Svetka nude in the bar

Svetka serves tables nude and have sex with stranger.

This is next episode about young exhibitionist model Svetka. The 2nd episode ended when Svetka just completed her first photo shoot and earned 1000 €.

But a few weeks passed and Svetka was out of money again. She was young eastern European girl, slim, blond, with short hair. Her part – time job as a waitress was hardly earning enough money for living in a big city. Her landlord reminded her that she is late with her rent payment again, and threatened to evict her. She hardly had money for food and books. An she wanted to buy a new shoes and dress, to dress like every other young woman around her.

She lived in a tiny apartment on a 6th floor, and she was a college student. She attended classes at day time and worked as a waitress in a bar in the evening. She tried going to a modeling agency to become a model, but they did not have job for her.

She sat and thought, “Why am not a millionaire, and why I am not a rich guy’s daughter?” That was a foolish question of cause. She did not know her father at all. Svetka was raised by her poor mother in a village and came to the city to escape poverty.

But work in a bar was unfair for a young student. The most crowded days in a bar were weekends. People came in big companies, and talked, smoked, drunk beer. A waitress who served beer for tables on weekend could earn 300 € in tips for one night or more. But weekdays were mostly dull. Rare customers came, drunk one pint of beer and left, often without leaving any tips on a table at all.

Svetka rarely worked on weekends. Weekend night shifts were reserved for senior waitresses who worked in the bar longer than Svetka and who were on more friendly terms with the bar owner Stanley. He was a heavy set man with a bald head. He came early at 2pm every day and watched how his employees cooked, cleaned, loaded supplies to prepare bar for the night. During the night he most of the time sat in his room in the back of the bar and watched TV. Sometimes he asked waitresses to come to his office and locked the door. It was not secret that he had sex with some waitresses on a sofa in his office. Those waitresses who did that most frequently, earned a “privilege” to work on Saturday night shifts which were most profitable.

Svetka and other new waitresses usually worked evening shifts on weekdays, which were easier but payed less money. On the Monday night after her shift Svetka counted money and found that she only earned 60 € in tips for the whole evening. That was not enough for living in this city. She walked home at half past 12 at night, yawning and tired.

Svetka came home, changed her clothes to a sleep dress, and sat on her bed. She thought that working on weekday shifts only was unfair. She thought about how could she increase her earnings. One possible way was to sleep with a bar’s owner Stanley more frequently. To tell the truth, she have been in his office and had sex with him on a sofa once or twice. Svetka did not protest. She considered that a necessary price for keeping the job. But she would not enjoy doing it more often.

She noticed that customers tipped her more generously when she was wearing a revealing clothes, like mini skirts or tight tank tops that revealed her breasts shape. She though about that for a moment and came with the idea how she can take that further. “Nudity,” she though. “That’s what attracts male attention. I will serve tables tomorrow naked.”

Next day Svetka came to work in a bar early. She announced:

“Everyone attention please. Today I will serve beer to the tables while completely nude. I will begin in clothes. Then for every pint of beer which I served, I will take one piece of my clothes until I will be completely naked.”

The customers who sat in the bar screamed to show their delight.

The owner of the bar was perplexed but he did not protest. Only other two waitresses looked stern and scandalized. They would not dare to do such thing. Public nudity in eastern Europe is not prohibited. It’s more like a personal choice. People often do sunbathing or swimming nude. But rarely people get nude in places like bars.

People which sat at the tables in the bar started ordering beer. When Svetka served beer for the first table, she took off her jacket. After bringing beer to the second table she took off her boots and left standing in socks. After serving another glass of beer she took off her blouse, revealing her bra.

People laughed, cheered her and ordered beer from every table. With the order of next pint of beer she took of her socks and stood on a floor barefoot. With the next order she took off her jeans and left standing in her bra and panties only. With two more orders of beer, she took of her bra and panties too.

People in the bar looked at her in awe and applauded after she took off every piece of clothes.

Her entertainment certainly attracted more customers. People came to the bar and stopped there. The customers who sat at the tables would not leave, waiting for continuation of performance. Men ordered more beer that day than in any other day of the week.

