Tied and ass fucked by the home owner on a sale visit

I am a real estate agent and often visit houses or homeowners who want to make a listing for sale. That day was hot and I was sweating, so instead of my usual business attire I was wearing a tank top and a mini skirt. I had an appointment with the homeowner of a large ranch style house which had been recently renovated. I had been eyeing that house for a while as I knew I could get a good commission out of it. The story is not about making commission but how I got tied and ass fucked.

I rang the doorbell and Chris – the owner opened the door. He was bald and huge. I am sure he had muscles under that shirt of his and I bet his cock was long and I could get get tied and ass fucked. “That it is,” he said and smirked. “Did I say that aloud?” I asked as I stepped and he shut the door. “You sure did baby. You sure did,” he said. “ I apologized and began walking around to see the house as he spouted off facts and information on its construction.

I suddenly turned around to ask him something and he was right there so I crashed into him. My hand accidentally touched his very hard cock and withdrew in shock. Then as suddenly he grabbed me by my throat and pushed me against the wall. I was stunned for a bit and then felt myself pussy leaking. “I can smell you, you know,” he whispered near my lips. Image of him fucking me against this very wall flooded my wall but I wasn’t going to give in so easily. “Let me go,” I said in my most angry face, but couldn’t help and smiled at the end. It was fleeting but he saw it.

“You are liking it don’t you?” he asked and screamed no. He pushed me against the wall again and lifted up my skirt. I tried to stop him but his hands began probing my cunt. “Ahh! Ahh!,” I screamed due to the sudden invasion, but I knew I was wet and he knew it too. “I will ask this only once. So, think carefully. Do you want to get tied and ass fucked?” he asked.

I knew I wanted it. I was horny today and getting banged by this dude didn’t seem so bad. So, I nodded and that was all he needed. He tore open my tank top and before I could protest, he said, “You will go home naked when I am done with you. You can show these gorgeous titties to the whole world as you drive back.” He laughed ta my expression and then said, “Relax, you can borrow my shirt.” I felt a little better as he pressed my boobs with his large hands and covered them. I was by no means a small boobed girl. My girls were large and heavy and yet he covered them with his palms.

“You have large hands, “I managed to say. “My dick is larger,” he whispered against my mouth and kissed my lips. His tongue invaded my mouth and I could get a faint taste of beer. His hands continued playing and pressing my breasts as I stood against the wall. My panties were hallway off so he tore them away. No was exposed and felt naked to his dirty gaze.

As I was overthinking, he bent down and bit my nipple. “Ahh,” I screamed and then he sucked on it and licked on it. He was kissing my nipples and suckling on them like a kid. “I like your boobs. Your nipples taste like sweet candy,” he said and I leaked a little more at his dirty words. He smiled and licked one finger and pushed it inside my cunt. It went in easily. “But I want to take your ass,” he said and I nodded breathlessly.

He lifted me up and took me to his study. He tied my hands to the table with my scarf and spread my legs. First, he just watched me and rubbed his cock through his pants. Then he took out a bottle of lube from the drawer and set it on the table. Only my skirt was in the way, which he promptly cut up and discarded. Now I was naked lying in front of him. He lifted me up and turned me around and pushed up my ass. I could feel the cool liquid dripping down my hole. Then he rubbed the asshole opening with one finger, relaxing me with his movements.  Once I felt relaxed, he pushed that finger inside my anus. It was pretty quick and I felt a little pain. His movements were practiced, like he knew what he was doing. His finger was pushing in and pulling out of my ass. “You have nice tight ass. I want it to be mine,” he said. I didn’t say anything, too engrossed in the sensations coursing through my body.

He suddenly pulled out and slapped my ass hard. I yelped and with that seemed to squirt some liquid out of my pussy. He laughed and began to unzip his pants. I was breathing hard anticipating what he would do. Would he push his thick cock in my tiny ass? Or would he fuck my pussy first. He said he wanted my ass and now I wasn’t sure.

He began caressing my ass and then slowly began teasing my asshole with his cock head. I could feel the thick shaft probing me. Just as suddenly he pushed inside of my ass and stilled. I was almost screaming and but I held back. He waited till my asshole got used to his girth. And then he was pushing in and out again. I could feel more lube in my ass and he was slowly making my channel wider as he fucked me. My toes were curling because of the pleasure coursing through me. I was loving what he was doing to my body and ass. He was gripping my butt cheeks tight and using that as leverage to fuck me.

“Unhh, unhh,” I could hear his sexy moans and my pussy just clenched hearing him. His thrusts became faster and the table began to shake. My hands were tied, otherwise I would have fingered my pussy for maximum pleasure. It was almost like Chris heard my thoughts. He immediately turned me around and put me on my back. I was panting and so was he. But he wasn’t done yet. He parted my folds and started rubbing my clit and the entrance of my pussy. His rough fingers were scratching some deep itch inside and I could feel an orgasm.

His cocked pushed in my cock inside and I moaned as it breached my ass. He was fucking my ass slowly now. His fingers were probing my pussy. Really slowly he pushed his whole hand inside my cunt and began rubbing me. His hand was large and he was touching me deep inside. He was fucking my ass and my pussy. He curled his fingers inside my pussy and touched something. I screamed as pleasure coursed through me and squirted hard. My stomach was clenching because of the pleasure. I could feel Chris releasing his semen in my ass.

Both of us experienced real pleasure of getting tied and ass fucked that night and he has asked me out. My answer? Yes!