

 He went into the tent to see what the conditions were. He really didn’t like camping, but he was determined to make the most of it. To his surprise it didn’t look too bad. The tent was big, with room to stand, and in one half had a queensized air mattress made up like a bed, no smelly sleeping bags here. An electric lantern blazed cheerily from the corner,  It honestly wasn’t that bad. It looked cozy actually, and the close quarters were promising. A queen size for three people would be very snug. He was down with that. Since he usually slept in his boxers, he stripped down to them and lay down smack in the middle of the bed. Definitely the place he wanted to be. The girls came in and just as he hoped, they crawled in on either side of him. They were all feeling a little loose from all the wine, and when he opened his arms wide the girls giggled, shot each other a meaningful look (hmm, he thought, I wonder what they talked about as they changed) and snuggled in. This felt amazing. Chad loved having a beautiful girl hanging off each arm. They just snuggled down, and started chatting, like it was no big deal. He couldn’t wait to see where this would go. As they were talking, he allowed the conversation to get more and more raunchy. Bethany was a bit of a sex fiend with a mind as dirty as his own and they often joked together and talked frankly about their sex lives. They were talking about their wildest experiences, and he started picking on Bethany for hers being too tame. He loved to rile her up! He suggested that she was too straightlaced and immediately she wanted to prove him wrong. Did he know her or what? He said “You have never done anything wild in your life. I bet you’ve never even kissed another woman.” OK so it wasn’t subtle or anything but it worked. Bethany blushed and said “No. Have you Sarah?” Sarah laughed and shot Chad a wicked grin, this girl knew what was coming. “Of course I have! Come here Bethany”, she reached over grabbed Bethany’s shirt and planted a big wet kiss right on her lips. Now that was hot. Bethany was flustered, but not upset. Chad looked at Sarah and said, “What about me? Is it my turn now?” She leaned in and kissed him, running her hand over his chest as she got more and more turned on. Not to be outdone, Bethany began slowly stroking his chest too, her hands traveling lower and lower, sliding beneath the sheets. He felt her hand moving on the outside of his boxers. She found his hardness through the thin fabric and gently stroked it. The feel of her hands on him for the first time while his lips were locked on another woman’s was almost more than he could handle,  He felt her move her hands to the waist band and then her warm hand slid into his boxers. Her fingers wrapped around his dick and began stroking it. Oh my God, this was amazing. His hands were in Sarah’s shirt, fondling her small perky breasts. He could feel her excitement rising. He broke his kiss with her, just long enough to remove her shirt. She slid herself out of her panties and was sitting there naked before him, Bethany still stroking his dick. Sarah leaned down and took him into her mouth. What a girl! He pulled Bethany to him and began kissing her passionately while Sarah worked him with her mouth. He practically ripped Bethany’s clothes off and once he had her naked there before him for the first time he groaned the stimulation was almost too much for him. Chad held back though, he wasn’t ready for this to end. He maneuvered Bethany around until she was straddling his face, his tongue found her smooth wet slit and he tasted her sweet excitement. Her little pink hole just begged to be licked. As he began teasing her clit with his tongue suddenly Sarah stopped her ministrations. Oh well, he was busy anyway. A few seconds later he realized why she stopped. She was lowering herself onto him! She began slowly grinding on his pole while he brought Bethany to a freverish orgasm. When he was done she was shaking and gasping and she lay back on the air mattress trying to collect herself after the earth shattering orgasm. Sarah looked him right in the eye and said, my turn. She jumped up off his dick, and lay back, her legs spread. He knew what she wanted. He dove in and licked her swollen little clit, quickly fanning the flames of her passion. Unbelievably he felt Bethany’s lips on his cock! She sucked him off while he licked her friends juicy pussy. Once Sarah was satisfied, he knew it was time to finally take his best friend. He gently lowered her down on her back, and crawled between her legs. He loved this girl, he had wanted her for so long. He placed himself at her wet opening, and her eyes burned into his as he slid into her, her back arching as he entered her. He slowly and passionately made love to her, kissing her softly as he ground into her over and over again. He finally couldn’t take it anymore. He thrust deep into her, and unloaded his seed into her waiting womb. He wasn’t sure she was on the pill, and he frankly didn’t care. She was his, she had always been his.