The Teacher and The Doctor

My gynecologist had retired and I needed to find a new one. I’d gone to Dr. Lewis for twenty years and he’d delivered both of my children. He and I had a great doctor/patient rapport and I was going to miss him. I dreaded hunting for a new ob/gyn.

The search was made all the more difficult by the reduction in medical benefits at the school system where I teach. The list of “approved” doctors was a short one and prevented me from going to a doctor one of my friends really liked. Finally, I just picked the one closest to my home and reluctantly set up an initial appointment.

I arrived early enough to fill out the paperwork asking the seemingly endless questions. I was struck by the austere waiting room with its inexpensive furniture and bare walls. I guessed it was all part of the effort to keep costs low.

The nurse/receptionist was an older woman who accepted my completed forms with a motherly but professional smile. After scanning the completed forms, she said, “Ok, Mrs. Richardson, since this is your first visit here, you’ll need a little orientation.” Still smiling, she stood up and indicated I should follow her through the door behind her desk. The door opened upon a hallway bare of adornment except for cheap carpeting. She led me to a room at the end of the hallway which contained a few folding chairs, some hooks on the walls and a small cabinet. She turned to to me with a professional smile.

“Now then, ” she said. “You’ll find we do things a bit differently from what you may be used to. Dr. Sahid does everything possible to reduce costs while providing first rate medical care. Other medical practices spend too much on frills which cater to patients’ immature and outdated concerns about modesty. You’ll find you’ll get comfortable with his approach very quickly.”

I doubted that. I was ALREADY uncomfortable.

She continued, obviously repeating a speech she’d delivered many times before, “For example, this is the room where you’ll disrobe. You can hang your clothes on the hook by one of the stools. When the doctor is ready to see you, you’ll be paged through the speaker.” She gestured towards a speaker in the ceiling.

I was getting nervous. “Uh, where are the gowns kept?”

She laughed, waving a hand in a dismissive gesture. “Oh my, we don’t bother with those! Just a needless expense. We’re all adults here, aren’t we? And the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, now is it?”

“Well, no, but I….” I began to stammer.

“Good, good!” the nurse said. “Glad you understand. Some of those silly younger women actually get all upset with our methods! But they’re always surprised how soon they get comfortable. Now, just take your clothes off and I’ll check your vitals.”

At 42, I wasn’t one of those “younger women” but I still doubted I’d get used to to this lack of privacy. But there was no one else there so I decided I’d try it this once. I started removing my clothes and trying to make them all stay on one hook. I smiled a bit sheepishly and I guess I blushed a little as I took off my bra and panties.

“There, there dear,” she grinned. “Nothing to be embarrassed about!” She opened the small cabinet and pulled out a tray with a stethoscope, digital thermometer, and sphigmo-whatever (that thing they take blood pressure readings with) and indicated I should sit on one of the chairs. It was cold on my bare butt.

She went through all the routine checks with regular expressions of “Hmmm, very good.” I decided it wasn’t THAT bad sitting there naked, but still wished for one of those dumb little gowns that never stay closed in the back. I couldn’t help keeping my hands folded in my lap, positioned to at least partially hide my bush.

The nurse finished her checks and patted my bare shoulder. “You seem just fine, dear. The doctor will be with you in a few minutes.” With that, she disappeared out the doorway and down the hall. I noticed that there was no door on the room.

This is just too weird, I thought sitting there. What if I have to go to the bathroom? I probably have to go pee out in the parking lot.

I guess it was nerves, but the mental imagery from that last thought made me start to giggle like one of my female students. I actually jumped when the speaker in the ceiling came to life, announcing “Mrs. Richardson, please come down the hall to office number three!” It was a male voice which instantly brought back my feelings of embarrassment and exposure.

I stood up and took a very deep breath. Walking over to the doorway, I peered down the hall. It was deserted. Reminding myself that they saw naked people here all the time, I squared my shoulders and walked down the hall and found office number three. I noticed my palm was perspiring as I turned the doorknob. I stepped into the office.

A slim man wearing the obligatory white coat sat behind a simple metal desk. He appeared to be Arab or Asian Indian. He wore glasses. Grinning, he looked up at me. “Ah, Mrs Richardson!” he said jovially, “Please, come in, sit down!” There wasn’t a trace of an accent.

He looked me straight in the eye without even a glance down at my naked body. I was expecting him to at least LOOK at my breasts and bush as I entered. I had an odd feeling. Was it disappointment? The sense that I was just another naked woman? Feeling confused, I sat down, crossed my legs, and folded my hands in my lap again.

