Pam Ties Her Daddy

My name is Scott and I’m a single father of a very pretty little 14 year old brat named Pam.  She is very cute, but a hand full at times and her body is beginning to blossom with her hips filling out and her breast pressing against her blouses.  I had to have her girl friends mom take her shopping for bras and panties and other girlie things.  I did it for two reasons.  One of course she needed a woman to help her shop and Bobbie and her daughter Adrian are good friends of Pam’s.  The other reason is that I found myself getting thoughts about her when I see her running around the house in short shorts or her nightie and half naked at times.  I don’t know if she realizes that I’m not just her dad, but a man and seeing something hot sexy, even if she is your daughter, causes a cock to think on its own.

Besides Adrian is her age and her mom and dad are divorced like us so she and Pam have a lot in common.  And I also have to admit when I see Adrian over using the pool in her little two piece outfit and she and Pam flirt and tease me that I usually have to hide my hard on with a towel or sneak away.  I doubt if they ever noticed.  After all I’m an old man to them and her father. 


I woke this morning in that land between sleep and being awake enjoying a wet dream.  I was dreaming that I was getting a blow job from one of the girls at work.  It felt so real that as I came awake I thought I would roll over on my side and rub my cock and then jack off.  But when I tried to move I couldn’t.  It was like in one of those dreams where you want to get away, but are frozen still and can’t move. 

My cock throbbed and I still felt the wonderful mouth on it as I opened my eyes.  I looked up at the ceiling and then heard a wet sucking sound and felt my cock being sucked for real.  I tried to move but my hands were tied above my head with cuffs and stockings and my legs were tied also.  I raised my head and I could see a dish water blonde head bobbing up and down my prick.  “Hey….what…what is this?  Untie me.”


The head looked up and there was the face of my innocent little angel Pam.  Her lips wet and hair flowing over her face.  “Good morning daddy.  Did I wake you?”


“What’s going on?  What are you doing?  PAM!! I’m your father.  You can’t…”


“Can’t enjoy my daddy’s big cock?  But daddy I’ve seen you get hard when you look at me.  I’ve seen your thing get big in your pants when Adrian is here.  You like looking at us.  You like looking at me.  I enjoy showing off for you.  I like kissing and touching your thing…your prick, your cock dad.  Umm, it feels so good.  Hard yet soft.”


“Baby, let me go.  Please.  This is wrong.  You can’t do this.”


“But dad, you like it.  See how hard you are.  You like my mouth on you.  Adrian said you would.  We looked at sites on her computer and guys were always hard when a girl kissed and sucked them like this. “

“Damn it you little cunt untie me.  I’m going to spank that ass hard for this.”


“Ummm, promise?  I think I would like your hand on my ass.  Daddy be honest.  Let me suck on you some more now that you are awake and see if you don’t like it.  I bet you cum for me.  Adrian and I practiced on her mom’s dildo while looking at pictures and videos on the internet.  And…Promise not to tell anyone?”


“Baby, please.  Let your daddy up.  I won’t hurt you.  I promise.  Please.”


“Umm are you begging me?  I like that too.  Like to have a daddy slave.”


“Come on you little cunt.  Untie me or…..”


“Or what?  You won’t cum for me?  I don’t think you have a choice.”


With that she put her mouth back on my prick and I could feel her warm mouth engulf my stiff rod.  She was right, I did like it.  I couldn’t help myself.  Her head moved up and down fucking my cock with her face.  It looked as if she and her girl friend practiced and learned the art.  After a bit I surrendered.  I became a slave to her warm mouth, her long tongued and sweet lips and the tight hold she had on the base of my cock and jacking me as she sucked me causing me so much forbidden pleasure.  My ass started to rise up off the bed in an effort to push my cock deeper into her mouth.  If my hands were free right now I would grab her head and force my cock in and out of that mouth.


I lost control and my balls filled with incest cum.  I cried out and exploded in her mouth without warning.  I shot my load in strong blasts.  I would have loved to watch it go into her mouth, but I was unable to raise my head high enough.  She slurped and sucked and drained me.  Then she liked all over my cock taking the cum that had dropped out of her mouth.  I was spent.  I hear it pop out of her lips and she sat up.  Her short teddy nightie with the thin straps was pulled down off her shoulders and her young tits were bare to my view.  I could see her nipples were stiff and puffy.


