New life for Ruth – part two

A new life for Ruth…… part two

Ruth was at the window watching as Donald left for his Sunday morning golf, only two days had passed since she had been spanked and fucked by Robert one of her bosses. Ruth had chastised herself for getting into such a position, only young girls should be so silly, her problem was her mind kept drifting back as she remembered how much she had enjoyed it, what sort of a women was she becoming.

Her thoughts were then interrupted by the door bell, Ruth answered the door to a mail courier he smiled politely and handed Ruth a large envelope which she in turn signed for. After thanking the man, she had just started to open the envelope when the phone rang.

She lifted the receiver to her ear “morning Ruth” it was him her sexual predator from two days earlier, Ruth felt the heat rise up her neck “you have the letter Ruth I know, you can read it while I speak” she opened the two page letter surprisingly signed by Jacob Rees the head of the council, the letter explained she had been seconded to the housing committee (a committee she had never heard of) with meetings every Thursday evening, and a monthly national information briefing at government offices in London. The new role would include a substantial pay increase to include a clothing allowance.

Her brain tried to take it all in when her thought’s were interrupted “of course you realise Ruth this letter is what we think a very good cover just to keep hubby Donald sweet, you wouldn’t want him to know about your new duties would we my little slut, we wouldn’t want him to know how you suck all my cock down your whore throat, or how you bend over for me to fuck you and spank your eager arse” her heart was beating fast it had started as soon as she first heard his voice again, the stirring in her body scared her but also excited her her pussy was swelling and leaking. “WOULD WE RUTH” he demanded an answer “no sir no”…… was that her voice. Oh!! god it was happening again.

“good very good we like the SIR, now I’ll tell you how this will work, tomorrow you will not be attending the office it is all cleared with Mr Rees upstairs so no need to worry, someone will pick you up in the morning to take you and help you select new outfits with your clothes allowance then afterwards take you to alter your make-up and hair etc. By Tuesday your new pay structure will be in place, and Thursday we will attend our first meeting…. understood, very simple I think” Ruth could hear her own breath she wanted to tell him no, but knew it would be of no avail trying to complain she felt trapped.

“I’m not sure sir I thought it would be just” he butted in “just the once oh no my dear……… I had a thought you may be a little reluctant just wait one second and you will receive a little reminder of your position” almost instantly a picture appeared on the phone, her own smiling eyes looking upward while her lips are being stretched by a massive cock spunk escaping from the corners of her mouth, then a second picture walking away looking over her shoulder, a well spanked naked arse showing below a tiny skirt and housed within sleek stockings and suspenders. “no more questions now Ruth, lets just make this enjoyable for everyone we don’t want any little problems do we, we’ll give you more instructions forthwith”

The phone went dead the conversation over. Ruth’s mind was filled with doubts and questions, he’d said we, was Jacob Rees involved, would there be others, who would pick her up tomorrow and what about the trips away would Donald complain.

Ruth had gone to sleep on these thoughts, Donald had put her quietness down to the letter and mini promotion. Unusual for Donald he had been quite excited by it all, thinking a clothes allowance rather eyebrow, but noting the money could come in handy. Ruth wondered would he really be so happy if he knew just what she would really be doing to earn the money.

It was ten the next morning when the car turned up, just the one occupant a lady probably late fifties early sixties. Ruth thought how well dressed and made-up she looked, with a very good figure including a very large bust probably bigger than her own. During the drive to the city, Mary, the ladies name, was quite and stern looking answering questions with one syllable answers.

They parked up in a backwater of the city, and walked to an exclusive ladies dress shop. “Hello Mary” they were greeted by a big breasted young women “this is the new one hmmm, must be your replacement Mary” she giggled, after they were introduced Jane the shop owner started to bring a selection of clothing. Ruth stripped down to her dowdy underwear in a cubicle, then the curtain was drawn back opening onto the shop floor, she tried to cover herself. Jane laughed it’s only us three sweetheart and we’ve seen it all before haven’t we, in the next hour she tried on and selected….. or should we say Jane and Mary selected eight blouse all tight and low cut, eight skirts also tight and mostly just above the knee and five pairs of shoes all various colours and all five inch heels. Now underwear you can’t wear that white stuff under all this good stuff, strip down Ruth lets go for it. Ruth slowly and shyly removed her bra feeling her tits sag slightly, then dropping her big panties showing her hairy bush. They pushed her around touching her tits and lovely rounded ass, squeezing her into lacy bra’s that pushed her tit’s up and together, and skimpy knickers including four florescent see through thongs well really just a triangle of material with a tiny string, also several sets of suspenders and expensive sheer stockings.

