Savannah And Kat’s First Date

“So, you’re going on your first date now, Mom?” she asked, coming into my bedroom with me.

“Yes, Lena, I wanted you to meet her first, but she was persistent. She’s just another teacher that started this year, and we just hit it off. I’ve never been with a black woman before either,” I replied, doing my hair.

“She knows about me, though, right? Sometimes kids can be a dealbreaker.”

“Yes, Kat knows I have an eighteen-year-old daughter, and I’m a widow. So, now I just have to work in all the other weird stuff down the road. She has a daughter too, but I don’t know if she got pregnant in a bedroom or a doctor’s office.”

“Okay, Mom, I’m just saying, but you look a little dolled up for a first date. I mean, the shiny pink dress, the earrings, you’re doing up your hair like you’re going to a ball, and it just looks like it’s already serious. It’s the first date, but you look like it’s the twelfth one.”

I chuckled and pecked her forehead. “Are you concerned about me, Lena?”

“Yes, Savannah.”

“Hey, that’s not funny.”

“Mom, since my other one died four years ago, you’ve just had your heart broken a couple of times, that’s all. If you’re looking like this on the first date, then I think you might be pushing the accelerator too hard.”

“Are you afraid we’re gonna have sex tonight?”

She took a deep breath. “Maybe I am because sex isn’t like co-signing a loan, Mom. It means something, and if the chemistry isn’t there, then the relationship is doomed before it even is a relationship.”

“So, is your endgame to get a new step-mom then?”

“Mom, I love you, but stop; you understand what I’m saying, right?”

“Yes, Lena,” I answered, before pecking her forehead. “I just think you’re overthinking this. You’ve never even been with a woman, and let’s just say it’s different from a guy, okay?”

“Okay, Mom. I’m just saying, whether people are gay or straight, there are still people just looking to score, whether it’s sex or something else. Maybe I would like a new step-mom, but do it right. I’m not looking to get a new woman close to me just to have her leave in due time.”

I sighed. “I understand, but I still think you’re overthinking this. I wouldn’t mind you bringing home the one either, but I wouldn’t judge you if you had sex right away. You’re an adult too, and it’s not like a woman can get another pregnant,” I giggled. “Just don’t worry, I’ve got a good feeling about Kat. I think you’ll like her, but I can’t speak for her daughter, though.”

“Okay, Mom, have a good date; I love you,” she added, before pecking my cheek and leaving.

“I love you too.”

I left soon after that as well. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had a good feeling about Kat, like I told Lena. She picked me up at our house and took me out somewhere nice too. We sat down and had our date.

“I know every widow has some time they need to wait before start dating again, and I wasn’t even sure how it’s been for you, but I just went for it, I guess,” Kat told me, putting her hands on mine.

“Well, it’s been four years, but I waited for over two before I began dating again. It’s not like you were gonna let me off the hook so easily, though. You wouldn’t go a day without asking me out. Lucky for you, I like you, and I couldn’t turn you down forever. I think you’re beautiful, Kat.”

“Thank you, Savannah, you’re quite stunning too. It’s not your black hair or brown eyes, but your tits. Are those C-cups?”

I chuckled. “Are you joking?”

“Halfway, I guess, I’m a nice chick, but I still want… certain things, Savannah.”

“Okay, well, they are C-cups, if you must know. So, this dress isn’t too much? My daughter thought it was.”

“No, I like it, but I guess I already revealed what it’s showing off. So, you’re her biological mom?”

“Yes, I got inseminated with her, and we’ve gotten even closer since my wife passed. She warned me that she didn’t want me to get hurt and all that normal stuff.”

“Well, my daughter is kind of the same way. Her dad died two years ago, and I told her I wanted to date a woman. She was supportive, but was still a little weirded out, though. On the other hand, it led her to dating a woman too. So, that’s something, I guess. Although, she also hasn’t met the one. I’m not about to suggest that our daughters date, though, don’t worry.”

“Okay, I appreciate that; you’re stunning too. I’m sorry you lost your husband.”

