Sex with the Mechanic – Greasy and dirty, just the way I want him.

When my boyfriend told me that in his new job he would be a machine mechanic in a factory, I was thrilled. I immediately thought of a way to meet him after work, still wearing his uniform, dirty with grease and all sweaty. It might not seem like the nicest thing, but I wanted to fulfill my fantasy of having sex with a mechanic. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the fantasy come true, in real life.
And so it was. I made a date with him to pick me up at the station — since we don’t live together or in the same city — and before this meeting I prepared a surprise for him, as we hadn’t seen each other for a month. Before leaving the house, I put on stockings and a garter belt, a transparent bra, over that, a dress, an overcoat (it was cold) and low-top boots— I don’t wear high-top boots, and the idea was not to cause an impression at first sight but to let him discover the surprise by himself. And, I didn’t wear panties!
When I arrived at the station, he was at the entrance, waiting for me. He was wearing dark green trousers that, because of work, transitioned between green and brown. A jacket covered his shirt, dirty with grease and dust, and his hair was all messed up, although he tried to straighten it up as soon as I arrived. I gave him a kiss with plenty of tongue and he squeezed my ass; I could see in his eyes that he was, like me, dying to get home quickly to have time just for us, in his bed, with both of us naked.
We headed to his house. On the way, we hugged, and we kissed, sometimes I rubbed his stomach, his legs… In a quiet street, I put his hand between my legs and he felt that I was not wearing panties. He pushed me against a wall and slowly felt my pussy with his finger and slid it up and down making me all wet. I passed my hand between his legs and felt his hard cock.
On the walk to his house, which took about 20 minutes, we were getting so horny, kissing, caressing, passing our hands between each other’s legs; we were craving sex and could do it in any corner. But we waited until we arrive at his house, as it was daytime, and the streets were busy.
We went straight to his room. I took off my overcoat, he threw me on the bed and took off my dress. Then he stopped for a second and looked me up and down, discovering that I was wearing a see-through black bra and stockings with garters. He started furiously sucking my breasts and I let him delight himself. I was moaning, feeling more and more horny.
I pushed him off of me, unzipped his trousers, pulled his hard cock out and started sucking him. I sucked his head first while I masturbated him, then I put his entire cock in my mouth and sucked it from the bottom up in slow motion as I caressed his balls. After several minutes, I stopped; still wearing his uniform, he went right with his mouth between my legs to suck me deliciously. He started sucking on my big lips and then he went straight to my clit; I came so fast, I didn’t even realize I was going to climax. I came in his mouth like crazy, moaning loudly.
He licked my tummy and my tits and penetrated me from the front. I took off his shirt as I wanted to feel his chest. I sucked his neck at the same time that he slipped his penis in and out of my wet pussy.
I turned on all fours, and he penetrated me deeply, and hard, taking control of me. I felt his penis deep in my vagina while with his hands over my hips he moved my body back and forth, at first slowly and then moving faster as I started screaming with pleasure. He pulled my hair while licking my ear, he knows what I love! His hands then touched my G-spot while his movements slowed down, I couldn’t hold back and I screamed once again while coming.
He turned me around, and sucked my breasts while I sat and rolled on top of him. I pulled him up to a seated position, took his cock deep inside of me and moved up and down, contracting my vagina — this gives me so much pleasure! He threw me down again and was on top of me as we came together with him deep inside me, both breathless. We ended up exhausted but satisfied. I had fulfilled my fantasy even though he didn’t even suspect that this was my fetish.