How I Became A Secret Mistress.


Introduction to Miss B and JJ’s story, 
(Miss B) I know most of you reading this want to jump right to the sex part, bare with me, it’s all coming. I want you to know a little about how this story started and to feel the same anticipation that I felt! I’m Miss B a 5′-8″ tall, 145 pounds, blonde, blue eyed CD. I love wearing 5″ to 6″ heels and 50’s Marilyn Monroe style clothes and lingerie. I have always had the fantasy of being dressed up and meeting a masculine top guy that would treat me like the woman I am and fulfill all my sexual desires. Now I have gone out dressed to a club and been hit on many times, but never took it beyond the public flirting for fear of getting my ass kick once a guy would discover the secret surprise in my panties. I wanted to make this fantasy a reality; I turned to the personal ad’s. Reading thru the ad’s all I seemed to be seeing was either guys that I didn’t find attractive or guys that only wanted to receive services but would not reciprocate in return. That was until 3/1/13 I saw the ad “passing thru on march 8th n 10th” just touching on the main points of JJ’s ad, 25 yrs old, 6′, he was passing thru my city on the 8th and again on the 10th returning from his trip, looking for fun, CD preferred, with his picture posted (the face blurred out). I truly didn’t know yet what JJ looked like but I did know that from his build and his stance he was hot as hell! Then there was something about how he had written his ad that drew me in. Excitedly I responded to his ad with my stat’s and pictures, hoping to hear back from JJ.

(JJ) I wasn’t expecting much from my post to be truthful. It’s not that I didn’t have hope, but the idea that I posted on craigslist hoping for something good to actually happen was almost laughable. One morning I had checked my email…and I had an extremely hard time believing Miss B was real…. truly beautiful with long sexy legs. It was after a couple emails that I realized she was quite serious. She wanted to find someone to explore a different avenue of sexuality with, and I was just lucky enough that she chose to respond to my add By all means…I was happy, excited, nervous, turned on, and downright scared as to what could happen if I actually went through with it. But I was determined to at least explore the opportunities that Miss B and I could offer each other.

(Miss B) March 3rd I received my first email response from JJ. This was the first time I saw his face… it was strong and handsome. I to was happy, excited, nervous, turned on, and scared about what would happen. So began our week long email correspondence getting to know little about each other, exchanging pics, laughing, and making plans. I learned that JJ has a live in girlfriend, so he was no stranger to sex, but his experience with a girl like myself was very limited and he may need me to give him direction and still was not sure if he would be fully comfortable going down on me (JJ was a newbie), but he would try his best to please me, and would make sure I reached climax one way or another. Our plans had been set for Sunday 3/10/2013 on his return trip home he would make a four hour side stop at Miss B’s.  JJ’s estimated arrival time was 10:00, we continued communicating as he was driving and I was rushing around getting ready for him, right up to the moment he pulled up in front of my house. Any feelings I had of being scared had long vanished, there was nothing but happy, excited, and turned on pulsing thru my body.

(JJ) As I drove to meet up with Miss B that morning my mind was relatively calm…as calm as one can be before meeting someone from the internet, CL much less. I trusted her even before meeting up though. The closer I got, each time we texted…my heart started pounding just a bit harder in anticipation of who awaited me. I was determined not to bail. The time was available. She was waiting for me. And I wanted her.

When I finally parked, I half walked-ran to her door. I had no clue what to expect. Knock knock knock. The door opens. In I go, and am greeted by a slender, beautiful, curvy, sexy girl. I take a second to look her up n down. She looked at me inquisitively…I asked her to spin around so I could get a better look. My thoughts, hopes, n joys were all met. I thought to myself…well…that was the hard part…4 hours…I wonder where we’ll start

