This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 2)

This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 2)
By Dina Petro

Continued from part 1 of same story
Writer’s Note “Dear fans and readers, all characters in this story are of 18 years old and older, this is a genuine true story, but not of my own life, it is of a close friend’s life, all names and places mentioned are replaced by fake ones to protect the personalities of people involved, I will be writing it in the first person as if she was speaking to you…”

After I sucked Charlie’s cock dry again, he pulled out of me, but Damien continued fucking my pussy till he came, same way Charlie did, letting his cum seep on my pussy mound over Charlie’s.

They both got up, took showers in both bathrooms of the house, while I stayed there, relaxing and looking at my wasted body, which felt great same time, but it was all first time for me, they both told me to take my time relaxing, then to take a shower, drink some coffee to super up before I go back to my house.

A full week went by normally without any discussion or any word about what had happened, especially with Damien, he acted very normal with me, till I came to work one day to find both men together again having the same game session.

As soon as I walked in, Charlie waved for me to get closer, he hugged and kissed me very close with his hand going all over my ass, rubbing and touching, Damien was sitting, drinking and smiling at what was going on.

Charlie said “sweet cutie, we need another company today, are you ready for another session? And don’t you worry, it will be paid for as well”

We both laughed and I said “sure, why not?” they were playing chess game by then.

Charlie said “baby, we are going to make a good slut out of you today, we will fuck you in many ways, I hope you are ready for that, why don’t you get rid of your clothes and come back fully naked ok?”

I smiled saying “Yes sir, I sure will” I went inside. Took off all of my clothes and came right back out to find both of them fully naked as well.

They lay me on my back over the coffee table in front of them and started spreading their chess stones over my nude body, acted as if playing chess, while touching and enjoying my young body same time, I started to enjoy their acts too, even their touches it felt so good on my body, making me turned on.

They both fucked me really good together as last time, we fucked in many positions too, but all they did, same time, was fucking my pussy and mouth, nothing else, the session was over and I kept the money same as last time.

The second day, I noticed the difference, Damien changed a little, we started talking about it openly, he was touching my body, giving me kisses while working, we felt closer and more open after that second fuck session. A few days later, as soon as I came to work, Damien handed me a dress saying “I would like you to wear this dress Maria, and you may use this make up tool kit too, I want you to look sexy tonight will you do that for me?”

I said “why? What is different today?” he told me, these were gifts for me and he was having a guest over, not Charlie this time, he said he was an older man too, and we would be doing the same thing, but this man will be very generous with me, even more than Charlie.

I agreed to it, I took the packages and started walking inside, he stopped me saying “by the way, this dress goes with nothing else under, get rid of those panties and bra, if you have any on” smiling and continued saying “maybe it is about time you start walking around pantiless and braless, at least around here”.

We both laughed loud, I put both of my hands together in front of my face bowing saying “Yes sir, I would do anything around here, even if you asked me to walk around naked, as long as it pays well?”

He laughed saying “don’t you worry about that, I am sure you would be rich so fast, as long as you are loosening up like that, boy you are becoming a little slut so fast” He slapped my ass teasingly, pushing me saying “go get that ass ready and nude my little whore”

I laughed to what he called me, walked like a slut, wiggling my ass to his eye sight, I went inside and put the dress on, it was so tight, hugging my body, outlining all my body curves, very short with a low-cut top, showing most of my tits, although my tits were a little small by then, but the dress top was elastic and tight, hugging my tits, pushing them up, showing a cleavage in between, first time I see myself look like this.

I walked out acting like a real slut again, the way I walked and talked to him, saying “Damien, did you call me a slut and a whore before I went in?”

He said “Yes I sure did, any objections to that? Don’t you feel like one, you sure look like and act like one?”

I said “Oh Yes, no objections at all, I just wanted you to know when you called me that, I felt a real nice itch in my pussy”

He looked me in the eyes laughing loud saying, “Oh God, you are a real whore, I have a feeling we will be both rich so soon” I laughed loud, but did not really understand what he meant by that, at that time, but I sure did later on, as you all well too.

His friend came shortly after that, he was not bad looking at all, Damien asked me to dance for them on some music, telling me to flash some pussy while dancing, I sure did a good job of it, the man tipped me good (?) if I may call it a tip, but I did then.

I ended up holding both of their cocks, same time, sucking on them alternatively, they ended up fucking me both and enjoying my body, pleasing me as well, I noticed that Tim, the new gust that night, was licking my ass and fingering it while licking my pussy, he was rubbing my ass a lot touching it too.

When he was between my legs, with is dick in me, both of my legs were wide spread and over his shoulders, he brought his face closer to my ear whispering “Maria, are you satisfied with the amount of money I gave you?”

