A providential tire puncture

When he asked me to be his roommate, Alfred, an old gentleman over 78 years old, included a clause in the lease, she specified that to keep him company inside the house, I should not be dressed only in a completely transparent babydoll. He had bought a whole stock of them, they all had openings on the areolas of my breasts and stopped flush with my pubis, leaving my bare, completely shaved pussy open to view. I had to wear this negligee over a suspender belt supporting black stockings, stiletto heels completed the panoply of the perfect hostess, as he liked to say. He was endlessly ecstatic over my youth, my blond hair falling over my shoulders, my slender neck, my slightly aquiline nose, my blue-green eyes, my sensual mouth, my perfect breasts he said for a man’s hand. , my wasp waist, my firm buttocks, my splendid legs.

– It is so that we can benefit at all times from this dream vision, that I want you to be dressed like this, he argued.
I had no objection to it. He had hired a very stylish old butler, Victor. The criterion for hiring had been his sexual appendage bordering in erection on 28 centimeters long and 7 centimeters in diameter. Alfred was not very spoiled in terms of sex, his was quite small, so he could give free rein to his candaulism, his favorite sexual practice, with which he felt boundless excitement by exposing myself to men, or especially sharing me with them, watching me get fucked. Again, I had taken a certain taste, and often I called myself a slut, to participate in these more than erotic games.

It was common for Victor to satisfy Alfred’s libido, the monstrosity of his penis and his ability to make me come, had erased in my eyes, his old age and his ugliness. I really took pleasure when his huge sex, came fully into me, and his sperm filled my vagina. The candaulism of my boss, also pushed him to make me have sex with several men or women, in front of his consenting and demanding gaze. I also believe that the more my partners were ugly, the more it excited him and the more his enjoyment was intense. Above all, he loved seeing me fucked by a black man, especially if he was fat, ugly and hung like a stallion. On the size side of the sex, my friend Gerald was among his favorites. He admitted to me that his strongest orgasms occurred when my black partner made me cum and ejaculated his seed in my pussy. And besides, although I refused to admit it to myself, I had taken a liking to these perverse games. He wanted, for example, that during my trips to town, under my dress or my blouse and my skirt, I should not wear any underwear, except stockings and garter belt. It’s to entice men, he claimed, because you never knew. And me, I liked it.
I could have had many sexual experiences, provided I related them to her in great detail when I got home.
He had just bought himself the latest TV model, an 88” UHD/4 curved screen measuring 110cm high by 190cm wide. In addition, he had each room in the house equipped with a camera which, when he selected it, transmitted the images to his new toy. He even had two installed in my room.
He could watch and miss nothing of the antics I could have with Victor, to whom he had made several really porn clips, with his ”little Trixie”, for the videos, he had also involved my lover Gérald and also his nephew Maxime.
That day, I came back to do errands in town, dressed according to Alfred’s wishes. I had no bra, no string, just my stockings and my garter belt, I had put on a white dress with fairly loose straps that supported it on my shoulders, leaning over she was yawning and left more than a glimpse of my breasts. Fairly short, attached to my waist by a thin white belt, it pressed against my thighs enough to reveal the clasps of the straps of the garter belt.

All of a sudden, the steering of the car floated slightly. Bad luck, I must have punctured, one of the two front tires must be flat, I tell myself. I parked and got out. The street was completely empty, no traffic, the houses seemed closed, people must be at work. I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone, it was definitely daytime! I walked about fifty meters, miracle a big 4×4 was parked in the alley of a garden. I was going to be able to ask for help, to change my wheel or that someone lends me a phone.
I rang, waited, rang again, a muffled voice told me to wait a bit, then the door opened. The guy who framed himself in the doorframe was tall, bare-chested, slightly plump, prominently overweight, he had jogging pants and flip-flops… His head was shaved, his skin was a beautiful shiny black, sprinkled with fine water droplets.

