sarah little problem

My name is Sarah, I’m now eighteen years old and I have a problem that most people could never dream of.  You see back when I was born.  I came out of my mother with a surprise of my own.  I was born with both sex organs.  I had a dick and a pussy.  Growing up was hard, I did not know what I should be. I was turn on by both girls and boys.

By the time I was in middle school I had breast that were larger then most girls about my age.  So I started to act as a girl.  I had also gained another problem; my developed breast had also started to produce milk.  I was sitting in class one day and out of the blue my shirt was soaked.  I started to keep an extra shirt and bra in my school bag.

My parents took me to the doctors to see if she could help me, but all she did was play with me and make it worst.  When she came in all I had on was the gloom that they gave out. She asked me to remove the gloom.  She looked me over and licked her lips and then asked me what was the problem and I told her. She reaches over and started to touch me all over. She reached up and grabbed one of my breast and moved my nipple around between her finger and thumb, it feel so good but before long my milk was pouring out of me. She just smiles and put her month over nipple and sucked hard. Oh man what a feeling I was getting my tits was being empty and my cock was growing, she moved her other hand down to my dick and squeeze it a little but not enough  to hurt but enough to make it grow some more. She move her hand in an up and down fashion, driving me nuts but no she was not finished with me, she did something I would never forget for as long as I live she moved her face down to my cock and started suck on it, I felt her place a hand on my leg slowly tracing it up to my crotch. I felt her hand brush across my pussy lips and back this time she push them in to me, I could not take it anymore and a came right moan and screaming, and I just blacked out, when I came too I was dressed to go home the doctor told my parent that she could do something for me but I was to choose what sex I want to be.

By the time I was in high school I had a lot of friends. None of them knew of my problem or secret, which was until Jenny moved in down the street. We hit it off really well.  One weekend Jenny called me to ask if I would like to came by and stay with her for the weekend at her house. I asked my mother and she said it was okay, I had been living my life as a normal girl.  I left for her house Friday after school and walked over to her house.  My stomach felt like it was in knots .I slowly lifted my hand to ring the door bell my hand all the while shaking. My mind must have been somewhere else because I did not remember even rang the bell but there in the doorway was Jenny’s mother.  Man was she beautiful, blond hair, blue eyes with the touch of green high lights, breast about the same size as mine. She smiles at me as she turns to call Jenny down from her room. I heard something drop as she came running down the stairs to greet me.  Man I thought my secret was out when I saw her in the dress she was in. It was one of those short cut dresses that barely make it past your ass and low cut in the cleavage area.  My dick hardens in my panties if it was not for the dress I was in.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up stairs to her room to where I put my things down. I slowly looked around her room; it was no different from mine other then the dolls. She had music porters of her favorite bands. We sat and talked about girl stuff, like periods, breast size you name it, we also talked about school and even sex.  When we got on the sex subject that was it we never came off it. I told her I was still a virgin other then what the doctor did to me, and that I had never even kissed a boy, she looked surprise, but told me that she too was a virgin, but had kissed a boy. We got more in depth with our talk and before long I felt comfortable around her to tell her about my little secret, and how people in town did not know about it.  She asked what it was, I told her no to laugh as I stool up and pulled up my dress up and push down my blue panties so she could see my cock.  It was semi hard from all the sex talking we were doing plus being in the same room as Jenny.  All Jenny did was lick her lips and smile at me.  She asked, If I was born with it, and I said, Ayes.

She asked, if she could touch my cock, and again I said, yes.

She slowly reached over to me and places her hand on my leg not sure if she should go on. I put my hand over her feeling her soft skin again and moved it over onto my Harding dick. I jumped a little from her soft touch, my nipple harden and force some milk out of them and soaked my bra and the top of the dress a little.  She saw this and ,asked what had happen and, I told her, that my tits have milk in them for some reason the doctors can not find out why

She asked, if anyone had ever sucked on them .

I in return let her know what the doctor had done to me. Before I knew what was going on she had my milked soaked dress on the floor, followed by my bra. She moved up in front of me running her handover my breast moving closer to my mouth with her slowly placing her lip to mine. She moved down my neck placing kiss on it. She worked her way down to my left breast, sucking my nipple in to her mouth moving her tongue slowly around my nipple as it harden to the point to where she could nipple with her teeth with just enough pressure to send pleasure ripples to my cock.  My cock came to life with a mind of its own, Jenny notice that I moved a little to make room for my harding dick. Jenny felt it move between us and moved on down to my panties pulling them off to free it. She kissed the head of it, being a little shy about because she never had a cock in her mouth before. I told, her to suck on it like she did my tits, but move her head up and down a little like you were sucking on a popsicle . I was getting wet; my pussy wanted a little time to. Before long I was Cumming and I mean Cumming hard.  I felt as if my whole body lifted from the floor in to the air and again I passed out. When I came to she was laying beside me smiling. She whispered in my ear that she would not tell any one.  I just looked at her and smiled. Well I sleep well that night I her arms not knowing what tomorrow was going to bring me.