While Ruth was sorting things out in the changing room, she heard the women talking, “must like her to spend this much money on her mind you he’s always been a tit man, we should know” Jane laughed. “well we didn’t do bad did we he saved this shop from going under, while he fucked you on the cutting table, and my parlour would be non-existent if I hadn’t worked in the refuge department, oh!! and I loved a good gang-bang” Ruth was a bit shocked by what she heard but somehow not surprised by this revelation, Ruth took her time wanting to hear more. Mary agreed that she indeed realised that Ruth was her replacement, but was resined to the fact, she laughed telling Jane that since her hubby Ron had found out about Robert, she had, had more cock than she could handle, Ron loved watching her get fucked and for the last two months she had entertained half the men in his local pub. Just last week she spent half the night on a mattress in the bar while they fucked me every witch way. Both women were in hysterics when Ruth appeared with bags full of clothes. Before they left Jane went to a cupboard and pulled out several plastic envelopes, each one contained a one size fits all outfits nurse, schoolgirl, secretary etc. they were obviously going to be very tight outfits and very revealing. Giving a knowing smile Jane told Ruth she must keep these outfits at work to always be prepared.

Back in the car, Mary smiled over at Ruth “now to my beauty parlour for a first class makeover you will be easy such a great bone structure” Ruth was amazed at the transformation during the next four hours. First her hair made slightly lighter with blond streaks, and cut to a very stylish page boy style. A pedicure and manicure followed, clean and efficient leaving Ruth with finally polished bright pink nails. Then Mary took her into a private cubicle “panties of please sweetheart that pussy hair is not required” Ruth blushed a bright crimson “please I can’t Donald” Mary smiled “orders are orders panties off and kneel on the seat” Ruth reluctantly did as ordered climbing into the stirrup seat stretching her buttocks exposing her rounded open bottom to the older women, “this will hurt a little” Mary very quickly and efficiently first shaved and then used a laser machine to remove all hair particles. Ruth did find it a little painful but more humiliating, she was then told to turn face up, her legs spread by the same stirrups, but Mary this time strapped her tight she felt the air between her legs knowing her cunt lips were wide open and a little wet.

Mary started the same procedure has she’d completed on her butt, her hands stretched Ruth’s pussy lips this way and that using her fingers expertly, it was soon finished and Ruth’s pussy lips were hair free and smooth, but for a thin landing strip, her bullet like button had popped out of its hood Mary smiled as her fingers made contact with Ruth’s hardening clit. “I think you’ll enjoy your Thursday evening Mary commented” looking at her big clit and damp lips, has she showed Ruth the results of her work. Ruth could see a naked shiny swollen pussy, with just a thin triangle of black hair. Ruth quickly dressed and saying her good byes, rushed home to beat Donald indoors.

The next two days were not easy, trying to behave normally in front of her husband while hiding both her complete new style including her freshly shaven pussy. Donald on the other hand had noticed quite a lot, commenting only how nice he thought her hair was. He suspected something may be going on but decided to keep his powder dry for the time being.

Thursday morning quickly turned to afternoon and the offices were clearing of staff, Ruth once more read the email she had received at lunch time. She must go to the bathroom on the sixth floor and don the clothing that would be left there for her, before entering the conference room on the same floor. It was just five thirty she opened the conference room door, she couldn’t believe she was doing this again, but new she in her deepest mind she was looking forward to whatever happened. Shock spread across her face as she entered the room she was faced by four grinning men, three she new Robert her sexual assailant, Jacob Rees the head of council, Colin Gound from district who she only new by sight the fourth older short fat man was a complete stranger. Here she stood a skirt so short it didn’t cover her arse cheeks, a tiny sheer triangle of material was the only thing obscuring her cunt lips from show and that so sheer her outline stood out so clear. The bra supporting her heavy tits was like a piece of string, barely supporting her, her nipples hard and firm were on full show, and has she walked her long stocking clad legs tottered on the shockingly high platform heeled shoes she wore.

