Svetka nude in a bowling

A girl nude in a bowling club (exhibitionism, sex, nudity).

This is another episode about young exhibitionist model Svetka. In the first episode, Svetka delivered pizza topless and had sex with a stranger. In the second episode, Svetka completed her first nude photoshoot and earned 1000 €. In the third episode, she served beer in a bar naked. In the fourth episode, Svetka tried to work in a striptease club.

Svetka was an eastern European girl, slim, blond, short hair. She attended classes in the daytime and worked as a waitress in a bar in the evening. Svetka was not afraid to be naked in public. She enjoyed that and used every opportunity to show herself. She loved the attention when men looked at her body. It made her feel aroused and horny and powerful.

One of her friends, a young engineer Stashek invited her to his company annual party, which took place in a bowling club. Stashek was not her boyfriend, and he barely knew Svetka. They got acquainted recently. But Stashek called and invited her to accompany him to this party. Svetka agreed to go with him.

Svetka and Stashek came to the bowling club in a taxi. They got inside the club and joined the crowd with Stashek coworkers. In the beginning, it was fun at the party. They rolled bowling balls, laughed, joked, cheered each other for every successful roll.

But soon the party got boring for Svetka. People ate pizza, drunk beer, and talked about their work problems. Men around her were all engineers from the same high-tech company. They talked among themselves about fiber-optic cables, satellite receivers, and lots of other stuff on which Svetka had absolutely no idea.

Her friend Stashek engaged in a discussion with another man about the new satellite receiver. Even some women who were at the party joined the conversation about fiber-optic cables. As it turned out, they were engineers too. Svetka did not understand a word of what they discussed. She just sighed and rolled her eyes when somebody asked her opinion. After all, she was just a young woman and a waitress, not an engineer.

Svetka just wanted to leave quietly and go home, but she did not want to upset Stashek. He seemed such a good young man. Svetka thought that she might like Stashek if she get to know him better. He was handsome, intelligent, he had money, and he had such a good profession. But how to stand that boring party she would not know.

Suddenly she got the idea. She decided to make the party more interesting in her way. She stood up and announced that she wants to undress and roll bowling balls naked. That has got everyone’s attention immediately. She suggested splitting into two teams. “Who wants to be in a team with me?” She asked cheerfully.

Nudity is not prohibited in eastern Europe. It’s more like a personal choice of clothing. People often do sunbathe and swimming nude. But been nude in a public place like a bowling club was quite unusual.

Svetka quickly undressed in front of a public, took the first ball, and rolled it, hitting 10 pins out of 10. The crowd exploded with cheers. Svetka rolled another ball, but this time she hit only 6 pins. Soon everyone looked at Svetka, laughed, and cheered.

Svetka got everyone’s attention. She was the queen of the party. Svetka made a lot of new friends that evening. Guys looked at her, whistled, cheered, and looked with envy at Stashek because he’s got such a hot girlfriend. She brought the fun to the party again.

Soon another young woman decided to join Svetka too. She undressed and joined the game rolling bowling balls. “I am Magda,” She introduced herself to Svetka.

Magda was a short slim dark-haired Asian-looking girl. Other women engineers looked at them sternly, at first, because they did not dare to undress nude in front of coworkers. But soon they got used to Svetka’s mischievous behavior and played and laughed with everyone.

After rolling balls for one hour, Svetka got tired and sweaty. She sat down at the table with new friends to eat pizza and drink a glass of cold beer. Her friend Stashek looked at her with admiration. Everyone envied him that he’s got such a sexy and free-spirited girlfriend.

Svetka always felt horny when men looked at her when she was nude. Her desire became stronger. She went to the lady’s bathroom and touched herself on the vagina, then smelled her hand. She felt the unmistakable smell of wet horny pussy. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, adjusted her hair, then returned to the bowling room and sat at the table with Stashek, smiling mischievously.

She glanced at Stashek and thought that she must get his penis inside her, now. She felt wet down there. She could not hold it anymore.

Svetka bent to the Stashek’s ear and whispered to him “Let’s go with me”. Svetka and Stashek stood up and he walked after her. Svetka came to the bar table and asked the barmen in a sweet voice if there was any private room in the back of a club? The bartender looked at them solemnly and said no, the clients are not allowed to go to the back of the club. Stashek got a little upset. But Svetka knew well, how to deal with the staff members of the club. She worked in another bar as a waitress herself, and she knew the right way.

“Do you have some change?” She asked Stashek with a smile.

He pulled his wallet and gave her some banknotes.

Svetka took a 10 € banknote and put it on a bar table and repeated her question. The bartender took a banknote and said to her quietly, “There is a locker room in the back, for employees of the club. Go there and do what you want.”

“Only don’t stay there for too long, or other employees may come in,” he added, smiling shrewdly.

Then he gave Svetka the key to the room. Svetka smiled, took the key, and walked to the backroom, holding Stashek by the hand.

They came to a small locker room in the back, where employees usually change their clothes before and after work. There were lockers and padded benches. Additionally, there was a shower cabin in a room. Svetka sat on a bench and smiled at Stashek. He was slightly embarrassed initially. After all, he never had sex with anyone in such a place before.

“Come on cowboy, don’t let me wait,” said Svetka to him encouragingly. Stashek bent to her and started kissing her lips, then her neck and shoulders. Svetka giggled and moaned. Stashed touched her nipples with his hands and took her hard standing nipple into his mouth. Svetka laughed and giggled. She liked that. Svetka thought, “How convenient that I was nude already. Don’t need to undress.”

Then she lay on her back on the bench and spread her legs, exposing her cleanly shaved vagina. Stashek bent to her and licked her clit with his tongue.

“Mmm,” he made a sound. “You are sweet pussy.”

Svetka just moaned with pleasure. Stashek started undressing, taking off his clothes frantically. He took off his shoes too. Suddenly he slipped on a slippery tile floor and nearly fell on top of her. He was a bit embarrassed, but she just laughed.

Stashek took his hard cock and touched her vagina, it was wet and warm already. Stashek penetrated her. Svetka moaned, feeling his hard cock inside her. He started thrusting moving forward and backward. She moaned and grabbed his ass with her hands, pulling him inside stronger. Stashed jolted as if from the electric charge, and she felt a stream of his warm sperm filling her vagina. She screamed and arched her back and she had a wild orgasm.

They stopped for a moment to catch their breath. Then he pulled his penis out and sighed. Svetka smiled and kissed him.

Then they both took a shower quickly. Somebody started knocking and banging on the door outside the room. Probably club’s employees need the locker room too.

Svetka screamed to them, “just a moment!” Svetka and Stashek dressed quickly and rushed out of the changing room. They left the club at 11 p.m. The party was already over, all the other guests left. Stashek got a taxi and took Svetka home.

She parted with him in front of her house. Stashed said to her, “Thank you, it was my best bowling party ever! I enjoyed it very much.”

“Me too,” replied Svetka, smiling.

*This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination.

But the photo shoot like that has been done, Naked bowling.