– Yes, hello miss, I was in the shower, just long enough to put these pants on before you open up. But what happens to you?
– I punctured, my right front tire is completely flat and I forgot my phone.
– And you would like me to change it, he said smiling!
– Uh yes, yes, if you could, that would be very nice, I told him with a flirtatious smile.
– Must see! And where are you?

Along the way, I thought that if I exhilarated him a little, he would change the defective wheel for me without any problem and I was pretty good at it, I shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it! Arrived in front of the vehicle, he squats in front of the flat tire.

– Look at her. There is a nail!!

I leaned over, the front of my dress gaped. He looked up and his gaze encompassed my breasts, under his inquisitive gaze, my nipples hardened. The sun darted its rays into the neckline of the bustier, I let him revel in the spectacle.
I bent down in my turn, my dress quite short, went up on my thighs and discovered the fasteners of my garter belt. Immediately, his gaze fell on my legs. I was facing the car, I turned to him, gently, so as not to puncture my bottom, I put my right knee on the ground and spread my left thigh slightly. The bottom of my dress stretched, the sun flooded into the opening thus created. He must have seen the slit of my sex free of any hair.
He froze, paralyzed. I looked at him with velvet eyes, swinging my left knee to increase the openness.

– Do you think you can change my wheel?
– Uh, or… ouuiiii, he said without taking his eyes off my crotch, do you know where your spare tire, your jack, and your socket for the anti-theft bolt are?
– Yes, I believe that everything is in the trunk.

He got up reluctantly, the fabric of his jogging made a bump up to his penis, I remained a little on one knee. My plan seemed to work. I opened the trunk for him, he spotted the jack, the crank and the spare wheel, but he looked in vain for the socket for the anti-theft bolt.

– If we don’t find it, I couldn’t remove the wheel, you don’t know where it is?
– No, I don’t know much about it. She had to stay home. How are we going to do it?

Discreetly, I lowered a strap on my arm. I leaned into the trunk pretending to search, also being careful to gape the front of my dress, the strap fell lower and a breast and her erect nipple were uncovered. His eyes shone with lust.

– Oooohhh, the rascal, I say, going up my suspender, smiling.
– Do you live far away?
– Not very, a few blocks from here.
– Well in this case, I can take you with my car, recover the casing and come back to change the wheel, what do you think.
– That’s very nice. You deserve a kiss. What is your name ? I’m Trixie.
– Idrissa.

I hoisted myself up on tiptoe, leaned my breasts with their stretched tips on his pectorals and gave him two sound kisses on the cheeks, the hardness of his sex pressed on my stomach, he was hard-on a lot.
Coming out of the bath, he must have been naked under his pants. I picked up my purchases, he carried them to his 4×4, got behind the wheel and unlocked the passenger door. To sit on the seat, I had to lift my leg quite high, the bottom of my dress went up very high on my thighs and discovered a substantial piece of skin, the clasps and the white straps of my garter belt. Sitting on the seat I put nothing back in place, I managed to make it back up a little more. He started the engine, he was about to start when the door to the house opened, a second guy literally sprang onto the sidewalk and quickly approached the car and leaned against my open window.

– He’s my brother, Idrissa told me.
– Where are you going with the pretty young lady?

His eyes ogled my cleavage, which yawned widely on my breasts, he must have seen my erect brown spikes, then they went to my thighs, like a real slut, I pushed them aside slightly, from his position, he saw the birth of my slit.

– Ooooohhhh. Whore ! I’m coming with you.

He sat in the back. Idrissa’s eyes only looked at the road intermittently, I saw that he had to make an effort to keep his hand from resting on my thigh. He fiddled with the mirror, turning it so he could see my legs. Smiling, I pushed them a little further apart. I guided him in the direction of Alfred’s. The course included a lot of lying gendarmes, he passed them quite quickly, each trepidation made my dress go up a little higher. But the trip was not long enough for her to fully discover the bottom of my slit.
Arrived at Alfred’s, I asked them to come with me, because only Victor must have known where the missing piece was. My old boss and Victor were in the living room watching a show about his brand new toy. I introduced him to Idrissa and his brother, I explained to him what had happened to me. He looked at me mischievously, smiling.