“come in my dear let us have a good look at that delicious body” the men parted to allow her to approach her master, their eyes drooling over her slutty body, only minutes before she’d been looking at herself in a full length mirror in the outfit of a slut…. she had thought long and hard knowing that if she left she would have to face the music of disgrace and humiliation. If she stayed…. if she stayed the pleasure.

Now she was head bowed approaching sir, she new the others were ogling her bottom, only that thin piece of string disappearing between the valley of her cheek could give her any protection. She stood before him “please I didn’t know they’d be others” he took her hardening nipples between his fingers squeezing so hard she gasped “we decided on the phone did we not that you are my whore, and if your my whore your my friends whore too… understand whore” he lifted her chin “UNDERSTAND”…. ”yes sir” she heard herself whisper, feeling better that sir was in charge. And he was in charge leading Ruth to the end of the conference table, taking great pleasure watching her tiny skirt rise and fall as she walked giving her audience a great view of her pert ass. Ruth was compliant doing as sir directed, soon she was arms and legs stretch fully leaning on the table, she felt pleasure run through her body knowing four men were behind her admiring firm ass cheeks and heavy tits that now hung loose nipples so hard it hurt. She could hear there heavy excited breath, and new they would be hard for her….. god was she now such a slut she thought.

Robert stood alongside her “you are a very naughty girl dressing like this in front of men other than your husband what would he say if he could see his whore wife perform” all the time he was stroking her ass cheeks, it felt so good Ruth thought “we know what happens to naughty girls don’t we Ruth girls who behave like sluts” she new the answer did he expect her to say the words, it went quite…. she simply blurted it out “they get spanked sir I need to be spanked, please spank my ass sir”

All four men were smiling has Roberts hand came down… smack smack smack time and again her cheeks waddled with each stroke, and her big hanging tits bounced up and down nipples throbbing. Each man took his turn Ruth’s ass slowly started to turn a deep red, tears ran from her eyes but all the time she thrust her ass back towards the hands flaying down on her. When Mike the fat man took his turn he had in his hand what looked like a table tennis bat it had very prominent rubber spikes and as he struck an evil pattern appeared across her ass cheek he hit her harder than the others his sadistic streak so high. It was only ten minutes but the moans coming from Ruth’s mouth shocked her, she thought she had even asked for more, no begged for more. In the end her legs were wobbling she had trouble standing, the men lifted her bodily lying her on the table. All the way through she had heard the men talking, fucking great tits, look at the ass almost purple harder give her it harder, what a dirty bitch. She felt Roberts fingers at her pussy lips pulling aside the string lodged up there……. didn’t I tell you she was the best yet looked how wet she is the bitch has it running down her legs she’ll do anything now….. why did Ruth enjoy and take pleasure from her masters words, so lost was she in her subservient role of a whore.

The men moved away, all the time watching Ruth’s body eyes closed tits rising and falling as she sucked in air, her finger flicked at her nipple drawing another moan her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat arched wildly with lust. When they returned to the table each man was naked, hard cocks relieved from there trousered restraints. Robert stroked a 15” black dildo across Ruth’s lips “we’d like you to put on a show for us Ruth I know you’ll be a good girl” he placed the dildo between her fingers, she could feel the weight so heavy. “suck it whore suck it in” her bottom still stinging and the polished table was making it sting even more, this once loyal married women started to force that massive black dildo down her willing throat thinking she had never ever used a dildo before and wondering why, and from the corner of her eye she could see four men stroking massive hard-ons. Inch by inch it edged down her throat it was so big not just long, so fat like the marrows she had cooked with her mother. They egged her on calling her filthy names, gasping breath the atmosphere electric, nine inches spittle and bile foaming from her mouth has she gagged. She felt the fingers lips teeth, they were devouring her, pussy lips stretched, clit and nipples squeezed and pulled, another two inches disappeared…… fingers probing into her anal passage… no she thought I don’t do that disgusting…… that’s when she came yet again.

