Experience with Don (M/M) (Older/Younger Generational)

66 Year old man realizes his fantasy when an 85 year old man reveals his intentions.

This is a true story. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and your comments are most welcome.

My name is John and I’m a 66 year old healthy slim good looking man. I have never had any problems attracting woman over the years and at my age woman still find me attractive. I know this because I’ve been told by several different woman several times. I am a married man and a little standoffish so stepping out on my marriage is not something I have done.

Anyway that is not the point. The point is that over the years I have thought about what it would be like to have sex with another man. For awhile now I have been getting aroused when I image sucking a thick cock and just wondering how it would feel like. Sometimes when I jerk off, I image that I’m sucking some guys cock. No one in particular, just the thought of a cock in my mouth turns me on. I’ve never been with another man but as I get older I become more and more horny and more and more curious.

Recently I met an older man his name is Don. He’s an 85 years old, living on his own for more than 20 years. I volunteer with a local group helping elderly from time to time, to run errands, run them around shopping, deliver groceries, or whatever they might need, and that is how we met.

It’s a great volunteer activity now that I have retired and it gives me a purpose to stay involved daily. Don is a pretty sharp guy for his age, he is health conscious and has a great positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Recently he has been having trouble getting around and sometimes the simplest things can cause him to take a fall. I would visit Don usually once a week for an hour or so, have coffee with him, see if he needed anything, or pick things up for him when I call him ahead of time.

He is quite an interesting guy with good stories and he it’s good for him to have the company from time to time. I am a bit of a loner myself with only a few friends, so for me it was maybe what I also needed.

In time I found myself staying a little longer than usual during my visits and we would just talk about stuff, hang out, and even share a beer from time to time. From what he told me, his kids are estranged and his ex wife is in a nursing home and he likes his independence and living alone.

At one point he took a fall and I recently helped him to arrange an in-home service to come in a few hours each day and help wash and dress him, and do some laundry etc. So that was working out well and it was just what he needed. Of course I still visited with him at least once a week and lately even more and we’d talk and carry on for hours.

On more occasions than not, the conversations would turn to sex and he had an uncanny way of always bringing it up. I suppose it’s a guy thing at any age. He had some stories of some of the things he got into in his youth, some of the woman he banged as he calls it, and some crazy situations he’d get himself into.

Compared to my life in my younger days, it certainly was not as outgoing as his in that department and it made for some good conversation and pass time laughs and discussions.

On one occasion he was describing some sexual escapade in his twenties and he was pretty descriptive. I was particularly horny that day and realized I got an erection listening to his story. I told him that listening to his stories gave me a hardon but he laughed and didn’t believe me. So I jokingly showed him the bulge in my jeans to prove it.

He laughed and said he didn’t think he still had in him to arouse anybody! I asked him if I had embarrassed him and he said hell no not at all, in fact he liked it, and that it made him feel alive knowing someone was getting something! We just laughed it off.

On this particular day his assigned PSW Personal Service Provider was not able to come in. Don asked me if I could assist him with his shower since he is not comfortable getting in and out himself. We were on a pretty good friendship level by now so it would not have been unusual for him to ask me for some help. He had one of those bath seats in the shower so it was just a matter of assisting him in and sitting him down. Of course I had to help him undress and that was a little awkward.

It’s the first time I saw him naked and I was a little uneasy but on the other hand I was there to aid him and at this time, this is what he needed some help with. I set the water temperature just right for him and got him all wet before shampooing him all over.

While I was bathing him I told Don I had never bathed another guy before and I was a little nervous and so bare with me. He laughed and said we were friends and he was used to having me around anyway so don’t worry about it, I was doing just fine and he was comfortable with it if I was.

“You’re doing a great job John, you’re gentle on me and careful that I don’t fall. That’s a good thing.”

“Ah thanks, I’m trying” I assured him. “So am I supposed to clean your, you know, your stuff? Can you do that?” I asked.

Don laughed and teased me. “Hell ya! You have to clean there! Haha! Lets see how you handle that!”

I just smiled and shook my head, and knew he was having some fun with me. I had him all lathered up head to toes and had his balls and cock all slippery and soapy wet. I scrubbed his back and chest and legs and arms. Finally scrubbed his cock and balls and it felt good on my bare hand. It felt soapy and slippery and rather nice. I tried not make it obvious by not staring but I could see Don was getting an erection.

Holy shit this was different I thought. I didn’t expect this reaction and I wasn’t sure what to say so I just continued to carefully rinse him off and I sensed that Don knew I was nervous as hell.

Don started laughing and joking around saying, “Sorry about that, but its been awhile since I’ve had one so I’ll take it when I can get one,” saying this calmly and cool.

“Oh my God Don! That is one hell of a proud cock! I told him, I am defiantly jealous!”

“Well buddy, I think you have a magic touch!” He says.