– You are very helpful, sir, it deserves a reward. Trixie, darling, have you done any shopping? Yes, according to your packages, but did you buy what I asked you?
– Yes, my darling Alfred, I bought the little black garter belt that you really like.
– Can you show it to me?
– Well, I said taking out the little piece of lingerie, and it’s not cheap!!
He took it, looked at it from every angle. From his smile, I knew he was up to something.
– Good, very nice, but I’m going to need you, but you’re not in your work clothes, and I have a rather urgent work to be done. Victor, you’re going to help Trixie carry the packages to her room, he winked at her and added laughing, you can help her change, then you’ll look for this socket and you’ll go with the gentleman to get the car. But gentlemen take a seat next to me, waiting for Victor to come back. I offer you a drink? I think there’s going to be a pretty interesting program on TV. If you are not in too much of a hurry, you will be able to enjoy it!

Victor took the packages and accompanied me to my room.

– Do you understand what Alfred wants? Victor told me.
– I think yes. He wants you to fuck me so Idrissa and her brother can enjoy it live on TV.
– And I’m sure that turns you on.
– Yes, because afterwards, I intend to take advantage of their big black cocks.
– Bitch, you like them black.
– Yes, and you know it, you also know that I love people watching me make love!

When we entered the room, the two cameras were on, one on the ceiling, the other wide-angle, positioned on the front of the bed, it was this one that was filming for the moment. Alfred from a distance could rotate them, zoom them.

– Alfred wants you to put on your work clothes. Let me help you, will you?
– Yeaaaaah. I’m going to put on the garter belt he wanted me to buy.

He approached, untied the white belt around my waist, went behind me and positioned me facing the camera, then he lowered the straps of the dress, slowly stripped my breasts. In a gesture of offering, I strained my chest towards the lens. Slowly, he pulled the light garment down, revealing my clean-shaven pussy, and my black-sheathed legs. He blew the ties off the white garter belt and undid it behind my back, he fell to the floor. He undressed and naked as a worm lay down on the bed.
Lasciviously, I put on my black babydoll in transparent lace, adjusted the straps on my shoulders, positioned the front openings well in front of the areolas of my breasts and tied the small closing ribbons. It just covered my sex. I stapled around my waist the black garter belt that Alfred had wanted me to buy, it’s true that it was pretty with its fine lace on the front. I approached the bed on which Victor was lying, swayed my hips in front of him, slightly lifting the bottom of my nightie so that he could see my pussy.
It was now the ceiling camera that was filming, Alfred and his guests must not have missed anything.
I looked at Victor. He really wasn’t handsome, sparse white hair, an emaciated face, a rather pointed curved nose, a hairy chest, devoid of any musculature with the skin on his stomach wrinkled, really thin arms, mummy-like legs.
But a huge roll of flesh at least twenty-seven centimeters long and seven in diameter, for the moment at rest, was stretched out on his thigh and the length of the member was well over half of it, his scrotum contained two testicles as big as a pigeon’s egg, he had shaved his pubis. The absence of any hairiness further increased the amplitude of his member, he saw that I was looking at his monstrous penis, smiling, he said to me:

– You like my big cock. Do you think Idrissa’s is as big as mine? You must have noticed it, but you fucking with other men stirs up my jealousy, it’s stronger than me, and the height of my suffering is when I see you cumming with them!
– I hope she’s that bigg and she’s black and you know I love them that color. But come here, staple my garters to my stockings. Alfred is waiting for me!