Ruth lost consciousness briefly and when she was coherent again she found the dildo had been moved, once more master was instructing her “put it in your married cunt you filthy slut” no hesitation from Ruth three inches slid in easily, Robert pushed home his advantage “more” six inches more then three more, when more than twelve inches were embedded in her eager cunt he smiled down “fuck yourself with it, fuck your sweet married cunt good and hard” she obeyed instantly grabbing the dildo with two hands ramming that rubber monster into her willing body time and again loving it screaming in ecstasy. Her mouth was hanging open and empty, but not empty for long, the fat Mike had lumbered onto the table and fed his hairy ball sack into her mouth “suck on them pebbles sweetheart give my balls a good shining” he said laughing, his cock lay across her face….. god it was heavier than the dildo… so fat she thought it would block out the sun. Has she took in those sweaty disgusting fat heavy balls and started to chomp on them her mind went back to her own pleasure.

The dildo was being removed slowly from her sopping cunt, and Jacob Rees was pushing her legs back and wide the mushroom head of his eight inch prick was entering the folds of her gaping swollen cunt, she willingly pushed up to receive him, her face twisted and distorted mouth full of man flesh she new she must look like a common street whore and she loved it. Has her pussy was slowly filled once more and she felt fingers again stretching her brown hole…… how could they.. so humiliating but she new that’s what master wanted and she wouldn’t disappoint. She could see him stood back that evil looking smile on his face, directing his charges, in his hand something she had only seen recently on the web films she had watched a small dildo but shaped just for the anus. A butt plug god they were going to stick it in her bottom…. she couldn’t let them… how could she stop them.

Just as if they were timing it Mike lifted his balls from her mouth and started to feed her the fattest cock she had ever seen almost as round as it was long, has she started to gag on his cock meat, Jacob Rees rammed his prick fully home and in one move Colin had filled her bumhole full off a greasy rubber anal plug. Ruth tried to scream from her mouth full of cock, her hands went to take it out….. ”you fucking touch that bitch and we’ll fit you with the next size up and rip your arse apart, you’ll soon get used to things in every hole your just our sex toy so enjoy whore” this was Colin all the time laughing down at her. For the next hour the three men used her ignoring her pain, fucking either her mouth or cunt, spanking her ass with hands or belts whipping biting and squeezing her ample DD tits, using them has levers as they fucked her eager cunt. Now her ass was never forgotten one would ease it out re-grease it and ease it back in they’d take turns pulling and pushing in gently getting another hole ready to please her assailants. Ruth as the pain eased and other excitement took over began to ignore the pain, her fingers squeezed balls her tongue found pee holes, she screamed for more time and again so lost in this filthy humiliating sex she had come to love.

Then she found herself alone with just Robert… her new master.. this big domineering old man in one hand his massive cock the other holding a mobile phone he blatantly took pictures of her… she was lay on the carpeted floor, eyes half closed still filled with lust covered in sweat and male cum it dripped down her body still pouring down her thighs from her soppy cunt, her tiny skirt had long since gone stocking were in shreds. Her body battered and bitten mostly round her tits ass and upper thighs, she remembers someone whipping her cunt before trying to get his fist up there ….. ”well my whore you seemed to enjoy being my friends sex toy” quietly she nodded up to him “tell me Ruth tell me the best” “Mike licking me down there” he pushed her legs apart taking more shots “lick you he ate you !! devoured you !! and you danced on the end of his tongue such a filthy girl you loved his tongue up there” has he spoke he envisaged his three Irish wolf hounds using their long tongue’s on his latest whore “you’ll get a lot more Ruth your such a good little whore wait until we have a real party, but right now we need to do something about this” he was pulling on his massive lump of man flesh. “get on your knee’s pull out that greasy butt plug, we are going to see how much of this will fit in your arsehole” Ruth showed true fear in her eyes, she begged him no!! please “now were not going to have any problem Ruth you know you will give me what I want, so to make this easy you are going to help, you will get on your knee’s spread those cheeks as wide as possible, then you will beg me to fuck you up your arse, and I mean beg now fucking move fast”