I nodded, with a smile saying “Yes I am, many thanks for being generous with me”

He looked me in the eyes, and then whispered in my ear again “If you let me fuck you in that lovely, tight ass of yours, you would earn double the amount you got?” I felt my body jerked as of a sudden, he was fucking me, enjoying me and pleasing me as well, I sure loved the money he gave me, but it would hurt in my ass, no man has ever been close to my ass, not even fingers, except for him earlier when he fingered my ass after he licked it.

Still thinking to myself, but doubling that money, would make me so happy too, then I answered him “I would, but I am afraid it will hurt, I have never done it before”

He smiled saying “there is always a first time, and don’t you worry, I know what I am doing”

I was hesitant, but I really wanted that money he offered me, besides I wanted to learn how to get fucked in the ass, what helped was him having a real short and thin cock, I figured it would be a good try and an easy one with such little cock, so I decided to go for it.

He kept me the same way I was, lifted my back up, inserted a pillow under my lower back side, knelt between my legs, close to my ass and pussy and started kissing and licking them, started with my pussy then ass hole, licking my ass which felt really good to me, he applied lots of lubricant to my ass and to his cock same time, once he put his finger into my ass, it was going in so easy, that made me feel good.

He got on his knees, rubbed my ass with his cock head and started kissing me rubbing my tits, sucking and biting on my nipples, diverting my attention from my ass while he was applying some pressure to it, I felt his cockhead popping into my ass, there was some pain associated with it, but not so much, it just burnet and hurt a bit, then he was pushing his cock in inch by inch.

As I said before, he did not have all that big cock, it was barely five inches, on the thin side, it was siding in me, I felt some itching and paining accompanying it, but I did take it finally, it was all the way in me, he relaxed a little, giving my tight ass time to relax and adapt to his cock, then he started pulling out, half way, then back in me.

By that time, I was sucking on Damien’s cock while being fucked in the ass, I felt my ass was adapting and taking it in and out easily, finally they both decided to change position of fucking.

Damien got on his back on bed, asked me to ride his cock taking it into my pussy, I was riding it, when I felt Tim inserting his tongue up my ass, licking it, then his fingers, and finally he got behind me and started pushing his cock into my ass.

This time I was taking it much easier and faster without any pain to mention, but I did feel lots of pleasure which came from being double fucked by two men in both of my fuck holes, ass and pussy for the first time in my life, it meant a lot to me and it felt really good, I found myself being sandwiched between two men fucking me same time, which was a real turn on for me, the idea itself at that age pleasured me so much.

They started rocking me together banging my hot fuck holes, till Tim was ready to cum, he pulled out of my ass, came around gave me his cock in the mouth I started sucking it, milking it in my mouth, taking all of his cock cream, load after another.

The big surprise came to my attention while being busy sucking Tim’s cock taking his cum and swallowing it, I felt my ass being stuffed and filled again, with a little pain this time, that was when Damien decided to pull his cock out of my pussy and stuff it in my ass and started fucking me.

It was different from Tim’s cock, Tim’s was only five inches, and thin, but Damien’s was a little over seven inches long and much thicker, it was stuffing my ass stretching it, but it felt good, it encouraged me being able to take bigger cocks in me after trying that small cock of Tim’s.

Damien was ready to cum too, I got up, turned around and took his cum in my mouth sucking, milking his dick and swallowing his cum load after another, and I felt so stuffed and full when he stopped Cumming.

After that incident, I felt I was having much more money than I needed, poor mom was working hard, so I decided to tell her I am getting some tips from customers of Damien’s tailor shop, once in a while I would hand her some money, she was pleased, did not really concentrate on how I got it.

Damien and I got carried away, he started making appointments for me with men who would fuck me and pay me for it, he was getting a share of it too, we even had a talk about me taking birth control pills so I could be able to let men cum in my pussy and ass, it would pay much more as he puts it.

A long while later, I felt lots of changes to my body, my ass got bigger and wider, my tits got much bigger too, I even became taller as I grew a little older, the curves of my body showed much more, some customers would buy me real sexy clothes, underwear, lingerie’s asking me to wear them for them to fuck me, then they are all mines.

Damien’s bedroom was more of an operations room for me to be fucked in, as he was scheduling many appointments for me, sometimes he would let the man in, and disappears till he was done, sometimes more than a man same time, with double the pay, we even tried groups and orgies.

At a certain time, I was working as a prostitute with Damien as my personal manager, people got to know me much more than Damien’s shop, he even felt he was making money off of my body much more than he made off his shop, of course I was making same amount of money as we always split fifty, fifty.

At that time, it was fair for both of us, he provided me with the safe, comfortable place to fuck my customers, he also provided me with customers as he knew a long chain of people through his shop, and I was doing the action itself, to please those men he got in the apartment he availed and we split the money I earned, may be it doesn’t sound fair, having fifty percent of my body earning as a prostitute for availing time and customers, but for me then as a beginner, I would not be able to do it without him at, that is why he deserved what he took.


To be continued in part 3

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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