The Local Dog Catcher – Part 4

So continuing on with the story….

I didn’t eat much as it was quite the day so far and I think I was full of cum. So off I went and took a shower. When I got out Mrs. Jones had a new outfit for me, it was a red baby-doll nightie and matching thong panties – it would be my outfit for the evening. Mrs. Jones was was wearing a pair of sexy panties, a bra, thigh-highs and stiletto high heels. Once I was dressed, she led me to their bedroom, she got on the bed and then she told me it was her turn to be pleasured. I slowly removed her panties and revealed her smooth pussy. She spread her legs wide-open, so I got on the bed and began eating her pussy. As I was eating her, she told me to bury my tongue deep in her and to nibble on her clit. At this point she was super wet and I had her pussy juices all over my young face. Mrs. Jones then grabbed my head and pushed me deeper into her pussy, almost suffocating me. I continued to eat away and could hear her moaning with pleasure. She said she needed to real hard, so she told me to lie on the bed, then proceeded to straddle my face. She then pushed her pussy down on to my face, grinding her pussy on my mouth, tongue and face. Now I really was having a hard time breathing, but she pushed harder. I tried to push her off, but this made her even more horny and began grinding harder. I could feel her body tensing up, and she soon climaxed, drenching my face with her pussy juices. She got off me, and began licking her juices off my face, telling me a was a good little slut.

As she was licking my face, I heard Mr. Jones enter, but I could also hear some other footsteps. Mr. Jones than said, “There she is boys, what do you think?” I heard two voices respond, “What a little hottie, can’t wait to have a piece of her!” I thought to myself, “Oh no, we are not finished for the night?!” Come to find out both Mr. and Mrs. Jones had younger brothers and they invited them over to have a little fun with me. Their names were Dave and Mark. Mrs. Jones told the two of them to go grab a drink and meet her in the guest bedroom. In the meantime, she was going to get me all cleaned up and do my make-up. So off they went and off we went to the bathroom. As Mrs. Jones did my make-up, she proceeded to let me know that the guest bedroom was a special room and that I was lucky to be invited into it. I told her that I appreciated that, but I was tired and sore from the day. She looked at me and sternly told me “You are going to be the slut and whore you were meant to be! Now stop your whimpering and you better not cry and make your mascara run.” I nodded my head and said “Yes, ma’am.” She finished up and off we went to the guest bedroom.

As I walked into the guest bedroom, I looked around and was totally confused as there wasn’t a bed or furniture in the bedroom and the two small windows had been covered up. The room was dark and looked more like a dungeon. There was a strange looking bench, a triangle cross in the corner, a dog cage in the corner, a floor stockade, and lots of shackles, whips, chains, and hand-cuffs hanging on the walls. As I was staring at all this equipment, and quite honestly in fear, I heard Mr. Jones, Dave and Mark enter the room. Mr. Jones then told them – “She’s all yours boys, have fun with that little whore!” “But make sure you leave the dog cage for me, that’s for me to enjoy with that little bitch!” With that the Mr. Jones left, closed the door and the brothers walked towards me. Dave started first, he told me to bend over and hold onto the bench. I did as I was told. As I stood there waiting, Mark came over and pulled my panties down. He then walked around in front of me and held my hands down on the bench. Dave had grabbed a leather paddle with holes and came over to me. I sat there wondering what was going to happen, and SMACK! He laid a good one on my ass. I screamed in pain and began to cry. He then said, “If you disobey us, that will feel like nothing compared to what we will do to you.” I nodded and said “yes, sir, I will be a good slut for you.” Mark then grabbed me and pushed me face down on the bench and positioned me on the two leg pads and the two arm pads. He then shackled me onto the bench and not only were my legs and arms shackled, but there were two straps holding my body down on to the bench. I could not move. Dave then walked around to face me and told me to open my mouth wide. He inserted an adjustable mouth gag and began ratcheting it open, stretch my little mouth wide open. He then reached under the bench and place nipple clamps on my little nipples and finally, he placed a device on my balls, and began tightening, crushing my little balls. As I looked up, with tears in my eyes, I could see the two of them were getting off watching me in pain. Dave then asked Mark – “Ready to teach this whore a lesson?” Mark nodded and said “Sure am, this is going to be fun!”

Dave position himself behind me and I could feel the head of his cock touch my tight and sore hole. He slapped his cock on my ass and began fingering my hole. It was so painful as he didn’t use any lube, not even his own spit. As he was abusing my ass and hole, Mark positioned himself in front of me, with my mouth stretched open and slammed his cock in my tiny mouth. He soon began face fucking me, making me chock and gag on his huge cock. Dave then took his cock and rammed it into my tiny hole. The two got into a rhythm as the fucked both my holes. As they did the called me my usual names – Fucking Whore, Worthless Slut, and Little gurly Bitch. I could feel their cocks getting harder and felt as if they were both about to cum, when Dave said – “ready to switch?” Mark said “Fuck yes!” And the two switched positions. Dave came up to my face, grabbed my hair and told me I better make him cum big and I better swallow it all. The two looked at each other and simultaneously slammed their cocks into me. I felt as if I were going to pass out and suddenly Dave slapped my face telling me not to pass out or else he was going to beat my ass again. The continued to fuck both my holes. I could hear Mark moan and tense up just before he shot a massive load into my tight boi-pussy. Dave wasn’t far behind, unloading down my throat and telling me not to let any cum drip on the floor.

As I lay there, still strapped to the bench, Mark went over to the wall and grabbed a whip. He took a big swipe and belted my ass hard. I yelled out in pain and he told me they were going to unshackle me and for me to behave. I nodded yes.

Once unshackled they removed my mouth gag, yanked the nipple clips off me (it was so painful, but I was too worn out to react), and removed the device on my balls. Then they pushed me over to the cross and shackled me to the cross. Mark first grabbed a ball and gag and put it on me so that I could not scream. He then placed a hood over my head. I was completely in the dark and so scared of what was going to happen next. As I waited, I could hear them rustle about, and before you knew it, I heard the crack of a whip and felt it lash across my little dick. I winced in pain. I could hear the two of them laughing and enjoying themselves as the continued to torture me on the cross. They got particularly excited as they began shocking my balls and cock with an electrosex wand. After a few more lashings from the whip, I felt the mask being removed from my head. Dave was standing next to me and said they were ready for another round.

They removed the shackles and mouth gag and pulled me over to the floor stockade where I was strapped down, so I was on all fours. Then the two flipped a coin to see who was going to go first. Dave won the toss and positioned behind me and then in one thrust he pushed his big cock deep inside me. Mark came around front and got on all fours and pushed his ass in my face. He told me to start licking his as and to put my tongue deep in his hole. As much as I hated it, I did as I was told. Dave continued to thrust deep into me and soon began screaming that he was going to seed my little bitch boi-pussy. He shot his load and pulled out of me. Mark was next, he stood up and positioned himself behind me, and in one thrust his super fat cock, split me ass and he began fucking me recklessly. Dave came around to my face and told me to suck his cock clean. I could feel Mark tensing up and soon he started yelling – “take that you fucking slut, I’m going to breed your dirty little boi-pussy!” He shot his load into me, then slapped my ass and then he came around to my face, telling me to clean his cock off.

I was exhausted and sore at this point and I heard the door open. It was Mr. Jones. He asked Dave and Mark if I was a good little bitch for them – they both smiled and nodded yes. Mr; Jones told them they should go downstairs to relax and get a drink as it was his turn with me.

To be continued….