Completely Turning Into a Woman for My Gay Love

I am Sagar, a 24-year aged man, or woman you might say. I started loving the clothes of the woman since my teenage and I like turning into a woman. I always use to wear women’s nightwear while sleeping and even during the day I used to wear a bra and panty under my men’s wear. It used to give me immense pleasure. One day, I went to watch a late night movie. Beside me, a handsome man was sitting. After half an hour or so, I felt his hands caressing my thighs. I was a little confused but I was enjoying his touch. So, I let it be. His caress deepened and my erection was getting stronger with each stroke. Slowly his hands touched my hard cock and I sucked in my breath.

He leaned in and whispered into my ears, “meet me outside now.” It was more like a command. And then he walked out of the theatre. I was doubtful about whether to go or not. I decided to take a chance. So, I walked out and saw him standing there. He was handsome with a chiselled body. He was dressed expensively. He signalled me to follow him and I did, like a pup.

Outside, there was a big car. He opened the door and asked me to get inside and he got inside after me at the back. We were sitting close and the smell of leather filled my senses with sensuality. The interior was dark and masculine. There was a screen between us and his chauffeur. He indicated him to take it home. As the car started, he poured me some champagne and we sipped it while talking. After a while, he kissed me. It was erotic. His teeth were grazing my lips and his tongue was probing them to open. As I opened my mouth, his tongue snaked in and moved all over inside my mouth. I was hard.

The car halted and he asked me to get out. We were at one of the huge houses on the street. The entire street was full of luxurious houses. The inside was tastefully decorated. He asked me to strip. I was feeling shy but the authority in his voice was undeniable. I started to strip and he gasped at my choice of lingerie.

“I like to dress like this, as a woman,” I admitted to him hesitantly.

“Good heavens. You are such a gem.” He smiled. I was relieved. “Go upstairs, the first room to the left. You will find plenty of dresses. Wear the one you like. Are you shaved?” I nodded and he nodded in approval. I went upstairs and the room had a walk-in closet with a wardrobe that every woman dream of. I picked a crop shirt and short skirt, applied a little makeup and walked down. Now I was turning into a woman for a man, and I was really excited about this. He smiled in approval. He pulled me closer and kissed me, this time with more passion. He took my hand and put it on his erection.

I started massaging it and he groaned in my mouth. I loved that. He turned me around and I could see us in the mirror. He was kissing my neck and then he undressed me. He took me around the table, bend me over it, lubricated me and put his erection inside. I was watching us in the mirror and it was a complete turn on. He pumped inside me and my cock was being rubbed on the cold leg of the table. He started thrusting hard and I knew he was about to come. It made me come and he came along with me.

My wishes to turning into a woman came true with having sex with a real man and now I could sense my preferences in sex are different. I don’t mind rather I live with it now.