Third Time With Lori

It had been another week since I’d seen Lori. There had been a lot of sexting with her this week. We would wind up dating for about six months after this night. We went our separate ways for around eight months after that. Then we started just having casual sex for the rest of the time that I lived in Los Angeles. I left LA in October 2012.

Tonight’s dinner was going to be more serious. Lori was taking me to a traditional Puerto Rican restaurant. She liked this place and she was excited to be going there with me. I pulled up in front of her building, and she came out and got in my car. She was wearing a button-up blouse and jean shorts. She hugged me, then we kissed. I felt her ass a little bit.

“There will be plenty of time for that later. If we fuck now we won’t make it to this place before they close,” she said.

The restaurant was quite good. We had a nice dinner and then I drove us back to her place. We were starting to get into a bit of a routine but it was a fun one. We sat down on her couch and we found a movie to watch. Instead of just going right into sex we just held each other tonight and watched a full movie.

After the movie, Lori put on an old comedy show. Something that we didn’t have to pay attention to. She was sitting to my right. She moved her right hand and started caressing my chest. Then we started kissing. She reached over to her coffee table and got her pipe, she packed it. She handed it to me along with a lighter.

“You first tonight,” Lori said.

I took a long and deep hit. I held it in for a while and then exhaled. I passed the pipe and lighter to Lori. We each took about seven hits.

We started making out on her couch. She asked me to remove my shorts and underwear, I did and then I sat back down. She then started giving me a slow and sensual handjob. We were kissing the whole time. She moved her hand down past my balls and was rubbing my taint. She took one finger and was rubbing my asshole with it. She knew what guys liked.

“What do you want to do James?” Lori said.

I replied, “Can you take your shorts off and show me what panties you wore for me?”

Lori stood up and unbuttoned her jean shorts. She slid them down and off. She had on lace see-through panties.

“Do you want to see the back?” she asked.

She turned around and I could see her ass cheeks through the panties. I reached up and started massaging her ass. After a while, I put my hands under her panties and continued.

“I’m fucking wet and you haven’t touched my pussy once. This is the effect you have on me,” Lori said.

She mounted me in the cowgirl position. We were still on the couch. She still had her panties on. Lori started dry-humping me.

“My panties are soaking wet. Does this feel good?” she asked.

“It feels amazing,” I replied.

She then reached down with her right hand and moved the crotch of her panties to the side. As she held it to the side she rubbed her dripping pussy on my cock. Eventually, it slipped into her pussy and she started riding me.

“Are you ok? Can you last for a while?” she asked.

“I’m good, I’m a long way from cumming,” I said.

“Good. We’re not going to need to use a condom tonight,” Lori said.

We fucked on her couch for another few minutes. It was very slow and sensual. We were kissing most of the time.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Lori said.

I followed her into the bedroom. We both took off the rest of our clothes. Lori reached under the bed and grabbed her box of sex toys and took out a bottle of lube. She laid down on her side and started rubbing lube into her asshole. Then she handed me the lube.


“Lube your cock for me,” she said.

“I want you to cum in my ass tonight. Don’t pull out,” Lori added.

Then she laid on her side and faced away from me. She pulled her left ass cheek up and helped guide my cock into her asshole. It was slow at first but then it slid in all the way. I started fucking her ass slowly.

Lori’s asshole felt amazing. It had this smooth feel like velvet. It was fairly obvious that she had anal sex a lot. It still felt great and very tight.

“Fuck that feels good. You like that tight ass?” she said.

We fucked on our sides for a while. Lori then wanted to change positions.

“Lay on your back, I’m going to show you something,” she said.

She straddled me as if we were going to do cowgirl some more. This time her feet were flat on the bed. Her arms were reaching back behind her and she was grabbing my legs.

“Point your cock straight up and put it back in my ass,” Lori said.

She slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I helped guide it back into her. This felt amazing. It was a different angle than I’d ever tried and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. She kept grinding her ass up and down on my dick for a while. I was able to reach forward and rub her clit at the same time. Then Lori started cumming. She was very loud.

After she came she told me, “It’s your turn to cum now.”

She laid on her back in missionary position. At first, I was confused.

“Should I get a condom?” I asked.

“No, you’re going to fuck my ass like this,” she replied.

She put some more lube on her ass and rubbed it in. The position seemed weird at first but it worked great. I was still pretty stoned so I looked down to make sure I wasn’t in her pussy by mistake. I kept slowly fucking her ass and Lori was rubbing her clit as I did. Finally, I felt the orgasm coming. When it was close I pushed my cock deep into Lori’s ass. I could feel it squirting in her deep.

“Don’t pull out yet,” Lori said.

We held each other and kissed for a minute or two. I slowly pulled my cock out of her. We both went to the bathroom to clean up. We got back in bed after and I held her in my right arm.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I’m seriously falling for you,” Lori said.

“I need more time. It takes me longer to fall in love and I don’t commit so easily,” I replied.

Lori then said, “you don’t need to say it back to me ok? I love you,”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. This isn’t what I wanted. Maybe I could give it a chance. I was going to have to think this over. How is she in love by our third date, I wondered.

The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast. We returned to Lori’s apartment after and had sex again. This time we had regular sex. There was a lot on my mind after Lori told me that she loved me. She asked me to cum on her tits, this was the first time we had done that. Lori and I always had hot sex.

Afterward, I went home and tried to think things over. The following week I wound up getting bad news about a close family member getting cancer. I was going to have to go home in the next few weeks to visit.