“Ohhhh daddy.  That was even better than I thought.  Not sure I like the taste, but Adrian says I will get use to it.  You know she sucks her daddy off when she goes to live with him?  It’s true.  That is how we got on the site and started talking about daddy cock.  She made me promise not to tell.  She said I had to give her a kiss on the lips to seal the promise.  I was wet from looking at the cum pictures and when we kissed she put her hand between my legs.  She pushed me on my back on the floor and we hugged and rubbed our pussies against each other.  She said she would teach me to suck cock so I could do a good blow job on you if I would let her kiss me all over.  Ohhhh daddy, her kisses were so nice.  But I prefer you.  I like boys, but I want a man to take my virgin cherry.”


Hearing all this didn’t help make my cock go down.  It had just the opposite effect as she was still jacking me as she talked and my eyes were on Pam’s tits.  So the little slut next door was a daddy fucker and a lez.  “Baby, you can untie me now.  It’s over and we should talk.”


“Daddy it isn’t over.  I want to fuck you.  I know you won’t let me.  So I am going to have to rape you.”  With this she started laughing.




“I’m going to rape my daddy and you are going to pop my virgin cherry.”


“Please Pam this is wrong.  It is incest.  Even with me tied they will think it is my fault.  I could go to jail.”

“Nobody but we and Adrian will know that you fucked me.  That you put your seed in me.  I want you to cum inside me daddy.  I want to be your lover.  Your fucker.  Your slut.  I want us to fuck and fuck.  I know once you take my virginity away you will be more forgiving if that is the right word and be my boy friend, my fucker, my cock meat.  And I’ll be your lover and slut and cunt and cock sucker.  I love saying dirty things like that to you.  It’s so naughty and nasty.  Now daddy don’t you like my tits?  Well?”

“Yes baby, I do.  I think you have beautiful tits.”


“Then you will suck on them for me like she does.  I know you will be better.  I know it will make me sooooo wet when you suck on them.  I like my nipples pulled daddy. Suck on my boobs real hard.”

With that she moved beside me and kissed me on the lips.  The kiss lasted, but I tried to fight the feeling of how good it was.  But she soon pushed her tongue into my mouth and I gave in and French kissed her.  My girl.  My cock sucker.    Her hand played with my nipples, her nails scratched my chest and her pussy ground against my hip.  She was humping me.  Dry fucking me.


Then she moved and put a breast to my lips.  I opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue to lick her rosy nipple.  Then opened my mouth wider and she fed me her breast like a mother to a baby.  I sucked on it and savored it.  I tried to take as much as I could into my mouth.  Her hands with covered both sides of my face as she let out little crying sounds.  “Ohhh, yes daddy, suck it.  Suck my tit.  You are my baby.  Suck me like I was your mommy.  Ohhh, that feels so good.” 


She presses her pussy mound harder against me, dry fucking me and soon I can feel he shake and she cries out with her first organism.  Her climax is loud and I am sure Bobbie can hear it next door. 

“Ohhhh wow.  I came dad.  I came!  Oh my God.  Dad there is something else.  Adrian put her tongue in my pussy and ate me.  That is what she called it.  She said her daddy eats her pussy all the time.  I want you to eat me.  She told me to straddle your face and rub my pussy against your mouth.  Will you eat me?  Will you lick my cunt?”


“Pam you know this is wrong.”


“Yes.  It is what they call taboo.  Incest.  And it is good.  We love each other so why not fuck and suck each other.  Mom isn’t here anymore to do it for you.  I love you.  Let me be your little wife.  Your whore if you want.  Please. Please eat my pussy.”


Without waiting for an answer she straddled my face and I watched her young virgin cunt lower to my lips.  I kiss it.  I lick it.  I tongue fuck it.  My girl’s pussy, her cunt, her fuck hole, is licked and sucked by her dad.  For a 14 year old virgin she gave great head so I want to make sure she gets great head from her old man.  I wiggle under her and she grabs my head. 


“Hold still and eat me fucker.”


I mumble and she can’t understand my words.  She pulls back and looks down between her legs.  I marvel at how her tits bounce and how stiff and long her nipples are.


“Baby I want to eat you hot pussy.  I want to make you cum like you made me.  Untie me.”


She closes her eyes for a second as if she is thinking about it.  I want to hold her hips, run my hands over her ass, reach up and play with her tits as I lap her cunt.  I want to fuck her pussy with my mouth and make her soak my face.


“No daddy.  Not till lose my cherry.  I believe you, but I don’t want to take the chance.  Now I am going to sit on your face.  Eat your slut.  Make me cum in your mouth like you did mine.”