He earnestly studied my paperwork. “Ah, good. All your vitals look fine! Well, no surprise, you seem to be in good condition.” For the first time, he looked at my body, smiling. I smiled back weakly, determined to be an adult and not flinch under his gaze. “Well,” I laughed nervously, “The belly and the butt still need work.”

He grinned even broader. “At your age, with two kids, a little rounding here and there is normal.” He leaned back, looked at me with his perpetual smile and said, “So…How’s your pussy?”

I literally almost fell off the chair. But then suddenly, unable to help it, I burst out laughing. He laughed too.

“I always do that on the first visit,” he said. “Breaks the tension.”

It certainly did. It was a few moments before I could stop laughing. Finally I said,smiling, “My pussy is fine I think”. I was starting to like this guy.

“As long as you don’t mind, I will use common language between us, ” he said. “A lot of medical terminology just interferes with good communication.” I nodded as he continued. “That fold of skin beneath the hair between your legs might be called a vagina, but you and I both know it’s a cunt. And what your husband puts in it is called a cock.” I couldn’t helping laughing a little again. This guy might be a nut, but I was becoming relaxed. I became aware that my legs were now slightly parted and my hands were on the arms on the chair. He gave me a pleased smile.

“I think we’re going to get along fine, Jane,” He said, addressing me by my first name. I didn’t mind. ” Since this is your first visit. I’ll need to ask you a lot of questions, many of which you might consider quite personal, but I like to know the total person, Ok?” I nodded.

“Ok, then, How often do you have sex?”

“Once a week,” I answered too quickly. “No, actually about twice a month.”

“Is that often enough for you?”

I shrugged. “We’ve been married for twenty years. It slows down I guess.”

He frowned slightly. “Do you usually orgasm during sex?”

“Sometimes, not always” I answered honestly.

“Then how often do you masturbate?”

I’ve never even told my husband I did THAT. I glanced away. “Couple times a week. Sometimes more often.”

“Good!” he smiled. “Just with your hand? Or do you use something?”

My face burned. I was blushing. “Usually my hand. But…well..I..”

“It’s OK,” he comforted. “Just us here. No need to be embarrassed.”

“I..well..I’ve used a cucumber.” I looked up at the ceiling. “Oh, you’ll think I’m weird, but our bed has these posts that stick up with a knob on the ends….”

“…And you hump them.” he finished for me. I nodded. He smiled and made a note. “Nothing wrong with that.”

“How big is your husband’s cock when it’s hard?”

I held my hands about six inches apart.

“Do you wish it was bigger?”

I sighed. “Frankly, yes. It..well..just doesn’t reach as far in as I’d like”

“Ever had a larger one?”

“No!” I was lying and he knew it. He said nothing, looking a me with a small smile.

I sighed again. “I’m sorry, yes. But it wasn’t something I went looking for. Three years ago, there were layoffs coming at the school district. One of the administators said he could fix it so I wouldn’t be laid off…”

“If you gave him sex?”

“Yes, ” I said. “In his office after school. It’s not something I’m proud of…the way he had me bend over his desk with my skirt up to my hips.”

“He was large?”

“Huge” I nodded, indicating nine or ten inches with my hands.

“Did you come?”

I nodded sheepishly.”Yes. I-I didn’t want him to stop…I even let him know..up my rear.”

“Had you experienced anal intercourse before?”

“No, my husband is pretty conservative about anything but typical intercourse and..well..oral sex”

“So you do suck his cock?” he smiled.

I had to laugh again at his bluntness. “Yes. More often than we have intercour…more often than we fuck” I slipped into the vernacular too. It felt good, more open. I get tired of being the constrained, prim and proper school teacher.

He closed the folder. “That’s enough questions for now, Jane. Just hop on the examining table and lie down on your back.” He smiled. “Put your feet in the stirrups. I’m sure you know the routine.”

I did know the routine, which is why I looked around. “Isn’t a nurse coming in during the exam?”

“Oh no,” he said casually. “That’s a needless expense for additional personnel. Also, I think it interferes with the communication and trust between us.”

As I stood up, I became embarrassed. The conversation about my sex life had had an unexpected effect. The hair in my crotch was slightly wet and I knew my clitoris was at full attention.

“Uh, Doctor,” I said shyly. “Maybe we..uh..should wait a couple minutes.” He glanced at my nipples and smiled. I looked down. They were half the size they had been. I blushed.

