Best friends mom

It was the summer of 1965, my best friend Leo lived just over the hill from me, he was 18 and I was 17, I had just graduated high school and Leo had just finished his freshman year in College. I had purchased a 57 Chevy and Leo’s Dad had gotten him an old Studebaker. I had always wondered why he had purchased the old car that needed work for Leo because he was a jock, me, Gill was the wrench turner that’s why my 57 Chevy had almost 500 horse power. Well time and time again Leo and I would go out in his Mom’s white 1963 Chevy Impala Convertible. Leo’s Mom Sue was hot 32 (looked 22), about 5’4” tall 105 lbs Black Hair, dark eyes 36C boobs, great ass and legs.

Leo’s family was always a bit of a misery to me like one Friday night I was over there, his Mom comes out she is dressed in a thin white button down blouse I can see her transparent lace bra and just make out her dark nipples, she had mid-thigh length skirt, thigh high nylon stockings, and when she bent down in front of me I could see she had on a black lace garter belt but no pantys. I mean she was smoking hot, she saw me looking winked at me ran her hand up my face and said I see you like looking down the huge bulge in my paints. She stood up and said night, Leo says night Sue and his dad just mumbled as she walked out the door. Now I can’t believe any husband would let his wife go out dressed like a call girl with just with just a mumble, and I saw her go out many times dressed really hot by herself, I never saw his pairents go out together, and I really think he was a cockold.

Then there was the day I went to see Leo, his dad was out back working on the Studebaker in the garage, he was frustrated he was trying to put a part on but needed two hands to hold it in place and two to tighten the bolts, I held it in place for him so he could start a few bolts to hold it in place. He said thank you I been trying to put that on for an hour. He said Leo should be in his bedroom go on in. I go in the house I have to walk past the master bedroom, to get to Leo’s bedroom, his Mom is laying on the bed naked fingering her pussy and moaning I can’t help myself and stop and stare, she looks up sees me smiles puts her finger to her lips, as to say hush. I back out of the room and leave the house out the front door.

Late one Friday evening about 1am I felt like a beer I knew a dive bar where even at 17 I could get served, I see Sue’s white Chevy there. I walk in I know the bar tender I say hi the look in the back and see Sue she is pushed up against the pool table with six guys around her blouse is open exposing her lacy bra, they are pulling up her skirt fully exposing her thigh highs and G-string, while she is trying to pull it back down, she was protesting as best as she can for a clearly drunk woman. Thinking fast I walk in the back and say damn Mom here you are everyone is looking for you come on I’m taking you home. Sue looks at me and says oh hi baby, one of the men say get lost k**, I grab a pool cue, the bar tender pulls out a shot gun and says I don’t want any trouble here let the k** take his Mom home. The men all back away from Sue I put my arm around her, she grabs her purse and I help her walk her out and try to walk towards her car, I say I don’t think so, you have had a bit too much to drink to drive, she says umm I walk her over to my 57 Chevy, lean her up against the car and open the door, as I turn to help her in the car she wraps her arms around my neck pushes her body against me rubbing her mound against my cock and buries her tongue in my mouth giving me the hottest kiss I have ever experienced in my young life. As we kiss she runs her hands through my hair I’m thinking if this keeps much longer I’m going to make a mess in my cut-offs. I get her into the car when I come around and get into the car she has hiked her skirt up to her waist she straddles my lap and wraps her arms around my head buries her tongue in my mouth, I don’t resist and kiss her back, then I look over her sholder the six guys from the bar are coming at us, I push her off my lap and say hold on and start the car, spin the wheels throwing gravel all over them, as I make the turn out of the lot I see headlights pulling out of the lot behind us Sue says Honey their chasseing us I laugh, and make a left on the exit ramp onto the ramp for the beltway, Sue says their catching us, as soon as I get the car stright I put the pedal down pressing her back against the seat and their head lights start getting smaller and smaller then disappears behind a rise Sue says turn up 301 and I make the right and slow down to normal speed. Sue puts her hands on my face and kisses me, then takes my right hand and puts it on her soaked pussy, I say Sue you’re going to make us wreck, that won’t but this might, she reaches over pulls down my zipper and reaches in and says oh my god it’s fucking huge! I feel her hot wet mouth sucking my cock, and her hand stroking it, I say Sue you’re going to kill us, she looks at me and says pull into the Clover Motel. Fortunately it, it just a mile away, I pull in and about a minute later I warn her I’m about to cum and she sucks me harder and I start filling her sweet mouth with my cum that she swallows like a pro.

She sits up buttons up her blouse and pulls down her skirt. I say what happened to the drunk woman I just pulled out of a bar, she said I only had one drink. She looks at me and says put that thing away, I say I can’t you got it all hard, she said I just made you cum, I say just once! Her eyes get big, and she says wait here, she goes in the office comes out and gets back in and says drive around back to room 103. I pull up in front of the room she says get out and we walk to the door, she unlocks it and we walk in I close the door she puts her arms around my neck I pull her to me we kiss a long passionate kiss, she pulls away from me and says you may not believe this but I have been in love with you for a long time, as a tear falls down her cheek, my eyes well up and say Sue I have loved you from the first time I saw you. Sue looks at me and says when we get in bed in a few minutes please don’t just fuck me make love to me. I kiss her tenderly just below her ear and say with my lips against her ear I will never hurt or disrespect you I love you with all my heart and soul. She puts her lips to my ear and says pull down the zipper on the back of my dress, with Sue still in my arms I take my left hand and place it over her zipper and reach between my fingers with my right hand grab the zippers tab and slowly pull the zipper down with my left hand caressing her back as I lower the zipper, when I reach the bottom I release the zipper tab spread my fingers on both hands slide them down and caress her butt then slide my fingertips up her bare back and hook her dress collar spread it open and slide her over her sholders, she lowers her arms and the dress falls around her ankles. Sue says where did you learn how to take a womans dress off like that, I thought it would make you feel good so I did it, as she started unbuttoning my shirt pull it off and grabs my the bottom of my t shirt and pulls it up over my head, I kick my shoes off and she reaches down to undo my belt and says your still hard I say what do you expect your standing there in your see thru lace bra, nylons, garter belt, G-string and sexy high heels I say you’re the most beatiful and sexy woman in the world, if I weren’t hard you should be worried. Sue takes my paints off of course I’m commando, then she reaches behind her back unfastens her bra and let it fall to the floor, I pull her to me feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest and kiss her a deep loving kiss, then kneel down in front of her, slide her G-string off reach up and cup her butt and pull her to me and kiss her pussy lips and slip my tongue in her lips and taste her sweet pussy, Sue moans then pulls me up and kisses me, not yet baby we need to go slow.

I looked over at the bed and say it’s waiting for us, she says it’s going to be hard and lumpy, I say do you know that for sure she says no I say let’s find out Sue says let’s! She got on the bed and I just stood there and looked at her, she said what I said you are the most beatiful woman in the world, she says come in here I want to be in your arms, I climb in the bed pull her to me there are so many wonderful feelings, her warm lips on mine, her hot tongue in my mouth, her big firm breast and hard nipples, her hot wet landing strip pussy pressing against my hard cock and her long nylon covered legs d****d over my legs I was almost in sensory overload. I kissed her neck, then down to her breast, then her nipple, when I sucker her into my mouth she moaned and her body shook in a minor orgasum, she is breathing in short deep breaths, I kiss my way down across her flat belly and I feel her fingers in my hair, I french kiss her belly button she moans and says oh my god that feels so good, I kiss my way lower and gently spread her legs and kiss my way down the right side of her y and suck her thigh where it meets her mound, she says baby that feels so good please don’t leave any marks on me yet. I take the tip of my tongue and slowly circle her shaved pussy lips, and watch them slowly swell, open and taste her nectar start to leak out of her slit as her clit pops up the top of her slit and I move directly between her legs rotate her hips up and take the tip of my tongue circle her little pink butt and trace a line with the tip of my tongue up her slit to just below her now very big and hard clit, Sue is moaning grabbing my hair as I continue licking her pussy, then I push my tongue as deep as I can into her love tunnel, she moans arches her back , I can tell she is close, I suck her clit into my mouth and flick my tongue over it, then I reach up pinch her nipples and she explodes, coating my face with her sweet cum, as she continues to cum I climb up between her legs and start sliding my cock into her how wet pussy, she screams OH MY GOD GILL Sue is in an almost continual cycle of orgasum as I slide my cock deeper and deeper into her hot wet tunnel of joy, Sue digs her nails into my back and bites my neck as I continue to pump my cum into her, after I cum I am still hard and continue to pump her sweet pussy, she has let up on her nails but continues to bite and suck my neck, I continued to pump her pussy faster and faster and I started to again fill her womb with my hot cum, which set her off yet again screaming GILL I LOVE YOU and I felt her go limp in my arms.