Secretly I was thrilled and proud of myself at the idea I could get a guy hard, and actually wondered if I really did have a magic touch! I gave him a good rinse and assisted him out of the shower and helped dry him off. His cock was still semi hard but it still looked desirable to me.

Wrapped in a large shower towel we made our way back to his bedroom to get him dressed. Even though he could have probably made it back on his own I was there anyway holding his arm and steadying him. Don already had his socks and under wear organized and laid out on the bed. So I slipped the large towel off and started to help him to get dressed. He was facing me completely naked and I grabbed his under wear and told him to hold on to my shoulders and lift a leg while I bent down to help him slip on his underwear.

Of course Don, the joker that he is says, “well it’s not everyday I have an admirer, I guess you have an effect on me.”

I looked up, and Don had a semi erection going.

“Well I guess miracles still do happen, and now you’re just showing off!” I told him jokingly.

“You better take in the miracle and sights now buddy” he says, “I may not get another one of these erections for awhile!” He says.

“I’m looking at your the miracle right now Don” I laughed, “and I’m jealous”!

“Well like I say I don’t usually get this hard anymore maybe it’s more the idea that you are looking at my cock that got me hard.”

“Maybe” I replied, not believing how much I was enjoying the view and flirting around.

“I hope that doesn’t bother you John. Guess I’m feeling a little naughty these days.” And he winks at me.

I was feeling pretty horny myself, and this was a new sensation for me and I replied that I didn’t mind it at all. It was all good!

I had my own erection going on and the idea that this older man could turn me on this way was even more exciting than I imagined. I thought he was defiantly coming on to me but I was to nervous as to what to do about it.

I got him dressed, we had a coffee and then I had a few other things to do so we agreed I’d be back in two days. I was about to leave and he asked me if I could help with his tablet the next time I return. I said “sure thing”.

It was a crazy two days as I waited for Thursday to arrive. Throughout the days I found myself thinking of Don and fondling his cock and getting him hard. All the while I was getting raging erections just thinking about it. I knew I wanted to try some guy on guy stuff but I wasn’t sure if I was ready or if Don might even be the one I could trust. Either way I was horny as hell those two days and couldn’t wait to visit Don again.

On the day I arrived, he was already dressed and fed and and we had a beer together and just chit chatted. My mind was going crazy imagining him naked and hard in front of me but he never mentioned that day.

“Oh hey John, I almost forgot, can you help me with this tablet? I can’t seem to get it working anymore.” He asked.

“Ya sure, I can have a look, see what I can do.”

He handed me his tablet and if you can imagine an 85 year old struggling with electronics, very confusing for him but he sure enjoyed using it and watched plenty of YouTube videos as well as some porn videos that I saw on his history list.

I saw his history files and smiled, and mentioned that I also go to some of the same sites he has on his list.

Don was a little surprised I found out about it but he laughed it off and said “I might be old but I’m not dead.”

“Ya me to!” I agreed. “As long as you’re not hurting anybody what’s the harm in what you watch, and besides, life is too short.” I affirmed jokingly.

Well from my previous visit and now seeing his porn history, we understood that we both liked sex and our sex discussions from then on were more detailed and personal.

He told he had not had sex in over 20 years, I admitted that it’s been years for me to and that my wife has zero desire for sex.

“Guess that’s why I’m always horny”.

So we agreed we were both two pent up horny old bastards! And we laughed about that.

With all of that talk and confessions, it seems we both had an erection! Don was openly ecstatic since he says he hardly gets it up anymore. I congratulated him and boasted that I didn’t have a problem getting a erection but admitted my problem is finding a private place to get my rocks off without my wife finding out.

“She’d freak out if she caught me jerking off!” We laughed about that as well.

Don laughed like hell recalling he had the same problem back in the day when his wife was alive and told me about one time when his wife caught him in the bathroom getting one off! We laughed and laughed about that and agreed it was nice to have a friend to talk to about this stuff. Don told me he was glad that I regularly came to visit.

“Haha it’s crazy,” I told him, “I’m a grown man and I still have to sneak around.”

“Well that is another reason why I like living alone,” he said, and out of the blue he tells me, “I can masturbate anytime I want, or at least anytime I can get it up these days and laughed. “And I don’t even have to worry about getting caught!”

“Don’t get me wrong”, he says, “I don’t always masturbate, only when I can actually get it up and that is hardly ever these days! Getting old sucks.”

He was right, he had his freedom in his own domain and no one to bother him. I kind of envied that especially since my wife had lost all interest in sex years ago and somehow expects me to not think about sex. It’s crazy and I suppose that’s why I’m always horny I thought.

“If you ever have the urge, you know, to get it off that is, you can always use my place,” I won’t tell her!” Don says laughing it off.

