Passionate Relationship with Director Smita : Part 2

In the first part I have discussed how I was able to fuck my director Smitha after a lot of hard work.

I also mentioned that in the same weekend, i tried my luck and tried to surprise her.

There was no plans to do so the plan begin to cook in my mind as after having her on bed as they say the women are deadliest drug I wanted her more.

My first encounter was joyful but had lots of stress and most of the part were one sided as she was drunk and not rational and the morning fuck we had showed a different version of her which was were sexy and she was a hot bombshell.

She was more professional when she was not under influence of her drinks and the fuck was more wild and raw rather than being one handed job.

I was constantly seeing her entire week and wanted to fuck her ones more. I had not masturbated that week as I was busy with handling my wife and her sister.

I was in love with both of them but had a sexual need to be satisfied.

I had few kisses from her in meets or places where no one was around and was aware that I had now an open pass to her pussy.

I was not sure this was because she enjoyed sex with me or the multiple orgasm she had while having passionate sex.

Trust me she was as passionate as I could imagine and her beauty was like a celebrity. Plus her age and maturity and the figure she had maintained was just a gold mine for my drill.

It was weekend Saturday and I was not in a good mood. My wife was going to her relatives along with her sister and I was all alone. I tried to call my friends but as most of them are married they were stuck with their wife.

I decided to go to beach and left in morning. I was sitting on beach while having hot corns and watching the sea from a distance. While watching I was imagining my life had changed completely after having sex with my sister in law and I was growing more and more and started to have more sex with multiple women around me.

I had never imagined how women thought of me and how normal was it get them laid as they felt the same way as any would do if they are approached in a correct way.

While I was thinking I saw a couple near me where the boyfriend had gifted something and said Surprise.

My thoughts immediately stopped and Idea popped in my mind. I was alone I had time and I was not sure if the director was at her home or not. I was planning to go to her but with a reason. I immediately booked a Cab to her house and in between I purchased a Artificial jewellery from a store with her alphabet of her name. I reached her building and asked her watchmen which thought I was her BF whether she is at home. He asked me you guys should be aware more than us. I told him I wanted to surprise her, he laughed and said Ok sir you go mam is at home on all Saturdays.

I smiled and went to her Door. I knew the lock code but was not having her Fingerprints. So had to ring the door bell which has a linked camera. So what I did is I wore a face mask and my Shades and looked away from the camera. She asked me from the speaker who was I. I told her I am here for a delivery.

She said who sent you I have not ordered anything. It was gift from and took my company name. She was surprised and said who would send me a gift.

She said wait will open. While she was opening I removed my shades. She opened she was hot as usual and perfectly dressed up. I kept staring and gave her the gift. She did not recognised me and was about to close the door. I pushed the door with my hands before it got closed and forcefully went in.

She started shouting and yelling who are you why you are entering my house. I saw no one was at her home. She ran towards the Kitchen to get some thing to hit me. I ran behind her I lifted her up in my shoulders and she was hitting me like mad. I took her to her room and then immediately removed my mask and kissed her before she realising it was me as soon as she saw me she pushed me back and I fell on her bad. Her eyes were filled with tears if fear and she said are you mad why did you do this. I said Surprise Surprise and laughed. She asked me why I was at her place. I asked her am I not allowed? She stared and smiled you are always but why you are here. I in a joke said I wanted to fuck you and had accumulated enough energy for today. She laughed and said seriously I said yes i heard your wish from far away that you were missing me so I came to fuck you.

She again laughed and said No i was not thinking for this today. I said are u sure she said You were constantly on my mind.

I was surprised to hear she had me in her mind. She asked again tell me the truth why you are here. I told her that I was alone at home went to a beach saw a couple surprising each other so I thought to surprise you. She smiled and said was this a surprise or horror. i said its mine way to surprise.

She asked what about my wife. I said she is occasional after we got married and wont have sex regularly and I was in need of a girlfriend whom I can be with. She asked are you saying you think I am your girlfriend. I said it could be if she wants.

She did not respond and asked do you want to have lunch. i asked are you preparing? She said yes I replied “then why not”

She became happy and went to the Kitchen and I followed her. She said I could sit and watch Tv. I said if a beautiful women like you is around only a fool would watch a TV. She blushed.

I drank water and while she was preparing I was talking about her beauty and she was constantly blushing. She said I never imagined you to be so romantic person and sexually active. You are so innocent by face and villan by your actions. I blushed and said Thank you.

I asked her in fun will you be my Girlfriend or Fuck friend? She opened up and replied she likes me and would be happy to be my girlfriend however she wasn’t willing for any relationship so She would be a friend and occasionally fuck friends as she had some bad experiences in Past with a possessive partner.

I had a weird feeling to this and wanted her to be my girlfriend as it felt like a rejection. I wanted her to be in me it was selfish but I felt that way. But did not utter on the topic. I asked her if I make you fall in love with me then? She said why you will do that are you not married?

I asked her if I am married than is it wrong to live life as we want?
She said but love is only for someone special.

I said thats true but is it written somewhere that we can have only feeling for one person. She stared at me and said I hold feelings for 3 womens and I respect them and love them equally.

She asked me who 3 I honestly responded My wife, My wife’s sister and You.
She laughed and said did you fuck your sister in law too? I said Yes whats wrong in that?

She said are you a pevert? i said no I said I am a person who is open and truthful to my feelings and turn on her saying I am aware you think about me since the last week and wanted me too and you want me to be regular with you and stay with you as long as you want but you are not honest because you are surrounded by thoughts that you will ruin your life or mine and it’s wrong to have feelings for someone married.

