The Contract Marriage- Falling In Love

This is part-2 of the story The Contract Marriage.

He went to the cafe again, hoping to talk to her. He offered her a lot of money and asked her for a one night stand. He was sure that would cure him of her. But she denied the offer. He had already run a background check on her. He knew she needed money. But when she denied the offer, it took him by surprise. He was sure, like all girls, she would jump on the offer. But she denied.

He waited for a few days, either to come her around, or his madness to die down. But nothing happened. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get the velvet of her skin out of his mind. So, he decided to do one thing that would give him both- his inheritance and her.


He offered her a contract marriage where he would take care of her needs and she would take care of his. It took him a lot of effort to convince her of this marriage. Finally, she relented and they got married.

Dressed in the regal wedding dress, she looked so breathtaking, almost unreal. He couldn’t wait to tear off her dress. All the while he kept imagining how her skin would feel. By the time they were left alone, he was in so pain, he had to jack off.

When he came out, he saw her sleeping peacefully. He knew he can’t rush her. He didn’t want to. He wanted to make her his and the invade her untouched parts, all of them. The Cassanova was in love with this fair maiden.

Over months, he wooed her. It was killing him, to be with her but not touch her. He waited patiently for her to fall in love with him.

Then one night, at a party, for some reason she got drunk. He had never seen him taking anything more than a glass of wine.

“You still love your ex.” She said in an accusing tone.

He was surprised at her reaction. He thought she didn’t care.

“Do you?” She asked again.

“What?” He came out of the shock.

“Love your ex?”

“No. But I do love someone.”

He had never seen her so sad.

“Who?” She asked in a small voice.


She smiled, lighting up the entire room and kissed him. And then there was no going back. But he wanted to take it slow. He has been imagining this moment for far too long.

He kissed her slow and deep. His tongue entwined with hers. His hands were roaming all over her, remembering her every contour. Slowly he took off her dress. Her ivory skin was glowing in the light. He traced his hands across her bare skin. They were more velvety than he imagined them to be. He teased her buds until they became painfully hard. And then he sucked on them to his heart’s content.

She tried to touch him but he denied.

“Later. I have been waiting for this for too long. This is my moment.”

She smiled and then moaned as he kissed and licked each inch of her skin. And then he couldn’t wait anymore. He came on the top of her and looked at her as he entered her. She was tight and very hot. He could feel the electricity going down his spine. It was better than he had imagined. And then he started rocking slowly. Her back arched and she moaned his name. He increased his speed. She groaned and convulsed. Looking at her ecstatic face he couldn’t control himself as well and groaned in extreme pleasure as he came.

Later they laid side by side. While she slept he looked at her and thought how lucky he was to have found her. His thoughts about contract marriage has now changed to love!