Sweet surprise but rough night

I had gone for a trip to the Bahamas and we were just returning home. Throughout the vacation, I called my best friend Olivia every day and shared the day with her. After seeing so many sexy posts on Instagram so many boys had texted me, but one of them caught my eyes. His name was Patrick. We had many mutual friends. The first day we texted and we did talk for non-stop six hours. Slowly we started talking on voice calls and eventually on video calls. We had started sexting but I never shared my nude pictures. He seduced me through his texts nicely and I didn’t hold back either. I was planning to meet him and there was a sweet surprise ahead I didn’t know.

I was coming back to my city the next day and the day after, I had a college get-together. Olivia and I would go together but, I wasn’t sure if Patrick would be there. The very first day I came home, Olivia came to surprise meet me. I was very happy to see her after so many days, “I spoke to Patrick!” She said. “No way” I was jealous, maybe I was too soon to judge him. “He asked me not to tell you but I am revealing it babes.” I looked at her questioningly. “He is coming to the get-together party tomorrow,” she said in a breath. I was happy and excited to meet him too.

I wore a red and black tube dress with black wedges and a grey lens. I had to make him believe that I didn’t know he was going to be there. We entered the pub and met many of our classmates. Just then Olivia got a call from Patrick and I was silent. After a few seconds, he walked right up to me smiling. I got to my toes and gave him a tight hug, his hands slipped around my waist lifting me off the floor. ” I can’t believe you here and its a sweet surprise for me!”, I whispered in his ears. Then he said, “I had to be here as I missed you!”.


We took a table, “It’s too lighted here!” He said. “What? You had got plans in the dark?” I mocked him. “Maybe!” He flirted back. We ordered three beers and snacks. “Do you want to smoke?” He asked, I nodded and took a cigarette pack. He tagged along with me although he didn’t smoke. We took seats on the two chairs behind the pillar hiding us completely. I felt tipsy after a smoke and got high. I got off my chair and stood in front of him between his legs. He asked, “Are you high?” I nodded.

We decided to go to his house. He has a good height and has nicely built physique, which made me look small in front of him, but I didn’t care. I moved closer staring intensely into his eyes sitting across him. We had sexted about this kind of roleplay many times and it didn’t feel awkward. His palms rounded my ass perfectly and I hugged him, popping my chest out. He placed his hands on my pelvic bones and moved them above him pulling down my tube dress. He unhooked my push-up bra and squeezed my boobs. He kept pressing both boobs one by one and I kept moaning loudly “ummmmm”.

I could see his dick getting hard from above the trouser. His hands waved around my slightly wet pussy poking It. He pressed my boobs again and pinched my nipples. I squeezed his shoulders in response. He turned me the other way round my ass facing his face and pulled down my panties “Look at that ass” he commented making me blush. He slapped my ass and I gasped, he continued to slap my ass and I could feel my ass burn, “stop!” I said softly wanting as well as not wanting it at the same time. “I want it red,” he said. I turned around and pressed my lips against his, I started sucking his lower lip and biting it hard. I felt my teeth marks on his inner sides, I slid my fingers through his hair. I caressed his chest while he was pressing my boobs and biting my nipples, it turned me on so much. I pinched and bit him all over the top of his body, I knew my foreplay was turning him wild.

We lied next to each other on his bed. I unbuttoned his jeans and his cock sprang out hard. It swayed like it was waiting to be touched and sucked. I could feel him stare at me with a smile, he was clean as if he had come fully planned. I started massaging his ball sack and rotated his cock around. He shivered to my touch out of pleasure and locked his eyes with me. I locked both of his legs by ropes on either side of the bed. His eyes got softer as though he was pleading me to go slow. I gave him a wicked smile and continued. I got between his thighs spread them and slowly started kissing his penis from the top till the end of his sack. I teased him more with slow licks and he moved around leg tied begging me to make him feel the warmth.

I slapped him across his face to make him stop and he took his pleasure in that sweet surprise as well. I took his penis deep and started to gag, he continued to shiver and moved around but I didn’t stop instead I slapped him two more times. I could see the fiery hunger in his eyes. I bought my boobs up close to his face and grabbed his hair he winced in pain but started to suck my nipples he moved his tongue around like a pro. I then stroked him vigorously until he finally shot his cum. I untied his legs and sat on his hard cock. I rode it moving my hips back and forth lubricating his cock. He was pressing my boobs while I was riding. We both were moaning very loudly without caring about the world.

He tied my hands next and slapped my pussy slightly. He used his thumbs to pull out my clitoris and then slapped it. I moved my legs around, crying out to stop but he just wouldn’t. He then pushed his penis deep inside my vagina and started fucking roughly. He was getting aggressive with fucking and I was helpless with the sweet surprise. He pulled out the cock and pushed inside my mouth. He came in my mouth and all over my face. Later, he cleaned it up. My ass is red, my pussy is numb, but the meet up and sweet surprise plus fucking was awesome.