I had said that to excite the two blacks, who were watching and listening to us. The butler crawled over to the bed. Deftly, with his old hands, he buckled the front clasps. I turned, he attached with as much dexterity those behind. The second camera clicked. The hands of the old servant were positioned on the front of my thighs and went up slowly, along the strips, his mouth rested on my neck, with his tongue, he went up the slender curve and bit my earlobe. I tilted my head back to offer him my lips, which he nibbled gently before his tongue moved into my mouth.
His hands did not remain inactive, with the left, he lifted the bottom of my babydoll, to free my shaved pubis well and after a few back and forth movements along my moist labia, he inserted his middle finger and his index finger into my vaginal canal. . He added his ring finger and his three long emaciated fingers made deep back and forth in my sex now dripping. His thumb caressed my clitoris.
With his left hand, he untied the small ribbons from the slits of the babydoll and spread them over my nipples, he rolled my hardened nipples in turn between his fingers, pinched them with his fingernails. The two combined caresses made me moan with pleasure.
He put me in front of him, I felt against my stomach the hardness of his penis which had not quite reached its peak, because when he was fully erect, he was around thirty centimeters. I grabbed it and began to masturbate the rod which, although old, proudly darted and hardened like iron. He kissed me fiercely and slowly lowered the straps of my babydoll, stripped my breasts and began, still kissing me furiously, to knead my chest while staring at the camera as if to show Idrissa and her brother well only for the moment he was the alpha male, that I belonged entirely to him.
He took my head with both hands pressed it to make me understand that he wanted my mouth to take care of his cock now.
I knelt on the bed legs apart buttocks raised for Alfred and the two blacks. can enjoy every detail of my intimate anatomy. I tried to give Victor a blowjob, I capped and recapped his foreskin at full speed trying to swallow his elephantine sex deep in my throat. It must have pleased him, because I heard him moan and his hips supported my sucking supported.
He lay on his back, legs wide open offered the camera and my greedy mouth sex erected like a small club. I stood aside, then between feedings I rubbed the huge, turgid member over and around my breasts, trying to get the hardened tip of my nipple into her gaping meatus whose slit I had spread with the tip of my breast. my tongue.
His cock was now fully erect, I thought he had taken enough advantage of my mouth, I really wanted to feel invaded by this colossal column.
Facing the camera I stepped over him, Alfred had to zoom in on my pussy. I held his monumental member with one hand, Victor rubbed the glans along my slit. He lifted my left thigh to slide it inside my well lubricated lips. My two hands parted them and his phenomenal glans slid lightly inside, the edges of his wide crown rubbed and distended my vaginal walls, the purple glans disappeared into the orifice. There was still twenty-five centimeters of a phallus seven centimeters in diameter to enter my pussy.
With one hand that did not go around, I grabbed the base of Victor’s sex and looking at the camera with velvety eyes and passing my tongue gently over my lips, I gently impaled myself.
My old lover put his hands under my buttocks and pushed them upwards, then all of a sudden he gave a jerk, I gasped with pleasure and I felt the skin of his hairless pubis under my buttocks. .
He passed his crumpled hands under the straps of my garter belt at my hips to accompany the movements of my pelvis which engulfed his tumescent penis at full speed, little guttural cries of pleasure escaped our lips. During penetration, the crown of his monstrous glans retracted and then flared when he withdrew. She deliciously rubbed the duct of my vagina along its entire length. Under the vertigo of this voluptuousness, my head nodded from right to left, long shivers ran through me and made my shoulders tremble, my breasts heavy with pleasure danced a frantic saraband. After what seemed like an eternity, he had me on my knees, my head buried in the pillows. He separated my legs widely, he spat in my anus, the index and middle finger of his right hand penetrated completely, he rotated his three knuckles. He took them out to replace them immediately, with the purple head of his blood-soaked glans. He entered his huge piston in small jerks, I moaned with pleasure.
I felt his testicles beat my buttocks, there too, he entered his long penis entirely. I ran my hands between my legs, rubbed my pussy and tickled my clitoris. He slogged me like this for a long time, the pleasure rising, I masturbated more and more quickly.

