Seeign the number of the posssesed and sluts

Newspaper clipping from fifteen years ago. The rumor has reached the newspapers, in a slum known for its inhabitants, very religious people and proud of their decency, ten girls have apparently been possessed by ten demons who claim to be female demons of lust.

According to witnesses, their behavior was very strange: masturbation in front of witnesses, touching themselves and sexual advances towards men. For three months they have presented this behavior, between the months of July, August and September.

Apart from the fact that they claimed to have “pleasant dreams”, this behavior has been over for a week and the girls have returned to normal behavior much to the relief of their parents. There are various explanations, hoax invented by someone, exaggeration of previous behavior, and even that the story is real, or mass hysteria. It is not even certain that the story is true. But it is curious and disturbing.

He had attended erotic shows other times, but not so daring, in the local the ten beautiful girls with striped lingerie sets and hats had done an exciting number of two minutes.

But then they were left with only stockings and hats. They had begun to touch and move as if they were having sex, caressing their pubes around the vaginal opening and the clitoris, touching their breasts, giving each other a lot of pleasure, their tits seemed very sensitive and also their nipples, or their clitorises, their bellies and legs, moving their hands around. her body as if the hands of her lovers were touching them caressing and touching.

Moving their bodies rhythmically surrendering to the pleasure that their hands gave them. They loved caressing each other, they felt great pleasure in their pubes and breasts, they loved touching their clitoris, I would never forget the faces of pleasure they put on doing it. And even inserting their index fingers into their vaginas and hitting hard while they did not stop touching those beautiful bodies, even sending kisses to the spectators.

It was a very hot act, to see touching those shapely legs, haughty and provocative breasts, touching her moving belly as they pleasured each other. Their moans were very arousing, especially while touching their clitoral vaginas or breasts, their erogenous zones. She liked to watch it, one of them had even blown her a kiss while she touched herself, the most exciting number she had ever seen.

She loved watching them touch and writhe in pleasure until they ejaculated. We love to please men and turn them on, they said before the curtain fell. Just to see the musical number would have been worth seeing. But what caught his attention the most was seeing ten dark female silhouettes like shadows around the girls.

At the end of the number they even seemed to smile, and she saw some letters. Mortal we are proud of our work, we turned them that way and they are grateful to us. Do not discuss this with your friends. You are the only viewer we allow to see it

The ten of them were happy about what had happened to them, being young girls they had been possessed by female demons of lust, those three months of possession were unforgettable, masturbations, touching, even with witnesses and erotic dreams. Although after the three months that the possession lasted they had returned to their normal behavior.
The young women had become very beautiful girls, something strange because in their families there were hardly any beautiful women, and hardly had been in four generations, and with a great sexual appetite. Their families disapproved of such behavior and they had fled that repressive and puritanical environment, leaving their families and changing their identity.

Now they lived and enjoyed eroticism and sex in another city and another country. Very far from his place of origin. They were a dance and sexual number group called the Possessed, although no one knew exactly why they were called that.