“Thanks, but let’s agree not to talk about how we became widows. We both know it’s sad, and we’ll always love them, but we’re still trying to move on too, right?”

“Sure, but may I ask, have you ever been with a man?”

“No, I just met my wife in high school and married her shortly after we graduated. Then a couple of years later, we decided to have a baby. Nine months later, I gave birth to Lena, the very young woman that was giving me a warning about this date.”

“It sounds like she loves you, Savannah.”

“She does, and I love her. Let’s say she’d love to have a step-mom, but doesn’t want a tease. That wasn’t her exact words, but you get it, don’t you?”

“Yes, Lena sounds like a wonderful young woman too. My daughter Rosalyn is kind of in the same boat, but there hasn’t been as big of a time gap since her dad passed. I know this is our first date, but if things do go well, I’d like to meet Lena and have you meet Rosalyn too. It sounds like they might get along too.”

I felt good about that, and we hadn’t even got our food yet. Obviously, we had the rest of the date coming, but it seemed well so far. We both seemed fond of each other, and one another’s daughters too, and we hadn’t even met them.

Neither of us spoke for a moment, but we smiled and calmly leaned towards each other. We kissed slowly, but somewhat hardly for a few seconds. Then we both sat back down and cheesed. Although, we didn’t speak again until our food showed up.

It seemed like we were both crazy about each other because we liked the sounding of each other’s daughters. We ate our food and still made some conversations, but we already went over the most important things, though.

After we finished eating, we both met each other at the side of the table took each other’s hands. We kissed each other again, and I certainly felt my panties get wet. I certainly knew it’d be wrong to invite her back home for me to go to hers.

Nevertheless, that only made it hotter as I parted my lips. “I love my daughter to death, and even though she warned me about doing it on the first date, but would you like to come back to my place? She’s at a friend’s house tonight, so we’ll have the house to ourselves.”

“Okay, if my daughter asks, then we didn’t do it, got it?”

“Yes,” I responded, before kissing her.

Then we both went back to my place. I surely still knew it was wrong, but yet still felt right. I took my good feelings and let them lead me, even though I loved Lena more than life itself. I still couldn’t be certain if we’d have a second date, but it seemed at least somewhat likely.

Anyway, we walked into my house, and I took her hand. I escorted her to my bedroom with my queen-sized bed and turned on my light. Although, I didn’t keep it on for long because I lit a few candles for some light, and then I turned it back off again.

I came back to her and placed my hands on her butt. “I think you’re stunning too. Are those C-cups too?”

“No, D’s actually,” she responded, setting her hands on my butt. “If you’d like to see them, just grab that zipper and bring it down.”

I couldn’t resist that by then, so I did just that, and she even pushed her dress down too. Even in the candlelight, her boobs looked to be a million times sexier than I could ever imagine.

“I never wear a bra on the first date,” she told me, setting my hands on her tits. “Dare I ask, are you wearing a bra?”

“Why don’t you take off my dress and find out?”

“Just for the record, I never had a preference to date a black woman; you’re just a pretty white woman that I had to ask out, that’s all. Not that I’m shallow, I like you for you.”

“Aye aye.”

She couldn’t turn me down either, so she unzipped my dress as well. Although, she pushed it down and helped herself to feeling my hooters. We both grasped each other’s bosoms for a moment and attacked each other with our breaths.

It seemed we both needed to let the fact of what we were doing sink in for a moment. Even though it was still wrong to get involved so soon, nevertheless, those morals couldn’t compete with our wet pussies. 

We both got our slip-on shoes off and got on the bed together while we were both just in our panties. I lied down and pulled her down on top of me. So, we got to feel each other’s boobs a bit more, but without our hands.

We made out slowly, but passionately even though we were on our first date. We didn’t seem to care and just enjoyed each other’s company. Needless to say, I still felt my underwear getting wet with each passing second and vibrated too.

So, with all that chemistry going on then, it was no wonder we had to follow it. We both breathed through our noses slowly, but hardly. We had to keep ourselves together even though we were alone, but of course, we wanted to impress each other.

