Sunrise Lovers

I love sitting out on the balcony and watching the sunrise in the morning. 

One morning, you were sitting out before me; I haven’t seen you here often, so when I came out just in my silk robe, a shiver of lust ran through my mind and body. I teasingly sit down on your lap to let you feel my body on yours, to let our scents mix. But today, it’s me wanting something.

You kiss me gently on the neck and hug me tightly. I smile and bring your hand between my legs. I can hear our hearts beating faster, lust running through us, and our mouths giving voice to our pleasure as you feel my wetness.

You know I sleep naked, so under the robe, there is just my curvy body. You start kissing me in a more demanding way, your hard cock poking at my back as your fingers pleasure me. My juices are dripping off your fingers, two in my pussy. I know you like my tightness, and you like to stretch me with your thick cock. 

I lean back on you as my first orgasm runs through my body, shaking my flesh, and your sought reward comes soon, my juices squirting on your skin and the floor as you continue your sweet torture on my clit.

Slowly I get up, take my robe off, and stand in front of you completely naked. I know that you like to watch me naked where we can be caught, and the balcony facing the ocean is a great spot. So, I slowly bend, letting my big tits swing in front of you as I pull your shorts down and take your hard thick cock out.

Taking you into my mouth and sucking eagerly, you hold my head and move your hips, as I like, and feel your cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I love to bring you quite to the end while sucking on you, but today I will stop; I want more.

I stand up and lean on the rail showing you my thick ass, turning my head to look at you and asking, “Please, fuck me.”

I know you want the same, and I can feel your hard cock plunge to the hilt into my pussy. My walls are tight on you, your movement hard and rough, as we both like.

Breathing harder, I reach back and spread my ass cheeks wide, so you can see my tiny, pink asshole as you fuck me harder. Then, holding my hips, you start thrusting faster and harder, I moan louder, and I do something I’ve never done. I push one of my fingers in my asshole; you know this will give me another orgasm; I feel my hot cum rush out onto your cock, the sound of our fucking brings us into a higher frenzy, and you push even deeper.

I look at you and ask lustfully, “Please, cum inside my ass.”

You pull out of my wet pussy and place the head against my small hole and rub some juice from my pussy on it. Then, I feel your cock again in my pussy as you push two fingers into my ass, opening me a bit more, and getting me ready for what will come. For a moment, I feel empty, my whimper full of expectations.

Your cock is pressing at my entrance. You love the feeling of my sphincter clenching on your silky skin. Then, as you push a bit more, you feel my ass welcome and swallow your big head. I feel you stopping to let me adjust to your girth, and your hands rub my asscheeks to relax me more. You want to feel all, so you push slowly; I can feel your cock sliding in inch by inch.

I push back against you, wanting all your cock inside me; I reach down to my pussy and rub my clit hard as you push harder inside me. I can feel your cock throbbing inside my hot and tight ass. You pick up some speed, fucking my ass faster; I love feeling your cock sliding in and out my asshole. I rub my clit faster, moaning louder, almost in a scream. You pull out and spread my cheeks. Your deep voice exclaims, “I love watching your ass gaping, round and perfect for my cock.” 

I imagine my hole opening to just the size of your cock, a thought that gets me shivering, feeling my flesh shaking as you plunge your cock back into me all the way. Then, you repeat, pulling out completely and growling in lust at each sight of my open ass before plunging again harder and deeper. Then I feel my body shake uncontrollably and my muscles clenching harder on your cock. This time, you cannot pull out easily; you are not fighting my orgasm.


I cum hard, a third time, as you throb and shoot your hot cum all inside my ass. You lean on me, still sheltered inside me, caressing my hair, kissing my neck.

The afterglow feeling is coming over our bodies, and we enjoy this in the red and pink colors glowing on the water in front of us. You pull out and sit again on the chair, pulling me with you. Sitting in your lap, both naked, your lips on my skin, we watch the sun rise high in the sky. The day is starting for the world behind us, people walking on the street, not caring for our naked laziness. 

A sigh leaves our mouths as we enter the room; we both need a shower. As in the bathroom, I bent a bit to open the water; I could feel your eyes watching me. I can hear a soft step behind me, your arms around me, making me feel safe. Your lips are on my neck, kissing me softly. I love the constant desire and need of the other we have.

Your voice always sends me shivers. “I need to taste you, Princess,” and, with those words, you push me against the sink, balancing me on the marble, my hands back, my legs on your shoulders, as you kiss my inner thighs. In this position, I’m at your mercy. My juices are still humid on my skin. I can feel your tongue tracing my skin till you are on my red glistening pussy. At first, you tongue gently, tasting our sex; then going deeper into my lower lips, opening them till you are on my clit.

You start gently, sucking on my still-hard clit. My moans reverberate in the small room, my heels pushing you more into my body. Your tongue writhes in my pussy, thrusting and sucking on my puffy flesh. The pleasure is high, my moans louder, my ragged voice asking for more. I want your cock again. The water is now hot, a bit of steam is fogging the bathroom, and you push me onto my feet.

We enter the shower, and I put my hands on the wall, my back bent a bit so my ass and pussy are on show for you. The water is falling on my body. You grab my hips and enter me with force, pushing my body forward till my face is on the tiles; you continue to fuck me relentlessly, your fingers on my wet breasts, pinching and pulling on my nipples.

I love when you go rough on me, dominating my body, letting me feel we are made for each other. The feeling of you pumping inside me is so arousing. In a short time, you can feel my walls spasming around you again; I can feel you getting even harder at each thrust. Then you pull out, your hand in my hair, pushing me down on my knees as the water runs over my face.

“Open that perfect mouth for me, my little slut.”

I look up at you with a wide smile and a malicious glance. I comply and am soon rewarded with your perfect thick cock. Both your hands are now in my hair, keeping up with my movements. Your cock slides faster in and out of my mouth. My hands are on your cheeks, grabbing hard, wanting all of you. The head of your cock hits my throat as you steady me and stay there a bit, letting me gag all around your cock. You soon resume thrusting in my mouth, my tongue out, trying to let you go deeper.

I love feeling your cock throbbing, and my mouth is filled with your hot tasty cum. As you pull out, you help me to my feet and kiss me deeply, tasting yourself in my mouth. Your hands are massaging my back as the water is washing us. I grab some soap, as you do, and we start soaping our bodies, teasing each other, not wanting this beautiful morning to end.