the massager

what she thought was her guy friend turned into something special..

Back in the 7th grade, i had a back massager. I was very athletic, so i needed it for when i pulled a muscle. I was 140 pounds, 5’4 with c cups. One day, my friend decided to take the bus with me. For privacy reasons , we’ll call him kyle. Kyle was one of my best friends. After getting off the bus we went up to my room. I put on something to watch while using my back massager. After a few minutes he kept starring at me… I asked him if he needed anything as he inched closer and closer. He wanted to see the massager to “try it”. Of course i allowed him. As i was watching the show i had put on, he got close to me and put it on my thighs. I felt a tingly feeling but i told him to put it lower on my caves since those hurt terribly. Instead of lowering the massager, he moved it forward!! I tried and fought against him not wanting to feel the massager on my private.. but he was 5’10 and 170 pounds. There was no way i could get around him. As he kept it at my clit, he watched me squirm and moan. I looked up at him as he was grinning. I saw that he was rock hard.. He decided to tie me up to keep the massager right at my little pussy as he took off his pants. I watched his massive cock spring out of his boxers! He told me to open my mouth as i desperately moved around trying to avoid it. He then forced it into my mouth as he face fucked me. All i could do was try to move the massager but it made it worse! it moved up to the highest setting!! I moaned like crazy as i came and squirted all over.. He smirked at me as he came in my mouth. He told me to swallow or else… i didn’t want to find out so i swallowed like a good little bitch.