We both wrapped our arms around each other, so we felt each other’s bodies as much as we could except for our twats. Nevertheless, we still felt them quite well, and it was just getting better by the second.

We both let our tongues into each other’s mouths, too, so we definitely sucked each other in quite a bit if we were both okay with that. I was, and after a few more minutes, she gently let her lips drift off mine.

I thought she’d say something, but she pulled me up with her and sat on my lap. She calmly took my hands and set them on her butt, and pushed her jugs towards my face. I couldn’t help, but enjoy both parts of her anatomy.

Then she placed her hands on my head, too, so she practically forced me to relish her melons. I failed to let my tongue out just yet, but I felt the joy of her boobs, unlike any previous lady I had been with since my wife.

“Yes, we don’t need to tell our daughters that their forty-ish moms are still horny. They’ll understand, but not like it, though. We can keep it a secret, I promise, Savannah,” she moaned, feeling the back half of my body.

Her hands felt to be smooth as silk, and she gave me quite the massage too. Yet, I was still dealing with the physical luxury of her hooters scrubbing my face. Needless to say, I also got a sense of her juice leaking from her underwear too.

So, I felt the chills going throughout my body, and I only craved more. So, after another minute, I stopped her hands and grabbed her bosoms. I looked at her eyes as my tongue came out onto her left nipple.

“Oh, yes, Lena doesn’t need to know about this. I’ll keep my lips sealed, provided you still want me to meet her.”

I nodded and leaned back up to her again to kiss her. “I think you’ll hit it off too, but keep your clothes on around her, though,” I warned her, prior to going back to her nipples.

We kept our mouths shut for the time being, except for her breathing heavily again. I couldn’t help but feel bad and good at the same time. Lena told me not to do this, but yet I was. My exceptional feelings about Kat were getting better by the second.

I licked both of her black nipples slowly, but frequently as I kept constant eye contact with her. She appreciated the intimacy right along with me as she caressed my head and fed me eye contact like mad.

We obviously had some chemistry from the get-go, and it showed so much more as we started our little adventure alone. We both shook considerably and made the bed quake in the process. So, we surely discovered more intimacy by the moment.

I felt her butt quite a bit, too, rubbing it as hard as I could and making me twitch a bit more too. I made her look away from me several times, but she stayed upright and took in the pleasure perfectly. She pulled my hair somewhat, but I took one for the team, so to speak.

“Oh, yes, what’s better than a hot MILF pleasing you?”

“Nothing,” I answered, switching nipples.

“I won’t argue that, Savannah, and obviously, your time with your late wife was not wasted. I’m sure that tongue of yours kept your sex life hot.”

“It did, but I don’t want to talk about it, Kat.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sore subject.”

“It’s fine,” I assured her, coming to her face. “It’s a sore subject, and we can talk about it at some point, but right now, I just want to please you,” I made clear, before kissing her and going back to her melons.

“Okay, Savannah, fair enough,” she muttered, fondling my head. “I know to listen to a woman, and I can tell listening to you will be worth it.”

We were already clicking, but still, my thoughts proved true again as I couldn’t turn down the temptation to dig into her underwear. I felt her butt and surely clutched those butt cheeks somewhat hard all the while we gawked at one another.

I stayed away from her pussy for the time being, but my fingers got close to those lips. As I got further down there, I felt her twitch somewhat, but it gave her cause to keep her eyes on mine. We both still needed to blink, but that was it.

“Feel that cherry, Savannah; it won’t bite.”

Even with her permission, I held my fingers back, so I teased her. That got her to giggle somewhat, but she also let her hands down to mine and pushed them down further. So, she had me feel those wet lips, and I shimmered a bit myself.

“Am I the first black woman you’ve fucked?”

“Yes, and you’re on fire so far.”

“So are you,” she told me, pulling me back up with her. “I shouldn’t get off on interracial sex, but I do. I hope that’s okay?”

“It is; I’d be lying if I said it meant nothing to me. If we do have a relationship, let’s not let it define us, fair enough?”

“Yes,” she answered, standing.

