How i learnd to love being fucked Pt. 3

Took a while but i finally had the motivation to write the third part. Hope you like this fictional story.

I yawned and slowly opened my eyes. I was still laying in my cousin’s bed. Right next to a naked Heather and her girlfriend Jenny, who made me her sex slave a few hours ago. I smiled a little. It was now the fourth day of staying at my uncle’s house and already experienced the pleasure of having sex a second time. This time with another girl and it felt so much different than having sex with my uncle.

I thought about this for a moment, while staring at the ceiling of Heather’s room. Maybe it felt so much different, since I wanted to have sex with Jenny? I wasn’t forced as much by her as my uncle forced me to have sex with him. I nodded in silence and decided to have sex with my uncle a second time.

That was the moment Jennifer’s face appeared right in front of mine. “Oh, look who’s already awake.” She said happily. “What do you think, slave? Would it be fine for you to pleasure your mistress’ pussy?”

“Um …” I mumbled and immediately catched Jennifer’s bare hand onto my left cheek. I cried out in pain. “Wrong answer, you little slut.” Jenny hissed and I gulped. “Y … yes, mistress. Of course it is fine.” I finally answered after remembering, which rule was already established for me. I had to obey the orders of Heather’s girlfriend, my mistress.

Jenny laid down on her back and I crawled between her legs, which she opened after relaxing her body. She closed her eyes and didn’t say any more words. I was sure I would receive another punishment if I didn’t start to pleasure her. I felt a little insecure a my whole body was shaking when I laid down my hands on her thighs and started to sink down my head onto her crotch.

I stick out my tongue a let it slowly lick her pussy lips. Jenny moaned, which sounded dissatisfied. I gulped. I didn’t want to be punished again. I didn’t want to know what Jenny would to do me if I would not satisfy her needs. The worst case: Jenny would break up with Heather. I wanted to protect my cousin from this. I already knew how messed up Heather was. I sighed. I had to satisfy Jenny. I was doing this for my cousin!

I let my tongue slide over Jenny’s pussy lips again and I started to dive in to this. My hands caressed my mistress’ thighs, my tongue was playing with her clitoris, slid between her lips, sinking deep into her vagina, my lips closing around her clitoris to snuggle it. It happened like I always knew what I had to do to pleasure the female sex organ. I had my eyes closed and only opened them when Jenny kicked me away from her.

She was breathing heavily, her tits sank and lift rapidly and a fluid was dripping out of her pussy onto Heather’s bet sheets. “You didn’t obey.” She barley managed to talk, while she was trying to get air into her lungs. “I told you to stop but you didn’t.” I gulped and looked down onto the bed sheets. I remembered Jenny told me I wasn’t allowed to look into her eyes. Doing this now, while she was seemingly angry, would result in a punishment, I thought to myself.

“But you did quite well in pleasuring your mistress. Well done, my slave.” She slowly sat up on the bed and patted my head afterwards. “Maybe I reward you with a kiss next time. And now get down into the kitchen and get something to drink and to eat for your mistress!” She laid back down onto the bed.

“Yes, mistress.” I answered and went out of the room not thinking about the fact, I was still completely naked. Closing the door to Heather’s room I realized I had Jenny’s taste in my mouth, on my tongue, on my lips. My whole body was shaking again and I touched my lips with my fingers. I started to smile, thinking about being patted by Jenny. I didn’t fear a punishment by her, I realized. I feared I wouldn’t be able to pleasure and satisfy her.

I shook my head. As it seemed I was able to satisfy my new mistress and I planned to do this a lot more. I wanted to please her as much as I could. As her slave! Now it was time for me to do as my mistress told me. She wanted breakfast and it was my job to prepare this for her. I started to walk and went down the stairway to get into kitchen.

I already smelled some coffee, while entering the downstairs floor. Someone was already in the kitchen. I didn’t give the fact I was still naked a second thought and entered the room. My uncle was standing there and he immediately turned around when he heard me entering.