“Haha well I might just take you up on that,” I told him, “I’ve been kind of horny these days anyway, and be careful what you ask for Don, you might just get it!”

I was still fooling around with his tablet clearing cache and duplicate files and I popped on a Porn Hub video he had bookmarked. It happened to be of two older men, coincidentally an older man and a much younger guy.

I laughed and looked up at him, “Wow Don this is kind of hot! Is this what you usually watch?”

“Yep! I like that, and I like girls on girls, and I like actually almost anything. I have a membership so everything is on there!” He tells me.

“Oh cool! I admit I look at Porn Hub a lot but I don’t have a premium subscription, do you mind if I take a look and see what you get for a premium subscription?” I asked.

Don sat down beside me on the bed as I held the tablet and scanned the pages. I noticed he had a few book marked and I opened one up. It was a couple of older men in a hotel room jerking off together.

“Oh! I like this one! Woo wooo” I expressed.

“It’s one of my favorite,” he tells me, “I bookmarked that one”, he says proudly.

“I see that! So have you ever actually done anything with another guy?” I asked.

“Only jerked off with another boy when I was about 12 but no, never did anything with any other guy. Just kind of gets me more aroused and hard when I see those videos. Not sure why because I always liked eating pussy.”

“Me too, I like eating pussy but to be honest the past few years I have watched guy on guy videos as well and have gotten pretty hard and horny over them.” I confessed.

“I guess it’s more exciting when you know you can’t have something, maybe it’s more taboo.”

Don put his hand on my crotch and complimented me on my erection. It felt exciting to be touched by someone else.

“I see all of this talk is having an effect on you also,” he points out.

I look over to Don and noticed the tenting in his track suit and I put my hand on his crotch and complimented him on his amazingly hard cock.

“I’m pretty excited right now John, I can’t remember the last time I was so hard.”

“Well I don’t think you should waste it” I told him jokingly.

“Why don’t you take it out and show it off? I’ve already seen it so surprise me again you naughty show off.”

Don slipped out of his track pants and he pulled his T-shirt up over his head. Wearing only his underwear and a hard on and looks at me.

“You’ve seen mine before John, can I see yours?” He asked.

I had a raging erection, could this be really happening? Could I actually have a chance to suck a cock? Damn I was excited. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I stood up from the bed and slowly unzipped my jeans and lowered them to the floor and stepped out of them.

My cock was rock hard and raging to be set free from my tight underwear. Standing just about a foot away in front of Don I removed my underwear and showed him.

“This is how excited you got me Don,” I proudly showed him.

He wasted no time, Don instantly placed his mouth on my cock and stroked it with his tongue. He slowly took my entire shaft in his mouth and I let him savor it for a few minutes as I stood in front of him as he sat on the edge of the bed.

I laid him down on the bed and I told him I should be sucking his cock now while its still hard and with that, I went down on him. Don was defiantly hard and horny as hell. For me this was my first guy on guy sex and I was enjoying it immensely.

For a guy that prefers to eat a wet pussy, I was sure in heaven with this 85 year old rock hard appreciative cock in my mouth. I didn’t rush it at all. I slowly stroked his shaft with my mouth and tongue, slowly sucked on it, and gently stroked his balls.

I was amazed how natural it felt and how good I was at it. Don was moaning and encouraging me and that just turned me on more. For me I think the biggest turn on was the fact that I could get him hard and hopefully get him off. The idea, I had that effect on him, and that he was actually very appreciative that someone would do that for him was my ultimate turn on. So with my free hand I stroked his chest, and from time to time I would get on top of him and rub our rock hard cocks together.

The feeling was amazing and was nothing like I had ever felt before. I was so horny and so into the moment that I even started to kiss his chest and neck like two romantic lovers and finally, I landed gentle kisses on his lips. Don immediately opened his mouth in lustful acceptance and next thing I realized we were French kissing and rubbing our cocks together in unison as I lay on top of him.

“Oh my God I’m so horny for you right now,” he tells me. And he goes on to tell me how much he likes this.

I move my mouth back down to his still hard cock and start to gently suck on it. I can feel him beginning to jerk and stiffen up. I knew he was close to blowing his wad and he told me he was going to cum. I reassured him to go ahead because I wanted to suck him dry.

Within a few moments Don blew his small wad in my mouth for me. Maybe not as much juice as I had thought but he certainly had an intense orgasm and in the end, that was what I wanted to do for him. He didn’t stay hard very long after that but I was.

I was hard as hell but didn’t have a need to cum. I was content enough just knowing that Don was satisfied.

We both laid there under the warmer covers in a tight embrace kissing and caressing each other as if it was the best thing that had just happened to us. He told me he really needed that and that he wanted to get me off.

I told it was not necessary and we could do it again another time. We both lay there snuggled, warm, safe, and content, and we dozed off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I hope you enjoyed this story and feel free to send me comments and feedback.