– I… I think that; I… I will… cum…aaaaaaarrrrr.

My body was crossed by an electric shock, I arched my back and a long cry of pleasure came out of my throat. Victor hurriedly pulled his cock out of my anus and all of a sudden put it in my pussy, I felt the contractions of his penis and his scrotum and spurts of warm sperm poured into me, he too cried out his pleasure.
I lay on my back, he brought his sex dripping with his sperm and my cum to my mouth, I licked it tenderly and swallowed it up completely.

– That’s it, he said to me, looking mockingly at the cameras, I hope Alfred was satisfied, it must have whetted his guests’ appetite to see an old man make you come so hard!!

His phone rang, he took the call.

– Yes, good sir. Right away, yes, we are coming! He hung up. The boss, he told me, asks us to join them.
– Yes, I’m taking a shower.
– No, you put on your babydoll and he wants to see us right away.

I put on my spidery clothing, readjusted the openings on my areolas and my garter belt on my hips, Victor’s sperm flowed from my vagina on the top of my thigh, but Alfred had asked us, we had to obey.

I entered the living room with the old servant when Alfred turned off the television. He looked at the enormous bumps which at the height of their genitals deformed the pants of his guests.

– So, gentlemen, it seems that this little sexual interlude did not leave you indifferent. Did you enjoy seeing her come so hard with the old sadist’s cock? A but here are our actors who arrive. Fine, Victor, you’ll fix the flat tire. And you Trixie come sit here between us, you’ve been wonderful.

He said leaving me a place between him and the blacks. Victor walked out grumbling, knowing what was going to happen. Not believing their eyes, with their mouths hanging open, Idrissa and her brother watched me approach them. Alfred got up and stood behind me.

– So, what do you think ? Isn’t she pretty, my little blonde doll, and she’s a real one, look! And you saw! It is made for love!

He lifted the bottom of my babydoll and showed them my little triangle of short hair, very light brown above the slit of the cat. He went up even higher the completely transparent lace fabric, and asked them if the garter belt he had made me buy put my pussy in value. They both stammered, an affirmation, unable to tear their eyes away from what that Alfred made them discover.

– Ohhhlala, he said, I guess through your pants that your sexes have nothing to envy to that of old Victor. Allow Miss Trixie to reveal your marvels to us. My little darling, at work, pull down their pants.

Idrissa got up, I squatted in front of him, stroked his penis lightly through the fabric and slid the jogging on his thighs to the ground, he was naked underneath. Beneath his belly and his love handles, his semi-rigid phallus measured a little more than twenty centimeters, but it was extremely bulky, his very thin and transparent foreskin exposed the tip of his dark mauve glans, I uncapped it, brushed the tip of my tongue. I turned to his brother who had approached, he had already taken off his pants, I lowered his panties his member sprung. In black, his appendix was the twin brother of Victor’s, just as long, just as big. My hand traveled from top to bottom.
Alfred made me get up, and kneel on the sofa, I put my arms on the back, he lifted my nightie on my loins, asked them to come closer. He caressed my lower back and his hands lasciviously brushed the two firm globes of my buttocks, which he gently pushed aside.

– Look at his little hole, it looks like a little strawberry, but earlier you saw old Victor thrust his huge cock fully into him and he spread it, doesn’t that make you want to? Let’s see her little pussy, you see there, I spread her lips a little more? She really wets this slut, wait, damn her pussy and still full of the old man’s sperm.

He entered four fingers, and searched me, he took out his sticky fingers and with a smile licked them for a long time in front of the two dumbfounded brothers.

– Well, I think you too would like to pour your semen into her pretty pussy. She loves fucking with black people, especially with cocks like yours. Say it, darling.
– Yes, yes Alfred, I love them, big black cocks like theirs!!
– So gentlemen, you will have to please the young lady.

