From Airport to Hotel Room – Indian Mature Gay Story

So it happened that I was travelling from Kerala to Mumbai. It was a early morning flight, so there were not many passengers. After security clearances, as I was heading towards my departure gate lobby, I saw an aged guy, roughly 50+, fair, white hair. He smiled at me and I involuntarily greeted him.

As we boarded the flight, his seat was just next to me, we smiled at each other again. We spoke to each other during the flight, though early morning, it was still quite dark and at sufficient height, the cabin lights were off.

He told me that he was the CEO of an organisation and was visiting few clients of his in Mumbai. He even handed me his card. It read Brijesh Singh.

We had our seats way back and the other few passengers had seats in front. We spoke to each other at length. Then after sometime, just don’t know how it started, but we spoke with each other with little to no-gap between us. He was wearing a suit and I was in my jeans and tees. He raised the arm rest in between us. We looked at each other and also towards any approaching air staff crew. It was an unsaid thing between us and we both knew what we are doing and heading for.

Brijesh : “I hope you don’t mind” saying so stretched his hand towards my crotch. Morning boner plus aeroplane conditioning was already good enough for my Johnson to be upright and crazy hard.

Brijesh : “Wow it’s already so hard and big” saying so he gave my crotch a good rub and squeeze. Brijesh was fixated on touching me thoroughly while I kept my eyes on any approaching crew. Having no passengers around was really a good to have experience. Brijesh got his hands working to unzip me, I looked at him and he just smiled, he was determined to get my boner out and he did. I gasped but it was such a situation and moment that I cared less too, either ways our society has kind of learnt to accept such situations but still there was a bit of fear in my head.

Brijesh looked here and there and went down to suck my dick head, he kept working my dick-head and shaft well and sucked me really really good. I too managed to get a handful of his man boobs in my arms, through his shirt fabric.

Fate was on our side that day, as passengers, nor the staff crew no one came to disturb us and Brijesh sucked me for 15-20 minutes straight. It was only during the announcement that he raised his froth filled mouth up, only to go back and suck me back, this time around I reached my climax and shook enough for Brijesh to understand, looking at me from below, he whispered

Brijesh : “It’s ok, dump it in my mouth”.

I took the cue, held his head nice and firm and shot my load after load in his mature experienced mouth.

He was up, he cleaned his mouth with his handkerchief and smiled at me.

Brijesh : “I loved it, this was my first time in a social place like plane” he smiled back asking me if there are any traces of my man cream on his face or anywhere.

I zipped myself.

Brijesh : “You really have a nice juicy cock, by any chance do you stay near to airport”

Me : “Actually no, I stay at quite a distance”

Brijesh was disappointed. Our flight landed in Mumbai and we both walked out as if we knew each other from a long time. We sat at a Coffee shop, as we landed quite early to airport.

Brijesh got a call on his mobile and he was informed that his meeting is postponed to tomorrow. Brijesh kept the phone

Brijesh : “Normally I would get a lot pissed, if any of this meetings get cancelled, but today I am actually happy” Brijesh looked at me with a grin.

“Shall we complete what we started in the plane? I have a hotel room booked nearby” Brijesh winked at me.

It was 8 in the morning. Surprisingly even the hotel allowed us early check-in.

The next thing, I was banging Brijesh 50 year old mature man pussy hard. He had a thing for strong hard fuck session

“Ohh yes.. yeahh.. yeaahh, fuck me, fuck me just like that, don’t stop, yeahh, yeaahh.”

Brijesh was an experienced player, his ass was loose as fuck and a complete pleasure to fuck, I banged him in the bathroom, on the bed, near the window, where we cared less who could see us or not, he milked twice, thrive even without him touching his lil clit. I banged him in all possible positions where he sat on me and bounced, doggy style, missionary, you make it we did it 🙂

Finally with him on his knees, I plastered his face with my cum, and he was longing for it, he licked it all of his face unto his mouth and licked my dick clean, while winking at me with my cum dripping from his lashes.

We both walked towards washroom and had a great shower together. It was 12:00 in the afternoon. I couldn’t believe that I banged an aged guy for that many hours straight. While leaving Brijesh, hugged and kissed me

Brijesh : “This was the best fuck I ever had, thanks”

He asked me where I lived and jotted it down as well.

Brijesh : “I hope I can see you tomorrow as well” and he winked at me again as I laughed and headed to the door.

To be continued