Svetka’s first photo shoot (winter nudity)

“This was a madness, complete madness,” she thought all the way, while she walked home from his photo studio, “why did I agree to do this photo shoot?”

The answer of cause was Money. Svetka needed them and soon.

Svetka was a young eastern European girl, slim, fit, with blond hair and short haircut. She was a student and her part – time job as a waitress in a café did not pay enough for her to live in that city. She needed to pay rent for her flat. The mean landlord came yesterday and reminded her that if she won’t pay her rent 400 € (Euro) by Saturday she will be on the streets. And then she needed money for food, for bills and books and to send some to her mom who lived in the poor village.

The evening before she opened a newspaper, looking for ads about jobs. Her gaze fell onto an add from Modeling agency, inviting young women to be models. She thought, why not? She could be a model too. She heard that some models earned 1000 € per day or more. She also heard that modeling work was hard and sometime models had to do some staff, like sleeping with producers or photographers. She was prepared to do anything to get a job.

Next morning, she opened door of the Modeling studio and approached the lady sitting at the front desk and asked for a job. The lady gave her a sheet of paper with application. Svetka quickly filled an application with answer like address, name, age, height, weight, eyes color, hair color, and so on. She returned the application and the woman indifferently put her paper in a pile of other papers like that, and told Svetka that they will review the application and if they choose her for some job then they would call her next moth or so.

But Svetka was not satisfied.

She said “I need money now. Would you look if there is any job I could do today, please?”

The woman replied “Well, actually we have one order, from a local supermarket, for a model advertising socks, they pay 50 € for that. Would you like to take this job?”

Svetka replied

“Only 50 € ? That’s not enough for me to pay even for the books. Would you look if there is any other job, please?”

“Well”, said woman hesitantly, “There is order for a model from one photographer. He says he would pay 1000 € for one photo shoot.”

Svetka was exited immediately. She said “Please give me that job. I will sure do it.”

Then woman added.

“But you may not want to do that. We already sent ten models to that photographer, but they all returned back, and they all said they did not want it.”

Svetka said resolutely “I will do whatever necessary, give me address of that photographer.”

“Very well”, said woman with a sigh, “here is the address of that photo studio.”

“Thank you very much!” Exclaimed Svetka, then turned to the door, and left the building.

She almost ran all the way to that address. It was a cold day, in the middle of January, and snowflakes fell down in the air.

Svetka felt exhilarated. She could land a 1000 € job in the first day.

She though she would do anything to get this job. Even if it would be necessary to sleep with the photographer she was prepared to that too.

Svetka opened door and entered photo studio. It was slightly dark inside the room. The man was siting at the desk. He looked at her and said in a pleasant low timbre of voice: “Can I help you madame?”

He was older then her, in mid 30s or 40s, but handsome and pleasant masculine looking man.

Her stomach almost has made a flip. She thought that if she has to sleep with that man she would gladly do that.

“I am here from modeling agency, looking for a job”, she said, “They told me you have a job for a photo session, paying 1000 €.”

“Ah, you are a young model”, said photographer and smiled.

“Yes I need a model for new photo shoot. And I will pay you 1000 € after the shoot, if you would agree with that.”

“What do I need to do?” She inquired cautiously. His generosity has started to look suspicious.

“We will do a photo shoot tomorrow,” he said, “where you will pose naked outside, in the snow.”

Svetka was shocked. “In the snow, outside, why?” She asked.

“This an order from a rich client,” said photographer. “That’s what he required.”

Svetka felt shiver already, just from a though of it.

“May be you don’t wanna do that?” Said photographer disappointingly, “Then you can go back to you modeling studio and tell them that you declined the work.”

Svetka thought for a moment. She wanted to turn back. But then she thought of everything she could by for 1000 €.

“I will do it,” she said resolutely. She though that she loved winter games, like skates and skiing, and she was not afraid of cold before. That this will be just like another winter game for her.

Photographer smiled jubilantly. He finally found a good model for this photo shoot.

“Very well”, he said, smiling “Go home now. Come to this photo studio at 9 am tomorrow, we will go to the set in my car.”

She said him good bye, and almost ran to the street, smiling joyfully.

“Yes!” She though, she landed her first modeling job. It would be a tough job of cause, but she will manage somehow.

But on the way home, she started to feel doubts. “This was a madness, complete madness,” she repeated to herself. But in the evening at home she tried to focus on the positive tune. “I will do it. I will do it,” she repeated to herself many times. “I will show them how tough I am,” she thought.

