The Accidental Anal Fuck Become Our Favourite Act

Stephen and I are married for 9 years now and have earned the reputation of the most happening and happy couple in the neighbourhood. People aspire to be us- we have been setting couple goals for the younger generations. But behind closed doors, things were different. They were mundane. We both have reached an age where responsibilities are more important than romance. Hence, the slow death of romance and passion has already started crippling our lives. The first thing to vanish was sex. It had been almost 4 months since we had sex. It was getting frustrating for both of us but we loved each other. The main problem was time. We worked in different shifts and hence, we barely got an hour daily to catch up with each other. That one hour went in discussing groceries and kids. As we both realized things were starting to get bitter, we figured out our way. That’s our story of the accidental anal fuck we had.

It was a Wednesday. We had sent off the kids to their aunt’s house under a pretext. They will be staying there for a couple of days. In the meantime, we took off days from our offices for the next two days. It was a well-planned holiday just for us. It definitely worked as we were laughing and even flirting with each other as we cooked and dined. For the first time in months, we were discussing literature, art and other stuffs we both loved rather than domestic chores.

As we dined, we settled on the bed, watching a show we both loved. It felt like the early days of our dating. Stephen casually wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I rested my head on his. Soon we were kissing. He bit my lower lip as I sucked in his upper one. We continued to kiss this way for some time. The passion was back when we finally had let go of all stress. He slowly pulled down my bra, revealing my slightly sagged but matured boobs. He buried his face between my boobs and pinched on my pink nipples, turning them even redder.

I moaned in pleasure and held his face to kiss him once more. I was frantically kissing his cheeks, forehead and eyes while he sucked and bit my boobs. We quickly took off the clothes and I sprang on top of him and giggled. He held my waist and flipped me under him once more. We wrestled playfully, clawing and kissing every part we could reach on each other’s body. I felt his boner poking my tummy and went down on him. I took it in my mouth and he closed his eyes in pleasure. Stephen led out a low gasp and as moved the shaft up and down with my mouth. All this time, I was licking the tip of the dick. I felt the dick pulsating on my mouth and knew he was turned on more than ever before.

Suddenly he grabbed me and threw me down on the bed and was over me, he could not hold it any longer and had shoved his dick inside my vagina. I moaned out in pleasure. I had been missing this feeling badly for these months. He thrusted up and down going deeper with each shove. My breasts jiggled freely as he towered over me, holding my legs up with one hand so he could go deeper still. He was hitting my G-spot and I was on the verge of orgasm. Suddenly he pulled out and smiled wickedly. He said “Before wedding I had enjoyed with other girls like asian models on onlyfans to get such pleasure”.

“You don’t get to cum so fast, sweetheart. Let me tease you a bit more.” He had always done this- he would keep taking to the brink and stop till he felt like making me cum. But when he did, it was a massive explosion of my love juices and pleasure. I pouted but smiled. He flipped me over on all fours. I was already dripping wet and I could see his cock was glistened from my juices. I didn’t know he was up for a good anal fuck. He went behind me and with one thrust… was up my asshole and it hurt so much!

I screamed out in pain. He stopped but did not pull out. It pained so badly I could barely form any words but I heard him and felt him rubbing my back frantically. He nervously said, “I am so sorry Miranda- it was a mistake. I accidentally put it in there but I thought to have an anal fuck with you.”

I panted as angrily as I could, “I told you my ass was off-limits! How can you mistake the hole?!”

He just mumbled sorry and kept massaging my back. Slowly, the tension was easing. Instead, I felt a slight tinge of pleasure around my butthole as it was stretched on his dick. He hesitantly spoke again, “Honey, are you okay?” I just nodded my head. Then he came up with the most unexpected proposal.

“Honey, I was thinking, since I am already inside you- why not give this a try? Its something new and you never know, you might even like it.”

I turned my head towards him incredulously and he gave a nervous and apologetic smile. I was about to say no but felt the tingling sensation once more and said yes against my better judgement. He had been waiting for this consent. He started slowly shoving his dick in and out my asshole while I processed the feelings. It was still slightly painful but the pleasure was more than what I ever experienced in my vagina.

Slowly he picked pace and for the next 20 minutes, we had anal fuck continuously. I felt the tension built again and knew a massive orgasm was coming. As he kept fucking my ass, I arched my back as the orgasmed pushed out of me and my juices was drenching the bed and his legs and everything else. He could no longer hold back after watching this and came hard inside my ass. Once we were done, we cuddled each other and was smiling. I knew soon we will be discussing less painful ways to enjoy anal sex and will be looking forward to the next session.