Nothing is wrong its one life and its we who decide what we want. It would be wrong when I am married and I don’t love my wife equally but its not the case I love her more than myself but I also love more women why would that be wrong. Don’t some gods and kings have multiple wife too?

She was silent and was not willing to get in to debate in this. She started to make her point and said are you aware I am your director? I said not mine but the company we work for me you are my queen 3.
She blushed and My whole conversation was to accept her feelings for me. We reached to point where lunch was prepared and we ate and we were discussing as if she was my wife. She started to argue and she went in to fight with me verbally I stood on my point.

I asked her final time do you like me or no? She said she liked me but love is special and she does not want to get in love. I said ok and said I am going. She stopped me and said stay.
I saw innocence on her face. I said I am going to washroom she hit me friendly and said go and quickly.

I came back, she was in deep thinking. I asked her are you thinking about me she replied yes.

I asked what was she thinking? She said she was thinking are all men same they just love women for sex? Are u among them?

I went quite and smiled her and first made her stand up and went near a mirror. I kept her in front of mirror and grabbed hugged her from behind. Asked her then do you think a sexoholic would grab her like this in love? She said she doesn’t know.

Then I explained her “I am not behind sex, I am craving for love its not that my wife is not loving me it’s just that I am in love with more than one women, sex is just a means to express that love. I am not having sex with all womens I meet. I get involve where I see people are having same feelings for me as I for them. I explained her even though I had multiple blowjobs from My manager Shweta, i never ever got any further nor I have said that I love her. She took a favour and returned it on her terms. I never asked her to do that and she herself choose it.

I am here because I always had an crush on you and it turned to liking when I was working to get you and the I started loving you because of the warmth I felt from you while having sex. I feel the same warmth from my wife and her sister.

I agree my intentions were to fuck you and leave at beginning but I never expected that you would entertain me during that time as I thought you might not hold feelings for me on your lower level and would rather prefer someone charismatic and successful as you.

She listened whole of my plea and the she acknowledged that and understood the difference. I further added if I would had known that you are such a loveable person “ I would had married you, if only I was not married”

She asked then what is our future? I said we can have a relationship till I exist but I won’t able to marry her, i promise won’t touch you but will only love and care for you but I will not able to enter marriage bcoz In today’s world my family wont accept and neither my wife.

If this would had been an old times of kings I would had surely married her.

She blushed and said I am starting to like you more now. She said I won’t have any further sex with you and you are not allowed to kiss me nor even hold my hands. She asked the how will you express yourself and love me?

I smiled at her and stared in her eyes with a love expression and slowly made her stand up. I played a song on my mobile and started to ball dance holding her from her hip and continuously staring at her. She was blushing all the time and after a while as the song was coming to an end I opened the gift box and gently put the chain on her neck and closed it.

I then sat down on my knee without holding her hands with an open arms asked her to hug me if she felt the same way I did for her. I asked her to only hug me if she sees my love for her and thinks we can be a girlfriend boyfriend atleast.

She made me stand up and hugged me. She said I am not sure how long this will last but I will enjoy it till this last. I replied by whispering in her ears I will never leave your holes empty.

She smiled and hit me and the stared at me and we kissed passionately in love and then I had a sex with her full of passion and saw the love she held in her and Felt lucky to have a women fuck me in love.

We exchanged a softcore sex slow in motion and gentle but dip. She orgasmed after I licked her and After several soft core passionate thrust in her pussy. Her moans were with hot air coming from her mouth. Her fingers were bent after the 3rd Orgasm she had and I had ejaculated soon after that but this time on her heart. She smiled and then we slept naked for a while after a while she asked me how long this will last. I said this will last as long as she wants it and only end if my wife catches me. She said and If I love somebody else the I said I will be happy for you and pray for you. She blushed and the I later added but will have a affair with you always. She laughed and said If I marry someone I am not going to have sex with you. I said I don’t need any sex further as I am content with all the sex I experience And then added I am ok with blowjobs and laughed hard. She said you are not getting them either. I said I am joking as I said the relationship will never be a force on you I will keep trying my luck to get you princess to the bed as long as I can and will stop ones you deny.

She hugged me and said Please keep coming to me as I feel alone and you are the only person whom I think am natural and open too.

Unless I have a sex appointment with my sister-in-law and unless any family functions and wife is away. I will be here always.

I then I asked her to come with me on a date. She denied and said I want more sex instead.

We kept fucking after her multiple orgasm and 3rd ejaculation. We ordered food and ate and the I left with a good by kissed.

She msged me it was a beautiful day and was hopping to see me soon. I replied her with I love you too and she sent a blush smiley and then I cleared my phone.

While i was leaving I asked her if there is way to reach Shruti. She asked me How many girls you need. I replied my heart is big and I don’t love her have crush but I love her body and want to see her naked ones and fuck her.

She said will help me to set some meetings with her and let see if your charm works on her.

I said that would be very helpful.

Since that day I was havin passionate sex with Smitha in wash rooms and in her house. Her house had become second home to me and most of my weekends I was their with her we used to cook, go on dates, watch movies and go for long drives beaches, sea faces and more.

I even went out on staycations with her and we had seen multiple places together in name of office trips.

She had also helped me to get a promotion and helped me to get Shruti laid. We were also planning for a threesome fuck with her.

Every month ones I fucked my sister in law and things were pretty much under control as all 3 were aware of me being married and wold not bother me unless its weekend or I msged them most of the days we use to speak in code language where 3rd person reading would feel we are having office talks but actually it was all about sex.

Next story will be how I fucked my Hr Shruti