When she walked to the photo studio next morning, she felt exited, even joyful. She felt a cold air on her face, and a little chilly, under her winter jacket, sweater, jeans and winter boots.

She came to photo studio at a quarter before nine, and said simply “I am ready”.

The photographer smiled, and led her to the door and then to his car. He carried with him a large professional suitcase with his camera and lenses.

They drove in his car to the central city park, which was a favorite place for rest and sports for many people. “But there are people around!” She protested looking outside.

He told her that the photo shoot will be in a public place and she should not pay attention to that. “People will love that, you will see,” he said.

Photographer took his camera and lenses from the case, then told her that they should start now.

She quickly undressed in the car and prepared to opened the door. “Take out boots, dear,” he said smiling, “you must be barefoot too.”

“Barefoot?” She exclaimed. She did not expect that coming. But she obeyed him, took off her winter boots and socks, and walked out of the car completely naked and barefoot on a snow.

It was a cold day. The temperature was – 12 C (about 10 degrees Fahrenheit)

The cold immediately shocked her. It was like tiny pinpricks pinching her everywhere. She yelled and wanted to turn back and jump in the car. But then she look at he photographer and she did not want to disappoint him. So she used all her strength and kept going.

She also saw other people in the parking lot. Some people passed by. They were all dressed well, in winter jackets or parkas and boots. She was the only one naked in that place. She was strolling nonchalantly on the snow covered road. Everybody looked at her as if expecting something interesting. She did not want to disappoint them either. Public nudity is not very unusual in eastern Europe. But people were certainly surprised to see a naked and barefooted girl in winter.

Sometimes photographer stopped and took pictures with his camera. He asked her try to stand still and not move much when we was taking photos. Then they walked again, down the snow road.

People walked in opposite direction and looked at her astoundingly. Some greeted her with whistles or supporting remarks, but some muttered something unpleasant, or turned away.

They encountered a man who walked with a small dog. Even a dog was dressed in a warm dog jacket to protect from cold. Strange was to see a completely naked girl walking in snow next to the warmly dressed man and a dog.

Two older women walked close to her. They smiled, then stopped and asked why she was doing it, or was she cold? Stupid question, she thought, of cause she was cold, terribly cold, but was it their business?

So she smiled and told them that she is not very cold, and that she liked that.

After about 10 minutes, Svetka started shivering.

The photographer told her, “You should not shiver that much my dear, I can’t take good photographs. Please try to control yourself. I know you can.”

She stopped for a moment and took a few deep breaths and tried to relax. After a few deep inhales and exhales, she felt how her body relaxed and adjusted to the cold. She stopped shivering and they continued the photo shoot.

After a while, she told photographer “I am really, really cold now. I cannot even feel my feet. Can we end this photo shoot and go back to the car, please?”

“Yes, we can end shooting and go back,” said photographer, “but I will not pay you anything if we end now.”

“Why?” Asked Svetka, her teeth chattering.

“Because I need to make at least 88 pictures and we made only 40 so far. We need to make 48 pictures more.”

“Ok, just do it faster,” pleaded Svetka.

“I cannot do it too fast”, said photographer, “I need to focus a camera and find a good place for a new shot every time, so let’s keep gong.”

They saw men riding on a 4×4 quadracycles. Men stopped and one of them suggested Svetka to sit on his machine. She bravely climbed up and sat in front of a driver, practically on his lap. The man and Svetka were delighted. Svetka liked sitting on a quadracycle. She felt strong heat and vibration from the engine and the seat was comfortably warm under her butt. She did not see the face of a driver under his helmet, be she felt his excitement and warmth and she noticed hard erection of penis under his suit. She felt excited, nearly orgasmic, and wet in her bottom.

They walked close to a bank of a river. At that time of the year the river was completely covered by ice and snow. It was a favorite place for winter sports and activities for local public. People were skiing or simply walked on the ice.

Photographer suggested that she would go down the bank of river and walked on the ice too. It would be a great for a photo shoot, he said. They walked down the bank of the river.

They meet a man and a woman who walked on the ice. Man and woman were astonished to see naked girl in snow, and stopped to look at her. Svetka greeted them and asked if she could walk together with them. They walked together and photographer took pictures while they talked. Men asked how can she withstand the cold and how long has she has been doing that? Svetka said smiling “It is my first time in the snow, but I managed it. It is not too hard after you got used.”

