Soccer Accident

I’m John 22 and live with my mother Alison 41 divorced and I’m her only child. Anyway we live together and Alison doesn’t date, I’ve had several dates nothing special has happened yet. I’m no virgin I paid a hooker to take my virginity early last year. It wasn’t anything special, no angels singing after I came inside the condom. Just a sense it’s done and the pressure is off to lose my cherry it was done and dusted as they say. I masturbate mostly to release tension and what porn on my computer to help get me off. Than I was playing soccer and in a line up to stop a free kick I got hit in the balls, I doubled over and had to leave the field and Alison was watching as usual and took me home. Using a bag of frozen beans to cool the area. Alison then decided I should show her my groin area. Which I did, Alison is slim wears glasses and usually has a ponytail. With her poking my groin area, I got a hard-on and I was totally shocked by getting a hard-on in front of my mom. She just said that’s a good sign and kept poking and then she stay there and left. I waited and she return with damp cloth and started to masturbate me and I got unsteady on my feet, so we moved to her bed as it was closer. I laid there and she resumed stroking my cock and after a bit of time I hadn’t cum, she asked was I feeling any pain. No I can’t relax with you stroking my dick and me being naked and you fully dressed. To stop me feeling awkward she removed her top and bra and continued to masturbate me. I finally came and my sperm shot on to her face and tits, I was really satisfied with masturbation of me. I thought that would be it, no chance of a repeat. Which was almost right, but I mention the next day I was still a bit sore and it hurt a little when I peed. She first asked me was there any blood in the urine and I said no none. So she said I will get you off again and check your sperm for blood again, but if it hurts tomorrow I’ll take you to the doctor. She repeated her masturbation of me topless as before and found no blood in my sperm. I couldn’t lie again about pain as she would take me to the doctor. Maybe I can get hit again playing soccer.