The Local Dog Catcher – Part 5

A story of how the local dog catcher and his wife move into the neighborhood turning my friend and I into their sex slaves. Part 4 exists see below.

First and foremost, on Part 4 – I misspelled my name, so if you are following the story by author/name – I spelled it LitteCDNikki (missing an L) rather than the correct spelling of LittleCDNikki.

See Parts 1 – 4. Also, sorry if you thought this story may be about zoophilia, but hope you enjoy it anyway! Although the some of the story is true, much of it is a fantasy and what I wished might have happened.

So continuing on with the story….

Mr. Jones closes the door and walks over to the stockade, where I am still shackled and says “Well how is my little bitch? Have you been a good little slut taking care of everyone? Now it’s Daddy’s turn.” I nodded yes and he began to remove the shackles. He told me to wait there and he went to the wall to retrieve a couple of items. He came back with a dog collar, leash, a different hood and a funny looking butt plug. He put the collar on and tightened it so I could really feel it on me. He then bent me over and insterted the butt plug. I soon realized it had a dog-tail on the other end and I was going to be his dog-bitch for the evening. Next he put on the hood – it was a puppy dog hood with an opening for my mouth. And to complete my “transformation” into a dog, he attached the leash to the collar. I could see him getting hard in his boxers. He looked at me and said “Well now you look like a proper dog-bitch, let’s see how well behaved you are.” He grab the leash and made me walk around the room on all fours like a dog. After a few times around the room, he stopped and started to give me commands, which I followed without hesitation – “Sit!, Down!, Rollover! Paw!” “Now that’s a good gurl.” He gave me a real dog biscuit and made me eat it.

Mr. Jones then proceeded to lie down on a mat, he then spread his legs and lifted them up. “Okay bitch, now eat daddy’s ass! I wanted to feel your tongue deep inside me!” “And I want to hear you bark every once in a while.” I moved slowly towards his hairy ass and began sniffing like a dog, then a few gentle licks and soon I dove deep into his ass, sticking my little tongue as deep in it as I could. I could hear him moaning with pleasure and his cock got bigger and harder. He then instructed me to lick and suck on his balls – which were also very hairy. I began licking and sucking his balls and then would switch back to his hole – all the while he would moan in pleasure. He got to a point where I thought he was going to cum, when he got up. His cock was rock hard, sticking straight out and he grabbed the leash and walked me over to the dog cage. He told me to sit and wait. I did as a good puppy would and sat patiently while he went back to the wall of toys and whips.

Mr. Jones came back with another leash. I was totally confused at first as he put it on me. He then told me to get into the cage. Once in the cage, he closed the door, locked it and grabbed both leash ends. He then pulled on the leashes, forcing my face forward and against the door of the cage. Once I was in position, he took his cock and rammed it into my mouth telling me to suck on it like a good little bitch whore. He continued to ram his cock in and out of my mouth, making me gag and choke. I had tears running down my face as he abused my mouth and throat with his cock. As he was doing this he said “I wish I could do this to all the dogs I catch! Or maybe I should take you with me and leave you in one of the cages as I drive around town?” I could feel his cock tensing up and was ready for him to shoot his load down my throat, when he pulled his cock out, looked at my puppy-dog eyes and said “Not yet bitch!”

He grabbed the leashes and pulled me back so that my ass was pressed hard against the back of the cage with the dog tail sticking out. He grabbed the tail and yanked it out of my tight little ass, then pulled the leashes hard and drove his cock into my little boi-pussy. I had never seen him this possessed as he fucked me hard like his little puppy bitch. “Yeah, now that’s a good bitch, mmmmm, you feel real good and tight like a good puppy!” He didn’t last long before he shot his load deep into my hole. He caught his breath and as his dick got soft, pulled it out of me and inserted the butt plug tail back into me. Telling me he wanted to keep his seed inside me. He came back around to the front of the cage and stuck his cock into the cage and told me to lick it clean.

Once clean, he told me I was a good puppy and that he had a treat for me. He left the room and came back with two bowls. “Now daddy has your dinner – make sure you eat it all up!” He put the bowls in the cage – one with water and the other with dog food. “Now go ahead and eat you all your dinner, or else daddy is going to discipline you, and you won’t like that.” He had grabbed a paddle and was slapping it against his hand. Reluctantly, I put my head in the bowl and started licking the food. I thought to myself – how do dogs eat this as it smelled horrible. I knew I couldn’t take any more, so I began eating the food. I ate it as quickly as I could and then licked down as much water as I could so I couldn’t taste it any longer. Mr. Jones looked at me and said, now that’s a good puppy.

He then opened the cage and told me he was going to take me out to do my business. He grabbed the leashes and walked me downstairs and out the back door. I was terrified as I thought someone would see me, but it was a bit dark, and his backyard was fenced in. He took me out onto the grass and made me squat like a female dog and pee. And since I hadn’t eaten much all day, I didn’t have to poo. He then led me back upstairs and to the cage. He removed both leashes, opened the door, threw a blanket in the cage, and told me to get comfortable as I was going to sleep there tonight. I curled up with the blanket, and fell asleep quickly as I was exhausted and sore from the day.

The next morning, I woke to the sound of the door opening. It was Mrs. Jones – she looked at me and said “So how is our little gurl? Did you sleep well?” I nodded yes and she opened the cage door. “We need to get you all cleaned up and ready to go back home.” She removed the hood, collar and butt plug and put her arm around me and escorted me to their bedroom. Mr. Jones was on the bed with a hard-on smiling at me. As he smiled, he said “Now before you go, you need to take care of this.” Mrs. Jones told me to get on the bed and hop on his cock. I did as I was told and rode his cock until he came deep inside me. I then heard two familiar voices say “Nice little slut!” It was Dave and Mark. Mrs. Jones told me before I could leave, I had to take care of the two. I bent over the bed and they both fucked me until they too shot their loads deep inside my little boi-pussy. Mrs. Jones then said, “Now we are going to put this little butt plug in you to hold that cum inside for the day. And if you feel any leaking out, you need to wipe it with your finger and then lick it off your finger. You understand?” I nodded yes.

She then took me into the bathroom to get me cleaned up. She showered me, dried my hair, put some make-up to cover the redness on my ass and got me dressed. Mr. and Mrs. Jones escorted me down to the front door and before they opened the door so I could go home, Mrs. Jones said – “Now I know school has started again, but we don’t want you to be a stranger. After all, remember we have lots of photos and videos of you, including ones from last night. You wouldn’t want anyone seeing you being fucked like a little puppy, would you?” I looked at her and said “No Ma’am, I will come visit after school when I don’t have soccer or homework.” Off I went back down the street to my house, with a boi-pussy full of cum and a butt plug holding it in. My mom greeted me and asked how my sleepover was – I smiled and said great. I went off to my room and began licking up the cum that was seeping out of the butt plug, just as I was instructed to.

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