Ruth slowly moved onto her knee’s tentatively pulling out the butt plug shamed by the plopping noise it made on exit, placing it beside her she stretched her anal passage for the filthy old man behind her, she hated the thought of what was about to happen, but excited by his words knowing he would have his way using her virgin hole. She whispered “fuck me sir fuck my bottom” “louder beg me properly you dirty little slut” his hand came down hard on her ass, once twice three times… she screamed out what she new he wanted to hear “stick your cock up my arse master fuck me hard split me in two you perverted bastard shag by arsehole” tears streamed down her face, Robert loved it, loved her humiliation, loved knowing she hated him but loved what he did for her.

His fist was holding his cock just behind it’s fat mushroom head, he started to push at her brown rosebud shitter, he was surprised how easy it gave, the butt plug had worked some magic his cock head burst passed her sphincter. The rest followed easily inch at time until every inch had disappeared. He could hear Ruth gasping has it slowly spread her ass, he thought how good it felt sliding into those loving smooth walls the first man to use this previously forbidden hole.

Ten minutes had passed and after pulling back until he was almost falling from her body, he pushed back firmly and them he was fucking her arse for real ramming at her pulling her back by her hair calling her the filthiest names. At first Ruth felt the severe pain and was just crying out, but soon she started to moan, her fingers had moved to her clit OH fuck yes, yeeees god so good please yes use your slut fuck my arse the mixture of pain and pleasure overtook her….. Robert new he wouldn’t last long after all the things he had seen done to Ruth. One more thing more before he was finished one final humiliation, he picked up the butt plug holding it to her lips “clean this up slag get it clean to go back in it’s box” no hesitation Ruth shot out her tongue licking her body fluids her tongue went everywhere eating her own shit. Robert filled her then flooding her rectum with all his pent up spunk, shot after shot making her orgasm one last time. He pulled back watching her arse still gaping wide, cum pouring from her now very filthy arsehole. He stood and moved to her head. “I think you need more practice eat my dick clean of this filth whore” he felt her fingers in his ball sack playing with him while her tongue travelled along his softening rod time and again, her eyes wide open smiling up at her master.

She spent an hour in the shower soaking herself looking at all the bruises and blemishes over her body hoping she could hide them from Donald. Robert had long since gone, leaving her to her own deep worrying thoughts and cleaning ritual. With the exception of the shoes all the clothing she had been wearing was double wrapped for security taped up and put in a full due to be emptied bin, she dressed once more in her every day clothes and still looking a very sexy lady started for home.

Donald lay awake when Ruth returned, the last few days had been strange and strained. He could not fail to notice firstly Ruth’s new outfits worn for work, or the tension shown by her, leading up to Thursday. He watched through hooded while she undressed, taking in for the first time her new style of underwear unfortunately or fortunately he never got to see her bruised and battered body has she moved to the bathroom. The mystery continued when Ruth clung to the very edge of the bed, and it was also her smell normally strong by this time of the day, but Donald noticed she was not only clean and fresh but had a completely alien scent.

The weekend was almost over when the most unexpected thing happened, Ruth had bathed and sat in her dressing gown watching TV. Donald joined her on the sofa and started to squeeze her thigh firmly he had a devilish look in his eye, Ruth after the experience’s of the last two week instantly started to feel the familiar wetness between her thighs. Her needs started to take over, although Robert may think she had a limped dicked husband, she new he had a healthy seven inches plus. Soon Donald was feeling her fingers at his zip pulling out his rock hard cock and giving him his first ever Ruth blow job, then she got on her knee’s and he was fucking Ruth doggy style and loving it, really enjoying seeing obvious two or three spanking welts that still remained on her ass cheeks loving the sexual moans that fell from her lips. All that week he was demanding and the sex continued Ruth doing a lot, no all of the leading, at one point directing Donald to eat her pussy before riding him cowboy. By Thursday morning, when Donald with a knowing smile told Ruth he hoped she would have a good few days away in her new role, she smiled happily kissing him passionately knowing this was his unspoken permission to continue both new her role away from home and hopefully her new role at home. Ruth thought as she climbed in the car could life be any better.