“Just because you’re a little aroused?” he chided gently. “You wouldn’t be the first woman I’ve seen in that condition.”

I nodded, trying to smile, and got up on the table and laid down. I scooted down and he helped the calves of my legs find the stirrups. The position opened the lips of my pussy and the cool feeling within them confirmed that I was wet. I blushed again.

I stared at the ceiling as he began. He joked while he looked at the exterior of my pussy.

“Oh yes, your clit is standing up to say hello!”

I stopped blushing and even managed a small laugh.

I inhaled sharply as one, then two of his fingers went in. He withdrew them, then entered me again using three fingers. He did the usual probing and wiggling inside me as well as gently thumping my bush from the outside with his other hand. (I always wondered why doctors did that.) I was relaxing again. I didn’t mind his exam. In fact, it felt kind of nice.

The fingers withdrew and moved down. I tried to relax my buttocks as much as possible. A finger went up my anus and my hips moved upward slightly. “Ok, just relax” he said quietly. Then he went up my rear with two, then three fingers. I breathed a soft “Oh!” without meaning to. My clit got that funny “buzzy” feeling it sometimes does.

He withdrew and I felt nothing for awhile. “Everything OK?” I asked.

For the first time, he sounded a little tense. “Oh yes, fine. But perhaps I might need to take a little break here.”

A little concerned, I propped myself up on my elbows to look at him. He quickly turned his back to me, but not quite quickly enough. I’d seen the large bulge in the front of his pants.

He knew I’d seen it. “Sorry, but it happens. Doctors are human too.”

I quickly laid back down and stared at the ceiling, not sure what to do or say.

Finally, I managed to say, “It’s Ok, I understand.” I even managed a nervous joke. “Not the first one I’ve seen.”

“Just continue, Doctor” I said. “It’s ok”

He said nothing and continued the exam. I heard him sigh. Then he said, “Excuse me, but its not comfortable. You know..the pressure.” I heard a zipper, then a rustle of clothing. “Ok,..better” he said.

Knowing he was exposed made me nervous but didn’t frighten me. I tried not to think how close his erect penis was to my open crotch.

“How often does…well…this happen?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Oh, every once in a while,” he said trying to sound casual. Then a small laugh. “I think the nurse always knows why I go directly to the men’s room after some exams.”

“To jack off?” I hadn’t meant to say it out loud, it just came out.

“Uh..well, yes”

“So after we’re done, you’ll go jack off about me?” I heard myself say.

“Yes, sorry.”

“It’s OK. I’ve had two students tell me that” I laughed.

“That they jacked off about you?” he asked. “How did you feel about that?”

“Honestly? I wanted to  watch, ” I answered with  a weird boldness. “After one boy said that, I never made it home. I had to shove my hand down my panties and masturbate in the car on a side street.”

“Really?…My!” he said in a slightly hoarse voice.

My clitoris was no longer buzzing, it was throbbing. He must have been able to see it bounce in time to my pounding heart. I bit my lip, tried to stay in control by thinking of something else….anything else.

“You have to now, don’t you?” he asked quietly.

I closed my eyes tightly. “Yes”

While my mind told me I’d gone nuts, my hand moved down my tummy on it’s own, ignoring the part of my brain telling it to stop.

I sighed as I cupped and squeezed the furry hump of my pussy, moving my hand down enough to catch my swollen clit between my fingers. I started the familiar squeezing and pulling motion, using my fingers and the lips of my pussy to massage my clitoris. I was masturbating in front of a man I’d just met and it felt deliciously dirty and wonderful. What would my stuffy husband think if he knew? I gasped out a laugh.

I came explosively, seeing colored lights behind my closed eyelids. My hips bucked and squirmed. I know I squirted a little.

I went limp, one arm hanging limply over the side of the table. I was breathing heavily, nearly panting.

“Oh my..Oh my” was all he seemed able to say.

I struggled up on my elbows again. I needed to see it. I stared.

His fly was open. Out of it jutted a penis I didn’t think could be real. Ten or eleven inches of manhood as thick as my wrist. A glistening droplet clung to the tip. “My God!” I gasped.

The sensible part of my brain was shoved into a small corner by animal lust. I laid back down and said quietly, “Don’t go to the men’s room. Please!” I scooted down until my butt was nearly off the edge of the table. This made my legs point almost straight up.

