The Not So Ordinary Days Of Dawn, Anal lesson, Part Seven

We attended a sex group called Tease and Torture. (Chapt. 5) The next meeting was to be at my house. Anal sex was going to be our main subject. Jean, the moderator of the group, would be the speaker. What better than a person who does a lot of anal since she has a cock and breasts?

Jean and I had been playing together for a few months now. She looked amazing in her tight shorts and white blouse.

With Jean’s help, I set up twenty chairs for the meeting in the playroom. Fifteen couples showed up for the meeting. The title drew much interest, especially among those who were thinking about it but had some questions. Dawn and Juno were also at the meeting.

Dawn came to my home the day before the meeting to see if I needed help.

“Dawn, why do you come over here in that white blouse and no bra? You know that drives me crazy.”

“Harv, it doesn’t take much to get you excited no matter what I wear. Juno thinks I have more sex with you than him. Not that he cares because you and I have had much sex.”

“As you know, tomorrow’s subject is anal sex. Maybe we should practice. What do you think?”

“You are one of the horniest men I know. I like it. Where do you want to take me? I mean that literally.”

I walked up to Dawn, put both hands over her breast, pushed her back against the wall, and kissed her passionately. Our tongues knew what to do from experience. I squeezed her large milkers and kissed her on the neck. She likes having her neck kissed.

Grabbing her by the hand, I led her to my bedroom. There, we helped each other undress and kiss. After my pants were off, she reached into my underwear to feel my erection.

Lifting her breasts, I sucked on the nipples. I turned her toward the bed and pushed her down. She spread and raised her legs, giving me a nice view of her pussy as I inserted myself into her.

“You like that pussy don’t you, Harv. You like to fuck me. You make me so wet. Fuck that pussy, take it. Fuck me harder.”

“Dawn, you know I love that pussy. My cock feels at home inside of you. Give me that pussy. I want to pound it. I wish I could get my balls inside you with my cock. You are so fucking hot.”

Watching her large breasts bounce around while I fucked her pussy stoked up the passion in me. “I do not think I want to fuck you in the ass tonight. I want to look you in the eyes and fuck your pussy.”

“Let me see your cock fucking me. I want to watch.”

I tucked in my stomach so Dawn could get a good view of my cock penetrating her. She grabbed her clit and started rubbing it. We were not going to last much longer. After a few minutes, our bodies began to shake. I pushed in one last time and shot my sperm into her pussy. Her pussy released more juice as she came over my cock.

The following night.

It was time for Jean to give the lesson. There were twenty couples and one single male, a regular group member who enjoyed the husbands sharing their wives.

“Nice group today. How many of you already do anal?” Ten couples raised their hands.

“How many are afraid to do anal and not planning to do it? You are just curious?” Five couples raised their hands.

“How many are here today because you want to do anal but are apprehensive about it?”

The rest of the group raised their hands.

“Of the group that is afraid and just curious, can someone tell me why?”

A thirty-three-year-old woman shouted, “My husband is too big; I am afraid it will hurt. I want to spice up our marriage like he wants to. We have been married for fifteen years.”

“Does your husband mind showing the group how big he is?” asked Jean.

“It is ok with me; it is up to him.” The husband stood up, pulled down his pants, and pulled out his cock. There were gasps from some of the women.

“Do you mind if I touch it?” Jean inquired.

They both agreed it was ok. Jean grabbed it and gave his cock a squeeze. The group watched as his cock erected to ten inches. “I can barely get my fingers to wrap around it,” Jean said with a smile. “Nice ball sack as well. I better stop, or I will want to be the recipient of that.”

“I can see why you would be apprehensive, but what if I told you I could help you through it? Would you be willing to try? If you cannot take it, we will stop.”

“In front of the group?” the woman asked.

“Yes, we are all adults here. Are you game? You only have to remove your pants. You lucky girl you!”

Her name was Breanna. She had jet black hair long, light black skin, big brown eyes, puffy lips, and a great body. She looked around a thirty-six-inch chest, twenty-four-inch waist, and twenty-eight-inch hips. The husband was white, six feet, and in good shape. He was a stone mason with rough hands.

An XL twin mattress was set up in the middle of the .room

“Come here, please, Breanna; remove your pants and kneel on the floor with your body bent over the bed. The height should be just right.” Jean told Breanna.


