Secret Agent Man

This story is pure imagination, totally fiction and not based on any real events.

Part 1:

I worked as an undercover agent for the military back in the early 2000’s. I was sent on a mission to infiltrate a terrorist group and bring back information on their leaders and future plans.

I was in with them about 6 months. I had a contact in the village, an Arab woman who was about 23. I was the same age. It had been about 8 months since I had sex with anyone. I asked but she wasn’t interested.

“Let’s keep this professional stud and focus on the mission.”, she tapped my face playfully. “Terrorists, bad guys, ect.”, she said. Ugh!

Later I saw this 16yo girl, Farrah, from the village. I talked to her but was unable to get a word out of her. She finally broke one day talked to me when we were alone. I told her I thought she was pretty. Her head shied away. Probably the first time she was told that by anyone. I worked my sweet talk and magic on her. I kissed her and then she ran away to her home.

I found out her the next day and apologized. She just nodded and was back to her old quiet self. The wall I broke down was back up. I tried kissing her again but she moved away.

We were alone and I grabbed her and carried her into this abandoned house. I threw her down violently onto this old mattress left on the floor. I knew the laws on rape in this country. She could be murdered just for accusing a man of such a thing.

She tried to escape but I pushed her back down. I took my dick out. She gasped staring at it probably never having seen a man naked before. I pushed my dick into her face. She resisted trying to get her head away. I grabbed a handful of hair of her black hair and pulled hard until she opened up. I face fucked her and told her if she bit me she would perish. She was speaking in Arabic begging for this to stop. I told her to “Be quiet. It will be over soon.” I pulled my knife and forced her to undress. She was beautiful. She had a wonderful skinny body with nice b cup tits and beautiful hairy pussy. I found an old post and secured her hands with it with some rope. She was crying and resisting spreading open her legs for me. Tears flowing down her face.

“Stop it! You know you want it! You are only making this worse on yourself!” My knife by her neck convinced her to comply. She was making whimpering noises now. I thought she might scream. I stuffed my sock in her mouth. I searched the house and found an old roll of duct tape. I secured her mouth.

She laid there spread open for me. Her young virgin pussy was amazing. It smelled heavenly. She was making muffled screams as my tongue danced on her clit. Her legs closed and she was trying to push my head away with her legs. I held up the knife and she stopped. Her tears kept flowing as she moaned and whimpered as my tongue raped her clit. I shoved two fingers in her pussy and she let out a loud muffled scream. I finger fucked her as I ate her out. I could make out her saying “Mother!”, in Arabic as I assaulted her virginity.

Her hips were moving up and down slightly now. “Thank fuck she was finally getting into it!”, I thought. Her legs closed around my head and her hips went up. She yelled something muffled that I couldn’t understand as her upper body twisted. Her legs were clamped now as her pussy shot out juice. “Mmmmmmm”, she said and made a high pitched moan. Then she just laid there refusing to look at me.

I lined my dick up and pushed it in. She gave a muffled screamed as it went in. I met with some resistance and pulled back out. Pushed back in till my whole cock was in her. Her face looked like I was splitting her in half. It must have been painful for her. Each thrust was met with painful looks as I fucked her. She finally got used to it and just laid there. I removed the duct tape from her mouth and kissed her as I fucked her. She resisted the kissing until I threatened her. “Kiss me now whore!”, I said in Arabic. I started fucking her harder now. Hard and fast as we made out. She became more receptive now, getting into it now or just wanting to turn me on more to get it over with. I think the latter. Either way she was kissing like me passionately. I felt myself about to orgasm. I arched my back and said “uhhhhhh!” And cried out, “oh my god!”, in Arabic and my dick exploded into her. I came like it was my first time. The 8 months of abstinence really helped. When I was done I collapsed into her chest, out of energy.

She begged me now to let her go. She begged me not to kill her. I told her it was not me she needed to fear. I reminded Farrah of the laws on rape in this country and how she would be killed if she told. “It is best to pretend it never happened.”, I said. I cut her free.

She became braver now. As she got dressed she swore revenge on me. I took this like I would the boasting of a child slaying dragons with sticks. I laughed at her and I bitch slapped her and I told her to “get the fuck away me” and called her a slut. She ran away.

I hadn’t seen her in the village for the next couple weeks. I don’t know if she was hiding or what. Either way I was looking for a second try at her. I couldn’t stop thinking of that pussy. Her taste, her wonderful smell, I was wondering if the second time would be as great as the first.

End of Part 1