A few minutes later Sue opens her eyes as I am gently kissing her face, she smiles up at me, I say are you ok baby, she says ummm hummm reaches up put both arms up around my neck and we kiss a long loving kiss, then she looked at me and asks where, when and who taught to make love like that? I sais here, the last two hours and you, it is just how you make me feel I’m just expressing the love I have had for you for years and give you as much pleasure as I could to express my love for you. Sue asked what time do you need to be home, I say I have to be at work on Monday, but I’m good till then. Sue says come cuddle me lets rest for a while she turns her back to me, I put my arm over her cup her boob and pull her close to me, she pushes her sweet butt up against my cock and jumps up and says baby your still hard are you ok do I not make you happy. I kiss her and say actually I’m not still hard I got soft after we made love, you have made me cum four times in the last three hours she says wait I only remember you cuming three times, I said I was cuming as you passed out and couldn’t stop and I’m hard again because I love you so much and your body drives me crazy I want you more than anything else in the world and if you weren’t married I’d never let you go. Sue looks at me and says baby we can’t have you going around with an erection every time we are together, I say baby do you relize you are nude in bed with me, she says oh yes guess I am and I can see how that might turn on. Come cuddle and we snuggle back together again.

The next morning there is a pound on the door and someone yells check out in two hours. Sue jumps up and says oh Gill what are you doing I said breakfast, she says that feels so good, I was gently waking her up by licking her pussy, she says oh damn how long have you been dooo god damn yes baby right there yes, oh yes open baby here comes breakfast and she flood my mouth with her sweet cum. She pulls on me and says come up her and give me a good morning kiss, I craw up between her legs and we kiss a long deep kiss, I try and slide my cock into her wet pussy, she says oh no you don’t you got me a bit sore from last night, I say I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. She says its ok baby I just need to get adjusted to your size but Gill you made love to me better than anyone has ever and I never want to lose you. I sit up in the bed and take her into my arms, and ask is there a possibility of a future for us? Then I say I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Sue looks at me and says what do you think your pairents will say when they find your girlfriend is old enough to be your mother, you know they can have me put in prison for us being together last night. I say there is a fifteen years difference between my Mom and Dad, my Mom was f******n when they got married. Then I say they are cool I think they will be fine with us as long as we can show them we are truly in love and this is not just an afair. The main thing is we are up front with them and not just spring it on them out of the blue. Sue looks at me with tears in her eyes and says there is really a chance for us, Sue says I love you so deeply honey you just don’t know. Leo’s gone back to college, and John moved in with his lover today we are in the process of divorcing. As you know I’m a bank auditor and very good at managing money I always kept our finances separate the house and cars are all mine. With your government job and my job we will be able to live together with no money problems. I say to her live together Sue I want to marry you I want us to have k**s together I want you in my arms for the rest of my life. Sue hugs me so tight and says I want you as my husband I want us to have k**s I didn’t want you to feel I was trapping you into a situation you would regret. I say Sue I was brought up when you make a commitment to a wife you keep that commitment for the rest of your life I say sence we are talking future I need to tell you, I’m in the Army Reserve, in three months January, I will be leaving for six months for Basic Training I won’t be back till June. I pull Sue in my arms and ask are you ok with this Sue, she says we are together and god willing we will be together for the rest of our lives.

We hug and kiss and she says Gill does that thing ever get soft, I say would you prefer if it were soft all the time she says NO but, I say honey your beatiful, hot body is still here in bed with me nude, you have this effect on me, she says maybe this will help and she grabs my cock and sucks my cock into her mouth, I reach down and play with her boobs and nipples and she moans takes my cock out of her mouth and says so you want to play that way ok she licks her finger and sucks my cock back into her mouth damn this is feeling goo oh damn she just buried her finger on my butt and hit something because I cuming harder than I have, my cum is running out around my cock down her chin and down onto her boobs and actually dripping off her nipple and on her belly. I fall back on the bed and my cock actually went soft. I say what did you do to me you killed my thing, she smiles pats her pussy and says your safe for a while, I say pay back is hell, she says get up WAIT get out of bed we need to get a shower go pick up my car then figure out what we are going to do for the rest of the weekend. I say before we get your car I’m taking you to the dinner for a non-protein breakfast!

We hop in the shower and wash all our bodily fluids off each other, I’m washing her back I say your skin is so beatiful she says all thank you and leans her butt back against my cock again and says oh my god that’s not your I say yup it is, she says but I just drained it, hot water and hot woman revived it, she says wait here as she gets out she turns off all the hot water, I yell damn and crash my way thru the shower curtain, I grab her pick her up and throw her over my sholder and Sue is yelling Baby, Honey, Gill it was only a joke I throw her on the bed and start tickling her she says no Gill not that I can’t stand it, I have her laughing so hard she is crying. Finally I stop pull her into my arms and say I love you so much, she pulls away from me and says I have had more fun, more love, and the best sex of my life in the last eight hours than I have ever had, I love you so much. I say ok young lady get dressed we need to get something to eat so I will have energy for later, pick up your car, I have to, stop at my pairents so I can change. Whats waiting for you when you get home, Sue says nothing hubby is was susposed to move out to his girlfriend’s yesterday, Leo left for college early to stay with his girlfriend’s at college, so I have an empty nest, I’m all alone I guess, I ask can I come stay with you, Sue says we will have it quiet for at least till my devorce is final, but yes I would to have my man live with me.

We get in the car Sue slides over next to me give me a big kiss and says you really got me turned on last night when you out raced those guys. I say oh the ones that wanted to kick my ass for taking you away from them, she says my knight in shining armor, I said if they would have caught me it would have been dented armor. Sue kisses me and says I love my hero. We stop at the dinner get breakfast, then back to pick up her car. I saw it before she did, it was trashed. She sees it and starts to cry, I stop and get out to look at it, and Sue won’t get out of my car, I check it out it’s covered in mud, but the top is not cut, the tires are not cut, and none of the windows were broken the antenna isn’t even bent. It was covered in mud, with the words whore, slut, and cunt smeared on the car. I get in my trunk, I keep a gallon of water and rags I wash off the windows, and wipe out the words. I come back to Sue and say it’s not as bad as it looks, it’s just mud, we will play hell getting the top clean but we have something to do together today. I cleaned the windows so you can drive. I say do you know where the quarter car wash is at the bottom of the hill, she says yes, I tell her to drive there I’ll follow and I’ll get the worst of the mess off there so we don’t make a mess at your house. Sue gets out of my car gives me a big kiss, unlocks her car, starts it, it runs fine, I say ok see you down there. Sue pulls into the car wash I park and we get out I start washing the mud off the car and in a few minutes I had it almost back to normal, I looked it over there were no dents or big scratches, but it needed to be hand washed, compounded, polished and waxed, and the white contrivable top needed a good cleaning and protectant put on it. Sue looked at the car thru her arms around my neck and was crying on my sholder and says thank you so much this was the first car I bought all on my own it was my independence from my lying, cheating husband, and you saved it for me, I’m going to make you so happy when we get home. I say don’t be so happy yet, you’re going home change into some sexy car washing clothes, we have two days’ work to get your baby cleaned properly for my baby. I say do you have a hose, bucket, rags, hose nozzle at home, Sue says yes Baby, I tell her to go home pull the car around back, change your clothes and I’ll be there as soon as I can, I have to stop buy some top cleaner and protectant, change my clothes and get down here so we can get started. Gill are you going to bring some clothes and your things to move in with me, I say maybe if my pairents are home so I can tell them about us and our plans, I won’t just move out without talking to them first, and knowing them are going to want to take us out to dinner, to give you the third degree, oh and Mom is going to want to bond with you because you represent the only option to continue the family line, I’m the last male Franklyn. I say come over here give me a big kiss and get your sweet little butt home change and I’ll get there as soon I can.