He pressed a button on the remote and the sofa turned into a bed. Idrissa sat on the edge, I approached and put my left leg next to him, his brother passed behind me. He undid the knots of the ribbons on my breasts and began to grind my nipples which reacted immediately by erecting two centimeters.
Idrissa’s big pudgy hand rested on my ankle, went up along my calf and came to slide, above my stockings on the bare skin of my leg, under my garter. His mouth came to press against the inside of my thigh, which he licked me with great licks. He lifted my nightgown and his flattened nostrils rubbed the slit of my sex, which he had dismissed, as if to smell the fragrance.

– Amosa, I’ve never smelled anything so refined…!

He said to his brother, who during this time stripped my breasts by leaving the straps of my negligee. He licked my back gently stroking my chest, pulling and pinching the tips of my breasts. My babydoll was around my waist, I pulled away and let it fall to the floor. Then I sat down on the bed next to Idrissa, and moved my buttocks back a little on the bed, spread my legs, put my stilettos on the edge of the mattress, leaned back and leaned on my elbows.
His mouth immediately took hold of my blood-soaked nipples, he sucked them and bit the orifices of the milk ducts, I moaned with pleasure. I squeezed them to make my little brown spikes even more turgid. This gentle stimulation spiked my oxytocin levels and profusely lubricated Amosa’s two long black fingers as they searched my pussy deeply.
I gently masturbated Idrissa’s big black roller, took his glans in my mouth and swallowed by small touches the tense phallus. It was much shorter than Victor’s, my lips managed to reach his pubis where a curly fleece of close-cropped hair was spread. Then, I moved my mouth up and down quickly along the little black club, shooting squeals of contentment at its owner.
His brother had replaced his fingers with his tongue, which like a snake slipped between my moist lips, it tickled my clitoris and sucked it in, making me scream with pleasure.
I passed my right leg over her frizzy head, Idrissa lay down on the bed, her cock stretched towards the ceiling, waited for my mouth to swallow her again.
I got down on my knees, presented my buttocks to Amosa, her hands slipped under the straps of my garter belt, I felt the tip of her tongue turn several times slowly around my anus, then she entered the orifice, and her mouth began to go back and forth between my pussy and my intimate little hole.

– Hey, turn around, look at my big cock, it’s crying out for your mouth.

I gave him satisfaction, and began a learned fellatio, I was still on my knees, Idrissa spread my legs, his mouth replaced that of his brother, and now it was four of his fingers that slipped into my wet vagina. They were not long in being relayed by his cock hard as wood. At first, he pushed it all the way in, pulled it out completely, and with a single push it engulfed itself up to his balls, which beat against my buttocks. Then he knelt down and accelerated his pace of penetration, pulled me gasps of pleasure muffled by the size of his brother’s cock invading my mouth.

– Leave me the place said this one to him.

He lay down on his back, faced Alfred, I positioned myself directly above the black stalactite which rose towards the ceiling and holding it with one hand at the base, I directed it towards my anus and impaled on the taut black phallus, eyeing my boss greedily. He was in heaven, he smiled with a satisfied air, masturbating gently.

– Do you want me to suck your cock Alfred?
– No my darling, not for the moment… I think that Idrissa has a huge desire to penetrate your pussy.

But Amosa spun me around and knelt on top of him, it was his huge cock that slid inside my hot cock. Her brother got on the bed, he squatted and his colossal black cock sank easily into my well-lubricated anus.
They worked on me again and again, I lost track of time, I heard Alfred’s encouragement in a fog of lust.
The orgasm fell on me like a hurricane, starting from my sex, going up my genitals, making my anal and vaginal walls contract with incredible force, and making me scream my enjoyment, that’s what must have caused their enjoyment , because I felt the jolts of their ejaculations almost simultaneously. I kept my eyes closed for the duration of my enjoyment.
When I opened my eyes, the old Alfred was in front of me, cock stretched up to my lips, I opened my mouth, his cock slipped inside and his sperm poured into my throat.