My boss wants me

When I first started working for my boss we all went out to a party and I took one of her friends home because I don’t drink, and we made out and she suprisingly gave me a blow job in the car. She told my boss about it and now here I am, at a hotel bar on an overnight business trip many months later talking about that night. My boss said that we were off the clock and she has been meaning to ask me about that night. I explained it all from my point of view and then she told me that her friend said I had the biggest cock she ever had. My boss asked why didn’t you go out with her again? She was so obviously down to fuck. I told her I didn’t want to jeopardize a chance with my boss. But I’m married; she said. I know, but a guy can dream. She was taken back by this. We moved on in conversation, but after a drink or two she was interest in just taking a look at my penis to see if her friend was right.
We went to her room and she had me stand a few feet away from her and asked me to drop my pants. She sat on the edge of the bed while I exposed my thick 8.5 cut cock. It’s almost full size when it’s soft so she got a good idea of it’s potential. She moved closer and got on her knees. She held it in her hand and I started to thicken. I got the feeling I was going to least get a bj tonight but I was hoping for so much more.
My boss is a red head with wonder curves and big tits. The type of girl who works out but retains those wonderful edges. She slipped it into her mouth and slowly Ingested my tip and then part of my shaft. She began to slide her mouth up and down on it. She placed a hand on her tit and rubbed them. She continued to suck my hard cock and it was incredible. After a while I could feel myself needing to blow. I warned her of the coming tsunami of cum, so she pulled away. She stood up and smiled at me. We kissed and it was very intense. We started to peel clothes of each other. Her body was smooth and warm. I laid her on the bed and sucked on her tits. They were enormous. I buried in my face in them as I grinded my cock over her panties. She was ready to take my dick so I slid her panties off and she was shaved. I slid my cock inside her and I could feel her clench up. It was a little too big for her but I continued to push it in. I held her down and began pounded her as I sucked on her tits. I had her pinned down and I slammed her with no mercy. I flipped her over and we fucked some more. Eventually I came in her and it was incredible.
The next morning she called me to her room and demanded she fuck her in the shower. It was so much fun.
We did our worked and she crushed it and we n the drive home she said she needed a ne last fuck before she went home to her husband. So we pullled off at an isolated spot and fucked in the back seat of her big suv.I will never forget this time. And I hope to do it again!