The Drive Home

The Drive HomeÂ

There are still many in between but this one came back to me, as it was the most recent – within the last few years. (Age 39)

We were driving back from another city where we were visiting some relatives and about 35 miles out of town on a four-lane highway fairly deserted early in the morning, as it was a five hour drive and wanted to get back. I was feeling her up as we drove as she was just wearing a light blouse and skirt with garter belt and nylons (my favourite). I had my hand up her skirt and her blouse half undone. I was just thinking about finding a rural road to turn down to see if I could find a place to park and give her the fucking she was hot for.

Two guys (early 20’s) pulled up beside us and being distracted with my hand on her pussy I didn’t notice them until they were right beside me. They were moving at a fast clip when they passed us but the guy in the passenger seat looked over and I knew he seen my wife laying back with her legs spread and her blouse hanging open. I told her I thought the two guys in that truck had seen her but she didn’t care and in fact said, “I wish they would slow down and have another look, if they do I’ll give them a good look.” This really made me hard. The speed limit was 110 but I was going about 100 and stayed in the slow lane.

After they passed us I could see the passenger taking to the driver and my wife had just finished saying that when I could see that we were gaining on them as they were slowing down. I had the car on cruise so we slowly came up on then and I told her that I thought she might have just got her wish. She looked up to see us catching up to them again so I got her to finish undoing the blouse and even got her to slid the bra straps down before we came up beside them. Just before we were coming up on them I tilted my seat back so they could get a better view. They sure as hell weren’t shy about looking. I could see the drive lean ahead to get a better look. My wife shifted to let her skirt ride up her thighs to where you could see her bare flesh above her nylons – christ she looked sexy. The boys adjusted their speed to stay beside us for what was probably a couple of minutes. I looked over and gave them a smile and a thumbs up. I then reached over and pulled her bra down off her breasts so they could see her in all her glory. As cars were now catching up to us they pulled ahead and over into our lane. I sat my seat back up so we didn’t disturb anyone as they looked like family cars coming.

As soon as all the cars past we were the coast was clear again. I asked my wife if she was just going to be a cock tease or …? She said that if I could find a place and they were willing she would give them all they wanted. The boys in the truck dropped back and came up beside us again. I motioned for them to pull over someplace. They sped up and pulled ahead again and about 3 or 4 minutes down the road they were pulled over at a roadside turnout. I pulled in behind them and stopped and rolled both our windows down.

The two guys came up to us on her side of the car and started talking to Cheryl. They told her they sure appreciated the view. She just smiled and said thanks but is all you want to do is look? The guy who was the passenger (later found out his name was Dave) just leaned down reached in and took her right breast in his one hand and ran his other hand up her leg and rubbed her pussy. Cheryl spread her legs wider to let him get his hand in her panties. He very quick inserted two fingers in her and as horny as she now was started coming on his hand. I asked them if they wanted more of this action. They were all for it but we couldn’t do this on a main highway. I asked them if they were from around here and do they know of a secluded place we could go to? They said in union “follow us.” About a mile or so down the highways they turned off on a dirt road that led to a farmers hay field that was surrounded by bush. They turned into an approach and parked by some bush where you couldn’t be seen from the road.

I parked beside them and went around and helped Cheryl out of the car. The two guys immediately came over to her and had their hands all over. One stood behind her and put his arms around her and had one tit in each hand mauling her. The other stood in front and had her skirt pulled up his hands down her panties and again was fingering her. I took the liberty of undoing the side snap on her skirt and Dave moved his hands and let it drop to the ground. They moved her over to the back of the truck and let the back gate down. As Jerry (the driver’s name I now knew) lifted her on to the gate Dave slid her panties off. By now she had also lost her blouse and bra and they were also lying on the ground.

I just stood back and watched with my cock now out and was stroking as Jerry cradled her in his crotch still hold her boobs and her legs right at the edge of the truck bed and Dave, who now had his pants around his feet and his cock out (I’m guessing 7.5″ and thick) just moved in-between her legs and shoved it in. She was so wet that it went in easily and then the fucking began. Dave fucked her hard and steady for about ten minutes before her started to cum in her. As he started to cum she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in as far as she could. She took a big, big load I could tell. As soon as Dave pulled out Jerry was there waiting. Again he just rammed it in (another good size – maybe bigger than Dave) and started fucking her. He too took about ten or so minutes of hard fucking (these farm boys didn’t fuck around) when I could see him start to tense up and soon he was cumin in her.

It was only once each as we had to get going. But I’ll never forget the sight of my wife lying there with garter belt and nylons (which were wrecked when they were done with her) and her legs spread wide taking a fucking like that. It was beautiful. The rest of the ride home she slept like well-fucked woman should.

P.S. I went off at least twice watching.Â

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