Svetka was happy and excited by the reaction of people. She was in the center of everyone’s attention. Usually most people does not even notice a waitress. She is not material for them, like a smog in the bar. But this day everyone’s attention was glued to Svetka. She was happy. She smiled to everyone. She felt a familiar sensation of arousal from been nude and watched by many people.

Only she did not expect that it was so cold in the bar. It was winter. Doors of the bar were frequently opened and gusts of cold air came inside from the street. And the tile floor under her feet was as cold as the ice. But that did not upset Svetka. She smiled to customers and served more glasses of beer, smiling and walking naked and barefoot among tables.

She was only annoyed because some customers touched her with their hands when she walked among tabled nude. She tried to ignore that, or said to them politely, “No touching, please,” or “Would you like more beer?” But one time she had enough when one drunk man grabbed her butt with his hand. She knew how to deal with the men like that. She turned around and slapped his hand so hard, that the man yelped and winced from pain. People around laughed at him. The man apologized to Svetka immediately. But he felt humiliated and soon he left the bar without leaving any tips on a table.

“Or well,” thought Svetka. “This is a small price for keeping my dignity.”

After serving tables with countless glasses of beer, Svetka got tired. She asked bar’s owner for a half an hour brake. She sat on a sofa in the middle of the bar, relaxing her legs, and took one glass of beer for herself.

She was proud of herself. She did not feel ashamed or embarrassed at all. Svetka felt exited and aroused that evening, she felt eyes of all men looking at her.

During that evening, almost every men in the bar asked Svetka about sex. Some men did that quietly, whispering in her ear, some customers said openly, “Hi, babe, how about doing with me tonight?” … Svetka answered to all of them, smiling, “No way,” or “I am not into that.”

But one man who sat quietly at the corner table, attracted her attention. He was tall, handsome, with a little of gray in his curly hair. He spoke with a pleasant low voice that Svetka adored in men. She was turned on immediately. Out of all men in the bar right now, she wanted to be with him, and him only. Just from the though of that, she felt wet and warm down there. She could not wait longer. She had to get it now, she thought.

Svetka came to him with a glass of beer, then bent down and whispering in his ear, “Come with me, to the back room, I’ll show you something interesting.”

She walked to the back of the bar. The man stood up and walked quietly after her. There was a small room in the back with a sofa and a TV, which employees of the bar used for rest when they were not busy. Svetka lay on a sofa on her back and spread her legs wide. She said whispering, “Come to me, cowboy, I want you now.”

She did not have to wait any longer. He came down to her, kissed her lips and whispered some meaningless words which always turned women on. He kissed and caressed her breasts nipples. Then he unzipped his pants and took his cock which was long and hard already. He penetrated her and felt hot and wet inside her. She felt his cock moving in and out and moaned.

She thought, “How convenient that I was already naked. No need to waste time to undress.”

He thrust forward then backward. She pushed him back a little and said, “Not so fast, cowboy, let me enjoy that too.” He slowed down a little and moved his penis around her vagina in a circular motion, then he penetrated again. He jerked his body, and she felt a stream of his warm sperm inside her. She arched her back and screamed in orgasm. Perhaps some customers in the bar could hear her, but smiled and did not say anything about it.

In a few more minutes, they caught their breath. She stood up, smiled sheepishly, and told him “That’s enough, cowboy, go back to the bar.”

He asked her, if he could see her again.

She said, “You can always find me in this bar. My shifts are from Monday to Thursday.”

He nodded his head and left the room. He sat at the table in the bar until the late evening. Then he left.

In the evening, after bar closed, Svetka counted her money. She earned 550 € in one night. That was more than any waitresses usually earned on Saturday night. And she sold more beer that night than the bar usually sells in a week. She was tired and happy. She beat them all. Not even older waitresses could brag about such success in one evening.

Svetka went to the back room to dress in her clothes. She left bar, smiling, and singed all the way while she walked on the night streets. She came home and went straight to bed and slept in her clothes, she did not have strength to undress herself, so tired she was.