Pamela the Model

I was 16 when I started work as a photographic Model. After being a naked girl in addition to my mother’s exploits in Hong Kong, I decided that posing for sexy photographs would be a good way of making some easy money.

Frederick introduced me to this studio, in a side street off Oxford Street where the studio was upstairs in a large room and Roger, the owner processed the photographs in a small ‘hutch’ below the staircase.

Roger interviewed me and did a short session to have photographs to show to those who wanted to photograph girls – mostly men but an occasional woman, – The studio was a large room with white walls, a chair, and in a corner a King Size bed with sheets.

At the start of the session, I was always dressed, in a transparent top – no bra a micro skirt (8″), and the tiniest of Gstrings. My large firm tits were fully visible with my prominent nipples pressing against the top. I let them photograph me front – back – sides, before removing the blouse, and apart from the tiny Gstring I was naked. Depending on my feelings and the photographer, I would either remove it straight away or tantalise them with flashes of my cunt. – This was always the beginning.

At this time I would let them take cunt shots with my legs wide apart or fingering myself (already wet) – there were a number of sex toys available for them to choose from. I would then turn round and let them photograph my arse holding my bum cheeks apart. I used dildos and/or vibrators to make me cum and have my shiny wet cunt photographed

This was the end of the session in some cases but, in most, the start of sexual enjoyment, dependent on the individual, and we went to the bed.

The women, to my surprise, wanted to watch me masturbate and would pass me dildos and vibrators and, when I had cum, would strip themselves and rub our bodies together – delightful some kindly went so far as to scissoring cunt to cunt (my Favourite) and we would suck each other off (I love the taste of juices).

The men wanted more physical contact from groping my tits initially and fingering my cunt, most stripped and I would be able to wank their stiff pricks and cum over my tits or, if I liked them I would suck them off and swallow the cum – no condom a willy in a mackintosh is unpleasant,

The favoured few were allowed to fuck me and cum and a couple had access to my arse and I could feel the spurts, (satisfying)

I became well-known for my performance and the number of photographers multiplied quickly.