Older sister needs a favor

As long as you bitchs keep putting my writing down, I will keep on writing. This one is sometime in the future. Harry is now 28 ay Jane is 30. Harry moves away from home.and Jane is homeless.Jane called Harry up Im out on the street can I come and live with you. Harry is thinking about Jane beautiful body and said yes. Jane said can you get me a bus ticket? Harry thinks to himself. A bus will take to long. Go to the train station. Jane said, ok. Harry gets of the phone and goes to the computer and book the train ride on 1 of his credit cards. Harry was getting excited thinking about his sister Janes body, she had big tits but of course, they started to sag do to her having kids at a young age, but that’s ok with Harry.. perfect big ass. Harry thought to.himself and she will be here tomorrow. Harry was so excited he went and had the car up for the long drive to the train station. Harry got home and his phone rang. It was Jane, I’m on the train little bro, thank you. Harry was excited Jane was on the train. Harry drove the next day 2 hours to the train station to pick up Jane. Harry got there and Jane was waiting on him. Harry called his wife and said we are on our way back now.

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