Sex On Boat

I got invited to go party with my girlfriends fiancee group. His fiancee is a rich guy and has a luxury boat and everything. I was told we will be having an all out party with many single people. I obviously was excited to be dressed in a bikini with hot single guys out on the lake. I went and bought a sexy bikini which showed a lot of my ass and tits and was very racy. I knew I am going to have some fun.

I arrived at the boat and it already had about 14 single guys and 8 girls. Lots of booze and food was loaded. The boat was multiple level with a bedroom and a guest room below deck. The deck was huge and a lot of place to sun bathe. The guys were gorgeous specially Brent and Jeff. Both were my age and had great abs. I quickly got introduced to all and could see guys eyeing me and the other girls on the boat. Besides my gf and her fiancee, there were only 2 other couples. That left 5 girls and 11 guys all unattached and there to have fun. I planted myself on the sun deck, stripped out of my summer dress and lay down to show the guys my sexy body. Behind all the sun shades I knew guys were staring at my bikini that was sexy. I turned over to show how narrow it was on my ass and I knew other girls were jealous as I decided to be risque.

I chatted around with a few guys but soon had Brent parked next to me. We were flirting and touching each other playfully. Middle of the lake we jumped in to cool off and Brent was playing with me in the water making sure he picked me and touched me and felt my tits and ass and I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I enjoyed that attention and fooled around too. Every once in a while Jeff would step in to do the same and soon I realized these 2 guys were getting to touch me often. Drinks were pouring and we were having fun. My gf dared me to show my tits and it took no more asking and my top was gone. Other girls joined in the fun. I looked at Jeff and asked him to strip on a dare. He pulled out his trunks though it was tough to see his cock under water. After having some fun, we all pulled our bathing suits back on and went to the boat to eat and drink more.

I made my way down to the restroom and was quickly followed by Brent. He tried following around who goes in first and use any excuse to hold me and touch me. He said how about we go both in together. I said no and he started to tease me. Not to be out done, I said only on one condition he gets to come in with me. he has to show me his cock. Brent wasted no time and had his trunks around his ankle. He was semi hard. I smiled and let him come in to the bathroom with me. We did not even bother to lock the door and I went down on my knees and took his semi hard cock in my mouth and started to give him a great bj. I licked and sucked and stroked and his big cock would gag me as I sucked him. I did not know when that happened but Jeff was down there to and said, ‘How come he did not get invited to the party?’

I asked him to strip and come on over. I had 2 guys standing next to each other, 2 cocks in my hands and I sucked each one of them in turns. Both wanted to cum bad but I wanted more fun. Jeff’s toes were trying to feel my pussy as I was sucking both of them. I asked then to go into the bedroom and have fun. I walked ahead with 2 guys with their hands on my ass and pussy. They stripped me naked in a second, threw me on bed and Jeff decided to go for my pussy first. He started licking and playing with my clit and my pussy was wet. I had Brent squatting over my face, letting me suck his cock. They took turns eating me and made me cum once. Then Brent decided to fuck me first and had his hard cock buried deep in my tight wet pussy. I was moaning getting fucked hard as Jeff played with my tits and forced his cock in my mouth. Brent lasted 2 minutes and he traded spot with Jeff and came in my mouth. I was still busy cleaning Brent to realize Jeff was now in my pussy.

He lifted my ass off the bed, and started to fuck me hard. He fucked me really well. Hard and rough and he soon started to cum. He filled my pussy with a lot of cum. Must not have had sex for a week it felt due to the amount of cum he unloaded in me. They both picked up, got dressed and we all went back up to the party. Most people knew what just happened and I did not care. At the end of the trip, I blew Jeff in his car one more time.

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