I stop by the auto parts store pick up the top cleaner and conditioner, everything else I have at home. When I get home Mom and Dad are there I think good better to get this done and move on. I walk in and say Hi Mom she says I was a little worried about you last night but understand you are all grown up, Dad walks in the kitchen with us and says hey Pal how are you I say great but I need to talk to you two and it’s very important to me and us well our family. Mom say ok tell us I say I have a girlfriend and I’m going to move in with her, she is older than me, is married and getting a devorce that is all settled and are just waiting for things to work thru the courts and yes I spent the night with her last night Mom jumps up and yells OH THANK GOD and gives me a big hug, your Dad and I were worried you were gay. I ask her why would you think that, Mom said Gill your almost 18, near as we can tell you have never dated a girl, didn’t go to your proms, you had us wondering. That was the last reaction I expected! Mom says is she nice, do we know her, where does she live, does she have any k**s, and when do we get to meet her. I say she is a beatiful wonderful loving woman, you have never ment her, she lives just over the hill, Dad says on this street I say yes and she has one son Leo, Mom says your best friend Leo I say yes that Leo. Dad says do you love her I say yes I have for years, that’s why I never dated. Dad are you sure she loves you, I say as much as any man can, and we want to have k**s right away. She owns her house has a good job, money in the bank and with my job we will be fine money wise. Dad says so you two are planning on getting married, I say yes after I get back basic in nine months, so you two aren’t running right out and getting married, I say no Dad. He says make sure when you leave her in a bit you take clothes to go out to dinner tonight at the Sunset, I’ll make reservations for 7. I say yes sir, Dad says I haven’t ment her yet but from what you have told me I like what I’m hearing and proud of you both. Mom says I’ll go pack your clothes I see tears in her eyes, I give her a kiss and say Mom I love you and we will be right over hill and hopefully soon you will have a grandc***d to spoil! Mom says get out of here and get your stuff out of the garage I’ll pack your clothes. I change, get all the car cleaning stuff I need and put it in the trunk, Mom put most of my clothes in the car, I still have more to get but I want to leave some things there till I leave for basic.

I pull around back at Sue’s she runs up to me gives me a big kiss she is wearing a pair of cut-offs that made short shorts look like long paints and a thin white button down top that the tails were tied just below her boobs. She looks at me and I say you want to show me where to put my clothes, Her eyes get real big they were there, I say yes, with a worried look on her face she asks what did they say they were tickled pink they thought I was gay, Sue says I can testify you aren’t, I say that’s good you can tell them tonight we are meeting them at the Sunset at 7 for dinner. Sue says WHAT I gota get ready this isn’t much notice, I have to get my hair done and my nails and I say WOE, WOE, WOE honey why do you need to do all that stuff my pairents are just normal people they live in the same house as you on the same street, honey I’m meeting my future in-laws I have to be perfect it’s for my self-confidence, I ask can you drive stick, Sue says yes, I ask her do you think you can handle my car she gets a big smile on her face and says oh yes, I say ok, it’s 10:00 am put my clothes away, I’ll stay here and get started on your car, BUT your sweet little butt is going to be out here tomorrow working on this car deal, she says yes thank you thank you thank you, really honey it’s for us, I want you pairents to love me as they love you. I say I love you let me get my stuff to clean your car out of the trunk and get started. Sue makes three trips to get my clothes out of the car and into the empty closet and dresser in the master bedroom, then calls her hair dresser and was able to get in as soon as she can get there to have her hair done, nails, facial, bikini wax and make up. She drops her cut-offs and top looks in the medicine cabinet and throws out her birth control pills. When Sue came out of the house she is freshly showered wearing a very respectful, sun dress and flats. She comes over, she gives me a big hug and kiss and says thank you baby, and I say no racing, she says yes sir, then I say get some lunch, she says yes sir then I say come back to me soon I’ll miss you, sue says I’ll miss you too.

Sue gets behind the wheel of my car and fifteen minutes later she pulls up of the salon. My Mom just happens to already be in the same salon (actually there is only one dissent salon in town) and immediately my Mom knows my car and sees Sue get out and come in the Salon, I ask my hair dresser Sara if she knows if that is Sue Barker, she says yes, then Mom asks do you think you can keep me close to her, Sara says sure, then Mom asks what she knows about her, she says well as you can see she is beatiful, but she is not stuck up or conceded, actually she is a very nice person. Her husband is a bastard, he cheated on her for years, he was a drunk and a bad gambler, finally she put her foot down told him stop drinking, gambling and running around on her join AA and go to counseling or get out, he did but fell in love with his AA sponger, she is divorcing him by now it should be just about complete. Sue is seated in the chair next to Gills Mom her hair dresser is Pat, Sue says hello Pat how are you today she says good and you I’m wonderful, Pat says is your devorce final Sue says about two more weeks, so why OH you ment someone, Sue’s eyes well up and say he is the most hansom, loving, nicest, strong and heroic man I ever ment. Pat says so why so sad, Sue says he is a lot younger but believe me he is mature beyond his years, and probably the best lover I have ever been with so why so sad, two reasons one he is home working my car and I should be there helping him I’m afraid he will be mad at me but I have to meet his pairents tonight and I have to be perfect, to meet them, he is a love of a lifetime I will be devastated if they can’t accept me, I would have to break up with him, it would kill both of us but I will never let myself come between him and his family. Finally Marge (Gills Mom) speaks up and says I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but over hear your story and I need to tell you never let anything or anybody come between you and the man you love, but I wouldn’t worry about his pairents any mother worth a damn will see how much you love her son as far as the father goes, between your beauty and his wife’s acceptance of you, you’re a shoe in, oh and as far as your young man is concerned he won’t be mad at you, my son is a gearhead and he is happiest when he is working on a car so just relax enjoy your dinner and have a good time. Sue says I hope your right, Marge says don’t worry honey you will be fine. Sara says Marge you’re all done and Marge says thank you. Marge goes up to pay and the cashier says as she walks out the door, bye Mrs. Franklyn see you next week. Sue looks up and asks Sara do you happen to know Mrs. Franklin’s son’s name, Sara walks up behind Sue’s chair and looks at her thru the merrow and says yes its Gill and she loves you. Sue asks how did she know who I was, Sara says you drove in, in her son’s car.

Sue drives up to the garage I had just finished compounding her car, Sue walks up to me puts her arms around my neck and says I love you I go to kiss her and she backs away and says I just had my makeup done, after your Mom and Dad meet me you can do anything you want to me. I say anything I say yes. I told her I got the top done, and the whole thing compounded, we are going to have to polish and wax it tomorrow. Sue says I promise I’ll help all day tomorrow and do it being very sexy for you. Then sue says It’s a little after five better get cleaned up, a shower, and get dressed and will you wear long pants for me. I want to show your pairents what a nice couple we are, I say I don’t need to impress them but tell you what you lay out what you want me to wear and I’ll ware it for you and I walk by and smack her butt and say there is no makeup there, she grabs my hand and pulls up her skirt and slides my hand in her pantys and says how does that feel to you I say damn that’s smooth and it’s all yours. I know after my pairents are done with you, she says nope you can do anything you want below my sholders, after your shower. I put the cleaning stuff away run in get a shower and put on the clothes Sue layed out for me Sue comes in and says damn I am the luckiest woman in the world, I can see her start to well up so I distract her and say let me get this dress off of you, what are you wearing tonight she says my LBD and my 3” black heels. I get her dress off she goes to bend over the chair she says come on baby take me, I bend down and kiss her sweet but cheek and say get dressed or we will be late, Sue says honey I promise you when we get home tonight you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, I say oh no you don’t we got work to do tomorrow Sue says yes I’m looking forward to putting the wax on with my boobs and off with my butt! I say that would be sexy as hell but not very effective. Now get dressed we need to get going.

We took my car, as we pulled in to the parking lot my Mom and Dad were right behind us. I got out opened Sue’s door Mom and Dad walked over Mom and Sue hug and Sue says to Mom thank for your advice today, Mom says your welcome deer, then Sue gives Dad a hug and he says it’s great to finally meet you, I have heard so much about you from Gill and Marge (Marge I say to myself how) than Dad say something that almost makes both Sue and I cry, when he says welcome to the family. Sue gives Dad a huge hug and says thank you so much you have no idea how much this means to me. Mom says no you have no idea what a relief it is for us to know our son has such a beatiful loving woman as his future wife. As tears begin to form in Sue’s eyes I take her in my arms and kiss her a deep loving kiss. Dad clears his throat and says well, Mom says well hell why don’t you kiss me that way anymore, every one laughs and we walk in. The Mater-D sees my Dad and says right this way Mr. Franklin we are escorted to a privet room. Sue says I really need the lady’s room, Mom says follow me Deer right this way, and they leave the room. I say to my Dad I feel like I’m losing control here and I like to be in control. How does Mom know Sue, Dad says appearently they both go to the same salon and those places are gossip factories.