I watched her slowly push down her dark blue panties and expose her bushy snatch. I couldn’t help, but slather my lips, but she cut my viewing party short when she dropped back down on my lap.

She took my hands and escorted them to her slit. “Do you feel that wet cunt, Savannah? You weren’t supposed to for like five or six more dates, so how does that make you feel?”

“Really damn good,” I moaned, before taking her left nipple into my mouth.

“Good to know, Savannah,” she moaned, leaning back. “Yes, be the horny MILF you are and throw me a double whammy,” she let out, using my shoulders for leverage.

I gave her just that and evidently enjoyed every second of it. I sucked her entire nipple into my mouth and even pushed my finger a little past those swollen lips down there. I couldn’t see them, but I felt like I did through that act.

“Oh, yes, shove those fingers up in there deep, Savanah. Make this black MILF squirm,” she let out, shaking herself back and forth. “Oh, I knew you were hot to trot MILF the second I saw you, but yet, I haven’t even got the full effect of you. I hope your daughter stays away because you’re making me want to fuck the shit out of you. Yes, that’s right, I might be a sweet teacher at school, but I can be one oversexed MILF in the bedroom. So, you better buckle up if you want to ride me.”

“I got you,” I assured her, shoving my fingers deep into her pussy.

That certainly made her jolt even more and pull my hair harder. Nevertheless, I took that as a sign of something extraordinary rather than focusing on the pain. It still hurt, but the sweet gratification was worth it.

“Oh, yes, get yourself some black MILF titties, Savannah. I’ll give you access to them all night if you want. We both got a good and juicy meal in us, so we’re both ready to go, right?”

I nodded yet again and dug my fingers as far as I could into her slit. I wasn’t sure how much she could take, but I went for it all and reveled in the results. I watched and felt her quiver, which only made me want to go further with her.

So, I closed my eyes and focused on myself as much as I could. I sucked so hard on her right nipple that I sucked my cheeks into my face. I got a headache from it, but I didn’t care; I just had a smoking hot MILF to fuck, and I was okay with that.

“Oh, fuck yes, Savannah. Do me just like that, do it with purpose. You need to do it with lust and let it lead you too, hot woman. It’s doing good for you so far because you have me naked on your lap right now with my nipple in your mouth and your fingers in my cunt too. Who can argue with that?”

“No one, but I want more, lovely lady,” I warned her, before pushing her down on the bed.

With her already completely naked, I had direct access to her drenched beaver. I failed to give her foreplay; I just dove right into her muff and didn’t look back.

“Whoa, you’re a filthy MILF; I hope Lena has no idea of this side of you.”

I didn’t answer that and kept myself busy. It had been a little while since I had last eaten out a woman, but it was something special, though. I placed my hands on her thighs and fucked her as I meant it.

I licked her lips quickly, but in small movements to start with then. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to go easy on her, even if it was my first time with her. I got her to place her palms on my head and push it towards her muff too, so I had her loving me even after a minute.

She moaned and caressed my head, all in celebration of getting her twat eaten. I moved my face back and forth, but didn’t pressure those lips too much. I just kept it thrilling and allowed her to get used to it first before I fucked the shit out of her.

She vibrated somewhat and kept her hands on my head as well, so I felt it vividly. I leaned away from her cherry from time to time, too, so I could rub those lips. I got her to peek back at me again, and she shot me the lusty look possible.

It seemed like we already had some deep connections, but doing it rather slowly and making it intimate, we let those connections become much stronger with each passing second. I let my tongue in there shallow, but kept it moving.

I felt those pussy walls and lips with passion and showed her that even if we fucked on the first date, that didn’t mean there wasn’t hope for us. The serene sex we were having was proof enough that we’d have to give us a try, but our daughters seemed like a good fallback.

I closed my eyes again from time to time, even before I got too aggressive with her. It was just my way of wooing her because I surely was planning on getting her as excited as possible, but with the house alone, I was planning on going all out on her.

I hadn’t been with another woman in a while, and with her, I pulled out my ‘A’ game and made it clear that I wanted to see her again, both naked and not. For the time being, I kept my tongue moving and pressured her thighs too.