Boyd (her husband) whispered something in her ear. She looked at him and smiled. “If that is what you want!” Breanna replied so all could hear. She then walked up to the bed and followed Jean’s instructions. Breanna had a small patch of hair above her vagina. Breanna also removed her top. Her dark areolas and nipples were beautiful to view. Breanna then removed her top.

“I am more than a little nervous and conscientious. I never did anything like this before.”

“Breanna, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, does she, guys?” Even the women shouted not at all.”

She knelt at the foot end so everyone would get a good view.

“Now, Boyd, listen carefully as we want this to be a good experience for you. If Breanna says stop at any time, please do so; that is her body telling her she is not ready.

“Before we begin, I must remind everyone that the anus has two sphincter muscles. Yes, two.

You can see one on the outside and the other inside. That is the muscle you must penetrate and the one that causes pain.”

Jean walked over to Breanna and spread her ass cheeks. “Breanna, make your sphincter muscle open and close; you can feel that right. You can tighten that up when there is a cock inside to give you an extra sensation. But, first, we must get a cock inside you. That is where the fun begins if you both work together.”

Your rectum is not your vagina or your mouth and throat. The vagina will secrete its lube, and your mouth and throat will produce saliva, but there is nothing naturally to lube your anus before sex, so we must use much thick lube—either water or silicone-based.

“Boyd, take this lube and put some on Breanna’s hole and your dick. Some of you will want to use a numbing solution; I am telling you never to do that, as the body needs to feel the possible pain and enjoyment levels as well.”

“Boyd put the head of your cock against Breanna’s asshole. Do not try to penetrate. Just let her know you are ready,” warned Jean.

Boyd placed the head of his cock against Breanna’s entrance.

“OH, shit, no, stop. It hurts already.”

“We have two problems: Breanna is nervous; there has not been enough foreplay to prepare her for Boyd’s size. Boyd, let’s help Breanna relax by massaging her ass. That will bring blood flow to the ass. Breanna, while Boyd is massaging your ass rub your clit; getting yourself excited will create the passion you need. After about one minute, place a finger in her ass.”

“Now, in class, you could also use different size anal toys to prepare the sphincter for penetration by stretching it a little at a time. If you are into BDSM, you may not need as much foreplay because you like the pain. But always have some lubrication, so you do not tear your sphincter muscle.”

“Put two fingers in Boyd,” cried Breanna.

Boyd inserted two fingers and spread them apart, widening Breanna’s hole.

“Breanna, let Boyd know when you are ready for his cock. Boyd, because your mushroomed head is so large, do not go straight in. Breanna, can you lift your right leg on the bed while keeping your left knee on the floor? Good.”

“Boyd, start your entry into her from the side, allowing one-half of your cock head to enter her. Stop and wait for Breanna to encourage you further. Now Breanna, take deep, long breaths and relax as you exhale. Boyd, finish pushing the head of your cock into her and stop again.”

“Fuck, Boyd, I think you will fuck me in the ass for the first time. I can feel your cock head entering my ass. Fuck, your head is inside. Go slow.”

Boyd put some more lube around his cock and slid in slowly until he was all the way in.

“Oh, Breanna, your asshole is so tight.”

“Fuck my ass slowly, and let me get used to the feeling. It feels so good. I never thought we would ever be able to do this.”

“Dawn, how often have you been fucked in the ass?”

“Juno, Lenny, a pizza boy, you, Jean, and Harv many times. I enjoy filling all my holes, and yes, I like the pain.”

Does anyone else want to try anal? Here is the lube and the bed. Three other couples stripped and came to the bed for anal sex.

Boyd and Breanna were fucking faster. Boyd was holding on to his wife’s waist when he unloaded his cum into her ass. Breanna rubbed her clit hard and fast until her body tensed up and was ready for orgasm.

“Boyd, pull out before Breanna cums. It will feel better for her while she is still excited. The pull-out is another time it will hurt.”

“Jean, spend the night with me,” I told her.”

After another hour of conversation and drinks, everyone but Dawn, Juno, and Jean went home. Before leaving, Boyd and Breanna left me their phone number. They were interested in knowing more about BDSM.