Then I ask Dad why the privet room and how can we afford this, it’s not like we are rich or anything. The women come back in looking all refreshed makeup fixed and all smiles, we order drinks, and Dad says we have some business to discuss, and opens a small case and removes a document and says this is a prenuptial agreement which states what yours is yours and what his is his should you two devorce. I get pissed and say Dad I HAVE NOTHING WHY WOULD I NEED THIS Sue don’t sign that, Sue says if this is what it takes for us to be together and she signs it hands me the pen and says please Gill sign it it’s for us! I sign and say here, now I think we will be leaving. Dad says sit down Gill there is a lot more we need to talk about your ancestry, the family business and your future. Mom says have you told Sue your middle name, I say no, Sue says what is it I say Benjamin, Sue says like the founding fathers Benjamin Franklin, Mom says Gill’s several greats back grandfather, Gill and his Dad are the last direct descendants. Dad says the family business is to manage the family wealth, I say wealth? Mom says yes roughly two hundred million. I say holey shit are you k**ding me, Mom says no and it’s a full time job managing it. Dad says now to totally piss you off you need to know I had Sue fully investigated and of course she came thru with an impeccable background, that’s why the I will be offering you the company’s CFO position you applied for last week with a salary of one million annually, the other thing is you Gill will be taking over as CEO job when you get back from basic training. The day you two get married you will get a trust payout of five million. So to answer your question we can afford the privet room for dinner I mean our company owns the restaurant. I ask Dad why do we live like a middle income family, Mom says we live to be happy and now that you will be taking over the business your Dad will be retiring and we living the good life! We have dinner say our good evenings.

We get in the car and I say well looks like Mom and Dad like you, but I’m totally pissed off right now for Dad having you investigated. Sue said I applied for that job last Monday before us, it’s normal to be investigated for a position like that, I just didn’t know your family owned the company. I say ok that makes sense. I say so are you going to take the position, Sue says I can’t till my devorce is final. Then she says are you sure you want to be involved with me and my baggage, I say when I get you home I’ll show you how much I’m sure! We get home and I walk in behind her watching her butt sway as we walk to the bed room when we reach the bedroom I grab her hips, and kiss her neck, and I slide the zipper down on the back of her dress and flick the straps off her sholders and the dress falls down around her ankles. I hold her hips and kiss her neck as she falls back against me I whisper in her ear I love you with all my heart and soul I turn her around pull her in my arms kiss her with a deep loving kiss. and say Sue you are my heaven and earth I want us to be together for the rest of our lives, I pick her up carry her to the bed and lay her on the mattress, I take my sandals off then my shirt and t-shirt finally my paints as my cock pops up Sue moans I say do you like what you see, she says umm hmm come to me make me you woman again. I lay on the bed beside her take her body in my arms, I could feel her body totally give itself to me. Sue sits up kisses my neck where she had bit me the night before and says I’m so glad I put that hicky so low so your pairents didn’t see it. I say come down here to me she lays down in my arms I kiss her a deep loving passionate kiss, as we continue to kiss our bodies rub against each other, I caress her sweet butt cheek, then her boob we are in a state of bliss, I kiss and suck her neck she moans and says oh Gill yes you feel so good, she reaches down and gently strokes my cock or bodies press together tightly, Sue rotates her hips and rubs my cock up and down her slit to get it lubed than holds it at the entrance to her hot wet pussy she whispers in my ear all at once baby, with one big push I burry my cock in her to my balls, she screams OH MY GOD GILL IM CUMING BABY and she explodes in a giant orgasum, I start pumping her faster and faster, she wraps her legs around mine pulling me deeper into her Sally says baby it feels so good damn I’m going to cum again oh yeSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSS as the pain from her nails in my back hits it travels all the way down to my cock and I go off like a rocket pumping load after load of cum in her sweet pussy.

I wake up the room is filled with sun light, Sue is not in bed with me, I smell coffee brewing and bacon cooking, I get up with morning wood, follow the smell of cooking bacon Sue is wearing her cut offs and tied top. She is bent over putting biscuits in the oven, the thin strip of material covering her pussy as pushes off to the side and her pussy was completely exposed, I sneak up behind her grab her hips and slide my morning wood into her sweet pussy, she says good morning sleepy head I see you woke up happy Oh and hard, better get dressed your Mon and Dad are coming for breakfast, I say WHAT and pull out of her and run to get dressed, I come back in wearing cut offs and t-shirt and say you better change your cut offs she says why, I say they are a bit skimpy my Mom well I don’t think she will approve, she says I hope you like scrambled eggs I say I do, Sue says sit down your breakfast is ready, I say what about my Mom and Dad Sue giggles oh I was just k**ding, I say you know I will get even with you for that she bends around gives me a kiss and says I can’t wait than puts down a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, a basket of fresh biscuits, and there is butter, g**** jelly and a glass of fresh orange juice. Sue sits across from me with the same breakfast. I ask so what happened at the salon yesterday? Well your Mom was already in there when I pulled up in your car, so she knew right away who I was, apparently before I got inside she had arraigned for me to be seated beside her and listened in on my conversation with Pat my stylist. Well I told Pat all about you how much I loved and on and on about, then I told her I was meeting your pairents and if they didn’t I would have to break up with you because I would not come between you and your parients. You Mom leaned over and said if I truly loved you I shouldn’t let anything cone between you and I, than she said as nice and sweet as I am she could promise me they would love me. Her stylist finished her up and as she walked out. Oh she asked me to check with you she would like to set up a standing reservation for us to have our hair done every Saturday morning, I say its fine with me I just don’t see how they could improve on perfection. Sue says thank you baby. What are we doing this morning I said finishing up your car then mine needs a bath and then I guess we need to get ready for next week. Sue says I’ll be out as soon as I clean up from breakfast, I say hold on a second, I run out and bring in a bunch of buffer pads and say we need to wash and dry these we will need them later, she says bring them here we go in the laundry room and put them in the washing machine, then when we go back to the kitchen I start to help her clean up from breakfast Sue stops and says what are you doing, I said cleaning up Sue says I can do this, I say I know but we need to share the work together things will get done faster and we will be a closer. Sue comes over gives me a big hug and kiss and says I love you. We finish the kitchen then I say we need to go make the bed, we make the bed, and I say time to make your car as beatiful as you. Sue says we came in here to actually make the bed I say yes it needed to be made, she says I thought you were going to bring me in here to make love, I say honey as much as I love your sweet body we can’t spend all our life in bed half maybe but not all. Now get your sweet butt out back, she looks over her sholder and says so you like my butt I grab her butt cheek and say I love it.

I say you clean the interior while I polish and buff the car she says yes Sir I smack her butt and say get to work she gives me a quick kiss and we set to work, with her car being a convertible work goes fast and I’m done washing and waxing the car by eleven, and Sue has finished the interior. Sue comes up and puts her arm around me and says it looks better than when I bought new thank you Gill, I say I saw how much it ment to you and how upset you were when it was trashed and had to fix it for you. Sue reaches up and gives me a kiss and says your all hot and sweaty then takes my t-shirt and pulls it off me and runs her hands over my chest and says damn your sexy I say ok let’s finish up, I say put your car in the garage and I’ll pull my car us so we can wash it. We wash my car as I finish squirting off the last of the soap Sue is getting flirty, “accidently” rubbing her butt and boobs against me I wrap my arm around her waist pull her knot lose from her top and spray her boobs, then put the nozzle in her cut offs and spray her pussy, she says oh my god hold it right there, appearently the spray is hitting directly on her clit and she is having an orgasum.

She grabs my hand pulls me into the laundry room we take off our clothes puts them in the washing machine turns it on spin jumps on top the washer spreads her legs and says eat me baby! I burry my face in her sweet pussy and go stright for her clit she wraps her arms around my head pulling my mouth tight against her pussy and spreads little kisses over my head saying oh god baby yes baby oh right there yes oh yes AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES DAMN I grab her pull her down onto my cock and slowly and gently slide my cock into her tight pussy Sue wraps her arms around my neck and whispers oh baby you make me feel so good I love you so much. I pick up the pace then out of nowhere I explode inside her, my legs grow weak and I slide down the wall with her still impaled on my cock and her arms wrapped around my neck. We sit there for a few minutes with Sue’s arms wrapped around my neck and I relize she is crying I pull away and say what’s wrong Baby, Sue says no one has ever loved me the way you do, I love you so much I don’t want to lose you. I say Sue I’m not going anywhere your my everything your my life I’ll never let you go, besides your sitting on my lap with my thing inside you and I can’t get up. She laughs and says are you complaining, I say NO you feel damn good, but I have BO and need a shower, Sue squirms around on my lap and says you smell manly. I say ok bend my knees push myself back up the wall, pick her up cradle her in my arms and carry her into the bathroom and put her in the shower and get in with her and we make out and shower together as we clean each other, we get out dry each other, I say get dressed were going to Ameche’s to get something to eat. Sue looks at me and says your taking me out again, I say I know I’m tird, so you have to be tird too we have worked our butts off and gone through so many emotions the past two days I just it’s not fair to ask you to put together a meal for us so were going out. I mean if you don’t want to go out I’ll help you put a meal together, but I thought it would be nice just to go out. Besides I want to show you off. Sue gives me a strange look then says what do you mean you want to show me off, I say you’re the most beatiful woman in the world and I’m very proud to be with you and I want everyone to know we are together. Sue you are my whole world and I want the whole world to know we are together. Sue says aren’t you worried about what people will say. I say Sue I care about what you say and that’s it, people want to talk fuck them I couldn’t care less, I’m proud of us and our love. She says damn I love you lets go, I say ok but you thing we should put on some clothes first I mean I love your body but I don’t want to share your it with every one I’ll be a bit selfish there. Sue says ok clothes it is if you want to be stingy with my body, I said I don’t need another night like Friday chasing off six men, Sue grins and says that was fun at the time when they were chasing us and you blew them away, but it was the dumbest thing I have ever done it was really dangerous, I’m sorry I’ll never do anything like that again. I say get dressed I’m hungry for solid food, your pussy is great but not very filling!