So, I gave her the perfect storm of pleasure I thought anyway, and judging by her fondling my head, she was enjoying herself. I couldn’t help but peek at her still now and then, but I was in the zone and made sure to ride as far as it went.

I tasted her juice, and it was as sweet as I could imagine. Needless to say, that wasn’t my driving factor, but it did sweeten the deal too. I felt my tongue already feel the pain, but I wasn’t about to stop and needed to set the bar high.

I certainly knew her twat was feeling quite the toll from so much gratification coming at her, but yet, she pressed my head down even more as well. That was all I needed on my report card, so I went with it.

I certainly put myself in her shoes as well, so I knew the pleasure I was putting her through and just waited for one of us to break. It would happen in due time, but it was so much more fun waiting to see who would crack first.

Although, then she calmly rose and pulled me up to her. “Only a woman knows how to please another,” she whispered, before kissing me. “It took me a little while to figure that out. Good for you for figuring that out sooner.”

“Thank you,” I added, before going back to her pussy again.

That time, she stayed upright and used my head for some leverage. So, she pulled my hair a tad, but I didn’t care. I was having a great time eating her out.

“Yes, yes, yes, Savannah. Lick me just like that down there, you hot MILF,” she cried.

I couldn’t see her so well with her up there, but I didn’t care about that much either. I just reveled in the fact that she was moaning and jiggling nonstop, all because of me. So, I needed to shed a few tears too.

I didn’t stop even for a second. Whether I went fast or slow, I knocked out her defenses like a bowling ball taking out pins. I failed to suck her lips into my mouth, but it seemed like overkill by then because she just wooed having a white woman eat her out.

So, I made sure to push her quite a bit, but not to push her over the edge. I let my tongue tease her labia from time to time too, so I planned out my fucking near perfectly. Nevertheless, I wasn’t getting full of myself and just viewed her as the sexy lady she was.

“Oh, I think there will be a second date, yes. I hope sooner rather than later because I like you. A MILF that fucks on the first date? Who wouldn’t love that?”

“No one,” I answered, bringing my lips to hers again. “I’d love a second date, but don’t expect me to put out then, though,” I warned her, feeling her lips.

“We’ll see about that,” she added, feeling mine as well.

So, we began fingering each other and kept our heads close too. We also attacked each other with our breaths, but we didn’t care at all. We sucked each other in, and there was no escape. We also kissed each other regularly.

I had to come up onto my knees with her, so we both had perfect access to each other. So, we took advantage of that as we felt each other up as well. So, both of us had the three most sensitive parts of our bodies pleasured, and there was stopping us.

“Oh, you have some sexy fingers; I don’t think I’ve ever had someone finger me quite like this. You seem like a pro; am I wrong?”

“No, you’re dead-on, and you have some slick flingers too. You’re moving them all over my cherry, and you’re making me cum now. Do you feel that juice?”

“Yes, but I want to feel you even more,” she moaned, before pushing herself on me.

We moved our hands so our melons could clash and wrapped our free arms around each other. We certainly kept our fingers busy, and they even bumped into each other too, but remained moving.

We kept our eyes on each other, but didn’t utter a single word. We also didn’t stop fingering each other even for a second; whether it was fast or slow, we kept going on each other to thrill one another like we couldn’t imagine.

“Oh, yes, I feel your boobs vibrating, Savannah. They’re so big and mushy too. Wow, you’re just the MILF trifecta, aren’t you? Hot, older, and down to fuck too? Holy shit, I hit the jackpot with you.”

“Yes, you did, and you’re quite the package too,” I praised her, before inserting my fingering into her slit. “I love that snatch of yours too; it’s to die for, I swear.”

We kept pushing our tits and lips together, too, so we were connected in a few different ways. Neither of us tried to prove to each other how feisty we were; we just let each other feel it normally without pushing each other to something unrealistic.

I kept my fingers inside her, and she kept hers outside my lips. It worked for us and got us both to breathed heavily on one another too. So, it was just a matter of time again, yet neither of us showed signs of slowing down.

