Our neighboour! (true story)

Me and my sister started to hang out with this girl. She usually where more close to my sister because i was often with the other guys playing icehock

A couple of years later, I think i was 12 och 13 i dont remember exactly we got a new neighbour moving in. We lived in a small suburban area outside a bigger city and the houses where small with 2 appartments in the same house. We lived on the upper appartment and ours neighbours lived under us.
Our new neighbour was a single mom and her daughter who was in my age so eventually we ended up in the same class in school. As I told you before my mom run a daycare for kids, like a private owned kindergarden and she had up to 6 kids at the time in the ages of 5 to like 15 i guess.

Me and my sister started to hang out with this girl. She usually where more close to my sister because i was often with the other guys playing icehockey in winter or land hockey in summer.
SO, our new neighbour, Marine eventually started to stay at our place when her mom was working and she often spent the night at our place. My mom and her mom where really close and became friends as well.

Marine use to sleep in our bedroom, my mom use to take our madrasses and place them down on the floor so we all 3 could sleep next to eachother. Everytime Marine had felt a sleep me and my sister started to play around. At this time I had started to ejaculate so sometimes it was very wet in the bed.
One morning marine woke up and felt it wet in bed and she saw me laying next to her naked and and it was wet where i was laying. She kept it for herself but in the end of the day she asked Sara about it and wondering if I use to pee in my sleep. Sara laughed and told her now and that was the end of it. But Sara told me what Marine said and asked me if we should tell her, let her be with us. It would be so much easier not need to sneak around so i told Sara to tell Marine.

After supper Marine and Sara went to a lake and swimed and i rusched as usually away playing hockey. I can tell you hockey was my life at that time. Anyway what happened at that lake, i dont know, but when they came back, Sara wispered in my ear; I licked her pussy and she is with us!

When we went to bed that night I was pretty excited and as soon mom and dad had tucked us in my sister was over me and was playing with my cock. Marine, she wispered, come and see! Marine was fast and grabbed my cock starting to rubb it and Sara put her little mouth around the tip of my cock and sucked on it. I felt so good and i came in like a minute or so. See, that is what making the bed wet she said to Marine. She took her hand of my cock and tasted it from her hand and it she liked it. She smiled and said; i want more.

I sat up and started to caress Marines body, touching and feel her everywhere. She had a nice slimed body and no tits. A really small ass and smooth pussy. A note: I have fucked them both trough their puberty.
Sara asked Marine to lay down and I placed myself between her legs starting to lick and suck on her pussy and playing with my tounge between her pussylips. My sister placed her oover mariens face and had Marine lick her pussy. As I started to push a finger into Marine as she turned away and said it hurts. At that time there where no internet and sexual education in school sucked so noone of us knew anything about beeing a virgin. The only thing I knew was from what me and my sister knew from what we had done ourselfs.
So I stod up and got a bottle of bodylotion and started to rub it on her pussy and my finger and after a while my finger was going in and out of her pussy. I could hear Marine liked it. My cock had been hard again so i rub some lotion on my dick and lifted upp her legs. Sara turned towards me and helped separate her pussylips making her pussy open up and I pushed my cock inside her. I could see on her face it was hurting a bit. I started to fuck her very gently at first and Marine started to groan and my sister looked at me and smiled. She stood up and stand right in fron of me and place a leg on my shoulder and buried her pussy in my face as i grabbed her ass holding her.
Marine was really groaning and started to make noise som i pulled out. My sister placed her on all 4 infront of me started to lick Marines pussy. I started to fuck my sister from behind. Now, all you who had a tresome with 2 girls know the feeling and i can say that was the best tresome i ever had. I think i had 3 or 4 tresomes with 2 girls as an adult but never so intense and exiting as I had with Marine and Sara.

I told my sister to let marine lick her as I started to fuck her from behind. I was so horny and i shoot my cum inside her. Marine layed down on her back and my sister got a little sour because she love cum but she laid down and started to lick Marine in hope on getting som cum out of her pussy.

Did it feel good, i asked Marine. Oh yes Erik I loved it. You know when you pee in me its like the best feeling i ever felt. I laughed and told her whats coming out of my cock and she sad, whatever, i want more.

That night we did not sleep at all and was fucking until the morning all exhaused and drained. It was luky it was summer so we all went down to the lake that day.

Thats how it all begun with my neighbour and we fucked for about 4 years when she moved away with her mom like 1000 km away so we lost contact. As I said, no internet, no cellphones, just pen and paper. We use to chance letters for a time but it all ended.

Those 2 girls are my sex education when i gre up. We palyed doctors, mom, dad daugheter. We done probably everything you can do and we did it before we turned 18.