Meeting a young neighbour – Episode two

We start with four virgins – finish with none

First I have to correct a mistake in Episode 1. At the end, in the last six lines I wrote “Jane” twice. That doesn’t make sense, it was “Alison” who said those things.

Anyway, I was still lying on my back, feeling well fucked and almost in heaven, with lovely little Jane still hugging me. Hazel said “Jane, your pussy’s dripping with cum, I’ve got to suck it out of you or my bed will be covered with cum and my mother will be asking some very difficult questions”. Jane obediently stopped hugging me and opened her legs, I watched Hazel go down on her and gobble her wet cunt. Hazel opened her mouth to show white juice inside and she and Jane kissed, shared and swallowed the spunk.
I felt Alison’s little hand take hold of my soft wet dick, she pulled my foreskin down and put her mouth round the tip, then soon most of the cock was in her mouth as she firmly held the top of it. She sucked gently. “Just helping” she said “We can’t have the last drips of spunk dirtying the bed! Never tasted Dave’s before, same as my brother’s, I like it.”
I put my hands down to feel Alison’s firm hardening nipples and tiny budding tits. She was still sucking me and my dick was enjoying it. She kept the wanking movement on me with her hand and the dick was responding. “It’s working, you’re getting hard again, I want it in me.”
I’d enjoyed my cum with Jane, my first ever fuck, so much that after, when she was holding me close and didn’t seem to want to let go, I’d almost felt that she was mine and I should just be hers. But Alison’s expertise as a cock-sucker was convincing me otherwise. We adjusted our positions and found ourselves in a sixty-nine. I was on my back with Alison on top. Another first for me, as my mouth found Alison’s wet honey-hole while her mouth continued to share pleasure with my stiffening penis. I as I tongued inside Alison’s slit, I realised that Hazel’s face was only inches away. I knew the view was turning her on and wondered if Jane was watching my cock being sucked by her friend.
Alison stopped sucking and moved so that, as she was ready to ride my cock, it was sticking hard up as I still lay flat on my back. I felt Hazel hold it and, as Alison lowered herself, Hazel guided it into her friend’s virgin pussy hole. I’d ridden Jane but now Alison was riding me and all of my tool was absorbed by her tight velvet pussy. She bent over so I could suck her nipple and my hands held her lovely firm small buttocks to control her rhythm as she rode me and my cock slid in and out of her, this is absolutely wonderful.
“Don’t make him cum again, I need it too” Hazel wanted her share. I’m happy in Alison’s love cave but I find her getting off me and Hazel taking her place. She was riding me too, my cock slid in blissfully and she was writhing up and down on me. Again, I found my mouth sucking a hard nipple and my hands holding two lovely bum cheeks. The rhythm was perfect, my cock was gripped and surrounded by the velvet cunt. “Hazel, I’m going to cum in you, I’m cumming now, you’ve fucked me, you filthy gorgeous wet cunt”. Hazel was milking my cock with her pussy, moaning as her movements slowly subsided.
What an afternoon!
Time passed and I was dressed again and ready to go back home, next door. I felt a little hand opening mine and putting something in my hand.
When I was back outside, I looked at a small piece of paper. Written on it was “Jane”. And a ‘phone number.