Teaching my 10 year old daugther about sex

I flip the pancakes on the pan. “Daddy!” I keep flipping the pancakes with my earbuds in “DADDY!!!” I turn around taking my earbuds out, Molly my daugther is pulling my shirt down, screaming Daddy “look at my new night gown nana got for me!!!” Molly spins around in her Jasmine night gown. “You look so pretty honey” I bend down fixing her hair “thanks daddy!” She rund out the kitchen into the bedroom. I feel a sligth bulge evolving “stop yourself, not yet later” I think to myself. I put the pancakes onto a plate, pouring on some maple syrup, I walk into Molly’s bedroom “honey pancakes are ready!”, Molly is laying on her back on her bed up against some pillows with her legs up spread, while she’s watching youtube, shes so inoccent she dosent even realize she’s flashing me, but I don’t mind “Yay!!!” She jumps over to the pancakes stuffing her face. “Molly I want to talk to you about something…” “what is it daddy?” “You are turning 10, which means you have to learn about the sex” “what’s that?” Molly tilts her head sitting on the edge of her bed “it’s something you are going to be doing for the rest of your life” I put a hand on her lap “is it good?” She asks nervously “oh yes Molly, it’s very good. Now what do I say when I teach you things?” “Experience is key” Molly smiles “yes good girl” I feel myself getting hard “what is happening down there daddy?” Molly points to my croch “wanna make my happy?” I ask Molly “of course daddy!” I smile “first lesson, become a man’s girl” I pull my pants down revealing my 10 inch long cock and 5 inches wide “wow what’s that” Molly opens her mouth wide “that is my dick” “what do you do with it?” Molly asks scratching her head “this…” I grab Molly’s head and I pull her head back and fourth on my dick, I’m a tall guy 6’5 and Molly is only 4’1 so she was the perfect heigth for my dick.
Molly is gagging and I put my full length in her, she rolls her eyes trying to breath, but I keep gagging her “good girl” I pull out and she falls onto the bed breathing heavily. “That’s how you do it” I pull her nigth gown up revealing her fresh clean pussy “you aren’t even wearing panties you are just asking for it” I look at her face, she starts to tear up, I place my cock at her entrance and…

Part 2 coming soon