Shadow of the Lesbian Spider Queen

Disclaimer: the following story is purely fictional. All characters, places, and objects within are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real people, places, or objects is unintentional and coincidental.

By 2022: students from across the globe, lesbians included, filed into Les Spirites City. It was a bright hub brimming with people flowing in and out.

At night: lights lit up the city like a star atop a Christmas tree.

Some bony lesbians filed into their dorm (for Les Spirites University) from the local pubs.

Nestled in the top dorm room was a shapely hispanic girl, in a compromising position (should anyone stumble into her room). Sandwiched between her two thighs, a girl was applying lips and tongue to her lower region.

The hispanic (Tess) grunted. Their dialogue interminable, but it went something like this: hurry, if my girlfriend finds you here, we’re in big trouble.

The steam that emitted from their bodies was almost perceptible. If the temperature were cold, they would put off a smoke signal for 10 miles in all directions (almost).

Tess’ lips pulled back, revealing white teeth. Pleasure was giving her all sorts of sensations. Her mouth suspended in an O-shape (seemingly forever) from pleasure.

For every woman: sex was never a painless affair, being that their skin receptors detects two times more pain than males. So, she must do it very carefully.

Paradoxically: her expression of pleasure can almost seem like pain, were one to look at it the other way. At any given time: it’s possible she was feeling a spike of pain as well as pleasure, during sex making.

Tess burst.

She laid naked (with high-heels which she forgot to take off), panting for a minute. She seemed to retreat into herself for minutes which bled into an hour. Her eyes snapped opened: her sex partner (Jessie) lounged on her couch. S#!T, she uttered. She grabbed Jessie and pushed her to the door (Jessie eyes and mouth opened and closed with confusion). Tess pushed her out the door.

An hour later, her partner returned. Tess laid nonchalant on her bed. They kissed, they went to bed.

In the lesbian world: cheating was as much a reality as it was in the heterosexual world. Except: the dynamics were different. How, where, when: it was difficult to say, because they were in something of an underworld where their relationships were not well-broadcasted or well-known. The fact they changed partnerships at intervals is well-known. They were non-aggressive (primarily), so break-ups were generally non-violent: they left either without words or with some words (a discussion that varies in length of time among lesbians).

The next night: Tess was at it again: exposing her quivering loins to another lesbian. As a rule: lesbians were never hyper-sexuals; they didn’t simply jump at other lesbians as porn-viewers might hope, viewing lesbian flicks. But lesbians of the latina or more Euro-descent (such as Italian, French) did inherit the ‘passion’ for love-making (it was a stereotype that wasn’t necessarily negative as it was well-observed and recognized). Being lesbian didn’t make this more or less real: so Tess was proximate in role to the male in the lesbian world, if such a thing exists. She grunted and moaned (with a woman’s face fastened to her groin) through several nights a month, whereas her partner probably had sex with her once a month (more typical of the American lesbian who actually has sex less often than even heterosexual couples).

On the 29th, she broke out a plastic piece: her groin guard she called it (but it vibrated).

Her partner (‘Rebbecca’) was home. Other lesbians turned in for the night.

Rebbecca saw Tess stripped to her groin guard and rolled her eyes. The lights dimmed. Tess felt her guard vibrated: rocking her vagina gently with a throbbing rhythm.

Once a month: Rebbecca tolerated sex toys (because it wasn’t cheating if sex was ‘self-induced’ – sort of).

Years ago: a lesbian game – ‘The Lesbian Spider Queen’ – involved a lesbian pleasuring herself using a sex toy. Eventually it caught on: other lesbians were pleasuring themselves with the use of a vibrating toy. It was novelty then. It since wore off.

Now: once a month, lesbians did the same game. How it worked, Rebecca didn’t know. As far as Tess knew: the Spider Queen had a remote-actived sex toy that turned on when lesbians walked in and out of doors. The sensory detail was not known, so Tess or Rebecca has no notion of how it worked (most lesbians didn’t. The Lesbian Spider Queen game was 4 years old at least: the details becoming more vague with each hand-down of the lesbian play-book).

Now: Tess simply pleasured herself with her ‘beetle’ (her other name for her groin guard. It resembled a black beetle she’d pick up and study in hills of her first home in southern California).

When lights dimmed: her groin guard activated, drumming on her tender sex area.

Rebecca half-rolled her eyes: she was being ignored for a sex-toy. But being a Californian herself, she had an extremely mild temperament: so she endured and counting the seconds to when Tess gasped and bursted.

Rebecca looked at Tess half with affection and others with mild vexation.

One day, next month: she was summoned by a lesbian proctor to the top floor. She took her to her room. ‘I have to be out of town tomorrow’ she said. Can you fill in?

Rebecca acquainted with a sex toy on the floor. It was 1.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches in length.

So this is the Spider Queen, she murmured. In 4 years: she or most lesbians never knew. But apparently: the monthly game was quite simply just another lesbian who got her jollies pressing her vagina into a sex toy.

The next night came: she was ready.

When she pressed her vagina into it: the sex toy remotely dimmed the lights in the dorm (once a month). This instance: she just knew. Tess was in her own room with her own sex toy (affixed to her groin). When she turned off the lights, the darkness activated Tess’s ‘beetle’ (aka her groin sex toy). First she had sex with another lesbian from over 20 feet away: if she brought Tess to a climax, she would be the first lesbian to ever bring another lesbian to an orgasm from nearly 30 feet away (would have been if she invented this toy herself).

The sex toys were wrapped in velvet-like materials that covered plastic shells 7-8 mm thick (of solid durable resin-plastic composition). All Rebecca felt was something exceedingly soft vibrate against her groin, as did Tess (at a distance).

A number of other lesbians in other rooms probably had similar (darkness-activated) sex groin guards, vibrating, bring them all to almost simultaneous orgasms within the same hour.

The play-book she read: ‘Shadow of the Lesbian Spider Queen’. Once a month every year – so it passes, the Spider Queen shall descend on her sex toy casting her shadow on her lesbian subjects and in ecstasy shall they passed into blissful sleep’.

As if on cue, she heard distantly lesbians moaned, grunted, and gasped their way into ecstasy.

Rebecca crested to an orgasm herself and passed out into sleep (on a bed).

Rebecca awoke with a grunge feeling in her eyes: but shook it off for a cup of coffee. It was not her daily habit to do the lesbian spider queen game: but that was why (probably) they bumped it once a month.

So ends a game of:

‘Shadow of the Lesbian Spider Queen’.


Written and submitted by Kelly McBrock.

No copyright written or implied.


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