Haley and Tim 2

That night Haley and I decided to camp out by the corn field. It was our first camp out. As I mentioned in my last story I was 13 and she was 8. My dad and I set up the tent and dug a fire pit for us. Our moms and dads hung out with us. When they left we put out the fire and eagerly went to bed.

We had two sleeping bags but I knew we only needed one. She was not sleeping by herself with me to keep her warm. She laid down next to me. She pushed my nose down. I squeezed her ass. She giggled and gave me a peck kiss. “I like when you do that. It makes feel warm and different inside. I feel like I wanna be close to you.”, she said and giggled, “it makes my pee pee moist also.”

I laughed, “Wow! That is not good.”

“Why is that not good?”, she asked

“It means you are falling in love with me.”, I said and grinned, “that is bad.”

“How is that bad?”, she asked

“Well I am not the right guy for you! You need a doctor or rich guy to marry. You are going to be beautiful.”, I said

“You are the right guy for me! I love you and I am going to be with who I want.”, she said

I was trying to hold a straight face but she saw I was messing with her. She bit my nose in a vindictive manner. “Ow you little brat!”, I said. I got up and rolled her on her tummy. I pulled her pajamas down and beat her butt. She reached in my shorts and underwear grabbed my dick. Her little slit was glistening from her wetness. I slid my finger in between her puffy folds and started rubbing.

“Come on spank me!”, she said, “Treat me like a bad girl. Please! I like when you spank me!” I laughed, finding this little girls fetish. The treatment wasn’t to her standards. “Timmy! Put your thumb in the hole. Rub me with your index finger of the same hand and spank my butt!”, she said.

“Hey you are not going to talk to me like that young lady!”, I said

She laughed, “What are you going to do? You ain’t my Dad!”, she said. I spanked her harder. I could see her facial grimace as I did. “Butthead! You ain’t my dad!”, she said

I jammed my thumb into her pussy and rubbed her clit as ordered. “There you go Tim! Like that! Hit me!”, she said. I started hitting her lightly and she made a fist and hit my leg a couple times as a reminder to give it to her. “Spank my butt! Timmy hit it! I like it.”, she said. I pulled her long hair and she hit me. “Spank me! I don’t like that! Do what I say! Butthead!”, she said. After a few more punishing spanks she let off a soft squeal. Her legs came together. Her cunt was like a waterslide now. She made a squealing noise again. “Timmy please! Hit me! Spank…..Oh spank me.” Her ass tightened and legs started trembling. She let out her last squeal as I her body clenched. “Awwwwww mmmmmm”, she said as her orgasm took hold of her. Her eyes closed and her face scrunched up. “Timmy”, she squealed and collapsed.

I laid down. She had a huge smile on her face. She got demanding, “I want that every time except for the hair pulling. What made you think I would actually like that? That hurt!”, she said. As opposed to me spanking her buns hard. Ok.

“Come on! My turn. Want the hand job thing again or I can suck it?”, she said

“Can I put it in your butt?”, I asked

She looked uneasy. “Ew why?”, she asked

“Well why do you jack me off? Why do I lick your pussy? Why do you like spankings? Because it feels good.”, I said

She laughed. “Yeah for you! I don’t see how having your thing jammed up my butt is going to feel good!”, she said

“It might! Let’s just try it. You like pain anyway obviously.”, I said

“No I just…like being bad. Everyone thinks I am cute and such a great child. I hear it all the time. I want to be bad once in awhile and I like mean Tim. I like when he spanks me and disciplines me.”, she said

“Okay. Mean Tim can do that also. Anyway you are always adorable Haley to me.”, I said

“Awwww so nice! Quit trying to butter me up! Answer is NO!”, she said

“Ok sweetie. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”, I said, “Your probably to young and small anyway maybe when you get older.” I let that fester knowing she hated when people said that to her. I let that fester.

I sat down and she started giving me a handjob. She grabbed my dick and was moving it up and down. I could tell she had something on her mind. She was not giving it her all. I was running my fingers through her hair. “You are so cute!”, I said.

She went on a tirade. “Alright let’s go then. You better be gentle! I am not touching it or sucking on it anymore after this. Let me tell you! No more! You are lucky to have a girl like me. This is gross but I will do it for you.”, she bitched. I laughed at her rant. I hugged her and kissed her.

“Relax! I will be gentle.”, I lubed up my cock with some lubricant I stole from my parents room earlier. She bent over nervous as can be. I shoved the head into her and she was ok and then moved my dick in her ass. Her eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open. I slowly moved it in and out. She was making guttural sounds as I humped her. She finally started getting used to it.

“If you’re going to do this to me at least spank me! I hit her butt as I fucked her tight ass. “Tim can you push it harder please?”, she asked me nicely.

“Anything for my angel!”, I said and rammed my cock into her.

“Awww owwww”, she said. I apologized

“Sorry?”, she laughed, “Please do it again!”, she said

I started fucking her hard. “Ow wow! Dang!”, she said

I felt myself about to come and pumped her harder. “Do it Tim”, she said.

“Oh my god. You are amazing.”, I said as my gun went off inside her ass. I was pumping her to the last drop.

She came up to me and held my face. “I liked that! It felt good when you did it hard.”, she said. She kissed me goodnight and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning she was up to the rooster crows. She got up and thought she went home. Nope. Her and my mom made me sausage biscuit and egg sandwiches with hash browns for breakfast. She knew I loved that. She brought it to me and we ate breakfast together outside. Guess I did something right.