Just having fun in bed with an older neighbor

I’m Kyle, Gloria was now home from the hospital with our newborn baby boy, she was still very weak from giving birth. So I once again had Frankie to go with me to hook up with Elaine, I cut the hedge’s around the house and weed eased the sides of these house and she’d and around the tall privacy fence, when I got to the back of the house, Elaine came out of the house, completely naked, she at fifty four years old had the thickest hairy bush I had ever seen in my life, my dick was already super hard from taking a Viagra that Dianne had gave me, that was a big bottle full. Elaine paid me the Three hundred dollars for the yard. She rubbed her pussy against my left leg and my precum oozed out on her thigh, she just leans against the wall in the corner so nobody else could see, she put her arms around my neck and I started playing with her massive bushy pussy, she was super wet for an older woman and told me that she could no longer get pregnant. I reached down behind her knees and lifted her up over the head of my dick, she pulled out my dick that was well out of the top of my shorts. She guided my dick to her love canal. Then I slowly lower her down on my dick, she was going crazy having fun, she told me that her husband couldn’t get hard anymore, but I felt so good deep inside her, finally I was balls deep and about to cum. She said her cervix was always open since she started menopause, I was about to shoot off, I can’t hold back any longer, so I pumped a massive load of my sperm deep inside her, so she held on to my neck and I took her to her martial bed and we kept going at each other. But when we got in the house her next door neighbor was sitting there in a short skirt with her legs up and spread for me to see, it was Tina, she asked if she could also have some good dick, I just nodded yes, they both got up and came to the bedroom completely naked. I really got super hard at this point, Tina laid down beside us, and I started playing with both their bushy pussies. Elaine said shh! You guys be quiet for a few minutes. She picks up her cell phone and calls her husband at the office. He must be a dumb ass just like Dianne’s husband. He answered and she put it on speaker phone, hi honey she said, Kyle is trimming the last two hedge’s and will be back day after tomorrow to cut all the grass. I was smiling at her, then I unloaded again deep in her pussy. It’s so warm inside today honey, talking about me cumming deep inside her uterus again. She said Kyle is really sweaty, I guess I need to go help him out I’ve had enough to drink so I’ll give him something, okay dear he says, I’m kinda busy I’ll see you around seven o’clock, okay honey she said, I love you, looking straight into my eyes, then they hung up. You women around here are plain crazy, telling your husband’s that you’re fucking, she just laughed at me. Then I started playing with her pussy lips and gently tugging the hair it must be at least four inches long I said, she says yes it hasn’t been trimmed in over twenty years, don’t then I said. She just smiled at me. Then it was about time for me to cum again, I really went at it, but stopped just before I shot off, to let the cum drool out of my dick, we just lay there about another hour, with cum still filling her up, so now I feel myself about to cum hard and picked up the pace, when do I get my dick, I’m laying here ovulating and wanting your baby, oh just a minute baby, so I pump the last load deep inside Elaine, give her a passionate kiss, and said day after tomorrow, she said yes. So I finally got pushed inside Tina, about half the length of my dick went in to her cervix, she was tight as a virgin, and I was immediately about to cum again, cum oozing out of my dick head, her cervix opened for my long dick we would continue to fuck about five more hours till I went soft from the Viagra, then I was almost balls deep inside her, I thought you said you couldn’t get pregnant, I lied she said, hand me the phone Elaine, she said, called her husband over here, since you can no longer get a hard on, I’m about to get pregnant for you honey, come over to watch how long this dick is inside me, be there in a minute baby, so I went ahead and shot off about twenty thick ropes of my hot cum inside her. Then he got here just to watch his wife and me really going at it. She and Elaine both had huge tits and I started sucking all four tits, Tina was so tight, that she could make me cum a bunch of times, so her husband started caressing my huge balls, fifteen minutes and I shot off another huge load, my balls constantly throbbing in his hand, she was also spraying her cum all over me then she clamps down hard on my dick, my balls would be full again in the next few minutes from the Viagra. So we kept fucking the hell out of each other, my she said I didn’t think I would be able to handle all your length, how long are you her husband asked, fourteen plus inches I told him, oh wow he said, she was already pregnant before you came in. I hope it’s a baby girl she says, if not we can try again, Yes I said. I had already shot cum in her five times, but no sign of going soft yet. Elaine’s husband would be home soon, and said she was going to leave the cum deep inside so she put a butt plug in her pussy and put a pad in her panties, she got up and walked around, all the cum feels so good sloshing around in my uterus. Tina’s husband had to get the car in the back yard because I couldn’t pull out of her cervix without hurting her so she wraps around my neck and we get to the back yard she was really bouncing around on my dick, I shot off when carrying her to the back seat, she also said the cum feels good sloshing around deep inside her. So we got in the back seat of the four door. Went to her martial bed this time, turned out it was a baby boy, she said we’ try this again after I have your baby.