We pull into Ameche’s and I see a friend’s car and say Sonny and Gloria are here they are married, Sue says so married people come here too I say yes married people have to eat too! She nails me in the ribs with an elbow. We go in they are in line to get their food, I get behind them in line and I whisper to Sue watch this and I kiss the back of her neck and she leans back against me and rubs her butt on my crouch and she says hello Gill, Sonny turns around and says to Gloria you better let off him the girl he has his arm around looks pissed. Gloria straightens up turns around and says oh I’m sorry I was just messing around, Sue says honey you have no idea, I say Sonny, Gloria this is Sue Barker my future wife Gloria says congratulations grabs Sue’s hand and yells I’m getting us a table, Sue looks at me and says burger, fries and chocolate shake. Gloria gets us into a booth and says how did you nail him, you have no idea how many womens heart you have broken, Gill was Public Hunk #1 most wanted by ever woman with a pulse in this town, except me he’s like my little brother so how long have you two known each other, how long have you been dating, how is he in bed, oh maybe you haven’t have you? Sue giggles Gloria says I’m sorry but this is like major breaking news. Sue says we have known each other for years, but I was in a committed relationship, but we have been in love for a long time, we have been together sence Friday night wait guess it was early Saturday morning, he is the best lover I have ever been with and he has moved in with me. We had dinner last night with his pairents they fully approve, welcomed me to the family and offered me a job with the family company. Gloria says all I can say is Gill has good taste, you are beatiful and I wish I had your body, if Gill has been in love with you I can see why none of the women could tempt him. Sonny and I get to the booth with our food, Sonny was all very fourth right and says damn Gill she is really hot, I say you should see her with her clothes off! Sue says GILL! I say it’s the truth and you know it, Gloria says he has you there. We all laugh eat our meal and talk. I ask Sonny and Gloria when I go away to basic for six months, if Sue has any problems while I’m away can she give you a call for help, Gloria says of course. Sue says thank you actually I have very few friends , there is something you don’t know Gill, I was abandoned at birth raised in an orphanage, got out at 18 got two jobs put myself thru college at night, so now I’m divorcing my EX I’m very much alone.

Our next three months go by fast too fast. I’m working with my Dad. We spent Thanksgiving with my pairents, Mom and Sue chased Dad and me out of the kitchen so they could fix dinner, and both Mom and Sue are great cooks. Mom and Dad are about 20 years older than Sue and Mom has just about adopted her as the daugther she never had. The dinner table looked like something from a Norman Rockwell print. The family tradition at Thanksgiving was to stand at the table and say what we were thankful for Mom and Dad went first together and they were thankful for Sue becoming part of our family, I was thankful for Sue becoming my life and soon my wife, Sue says was thankful for Mom and Dad accepting her into the family, and she was thankful for my love and the court system for finalizing her devorce yesterday, we all hug in a grope hug, Sue looks at me and says baby I’m finally all yours, I say Sue you always have been and we kiss. We sit down and eat the most wonderful meal of my life, Dad says I’ll expect you at the office Monday after next, Mom asks Dad what are you and Gill doing tomorrow, we say not sure but we both know it’s black Friday and we better be out getting our girls Christmas presents, I say I suppose you two will be shopping till you drop Sue says you got it so don’t expect any loving tomorrow night, Mom says the same applies to you Dad! After the women split up the left overs and wrap them up Dad and I have the job of clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash and serving desert. Sue and Dad were in deep talks about her new job, so Mom and I cleared the desert dishes. When we are in the kitchen I say to Mom I need you to get her into a jewelry store and let me know what ring set she likes the most. Mom says I got you covered Baby. Then Mom asks do you know when you’re going to propose I says Christmas Eve at the candle light service, I already talked to Reverend Johnson he is going to call us up the be candle lighters and I’m going to propose on the alter. Mom says Wow that should be memorable, I hope so.

Sue and I return home put the leftovers in the refrigerator, though Gill didn’t keep track of Sue’s cycles she did and knew she was ovulating and horny as hell, she walks up behind Gill and whispers in his ear you know you’re not getting layed tomorrow so she takes my hand and leads me into the bed room, I put my hands on her sholders kiss her neck slide the zipper down on the back of her dress and push it off her sholders the most beatiful woman in the world is standing in front of me in just a pair of lace pantys I reach around and cup her breast I feel her body shutter as she leans back against me turns her head and we kiss, she says I’m all yours now take me make me yours mind, body and soul ,as we continued to make out, I moved my right hand down her midsection, past her waist and to where above her pantys I began to massage her vagina, rubbing back and forth, up and down as we kissed. She moaned at this, and kissed me harder than before. I broke the kiss, sat up a bit, and removed my shirt. She welcomed me back with open arms as I began to kiss her again. I stopped and looked at her as I repositioned myself so that I gently rested on her waist, in a sitting position.

Her breasts were perfect I lowered my face in between them and began licking the space between her breasts as she grabbed the back of my head in encouragement. When I got to the left breast I began to suck on it hard, tonguing the soft skin and then getting it in my mouth, sucking. I moved to the right breast, with my tongue as a mode of transportation, and began to suck on the right one as well. She continued to grope the back of my head as I did this, massaging my scalp as I sucked on her breasts.

Her nipples were large and hard, the meaty tips extended as north as they could go. I rubbed her left nipple with my thumb and then engulfed it with my mouth, sucking on the entire nipple, pulling it upwards with my lips. I moved and did so with her right nipple as well, making sure to make it moist and give her as much pleasure as I could out of this act. Then, I began to move down her body with my face, extending up tongue out and guiding my way down her body with it as if it were a compass. I licked right below the area between her breasts and then continued down. Soon, I grazed over her belly button and down further, to her sheer panties were revealed. I grabbed the top of her panties with my teeth, pulled it up, let it snap back down. She grabbed the back of my head again, continued massaging it. I then ceased, raised my head a bit, and moved my hands down so that they were at the sides of her pantys. I grabbed her pantys, then slid them down. She lifted her legs so that I could completely remove them. She was shaved smooth with a patch of hair just that lay just above two moist, pink lips that I so eagerly awaited to visit. I placed my face against her vulva, gently, with my nose at the very top of where her pubic hair started. I lowered my face until my mouth was over her clit, and captured it in my mouth. She moaned heavily with just it being in my mouth, but began to moan continuously as I sucked on her clitoris, licking the meaty fixture and sucking on it, smelling the poignant aroma that emanated from her lips. I continued to suck on her clit, moving my mouth as I did so, but keeping it in as well. Soon, her juices were flowing quite continuously, a few escaping down my lips to my chin but most pouring down my throat like water, water that I was happy to accept.

After a while of this, I removed my mouth and replaced it with two fingers, one creeping its way into her pussy and the other rubbing her clit. I did both simultaneously, and too much satisfaction. Soon, I put two fingers into her vagina, and slid them in and out, softly at first and with more vigor soon thereafter. Her juices completely saturated my skin, and I felt around inside her pussy with my index and middle fingers, lifting and pulling and creating as much friction as I could as she moaned endlessly I moved in, then slid my cock into her pussy, I slid it out, then back in, then out, then repeated in a slowly increasing the pace I lowered myself so that I was lying on top of her, and pulling up, getting as deep inside as I could get, feeling my hard, erect cock slide in and out of my sweet Sue. Her pink lips were as moist as could possibly be as I moved in and out of her, spraying little bits of precum inside of her as we moaned together in pleasure. She began to whisper, in my ear, “Oh, my God… oh, Gill oh, my God…” I thrust in and out of her pussy as she pushed back against me, I feel her cervix swallow the head of my cock, her pussy is so tight it feels like a hand stroking my cock, I knew with this hot woman wrapped around my body I would not last long I feel the pressure building and feel my cum rushing up my cock then burst free filling her womb “Oh, god yes, fill my pussy then, with a few more thrusts in and out of her sweet pussy, I exploded inside of her again, I filled the walls of her womb with my cum. I continued to pump until I had nothing left inside of me, saturating the inside of her pussy with my sperm, the wet warmth inside of her begging for my cum. As I finished, all of my seed filling the inside of my sweet Sue, I pulled out as she continued to moan with pleasure, her little yelps and gasps getting quieter. I hold her in my arms spread soft kisses over her face and asked her what just happened, Sue rolls over on her back raises her legs takes a pillow and puts it under her thighs keeping her thighs elevated, I asked her what she was doing she said her back was sore, I say I’m sorry baby did I hurt you she smiles oh no not yet, I ask not yet what do you mean. Sue holds my hand and says nothing baby I love you please hold my hand like this I’m sleeping on my back tonight.