With that she moved back up and began to face fuck her own dad. I was being pussy face fucked by my 14 year old school girl tramp.  I lap at her sweet hole, move and suck on her clit and cunt.  I pull on her pussy lips and dig my tongue into her wetness.  She is so excited with lust and what is happening and I suppose being in control that her climax comes quick.  I feel her press down on me almost smothering me with her cunt and her juices flow like a river soaking my face and the pillow.


She falls off me and lies beside me.  “Ahhh, dad you made me cum.  It felt wonderful.  I can’t wait to see how your cock feels inside my pussy when you make me cum with it.  Ohhhhh.” 


She slides her hand between her legs and runs her fingers over her pussy lips.  Her fingers get wet with her juices.  She brings the fingers up and sucks one of them as I watch then she gives me her fingers to suck on.  I suck the sweetness from them.


“Daddy I see you are hard.  Are you ready to take me like a whore?  To be raped by me?”

“I have no choice kitten?”


“None daddy I own your cock today.  It will be mine and it will take my virgin cherry and make me a woman.  I’m going to fuck you daddy.”


She moves down and throws a leg over me.  Like mounting a horse and takes my prick and rubs it up and down her slit.  “Does that feel good daddy?”


“Damn yes you little fuck cunt.  If you’re going to do it then do it.  Fuck your daddy.”


“She smiles and holds it to the entrance of her wet snatch.  She rubs it and pushes the mushroom head between her cunt lips.  She is wet, but still very tight and it takes her a little time to get it to start entering her.  Then she sits up and lowers her weigh forcing herself down on my shaft.  I strain at my ties wanting to break loose grab her and toss her on her back and fuck her like an animal.  But she takes her time and slowly gets use to the fullness of my cock as it enters her body.  Her eyes close and her mouth opens and her tits heave with several deep breaths.


Then she pushes hard and drives it up her fuck tunnel.  Push it past her cherry barrier and into her womb.  She pushes it hard till she is against my balls.  I am buried deep in her body now.  The pain of the cock invading her makes her cry out and for a few seconds I am worried I hurt her.  But then she starts to move.  Pam goes slowly at first like a child test riding her first bike.  Only this is a 14 year old girl fucking her first cock.  Then she moves move letting it slide out of her part way and then back in.  In a few strokes she is starting to fuck me driving her body up and down my shaft.


Her hands go to my chest.  I can feel her nails scratching me.  Her tight cunt squeezing my cock I a vise light grip.  It even hurts some the way she is driving her body up and down it.  She if filled with lust, the lust of a woman who is being fucked for the first time. 


Even thought I came shortly before I can feel the cum beginning to want to fill her with my seed.  But that blow job has it so I can last longer than even I desire to and we keep fucking.  At one point she has a small climax and pushes down hard on me and moans but keeps on fucking me.  Pam drives herself up and down my shaft, her tits swaying her little cries each time it goes completely in makes me hotter for her.  She is a fucker.  A lover.  “Ohhh daddy, I feel it so deep in me.  Ohhhh, fuck me.  FUCK ME!!”

I pull on my ties and one hand breaks loose.  She doesn’t notice as she is too engrossed in her lust, her need to cum.  I can’t pull the other hand lose, but I can reach up and cup one of her tits.  I squeeze it and her eyes open.   “Yes, daddy, squeeze it hard.  Oh, pull on my nipple pull hard.”

I pull on her breast and squeeze it and rub it as she continues to seduce me and to use my body for her desires like I was just a fuck toy.  I make myself a promise to buy her a computer soon so we both can go to these sites of hers. 


This time it is a big organism, the one she has been dreaming of, and she yells as she cums.  I can feel her juices flowing down my cock onto my belly.  I take my free hand and reach around and dig my fingers into her sexy little behind.  I push up and now it is I who is yelling; “Fuck baby I’m cumming. Oh shit, here it comes.  Damn you little fuck cunt daddy is going to fill you with cum.  Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh, fuck.”


I explode sending wave after wave of fertile seed into her.  I don’t even think about what I’m doing.  Only the release is important.  Only her pussy is important.  Later I will worry about the fact that we may have created a baby in her.


She falls forward and her young firm tits press against my chest.  Both of us are sweating and breathing hard.  I wrap my free arm around her and hold her tight.  After a few minutes I whisper; “Well, I guess you raped your dad good.  I think it is safe to cut me lose now.”


“In a minute daddy, I just want to lay here with you.  I can feel you’re cum dripping out of me.  It feels nice.  It was all I dreamed about.  You don’t mind if I tell Adrian do you?”


“Well the little slut knows everything else.  You might as well tell her since her daddy is not here if she wants to share our bed she can.”


“Really daddy?”  She kisses me on the lips and her tongue goes in my mouth.