Lesbian Romance with My Neighbour to Release her Milk

I am Nancy, 27 years old and got married recently. I have got medium sized breasts, fully firm with pink nipples and a bigger firm ass. One day, as I was cooking breakfast and was alone at home, the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see my friend and neighbour Mila at the door who was sobbing. She came inside the house and locked the front door and hugged me and said, “Nancy, please help me my breasts are paining a lot. Can you help me release the milk from my breasts?” On hearing Mila, I was shocked. She had a baby who expired on the operation table due to some complications. Little did I know that I am going to have lesbian romance with my neighbour.

I took Mila to my bedroom and locked the door from inside and asked her, “What happened? Why are you crying?” She was sitting on the edge of the bed and said “Nancy, after my child’s death, I have been suffering from this milk outburst every day!

If I don’t pump the milk twice a day, my breasts pain awfully. Please can you assist me?” Moments later, her boobs were completely out and free. They were fair in colour and had a fuller, womanly outlook. She asked me to get a cup and press the milk from her boobs and collect it in the cup. I obeyed. With a cup in my left hand, I sat near her and touched her right boob. For a few moments, my eyes gazed at her gorgeous melons. Suddenly, I was back in my senses as Mila said, “Hurry up, it is paining a lot”. Without wasting any time, I held her right breast in my right hand at the base and started to press the boob, holding the cup near the nipple with my other hand.


Even after putting a lot of pressure, only small drops of milk came out from the nipple. I looked up at Mila who was resting her hands on the bed. I told her that despite putting a lot of pressure, the milk flow is very less and that my hands are aching. To this, she gave me a rather surprising reply, “My husband had difficulty initially but he started to suck my breasts and empty my milk. If you don’t mind, can you suck my boobs?” I was astonished after hearing her. I never had any lesbian encounter nor was I sexually attracted to her but I was on the edge of experiencing lesbian romance with my neighbour.

However, I don’t know why, but the idea of sucking her boobs and drinking her milk came as sexy anticipation in my mind. The thought of it made my clean shaved cunt lips itch like anything and I could sense moisture between my legs. As my husband was not in town, I was satisfying the horny bitch within me with my fingers and this innocent yet sensual request of Mila burned the fire down there once again.

I agreed to do it. I kept my head on her lap and my right elbow on her thighs, with my face directly in front of her big, saggy boobs. Her nipples were poking in front of my mouth. She held her nipple between her fingers and placed it between my lips, and I started sucking it. Warm and sour in taste milk flowed into my mouth. When I looked at her, she was gently pressing her boobs to increase the flow while her stomach was pressing my left cheek and the increase in her body temperature was sensible. As I was all turned on, I lifted my knees up, widened my thighs, pulled my skirt up and rubbed my cunt lips with my left hand. Suddenly, I felt another hand on my pussy, and it was Mila’s.

I looked at her, and the lust in her eyes made me remove my hand. As I focused on sucking her nipples, one-by-one, Mila was playing with my ‘g spot’ with her middle-finger and was finger-fucking me every now and then. It was getting too much for me and soon I had an orgasm, moistening her fingers and her hand. After a few minutes, her boobs were empty, and she was wet too. Out of a clear blue sky I have had an fantastic orgasm due to lesbian romance with my neighbour and I was astonished with this. She held my face in between her palms, kissed me on my lips and thanked me for my help. I helped her wear her top and from that moment, for the next few months, I helped her emptying her milk.