He raised an eyebrow, standing there only in his boxer shorts. “Emily. You are naked.” It wasn’t a question. It was more like an assessment. He started to smile. “I like that. You should always walk around naked, while you are here.”

“Maybe I should …” I answered after thinking about this. Far more, this was my chance to prove my theory. What if I was the one who engaged having sex with my uncle now? This moment, right now, was the perfect opportunity for me.

I walked over to him, already seeing the bulge in his shorts. “Um … uncle? I wanted to ask you …” I started and was now standing right in front of him. “Yeah?” He asked, looking down my body with a lot of lust in his eyes. “I want you to fuck me, again!” I finally said and my uncle put down his cup of coffee, took my shoulders and laid me down on the kitchen table. He was halfway above me, looking down into my eyes.

“Oh … you don’t know how much I would like to fuck your little pussy, my dear Emily.” He said. He started to caressing my body, fondling my tits, playing with my nipples, which already started to get hard. I sighed with pleasure while he was doing this. This already felt different. I was prepared for this. I did this voluntarily. I wanted to have sex with him. And it felt good!

His hands were wandering down to my thighs, his head was sinking down to my tits. I felt his lips kissing them, his tongue playing with my nipples, his teeth teasing and pulling on them. I moaned in pleasure. It felt so good to feel this kind of caressing. It even felt much different than having sex with Jennifer. I was the one who received the pleasure. I was the one who had to be satisfied. And I loved every second about this!

I closed my eyes, just wanting to enjoy these moments. I wanted to enjoy the pleasure my uncle was giving me! I felt his lips wandering down my body, kissing my womb, caressing my body right above my pussy. I felt his fingers around my clitoris. He started to carefully massage it. I moaned again, feeling my body heat to raise, feeling my breathing getting heavier. I loved this feeling so much!

His fingers started to caressing my pussy, his tongue playing around my clitoris. My whole body was shaking and I felt a sticky fluid coming out of my pussy. That’s when my uncle stopped to caress my crotch with his fingers and his tongue. “You are ready …” He mumbled above me and I didn’t care about what was coming next. In fact, somehow I already knew what he was about to do. I would now feel his penis inside of me. He grabbed my thighs again with his one hand and I felt the tip of his dick rubbing against my pussy.

“Oh, fuck, Emily.” He moaned, when I felt his dick entering my body, which let me moan in pleasure. My whole body was shaking and I wasn’t able to describe this incredible feeling it was giving to me. For me, this just felt awesome.
For a moment my uncle was just standing still. His crotch pressing against mine, his dick deep inside of me. I pleasured this feeling for a moment, but then he pulled back and started to thrust his dick over and over again into me.

He started slow but then, steadily, getting faster and faster. My whole body was shaken by him. My tits wobbling up and down, I moaned in pleasure, each time my uncle thrusts his dick deep inside my pussy, deep into my 15 years old, teenage body. I felt the urge to grab onto something, but my hands could grab the edges of the kitchen table I was lying on.

My breath was getting heavier, faster and I felt like my body was melting. This whole moment, being fucked by my uncle … no, by my own dad, just felt incredible. And then, all of a sudden, I felt my body cramping up, my whole body shaking, coiling and I cried out my first ever orgasm. At the same second my uncle stopped thrusting his dick into my body and I could feel this sticky, warm fluid inside of me again, just like a few days ago, when he fucked me for the first time.

He pulled out his dick out of his daughter. I felt like I was dripping out of my vagina, I felt like I ran a hundred miles marathon but I smiled. It was so much awesome having sex with my uncle … my own father. I didn’t want to move, wanted to just lay down there on the kitchen table and pleasure this feeling of just being satisfied by another person. But I asked myself if Jenny felt the same when I pleasured her with licking her pussy.

“This was incredible, Emily.” My uncle finally said. “Guess, I should fuck you a lot more, while you are here.” He added. But just as he finished his sentence I was hearing another voice. “What the fuck are the both of you doing down here?” It was the voice of my aunt who just got into the kitchen. I could hear the anger and the irritation out of her voice. I got up immediately and looked at her in fear.