The next day we talked in her for a little bit, but she wanted to show me something outside in the woods.  So we took off, out her back door and into the wood we went .We walked for about a half hour before we came upon a creek. I t was the most wonderful place I have very seen.  Ferns growing everywhere.  There was a large oak tree growing over an area of the creek that looked deep, on the other side was a small club house.

She grabs my hand and pulled me along to a point where we could get to the club. She was the first to reach it.  She open the door for me, as I entered the club, it was like entering a whole different world. The wall were painted all kinds of color, there were even ivy vines growing up the walls. I notice that there was some bedding in the floor over on the far left wall.

I felt Jenny moved up behind me. She put her hand on my shoulder and moved it slowly down my back.  I started to get goose bumps all over my body.  She traced the outline of my ass before moving up beside me. I felt weak in the knee. She reaches out and grabs my hand for a second before moving to an area where she started to undress. I did the same not wanting to be left out.

Jenny ran out the door and into the water. I walked out the door and jumped into the water because my tits were weighting heavy and were hurting a little.  When I hit the water my nipple hardens and I had goose bumps everything.  Jenny swam up to me splashing me a little when she saw that I was a little cold she held me close warming me up.  I got used to the water pretty quick.  We were playing around when David showed up.  Before he said anything he saw jenny and mine tits.  We didn’t know what cause him to do what he did he stripped down naked and jumped right in, before Jenny or I knew it he was up behind us slashing us.  Before I though I turned around and push him under and his hand ran over my dick making it grow from his touch. When he surfaced he did not say a word he swam over to the both of us with a smile.

I asked him, AWhat are you smiling about?

He just looked at me; well I would say at least two of us have a hard-on.

AWhat do you mean by that? Jenny question.

AWell I felt a little something on Sarah that I know she should not have, He answer.

I just dropped my head because I knew my secret was out. David just smiled at me lifting my head so our eyes could met and said AIf you got what I think you got I will love you for ever.

AWhat do you mean by that A, Jenny remarked, swimming up behind me grabbing my hand and holding.

AWell how I should put this, well there is only one way I am bisexual, and I felt her cock and I want a taste, David shoot back.

Jenny and I just looked at each other and smiled.  We both knew we were lovers, but having David in on it to be too good to be true for the both of us. I swam to a place to where I could climb out followed by Jenny and David. We all headed for the club house.  I a course was the first one in. As Jenny and David I had a hard on in the worst way. It was even bigger now, and then it ever was.  I look toward David he too had a boner and Jenny just smile knowing she was going to have two cocks to play with.

Jenny laid down first with David moving up between her legs. I moved up to her tits and started to suck on them. Meanwhile David was busy eating Jenny, from what I could see he had his whole mouths covering her pussy.  Every once in a while he would gently bite down on her outer lips. I saw her clit and it was bigger them before in her in her room. He notices her clit to and sucked on it like a small dick moving his head back and forth. She shivered a little when he ran his teeth over her clit. I was sucking pretty hard on her tits. Before long she was moving her hips up to met his mouth. She also had one hand on his head pulling him into her and the other hand was behind my head holding me to her tits.  Her breathing became short and more delayed. Her stomach muscles were tightening up. Her moans were becoming louder. Her eyes just rolled back into her head as she screamed out,@ III aaa mmm CCCUUUUMMMIIINNNGGG .@

David looked up at me his face his face was wet from her flow. I licked up area he could not get with his tongue. We gave Jenny time to come back to earth. Then I lay down on my back, David got between my legs and started off on my pussy licking it. Then he moved up to my cock licking at the base slowly running his tongue up the underside to the head. That was when he put it in his mouth and sucked it all the way to the back of his throat. When he reached the base he slowly pulled back up, sucking on the tip and moved back down. He started to pick up speed. He shocked me when me put a finger in my pussy and my ass and push them in all the way in. I was pinching pretty hard by now shooting milk everywhere. Jenny had moved up to one of my tits and started sucking on it. The pleasure I was feeling was through the roof I could not hold back any longer. I shoot my load deep in his mouth with a groan as my pussy and ass tighten around his fingers and lifting my hip up and pushing my dick deeper into his mouth. Jenny was holding on for dear life. As she nursed on me draining my tits of all its milk. Now it was David turn, so I try to figure out how I was going to do it. I think David had the same idea because he got on all fours. Jenny crawled up under him so she could suck on his dick. As for me I got up behind him and started to work my dick into his ass. He was tight at first, but he knew what he had to do and push out on his ass muscle and I slipped right in up to my balls. Jenny had his dick deep in her mouth, sucking his real hard on from the noises that were being made. Well I gave him a minute to adjust to my dick before I started to move my hips in and out. Before long I was really thrust into him hard and fast. David was meeting me with thrust of his own back into me. I speed up before long my balls tighten up and I came deep into his ass I could feel his ass milking my dick for the last few drops I had left. Now Jenny knew he was close because she got her hand involved into and was sucking his dick pretty hard. Before long he grabbed the covers and shoots a few big loads into her awaiting throat.  We all rested and when for another swim.  We all three met at the club house through out the summer to fuck and suck. Now it’s been a year, Jenny and I are still together. We see David a few times a year because he moved away, but we now have Jill from next door, but that is another story.