A week before Christmas we are setting the table for dinner I say we need to go get a Christmas Tree tonight, Sue sits down looks up at me with a tear in her eye and says she had not had a Christmas Tree in years, and that her husband had taken all the ornaments they had. I said give me the phone I call my Mom and ask if she had any old tree ornaments they didn’t use any more, she said yes tons she had been saving them for years for me that we could come by and pick out what we need. After dinner we go to my pairents Mom and Sue go thru the ornaments while Dad and I go out to the garage to get lights and tree stand. As Mom and Sue are going thru the ornaments Mom notices that Sue appears to be distracted and says are you ok Baby, Sue looks at her with tears in her eyes wraps her arms around Mom’s neck and cry’s her eyes out Mom says whats wrong baby did Gill hurt you Sue pulls away from her and says NO well and she points to her belly Mom says OH MY GOD does Gill know Sue says no, and promise you won’t tell him I don’t want him worrying about me while he is away. Mom says I understand, but you know he is going to be pissed at you when he gets back she says I’ll make him happy when he gets back. Mom says have you been to the Doctor, Sue says not yet I have to find one, Mom says we will go to mine Monday, why do you think you are pregnet? Sue says I missed my period three weeks ago and I very regular, I’m nauseous in the mornings, my boobs are sore my nipples are supper sensitive and my emotions are all over the place. Mom says you have everything except a dead rabbit, you know if you need anything we are here for you and I am going to be a pain in your butt while Gill is away. Mom asks are you two still planning to get married right after he gets back, Sue says yes Mom says I would suggest you set the date for the Saturday after he gets back, by then you will be pretty far along there will be no way of hiding you guys little bundle of joy. Sue hugs Mom and asks can you help me I don’t have a clue of where to start, Mom says of course, the other thing is Dad and I have been worrying about you being alone, we could mouth ball your house and you can come stay here, sleep in Gills old room actually this was Dad’s idea but honey with you pregnet you’re going to thru emotions and mood swings that will drive you crazy and you don’t want go thru that alone, and it will make Gill feel better knowing you’re not alone. Sue hugs her and says I would love that, I’m going to be so lost when Gill is gone. We have everything loaded in the car, Mom said Dad and I would like to talk to you two and we sit at the dining room table where all the important decisions and family discussions take place. Dad says Mom and I are concerned about Sue staying in your house all alone while your away, we would like to suggest we mothball your house and have Sue move in here with us until you get home. Gill looks at Sue and asks what do you think, Sue says well I need to plan our wedding while you are away and your Mom said she would help put it all together. I say it would be a load off my mind I have been worried about you being there alone, Dad with a relieved look on his face says good that’s settled who would like to go to Dari-Queen for some desert? Sue says I do Mom bust out laughing Dad and I look at each other shrug our sholders, then a light bulb goes off in Dads head he look at Mom her eyes real big and she smiled at Dad closed her lips tight and suddenly shakes her head no, so Gill would not see her. We stand up Dad puts his arm around Sue and says come on roomie let’s get some ice cream.

Christmas Eve evening we are getting ready for the midnight candle service at church. Sue was dressed in a green velvet dress with flowing skirt that had white fur trim around the bottom of the skirt and around the sleeves, she had on green thigh highs and white 3” heels I say baby you look like a cute little elf, I lift her skirt and see her red lace garter belt thong and just know there has to be a matching red lace push up bra, then I say a very sexy little elf, who’s boobs look to be getting bigger, she says it’s the bar are you complaining, I say no way your know I’m a boob man, Sue says and an ass man and leg man, I say I can’t help I love all of you, your so beatiful I’m so lucky to have your love. Sue says stop now get ready look at you I’m so happy your Dad took you to his tailors look at you, your so hansom sue straightens his tie then steps back to look at me, and giggles I say what she says I’m picturing you with all your hair cut off, I don’t think it will be a good look for you, I say neither do I but such is life. Its eleven forty five we are sitting in church with Mom and Dad and Sonny and Gloria. Reverend Johnson had completed the sermon and says now comes what I feel is the most moving and faith renewing ceremonies we perform every year our candle light service. I get to select two people to be our candle lighters, they will light two candles here at the alter and walk down the center isle lighting the candle of each person at the end of each row of pews. Now tonight as I was greeting our congregation I saw a face I haven’t seen in far too long, he introduced me to his beatiful girlfriend, Gill Franklin and Sue Barker would you please step up to the alter, we walk up to the alter Reverend Johnson says any chance I’ll get to see you two k**s back up here for another ceremony, Sue says we are hoping for the Saturday in June. Reverend Jackson says I’ll save the date for you two, now can we have the lights lowered please, the church goes almost dark except for the candle light at the altar, then Reverend Johnson says oh wait there is one more ceremony to preform Gill, I get down on one knee look up at Sue and say Sue you are my heaven and earth, the reason I get up every day with a smile on my face knowing I’ll get to see you, Sue barker will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spend the rest of our lives together, Sue says yes of course and lowers her left hand and I slide the ring on her finger, as I stand up Reverend Johnson says you may kiss the bride to be, Ladies and Gentlemen the future Mr. and Mrs. Gill Franklin, I shake his hand and Sue gives him a kiss on the cheek. Ok k**s now go light some candles and welcome the baby Jesus into our lives. As we walk down the aisle lighting candles the congregation is singing Silent Night, the Church begins to be bathed in an amber glow that grows brighter with each row of pews we pass until finally the entire church brightly lit in a warm glow, we returned to the alter Reverend Johnson, reads the benediction walks off the alter the lights come back up we follow Reverend Johnson to the vestibule and he asks us to join him in receiving the congregation leaving the service. Sue said it was the most beatiful ceremony she had ever seen. As the parishioners file out we are congratulated of course most of the women want to see the Sue’s engagement ring, several older women commented that Sue had the glow.

We say good night to Mom and Dad and Sonny and Gloria and tell them we will see them tomorrow, we walk over to her car I open her door She puts her arms around my neck and says do you remember the first time we kissed I say outside the bar with you leaning against this car as you are now, she pulls me to her and we kiss a deep loving kiss, I help her into the car I get in to drive home Sue comes over cuddles up to me as I drive home Sue is fast asleep. When we get home I wake her up we go into the bed room and I pull my standard move of holding her hips pushing my cock against her sweet butt and kiss her neck. Sue says zipper, please I unzip her, her dress falls off I pop her bra clasp, then kneel down and slide her pantys off give her Sue says please pull off my garter belt and nylons I stand look at her and say my fiancée is a beatiful woman I am so lucky. Sue pulls back the covers and says get undressed, I rapidly get undressed taking care to hang up my new suit, a quick trip to the bathroom and my beatiful fiancée is sound asleep. I put on a pair of pajama paints go out to the garage retrieve her presents I had carefully hidden from her and place them under the tree as is our family tradition. I cuddle up next to her pull the covers over us and snuggle her into my arms for a long winters nap.

