Handsome hunk filled my Ass with Pleasure

I am a travel influencer. I often get paid to visit exotic locations by companies to review their service. Recently, I was coordinating with John from the travel company. He was a fun guy to talk to and he would often make me laugh. I longed to meet John, but he would say, “I will meet you when the time is right”, this suspense got to me and made me hot for John. I was going to experience something different and he had filled my ass with pleasure which I never expected.

I visited Marrakesh on the trip planned and sponsored by John. As this place is a religious hub, gays like me are not quite entertained. So, to be on a safer side, I scheduled all my shoots in the daytime and visited the local pubs at night, all by myself. One such night, I met a wonderful gentleman who gave me the best time of my life.

Rayez was a handsome lad in his mid-thirties. He had bronze skin and auburn hair. His grey eyes would penetrate a soul. I fell for him the moment he sat next to me at the bar. He initiated the conversation and bought me my drinks for the night. He spoke of how he grew in a religious environment where gay men were slaughtered on the streets. He spoke of how he had travelled many countries in search for his soulmate and yet, after all these years, not even come close to it. I was fascinated about his life and his belief in love. Somewhere deep down, I wanted to be his lover and fulfil his desires. So, I gathered my courage and asked him to accompany me to my room.


As we were entering my room, his white linen shirt got stuck in the door knob and tore it. I was shocked but he simply laughed it off and threw it off on the rug calling it a piece of garbage. This exposed his perfect torso with lines of worked up muscles. His strong chest with curls of blonde hair. I stood there in awe admiring this stallion. He noticed and pulled my hand to touch his chest, I gasped. Just like the movies, he shut the door with a kick and pushed me against the wall, kissing me passionately. Hurriedly, he undressed me to see my naked body. He stood there and stared; I am embarrassed. He said, “Mathew, you are beautiful”. With that statement, I melted under my skin and pushed myself on him. I was so horny that, and all I wanted was the Moroccan cock in my mouth. I went down on my knees and started to suck him.

He was calm as a mill pond, he looked down at me and smiled through out the process. He tasted like a sweet pineapple, juicing his way in my throat. His skinless manhood warmed my cold cola mouth. He was hard like a rock and I knew it then that he was about to fill me up. But Rayez has something else in mind. He lifted me and said, “I will not waste that like this, Mat”. I sheepishly looked at him to get my instructions. He gestured me to lay on the bed, and I did. He got his knees, opened my ass cheeks and rimmed my love hole. I was so turned on, that the 33rd floor view of the city lights was blurring in my vision. He paused for a moment and picked my hand suggesting me to pleasure myself while he fucked me. That feeling was cosmic, I felt like we were meant to be. He filled my ass with pleasure and his seeds were inside me. And that’s when he leaned in to whisper, “The time is right now, Mathew, lets be one.” I came at the same time as John, my travel agent did in Marrakesh.