First share

Mary and I had been married for 9 months she was 22 I was 25. We bought a house and after moving in became friends with some neighbors.

One day we were invited to a clothing optional bar B que, and pool party. We discussed it, and were assured that if we did not want to we did not have to go nude.

We accepted, and the day of the barbeque and pool party Mary wore a light blue one piece swimsuit and I wore my trunks.

After the lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs we notice that of the 15 couples there 5 had already started skinny dipping. We chatted with others there and as the afternoon. Progressed almost everyone was naked. I looked at Mary and asked if she wanted to join them she looked at me and said why not. I hugged her and kissed her as I removed her swimsuit and she removed mine.

We got in the pool and I noticed the men started spending time talking to her and she was enjoying it.

Around 6 the party moved inside, and the host said they were going to play dance music. And said that there were dance rules. The main rule was No one could ask anyone to dance. That if we wanted to take part to dance with someone other than our wife we had to put the men’s names in one bowl and the wives names in another bowl. After the couples danced together the host Said ladies choice. It meant if a lady wanted to take part she had to pull a name out the men’s bowl to see who she was going to dance with.

I was surprised when Mary kissed me then went pull a name out. I watched as they danced a slow dance naked with a guy named Paul and could see she was enjoying it. Then they said men’s choice Mary told me go ahead I pulled a name and enjoyed a slow dance with a girl named Nancy.

After the dance they said now let’s play something special and someone suggested. Dare. Everyone agreed. The host said since we were the new couple they should see how adventurous we were, and dared Mary to give me a bj in front of everyone, not knowing she loved doing it.

I sat on the sofa and she got between my legs and started licking and kissing my cock. After she took it in my mouth I looked up and Paul was standing behind her. He took his already hard cock in his hand and gesture he wanted to fuck her I shook my head yes. As he entered her she froze for an instant, then relaxed and started rocking to his rhythm of pleasuring her. She was getting more and more excited and I knew she was about to climax just as she did Paul unloaded in her, and I filled her mouth. We were both exhausted. After we relaxed she kissed me and said thank you.

The glow on her face was priceless.

I started talking to others and when the next game was suggested I said mfm. Mary looked shocked. I kissed her and said enjoy. She pulled the names of Allen and Henry out the bowl. They led her to a bedroom, Susan pulled mine and marks name. We went in the other bedroom we were in the bedroom for an hour before we came out, and Mary came out after 90 minutes, she was dripping cum from her pussy and ass.

Before the night ended they played a round of cock roulette, with the rule that the women had to go home with the guy who came in her. Mary ended up going home with Leroy for the night it was going to be her first BBC.

The next day the lady who hosted asked us if we enjoyed ourselves to which we said yes then asked us if we wanted to be members of the circle of friends we jumped at the chance and have loved every party.