Christmas morning I’m rudely awaken by Sue wearing fleece winter Christmas pajamas on all fours jumping up and down on the bed says get up sleepy head there are Santa has come there are presents under the tree! I say what time is it, it’s still dark outside, she says it’s five am we got a lot to do. I get up put on a t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants, and walk out to the living room which is lit totally only by the multi colored lights on the Christmas tree. Sue had added my presents under the tree this morning. She hands me a box I open it there is a big box of writing paper, pens, envelopes and stamps, these are so you wright me, Mom and Gloria every day your away. She gives me a big hug and kiss and starts crying Baby I don’t want you to go away especially now I hold her away and say what do you mean especially now, she says you know with us just getting engaged and all, then changing the subject she says whats in that big square box I reach over and say the tag says Sue and I hand it to her, she says it’s light undoes the ribbon pulls the top off pulls out lots of tissue paper and finally retrieves a little blue Zale’s box flips it open and inside is a pair of diamond stud earrings that were one carrot each. Sue says oh honey they are beatiful thank you so much, then I hand her a wrapped document envelope with both our names on it. Sue opens it up it’s a deed for a one acre building lot, I say when we get back we can design our own house that will be all ours if that’s what you want if not then we can hold on to the lot as an investment. We open the rest of the presents, I make coffee while Sue cleans up the torn wrapping paper and puts it in a trash bag. I sit on the sofa Sue comes over and sits on the my lap lays her head on my sholder and says thank you so much for my presents and for being here for me and loving me, I love you so much you are my whole life Gill. I hug her tight to me tell her you are my whole world. I look down at her and she had fallen asleep in my arms, its six am I decide to slide her off my lap lay her down and let her sleep for a while and I go get cleaned up and dressed and wake her at seven am. I give her a kiss and she reaches up puts a an arm around my neck and says come snuggle, I say it’s 7am we need to be at Mom’s at 8, her eyes jolt wide open and she says why did you let me sleep so long she jumps up and says we need to get the presents in the car, and the food in the car I need a shower and get dressed, I say I have everything covered, go get your shower I follow her into the bath room and watch her take off her clothes when she turns around and sees me she says I know that look you let me sleep thru the time we had for that now go away and load the car, I said it’s already loaded, she says well than just go away so I can get ready. Forty minutes later Sue walks out in a red jumper and white blouse and red and white bander tights and red 3 inch heels, I say damn every time I see you, your more beatiful, Sue said we need to leave I get her coat out and help her on with it.

We get to my Mom’s Sue takes in the breakfast casserole, and I bring in the presents for my pairents. As the casserole is cooking Dad and Sue are talking three company’s they investing in Apple, Intel. And Microsoft. I pull Mom aside and say I am really concerned about Sue she seems to be tird all the time, very moody, her sexual desire appears to be gone I think she is losing interest in me. Mom says very firmly let me tell you young man that girl loves you with every bone in her body and all her heart and soul. She came to me telling me she wasn’t feeling well, I took her to my Doctor she is extremely anemic, and stressed. Honey that poor girl has been thru hell this past year, did you know your best friend disowned her, honey you’re what keeps her going. Mom why didn’t tell me, because she dosn’t want you worrying about her when your away at basic. I say I feel like a fool, Mom says no son you’re concerned about her and to me that’s a good thing, but you need to know she will be fine she just needs to keep her stress down and rest as much as she can. We have breakfast exchange gifts clean up Mom pulled Sue aside and told her about Gill’s concern about her and her health, and only because Gill is naïve about pregnet woman otherwise he would have put two and two together by now.

We load Mom and Dad’s presents into the car and drive towards Sonny and Gloria’s, Sue cuddles up to me and says I’m sorry I didn’t share my health issues with you but it’s not serious I just need to take it easy for a while, learn to relax, and I should have told you about Leo disowning basicly both of us that hurt it hurt me deeply, and she starts to cry, I pull over hold her in my arms, Sue cry’s out how am I going to survive when you are gone so long. I say Baby you will be with Mom and Dad and have four arms to hold you and I think they love you more than they do me. Sue laughs and says I think your right. I say that’s reassuring, Sue cuddles me a little tighter and says I love you, your number one to me baby. We get to Gloria’s Sue proudly carries in her Christmas desert she spent most of yesterday and I had the plate of our Christmas Cookies we had made together the last week, did I say that Sue is a fantastic cook, well she is. We walk in lots of hugs and kisses actually Sonny was kissing Sue maybe a little too long, Gloria says careful with that one she’s AH spoken for all ready. Sonny breaks the kiss and Sue gives Gloria a wide eyed look. A bit later Gloria and Sue are alone and Gloria says I’m sorry I almost blew it, Sue says no harm, and then Gloria asks so how are you doing Honey, Sue says not good, I’m tird all the time I have mood swings poor Gill is catching hell from that, even worse for him I have no interest in sex at all. Gloria is a nurse and says your hormones have changed to growing the baby in your belly, before that were all trying to get a baby in your belly so you were horny all the time. Gloria says well at least he will be gone thru most of the pregnancy, Sues lower lip begins to quiver and her eyes well up and Gloria pulls her into her arms and says I’m sorry Sue but Honey we will be here for you if you need anything and I plan to be a pain in your ass while he is gone, honey it will be ok you have all the support in the world.

New Year’s Eve we are going to a party at and Gloria’s. Sue and Gloria had gone clothes shopping and bought a new black party dress two sizes larger than normal, some new larger sexy black lingerie again much larger, when they got back home Gloria gave Sue a pill and says this will not hurt your baby, it will trick your body to forget about the baby and make you very let’s say friendly and flirty for a few hours so when you and Gill get home you will have a night to remember for six months! When Sue walked out to go to the party she looked hotter than I had seen her in a while, she looked at the crouch of my paints and says I don’t have to ask I can see you like my new dress, in addition to putting on the dress about an hour before getting ready she had taken the pill and it was kicking in. I say honey your boobs look like they are going to jump out the top of your dress, she walks towards me her boobs bounce and jiggle she stand right in front of me pulls out the top of her dress and says look as I stare down I can see her whole boob and nipple, she says it’s a shelf bra it cups the bottom of my boobs and raises them, and when I walk well you see. I say don’t bend over in front of anyone except me! We get in the car to drive to Sonny and Gloria’s and she slides over against me and starts rubbing my cock I say damn oh shit honey that feels so good want to turn around and go back home. Sue says hell no I want to party rub up against a few guys and send them home with blue balls then bring you home and make love with you for the next two days.

As with just about any party there is a mixture of people some are friends some are friends of friends, well there were three guys that were real horn dogs at the party and Gloria knew she would have to keep a close eye on Sue and those guys tonight! By 9 pm the booze is flowing music is playing people are dancing guys are getting a bit frisky. Gloria looks around sees me talking with Sonny and two guys but doesn’t see two of the horn dogs or Sue, she starts searching the two horn dogs sandwiching Sue between then in the hall, the guy in the front is saying come baby let me see those big tits and is trying to push them out the top of the dress, the guy in the back has her dress pulled up and is trying to pull down her pantys, Sue has not been drinking because of the baby but is having trouble trying to fending off two drunk guys she is saying get off of me you bastards, Gloria grabs her brother and his buddy line backers for the UM football team, and tells them to get the guys off of Sue and quietly throw them out of the party and make sure they don’t come back the two football players sholders are so wide they can’t walk side by side down the hall Gloria’s brother goes first squeezes past Sue and her attackers, he turns and he and his buddy grab the attackers around the neck and bend an arm behind their backs and say the lady said no when the guy in front is pulled away from Sue she knees him dead in the balls and makes a fist swings it behind her and nails the guy behind her in the balls, when they are pulled away from her and taken out the back door and sent home with four very sore balls and thanks to the football team some very sore ribs. Sue pulls her pantys up in place and adjust her boobs then slides down the wall crying Gloria rushes over helps Sue up takes and takes her into the master bathroom. Sue just keeps saying it wasn’t my fought I just went to the bathroom and they jumped me, I didn’t flirt with them or anything. Gloria holds her in her arms and try’s to calm her telling her they were drunk, Gloria’s brother and says don’t worry Sue they aren’t going to be bothering you or anyone else for a while, Sue gives him a big hug and says thank you for saving me. Gloria tells him to go get a glass of white wine and gives her a mild sedative and another hormone pill to get back her loving feeling for me and Sue for later. Sue downs the wine they fix her makeup and she starts to feel normal again then the hormone pill kicks in She hugs Gloria and Gloria tell her to go grab Gulls arm and don’t let go. Sue and Gloria walk out to the guys Sue puts her arms around my neck and gives me a hot kiss. Sonny looks at Gloria and says where’s mine, Gloria pats Sonny on the cheek and says were married, she hasn’t nailed him down 100% yet. We all laugh. Our midnight kiss was very special I promise Sue the New Year will be will be a lot better than last year, instead of a devorce she has a wedding, she has a new well-paying job, she has to think about a new house to think about and letters to write!

