The nudist resort

My first time at a nudist resort was when I was 23. I was dating my gf for about 6 months at the time and she one day told me she needed to tell me something about her and her family. She said they were part time nudists and had a trailer at nudist colony. She asked me if I thought it was weird and of course I didn’t (read my last story) and I said to her no I don’t think that’s weird at all! She was happy about my response and then asked if I’d want to go to the resort with her her parents and her sister. I thought that going with her parents would be alittle weird and awkward but I really liked the idea of her sister going too because she was older than me and my gf by a couple years and I’ve always thought she was so hot so I said yea sure why not?

We drove to the resort together and got to the front gate and her dad parked the car in a parking lot at the entrance and we proceeded to get out and as we did her mom Kim started to strip naked and I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her cuz I mean… come on how many people get to see their gfs mom naked? And then her dad stripped which I avoided looking at at all costs then my gf stripped and then her sister Diana got naked and when she pulled off her shirt and exposed her big round perky tits I was immediately turned on.. especially because my gf was naked next to her and I was just amazed that I was seeing this!

My gf then turned to me and said okay your turn strip down and then we’ll walk thru the park to our trailer. And I was hesitant to take my clothes off because I had a raging hard on from her and her sister. And when I didn’t start getting naked her sister laughed and said “don’t be embarrassed about a boner in this resort it happens to a lot of guys around here it’s only natural” and then my gfs mom said “yea it’s nothing we haven’t seen before” so I was still shy to strip and that’s when my gf came over and pulled my jeans and boxers off for me and threw them in the car with their clothes and we grabbed our bags and started making our way thru the resort to their trailer. All while I had a massive boner as I brought up the rear watching my gf and her sister and her moms asses as we walked.

We walked thru the resort passing trailers with people sitting out front of their trailers saying hi and waving.. there was people of all ages there from 6 to 80 years old and no one seemed to care I had this hard on. Except for a few younger girls we passed by as they stared at it and giggled at me.

I got embarrassed at that point but we got to my gfs trailer and we put our bags away. It’s been about 45 mins and I’ve still got a hard on that I can’t get rid of cuz of the excitement of my naked gf her hot naked sister and even her nude mom was so taboo it was exciting to see her naked too.

That’s when her mom noticed my dick wasn’t going down and asked me to come with her to the hot tub to relax and try to calm the arousal. I said okay should tessa (my gf) come with us? And her mom said no I want to teach you something about nudist resorts… besides her and her sister like to walk the park and see how many guys they get hard.

I thought that was a strange thing to do but apparently it’s normal around here so I agreed to go to the hot tub with her. As we walked there she explained to me that this nudist camp is more than just being naked it’s about pleasure and I shouldn’t be embarrassed to have my boner it’s natural and no one is judging. As we got to the hot tub there was two girls about my gfs sisters age which is 26-27 and her mom introduced me to them and I was of course embarrassed as I tried to cover up my massive hard on.. and my gfs mom then said don’t cover that up.. Makayla and Maddie I’m sure would be happy to get rid of that for you.. is that okay with you girls? Makayla said of course we can.. let me guess it’s his first time at a nudist resort? My gfs mom said yes he’s my daughters bf and you can probably guess where she is right now.. maddie said oh yea she’s out getting all the young guys turned on! But I worries we’ll he’ll him with that… excitement.

My gfs mom then turned around and sat on a chair by the hot tub and Makayla who was a bigger girl but nice tits then got out and grabbed my hand and brought me in the hot tub while maddie who was a skinny girl with a big plump ass got out just to show it off before getting back in with us. They say me down on the ledge of the tub so my legs were in but my boner was sticking straight up. Maddie then started stroking me every so slowly while Makayla cradled my balls. I then tried to pull away saying what are you doing my gf is here somewhere! And they laughed and so did my gfs mom and they said she didn’t care she knows this is happening.

I then said okay fuck it and let them each take turns jerking me off and cradling my balls as tessas mom watched and after just a few minutes I was ready to explode. And they both knew it and I came all over their hands and my stomach.

My gfs mom then walked over and said thanks ladies that should take care of it for now! And I said I was embarrassed cuz I usually last so much longer than that I dunno what happened and they all laughed and said you’ve been turned on since you got here and you just had to naked girls jerk you off while your gfs mom watched.. that’s a lot of arousal for a long time.

We said goodbye to Makayla and Maddie and we went back to their trailer where a younger girl about 19 was there with my gfs sister and she was small with red hair and perky little boobs and red pubic hair shaved into a triangle. Sitting next to my gfs sister I was starting to get turned on again with them two sitting there.

My gf walked up at that time and noticed me staring at her sister and the younger girl. My gf said okay fuck it babe just let my sister blow you to get it over with cuz I know you want her to. Is that okay with you Jess? (Her sister) and Jess said yea I think it’s best if we get it out of the way so he stops getting so hard when he looks at me this weekend. But he’s gotta go down of savanna here.. her bf just left her and she needs the pick me up is that okay with you Tessa? And my gf said yep that’s fine let me get Maddie and Makayla and well all go to the beach and do it there.

I didn’t have a say in the matter they already decided. But I was gunna get head from my gfs smoking hot sister so I didn’t care. Maddie and Makayla and my gf and her sister and the young red head went to the beach.