We kissed each other more times than in that position than all the other times of our date. We both had to moan nonstop as well, so we set out all the signs that we were having one hell of a time together.

I felt my body tingling so much; I nearly felt like she was an angel making me feel good. As time went on, she decided to get more handsy with me by moving her have back and forth even faster.

“Oh, yes, you’re getting me good now, woman. Dare I ask: have I pulled out your passionate side, Savannah? Is it because I’m a black MILF?”

“Maybe,” I answered, prior to kissing her and lying down.

She calmly followed me down and got on top of me. I couldn’t help, but to keep my hand on her twat. Then she leaned to me to kiss me with our jugs clashing again. I continued to finger her slowly, but her lips gently drifted off mine again after an intimate moment.

She brought my hand up to my mouth and had me insert my fingers. She watched me suck off all the juice for a moment, and then she tugged my fingers out so she could kiss me yet again. I heard her moaning yet again, so I surely took my toll on her indeed.

After making out for a moment, she slowly parted lips again, but stayed in place. She rubbed herself onto me, but failed to utter a word. Needless to say, it felt amazing, but it was really the big selling point that I wasn’t sure what I was planning on doing.

She didn’t make me wait long because she leaned up and pulled me up with her again, so we were both on our knees. She helped herself to feel my tits yet again and got in another kiss. Then she spread out my legs and got down on her butt.

I viewed her lie down and swivel her way down in between my legs. Her feet had to hang off the edge of the bed, but she gave herself excellent access to my white cunt. I even lowered it towards her even better access, and she failed to deal with pleasure at all.

She pressed both of her lips onto my slit and surely allowed her tongue out as well. She made sure to wrap her arms around my legs because almost right away, she had me shimmering. Just like me, she didn’t try to prove that she was a phenomenal pussy-eater; she just licked me as any other lesbian would for me.

I rubbed my face several times and looked down at her numerous times as well. Just like her, too, she made me have to look away so many times, my neck hurt, and I got a little dizzy too. Although, I still wasn’t about to have her stop.

“Even just after a minute, you’re on a roll. Get that white MILF cunt, you sexy black mom. Get it for me, and make me fall in love with you. I’ve never had a first date go quote like this,” I moaned, before feeling her head. “I’m not complaining, though. Keep going and get my juice all over your face, you stunning woman. I want to see it smudged all over your face.”

She failed to respond to that and just kept going on me. She licked my lips both inside and out and still didn’t go over the top. Even with that, I was trembling a bit and trying not to scream. Nevertheless, I got to be in the hot seat and deal with the pleasure.

I kept my hands on her head, but mainly on the back of her head to pressure it somewhat. I surely didn’t do it too much, but enough to get my point across. Although, me jiggling around and moaning certainly made it happen too.

“Yes, move that tongue around inside my slit too; you’ll splash that juice all over the place. What am I saying? I’m dealing with a lesbian MILF; you know what you’re doing.”

“I like to be ordered around, though. Tell me what to do all you want, in fact, sexy lady.”

“Then shove that tongue into my twat as deep as you can get it,” I commanded her, pulling on her head somewhat.

That certainly made my order happen, and I had to lick my lips at the sight too. So, I made her intensify the pleasure, so I made her do it anyway, even if she wasn’t pushing me. I continued to pressure her head, and I had no choice, but to do it more as time went on.

I shed a few more tears as she pushed me, whether I made her do it or not. She is a MILF’s MILF, and I loved it. I managed to catch her moving her mouth yet again and indeed putting my ability to stay upright in jeopardy.

“I’m only on this comfy bed; it’s not gonna glue me to it so that I can stay up.”

“I know. If you fall, I’ll follow you and continue munching on your twat. Just you watch, woman, now lean back and feel my drenched cunt.”

“And you like to give orders too, huh?” I pondered, following hers.

“Yes, now finger me,” she told me, before grabbing my thighs as hard as she could.

I prepped myself the best I could, but feeling her wet snatch made me want to scream so much more. I grabbed onto her crotch and used that leverage, but as it was soaking wet, it was next to useless to be a tool for that.

