Taunting to seduce my stepbrother

My stepbrother Tony was a “sweet” and “kind” person, at least that’s how most referred to him. But not me. I was irritated by his nice ass attitude which made me look like the bad guy all the time. So, I made a plan to do something very bad with him – and me. A plan to seduce my stepbrother and get him on the bed.

It was a usual day, parents at work, Tony working on his car. I dress in my skimpiest shorts and wear a white t-shirt over it. No bra used. I walk and watch my boobs move with every step. Yes! This is what I was looking for. I enter the garage where he is and ask if he needed help. He said a “No”, without even looking up. So, I wet my shirt and walk right up to him, making him look at me. It was then that he sees me, he looks up. I watch him, his eyes see my face and then drop down to my chest. He swallows and then says in a gruff voice, “Go away.” That time I do, but I sneak into his room at night when I hear some noises.

I check the door and see it is unlocked. I open it to see him sitting naked on his bed and rubbing his cock with his eyes closed. He hasn’t realized I have opened the door and I hear him mumble – Anita. That’s my name! He is thinking of me! I am shocked and drop the cup in my hand. That stops him and his eyes open. He doesn’t move, but now that I have seen his cock, I want it.


I walk towards him and lock the door to further seduce my stepbrother. He doesn’t move or say anything. I reach his bed and get on it. “Do you want my ass, Tony? Do you want me to suck your cock? I heard you take my name. Tell me what you want?” I say and lick the side of his mouth. He sucks in a breath and for a moment I think he has decided that he won’t touch me. But the next minute he grabs me and rolls over me, sitting over my thighs and watches me.

He is still naked and his fat cock sits on my belly. I see it and touch it because I want to feel him. The velvety skin is warm to my touch and I move my palms over it. He watches me do that and thrusts to rub himself over me. He is breathing hard so I touch his cock again. I pull – indicating that I want him to come forward. He does and his crotch hovers over my face. His cock is now over my face, as I caress his length. I can hear his groans when I lick all over his cockhead. His cock seems to have bulged now. I suck the top and massage his length, drawing a sigh from him. I am sucking on the top and rubbing the cock, because the position allows me to do this.

He pulls back after a bit and without warning, tears my nightshirt. My boobs spill out and he greedily grabs one in each hand. His face shows the hunger and he dips down to take one nipple in his mouth. He sucks it and then almost tries to chew it, but slowly. He lies down and makes me sit on his thighs. I feel his cock on my pussy and rub myself over him. He plays with my nipples, letting me get my fill. I push my panties away and position myself over his cock. He lays back comfortably, letting me take the lead with this. The plan to seduce my stepbrother has worked well.

I first feel the tip of his cock and roll it around, inside my pussy. I let my pussy clamp on his cock head and hear him sigh. Then I slowly sit down on it, letting his cock slide in, till he is fully inside.  I feel this thickness and I just roll my hips to feel it better. My heart is beating fast, as he lies and just lets me do what I want. I lift up a little and come back down on him. Then I keep doing that, getting up, slamming down and maintain a rhythm of my fucking. I am tired now and slow down.

He takes a cue and rolls over, making me lie down. We fuck in the missionary position as he takes the lead and penetrates me. The bed shakes as his cock massages my pussy walls. The tip is strong and the cock just rubs me the right way. I shake and shiver knowing what is going to come. He watches me and then simply fondles my clit. I shoot off, cumming and releasing loads of liquid. Tony follows. Clasping my hips and pumping all of his semen out into me.

That night was so hot, I slept naked. Tony left the next day for an “educational” trip but I still masturbate to his thoughts – him and I fucking. I plan to seduce my stepbrother again when we meet.