By this time Svetka fully adjusted to the cold and she felt happy and euphoric. Svetka laughed and enjoyed everybody s attention. She almost forgot about the cold. Svetka felt sexual arousal because photographer looked at her and also all other clothed men around looked at her and cheered her. It was strange sensation like she was in a dream or in a fairyland.

She made some snowballs, laughed and threw them at photographer.

They came close to some people which laughed at them and asked to take picture with her too. She smiled and stood next to them for a picture. Svetka found some debris and tree branches on the ice. She was disappointed to see trash on the river, so she picked up tree branch and carried to the river bank.

Then she saw a group of people which were cross country skiing. She walked to them and asked what time is it? The women on a skis stopped and looked at Svetka in surprise. A woman looked at her watch and told her the time.

Svetka felt great. She walked back to photographer, while a woman continued watching at her.

Then they saw a man on a skates who was cleaning snow from the ice with a big shovel for an ice hockey play. Svetka came close to him and tried walking on the cleaned ice. It was very slippery and cold, but by that time her poor feet were completely numb and did not feel cold any more.

She asked a man if she can use shovel too, and he allowed her. Svetka took his shovel and shoved some snow from the ice on a hockey field.

Other hockey players watched her with admiration and cheered her with whistles.

Svetka loved their attention, she felt hot because of the way how these men looked at her. She smiled and waved hands to the people around. She almost forgot about the cold.

Then photographer told her,

“We made enough pictures and the photo shoot is done. We can go back to our car now.”

Svetka was a bit confused. She did not even understand, at first, what he was talking about. She though that she just started enjoying herself and got adjusted to the cold and snow.

“Ok, she said cheerfully, lets go to the car.”

They said good bye to the ice hockey players, and started walking back. She was a little confused where to go, so the photographer helped and led her. The bank of river was steep and slippery, she nearly fell, but the photographer took her hand and helped her to climb up the slope.

On the way back she stared to feel terribly cold and began shivering again. She was a little dizzy and disoriented from the cold. Photographer helped her, holding her by the elbow. By the time they got to the car she was unable to open the door. Photographer carefully put his camera in the case, and closed it. Then he held the door open and helped her to get in.

The photo shoot lasted 1 hour 15 minutes. All that time she walked naked and barefoot in snow. Her feet were completely numb and she did not feel them. And her skin become red from the cold.

In the car she continued shivering and her teeth were chattering. The cold finally got to her. She could not even dress herself, could not put legs into her jeans. Photographer turned heater to the maximum. After a few minutes the temperature in the cabin increased. She lifted her legs up onto dashboard, to the hot air. After a moment she started to feel pain in her feet. She felt like her soles burning. But she massaged the feet and slowly blood circulation improved. Photographer helped her to finish dressing, pulling on her sweater and her jacket, socks and boots.

By the time they drove back to the photo studio, she was almost all right. They went inside. She sat close to the heater, still shivering. He gave her a cup of very hot coffee which she took happily.

She sat quietly, enjoying warm air and hot coffee.

Then after a while, Svetka stood up and smiled. She needed a human warmth now, his warmth. She looked at photographer and felt wet down there. She would be happy if he would hug her, or kiss, then took her to bed. She wanted him now. She wanted to spread her legs and feel his hard cock inside her. After that she wanted to cuddle with him and sleep on his warm lap. Her body desperately needed it. If he would only took a hint and realized what she wanted.

But he did not took a hint.

He counted her money and put on the desk. She took the money, an put them in her pocket.

“You can go home now,” said photographer.

“Yes, I can go,” she replied quietly.

She turned and walked to the door. She was disappointed. He did not even so much as looked. “Oh well, some men are dumb,” thought Svetka. “She did that for him, more so then just for the money. And after that, he did not even look at her.”

She opened the door and went outside. The sun was bright and the snow was crisp. Air was cold.

She shivered a little. She felt winter chill, even under the sweater and jacket and jeans.

She walked to the bus stop. She got on a bus and sat. On the way home she started shivering and chatting her teeth again. One passenger asked if she was all right? Yes, she said she was all right. Just a bit cold.

She came home, counted money that he gave her, all 1000 €, then climbed to her bed under warm blanket. She was still shivering and felt chills. Her body exhausted after such cold stress. She covered herself with more blankets and tried to sleep.

“This was a madness, complete madness,” she thought. She would never ever agree to do photo shoot in the snow naked again.