So, I brought my other hand to the bed and held myself up the best I could. “Wow, you’re just a second-by-second fuck, aren’t you, Kat?”

“Yes, just wait until you sleep with me; I’ll be waking you every second. I’m a horny MILF, and now I won’t have to reply on my vibrator; I’ll have you,” she muttered, rubbing my lips.

“I can’t wait, but get back to pleasing me already.”

She did just that, and I had to angle my head back too. I tried to deal with it the best I could, but it was a battle I was delighted to lose. Although, I wasn’t gonna go down without a fight. I unleashed her feisty side whether she wanted me to or not.

She let her tongue into my slit deep, and she moved it around, letting it drag on the inside of my lips slowly, but hardly. All the while, I felt her snatch as she kept letting out her juice as well. So, we were pleasing one another mutually and loving every second of it too.

“Fuck yes, you’re not the first MILF I’ve fucked, but you’re my favorite. Yes, that feels so good; lick me all you can down there, woman. I’m a hot and lascivious MILF, so I have high standards, but yet, you’re knocking them all down. Fuck, I love you,” I moaned, before getting down with her.

I knew what I said and lived with it as I pasted my lips to hers. I didn’t know what to think or how she’d react, but I didn’t care. I just let it hang out there for a few minutes as I kissed her as a lover.

After a moment, she gently pushed my lips off hers. “I guess we’ll have to meet each other’s daughters then.”

“Agreed,” I added, before lifting her leg and bringing my pussy to hers.

Then we began tribbing, and we both had to grab one another’s tits again. We both had them still shaking a bit, and again we both sweated our asses off and surely got fired up for something big.

We didn’t take our eyes off one another, and surely enough, I felt my heart taking over and making me odd statement more relevant by the second. She didn’t get disgusted or turned off, but intrigued, it seemed.

I wasn’t sure what went through her mind again, but I was hopeful. I felt her twat getting wetter by the second and still oozing out on my legs too. I started slowly as we tribbed, but of course, I went harder as time went on, though.

Once I did, we had the bed quaking and even coming off its legs a bit too. That only made us grab each other’s boobs harder, but we sure liked that. I bounced so much that our cherries came apart from time to time, but that meant they clashed again.

As they did each time, that barely made her hands fall off my melons. They were getting sweaty, but I also needed to pace myself, so I did slow down a tad. Nevertheless, I still used her knee and boob for leverage too.

I felt all parts of her body, at least for a second, as we tribbed. Regardless of how long either of us would last was irrelevant, we were just amped up, and we waited until we couldn’t go on anymore. I certainly wanted to milk her, but still wanted her to pace herself too.

To help her out, I pulled her to me. We kissed each other several times, but we never let the integrity of our tribbing go out the window. I kept her down as I needed to so we could keep our tribbing going strong.

I got to go on the offense and fuck her as hard as I could with my pussy. Even though I kissed occasionally, I had her cherry getting dry from mine scrubbing it. My back was hurting somewhat, but I didn’t care still because she was worth the pain.

“Feel our slits together, sexy lady; they won’t bite each other. Feel mine please yours, Kat, and feel our loving souls come together in the sexiest way possible. Feel both of our bushes, too; they’re all wet and dying to tickle your fingers.”

She helped herself to do just that, and I viewed the results indeed as they were perfect. She jiggled and cheesed as she attempted to keep looking at me, but she couldn’t maintain eye contact to save her life.

I loved that, in fact, because it meant I infected her with love and lust to make the sex so great and maybe even magical. I couldn’t possibly comprehend it all, but fucking on the first date had the potential to go one of two ways, and it went up.

After roughly ten minutes, I just let out a deep breath and pulled her up with me. “Oh, you’re the clear winner of all my first dates.”

“Even your wife?”

“Maybe, but shit, I think that was a real possibility at dinner.”

“No kidding?”

“No,” I moaned, wrapping my arms around her. “Wow, you’re some woman, you’re right, we’ll have to meet each other’s daughters, but let’s keep this sex session on the down-low.”