He entered me too gently. The head stretched me. “More!” I said through my teeth. “Push it in! All of it!” He grunted and impaled me, pushing his total length up my cunt. Yes, it hurt at first, but I reveled even in that. The pressure made me fart and I think I might have peed on him a little, but I was not embarrassed. I was weirdly proud of feeling his balls bump my buns. I’d taken all of him!

He had barely begun pumpimg me when I came the first time, gasping and groaning. A woman was moaning “Fuck me! Fuck me!” and, through a hot fog, I realized it was me.

He said something about my bouncing tits and I felt him groping them, thumbing and tweaking the nipples. I arched my back to give him better access.

I came again as his fingers were rammed up my ass. I tried to gasp out my appreciation but could only manage an animal like grunt. I did hear him say, “I’m going to finish in there!” I was sure he’d kill me if he sodomized me and I didn’t care….I’d happily die that way.

He suddenly pulled out of me and I felt so empty. Limp and groggy, I felt myself being dragged off the examination table and laid on my stomach on the floor. I spread my legs and raised my hips to open my buns. My fingers clawed the carpeting in fear and eager anticipation. I felt his weight on my back and something that seemed the size of a fence post pressing against my asshole. I felt it start to open and the huge head of his cock entering me. The pressure was incredible.

I must have passed out momentarily. Suddenly I felt his cock so far inside me that it seemed about to come out of my mouth. My anus felt like an over extended rubber band around his shaft. He fit in me too tightly to pump at first. Then he yanked me up on my hands and knees. That seemed to open me just enough and the pumping began, slowly at first, but then faster. My breasts bounced and swung beneath me. I peed down my leg and didn’t care as something like a continous orgasm began. I dropped onto my elbows.

Just before I collapsed completely, I felt myself being flooded with warmth. He groaned and his hips jerked, giving me short, brutal thrusts. I fell over on my side, feeling his cock jerk out of my asshole. His cum poured out across my left buttock and I passed out again.

I awoke in a moment, lying on my back. He was kneeling over me, straddling my ribs and holding his penis in one hand. “I didn’t quite finish” he said simply. I  understood. I opened my mouth. He pushed as much of his cock in my mouth as he could without gagging me. Then he leaned further forward and, supporting himself with his arms, he began fucking my face. I knew where that penis had just been. I didn’t care. I sucked him greedily, swallowing most of his last spurts as some of it ran out of the corners of my mouth. At last he finished and got up and went to his desk.

I guess he spoke into an intercom. “Hi, Mary? I’m finished with Mrs. Richardson. Will you come in and help her please?” I was only slightly surprised. It had become pretty plain I wasn’t the only patient this had happened to.

Nurse Mary came in and looked at me. She shook her head. “You know, this really backs up the schedule when you work one over this much.” The doctor shrugged. “It was her first time and I thought she needed it.” I couldn’t really disagree with that.

The nurse helped me to my feet and sort of propped me up against the exam table as she expertly cleaned me up. “Where did he shoot his load dear, up your ass?” I nodded weakly and she bent me over the table and shoved something up my ass. I was later to discover it was a butt plug. “That’ll keep you from leaking cum into your panties,” she assured me. When I was finally able to walk on my own, she said, “When you get down to the dressing room, tell the girls there to come on down.”

My knees were still wobbly and I had to touch the wall as I walked down the hall. I was in for one last surprise when I reached the dressing room.

Sitting on two of the chairs were a woman about my age and a petite teenage girl who looked very familiar. Both of them were nude. The girl looked up at me and her jaw dropped.

“Mom! That’s Mrs. Richardson!” she exclaimed. “I had her last year for history at school!”

The girl was shocked at my appearance. My hair was a mess and my cunt hung open. It was pretty obvious what had happened to me. Of course, there was also the butt plug.

Her mother didn’t even seem surprised. “First visit?” she asked. I nodded. “This is Emily’s first time here,” she continued.”I’ve been seeing Dr. Sahid for a few years now.” I looked at the line of Emily’s cunt visible through her sparse pubic hair and thought of the doctor’s huge penis. “Think she’s ready?” I asked. They both stood up and the woman said, “Oh yes…the doctor specifically asked that she come in just before her sixteenth birthday.” Then they both went down the hall, their buns bouncing in unison. I got dressed and left.

I happened to see Emily in the hall at school a few days later. She avoided making eye contact with me and I noticed she walked with a limp. I took her aside and whispered in her ear, “Try sitting in a hot bath for a while. It’ll make it feel better!” She simply nodded and went on to her next class. As I watched her walk away, I thought of my own daughter who was just Emily’s age….