Around one we head out and head home, Sue comes over cuddles up and says where did I leave off and she unzips my paints and reaches in and pulls my cock out I say you know that’s not going back in Sue dosn’t answer she drops her head down and swallows my cock, I moan and try and keep the car stright on the road, we get home Sue runs in the house, I figured she had to go to the bathroom, as I walk in a see a line clothes leading to the bed room as I walk in the bed room she is laying on the bed just wearing her high heels, nylons and garter belt. Sue says why are your still clothes on, my pussy is hot wet and ready you need to give me six months of love Now! I starts to strip off my clothes Sue says slowly, it will be months before I get to see you strip again, I start to do a slow strip for her, Sue is yelling GO BABY DO IT FOR ME, once I’m naked, she says get in here and make love to me, I climb into bed Sue wraps her body around me her arms and legs were snaking all over me, the feeling of her nude body slithering over mine was turning on every nerve ending in my body. She climbed on top of me buried her tongue in my mouth and lowered her slit onto my cock and began sliding up and down my hard cock, she is going crazy, Sue tells out I LOVE YOU GILL YES BABY YES LOVE ME she collapse on my chest but she continues to slowly rub her slit over my cock, she continues to moan and I pull her up and lower her pussy on my face as I lick and suck her very wet pussy oh Gill I love you so much don’t stop don’t let me go hold me forever I love you so much, I reach up pull her nipples she gasps closes her eyes and raises her head back looking up at the ceiling, I suck her clit into my mouth and gently bite it and pinch her nipples she reaches down and pulls my head tight against her pussy, and floods my mouth with her sweet cum. I reach up pull her down into give her a my arms and roll over on top of her, pull her tight into my arms, and kiss her a deep passionate kiss and slide my cock into her sweet pussy, I feel her tighten around my cock and I cum almost immediately, as I start to cum deep inside and she calls out YES BABY YES I’m ALL YOURS. I stay hard and continue to make love to her, feeling her body move beneath me, feel her wrap her legs around my hips one more time I feel my balls tighten, feel the rush of hot cum rush up my cock and explode into her hot wet pussy. Sue lays in my arms as we fall asleep fulfilled, but sad knowing in thirty hours we will be ripped apart for six months.

The next morning we get up I finish packing my duffle bag every time sees it she starts crying. We finish packing Sue’s things and start moving them to Mom and Dad’s. When we walk in Mom asks Sue if she has had breakfast, Sue says no she wasn’t hungry Mom says nonsense you have eat girl sit right down here and I’ll fix you something, scrambled eggs and bacon ok Deer? Mom yells Dad help Gill bring in Sues things please. I think damn Mom is worried about feeding Sue but not me. We spent the day moving Sue in and Dad took us to the Sunset for dinner. After dinner Sue and I went home to spend our last night together for six months, Sue says last night was wonderful, can we just cuddle tonight I said I just want to hold you, honey are you going to be ok tomorrow, she says Gloria gave me a chill pill and she and your parients will be there.

After a tearful goodbye at the airport the next six months were the longest of my life, the only good thing was they kept us busy except Sundays no training and the worse was no Mail, Monday of hell week we woke up to the sound of tanks plowing snow outside, basic training in the middle of winter at Fort Knox sucks, but we were its much better summer! Monday we matched five miles to the rifle range for our final qualifications our breath froze to our eye brows and eye lashes and nose hairs. The high points of the week were an eight teen mile night march, crawling the low craw course in the mud at night with machinegun fire over us, setting up tents and sleeping in the slush at 33 degrees. Finally the 3 months of basic is complete, we were all waiting for our assignments 3 months of advanced training. I was hoping for an assignment closer to home but was sent to Fort Lenard Wood, Missouri. They put me on a bus for an 18 ride to the base. This place is an hour west of St Louis. This place was solid rock, you had to search really hard to find dirt. After being trained in various things my training was finally finished given a plane ticket for home, the only problem was the airport was a hundred miles away from base, I was able to hook up with some guys going to there they took me for fifty dollars. When I get to the airport at 4pm my flight isn’t till 9 am the next day the lady at the ticket counter said to hand close if they could get me on an earler flight they wood. I sat in a chair right across from the ticket counter. The next morning at 6am a ticket agent came over and told me to check my bag they had me on a flight at 7am.

I was susposed to get in at the airport at 11 AM, but the airline got me on an earlier flight and I got in about an hour and twenty minutes earlier than expected. A friend that was in basic with me gave me a ride to my pairents where Sue was staying, when they dropped me off out front Dad was watering the garden he looked in the door and saw Sue changing everything from one purse to another and had her back to the door when I got close Dad put his finger to his mouth and had me drop my duffle bag He held opened the door for me and I walked up behind her put my hands on her hips and pulled her butt back against my crouch her head came up and she said GILL and I say susprise, she grabs my hands and puts them on her belly and says susprise! I spin her around step back she pulls her paternity top and rubs her bulging belly, I say something really dumb and ask ours she gives me a frown and says of course, then I say you were pregnet before I left you, you weren’t anemic you were pregnet, Mom says from behind me and it only took you seven months to figure it out. I say Sue why didn’t you tell me, she says I didn’t want you to worry about me while you were training. I pull her to me we are crying and kissing all at the same time. Mon says to Dad take me to get an ice cream cone and they leave. We break our kiss I rub her belly and say we are a family now, that’s when I feel him kick my hand Sue says OH MY GOD that’s the first time the baby has kicked, I say he is saying hello to his father, Sue says yes she is I say we will see but I’m banking on a boy. Sue says wait I gota call Gloria before they leave for the airport. Sue call Gloria and says great you still there Gill is here, I don’t know why haven’t had a chance to ask him yet, yes and it only took him seven months and a fat belly to figure it out, I say tell them 6 at the Sunset, Sue says Gill wants you to come to dinner at Sunset at 6 tomorrow, it’s no problem they own the place, no I’m not k**ding, ok see you then. Sue says take me home and make love to me.

When we get home I say is it ok Sue asks is what ok, I say making love, Sue laughs and says yes of course, I ask do you have any idea when we got pregnet Sue laughs and says remember Thanksgiving night I say OH MY YES, she says it was the oh my yes that got me pregnet. I was ovulating and my cervix sucked your cock into my womb and your little swimmers were shot out right at my egg, appearently your as fertal as a turtle. Oh wait till you see my tits they are huge you’re going love them but be careful with my nipples they are very tender and sensitive. I stand behind her kiss her neck and slide my hands from her waist to gently cup her boobs softly rub her nipples thru her clothes she gasps, oh Gill I’ve missed your touch so bad, I fell her tear drops on my hand I turn her around and pull her to me she puts her arms around my neck and buries her face in my chest and crying says Gill I love you so much it’s been so hard not have you here to hold me and love me, Gill your my whole world my whole life my arms have been so empty ever day was more painful that the last, I felt so totally lost without you, I just want to in my arms hold me and never let me go again. Sue runs her hands over my chest and unbuttons my shirt then grabs my and pulls it off me, then pulls my t-shirt off me, she’s moving faster she is on a mission to get me nude as fast as she can once she had my belt undone she just pushed my paints over my hips and to the floor of course I’m commando, she steps back and says oh my god what did they do to you, you look like a statue your body is beatiful, Sue walks up puts one arm around my neck kisses me and reaches down and strokes my cock till its rock hard, and says go lay on the bed on your back, Sue pushes her paints down I say commando and wow shaved, Sue climbs on the bed straddles my cock and slowly impales herself on my cock until her big belly sits on mine, she looks down at me smiles grabs her top and pulls it over her head and tosses it , reaches up takes the rubber band holding her hair shakes her head and her hair flows halfway down her back, her boobs are huge her aerolas are twice the size I saw them the last time much darker and her nipples, I look up at her were huge sticking up and inch. I lay there with my mouth open staring up at them she says they are all yours for the next two months, then she runs her hands over them and pinches her nipples and milk shoots out and it’s too much for me to handle and I unload six months of cum up into her pussy. We spend the rest of the day and all night making love except for meals Momma’s gota eat, and pee and pee. At about 11 pm I figure I can’t remember the last time I slept and my precious Sue was just completely out of energy and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Its Friday evening we are at church for rehearsal, Reverend Johnson looks at Sue and then looks at me and says are we having a wedding rehearsal or christening? Then he says to Sonny this would never had happened had you older k**s not lured the younger ones to the soda fountain at Reads instead of going to Sunday school. Mrs. Johnson reaches over gives Sue a big hug and says your beatiful, pregnancy becomes you. It’s a small wedding Sonny is Best Man, Gloria is Made of Honor, and Dad is walking Sue down the aisle and giving her away. A few friends are invited and that’s about it.

Saturday the wedding came off without a hitch, Sue was beatiful in her paternity wedding dress, it was a small wedding so we closed the Sunset and had the reception there. We did our honey moon in Niagara Falls. Two months later Sue was laying in her hospital bed joyfully breast feeding baby Sammy Benjamin Franklin, as he sucks on her lift boob and holds onto her right nipple with his little hand. Sonny and Gloria come in to visit and say that’s Gill’s k** for sure look at him tearing up her boobs, Gloria hits him in the back of the head and says don’t look at her boobs, he says I’m not I’m looking at the baby!