(Miss B) I just finished getting ready, poured myself a glass of red wine, JJ would be pulling up any minute now. I had on a curve hugging knee length red dress and new pair of 6″ black heels, underneath a matching pair of red and black bra & panty set… Knock knock knock…he’s here, just breath. I opened the door, JJ walks in and I’m greeted with a warm sexy smile… he is even more handsome in person. I feel his eyes moving up and down my body, my gaze is still locked on him… studying his face which was still sporting that sexy smile.  JJ asks me to spin around for him so he can get a good look at me… twirling around on my toes… I again come face to face with him. We immediately embrace and our lips lock together our arms wrapped tightly around one another… my head is spinning… this is really happening. I pull away to ask if he would like a drink, JJ replies “not thank you I’m fine” again our lips lock in a passionate kiss.  JJ then follows me into the living room… turning to face him and take in the image of this sexy young man, he is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Embracing our hands following the outline of our silhouettes as our lips connect and our warm tongues explore one another… JJ pulls back to tell me I’m a great kisser, his lips covered with the tint of my red lipstick, I replied “so are you”! Honestly if over the next four hours all we did was kiss, I would have been in heaven, that’s how intense and hot it was. I took this moment to pull off JJ’s t-shirt, running my hands over his masculine chest… removing his jeans revealed a pair of spandex biking shorts that did nothing to hide the outline of his large rock hard cock. We continued kissing, my hand rubbing the bulging outline in his short and JJ’s hand exploring my secret hiding beneath my dress. I reached my hand down into his shorts… feeling the heat from his hard shaft in my hand… running my finger tip over the head of JJ cock… he was wet with precum. I wanted his cock, I wanted it right now. pulling off his shorts, his hard cock now freed, I again ran my finger over the head getting my finger good and covered with his precum and then running my finger over his bottom lip and gently sliding my finger into his mouth… then kissing him before dropping down and licking the salty man goo from the tip of his cock and then sliding the full length of his maleness down my throat, sucking his delicious cock. all while looking up at him, my blonde hair falling slightly across my face.

(JJ) I pretty much was in agony. I hadn’t gotten off in close to two weeks, and we had been stimulating each other every day up till our meeting. My cock was aching so bad. It needed relief. It needed her. When she took me in her mouth, I think she knew from that moment forward I was hers to do with whatever she liked. When she was done introducing herself to me, we stood, sat, and laid. Kissing, touching, caressing, and exploring each other’s bodies. It was something unnaturally natural. I quickly learned she had a thing for biting, as she moaned in ecstasy whenever I bit her. Between breaths she politely asked if I’d like a glass of water. I said…”no I’m…” she gave me a look. “Yes ma’am, I’d love some water please.” More on that to come later. For now, she went…in her amazingly sexy dress and high heels…with her long sexy legs …to fetch me a glass of water. I gladly drank up, and she announced she would be right back. She wanted to slip into something “a little more comfortable”.

(Miss B) As I walked away to “slip into something more comfortable” I could feel JJ’s eyes on me….hypnotized by my walk. In the bedroom I unzipped my dress and slipped on a short red negligee trimmed in black lace, still in my black 6″ heels, I reapplied my red lipstick and returned to the living room where JJ was sitting naked on the sofa, his large hard cock projecting out between his strong legs. I sat down beside him… he wrapped his hands around my waist as we bent in and starting kissing with an intense passion. I pulled away and began kissing JJ’s masculine chest… first around his nipples, working my way down toward his navel… leaving a trail of red lip prints… continuing down his happy trail I took his cock in my hand licking the precum for the tip and then sliding his length between my lips, looking up at him as he watched his cock disappearing and then reappearing. I sat up and we locked lips our tongues dancing feverishly together.  JJ guides me backwards onto my back licking my ear and then biting my neck I moan softly… his hand reaches up under my negligee and gently pulls my panties aside revealing my secret… slowly he begins to stroke my cock… still biting my neck he moves his lips to mine kissing me… pulls away and gives me his devilishly sexy smile… pulling up my negligee leaving my stomach and cock exposed… JJ moves down and starts kissing my stomach around my navel… he looks up at me and says ” here goes” with my cock in his hand he begins licking the head gently several times before wrapping his warm lips around the head of my cock slowly taking my length into his waiting mouth… he then starts licking my inner thighs and with both hands he grabs the backs of my knees lifting them up over my shoulders, forcing my ass up and cheeks spread… he first licking and exploring my pierced taint… moving his tongue down and over my tight pink hole.. he plunges his tongue deep in and out of my opening…tongue fucking me… working his way now back to my inner thighs sucking and biting me… while he fingers me. My moans are now out load and uncontrollable… I don’t ever want him to stop… my body feels climatic…. he moves up kissing me again on the lips… grabbing the top of my negligee and bra pulling them down… he begins licking my pierced nipples then sucking and biting them…. my loud moans are only silenced by my gasps for air….. nobody has ever made me feel like this before… the louder I moan the more turned on he becomes… the more turned on he becomes.. the more he works to make me moan louder….I don’t ever want him to stop…. between breaths I again ask him if he would like a glass of water, he replies “yes ma’am” … he downs his water, I sip my glass of wine…. standing we kiss, he tells me the wine taste very good from my lips, he picks me up, my legs wrapped around his waist passionately kissing, I can feel him grinding his hard cock between my ass cheeks… pulling back… running my hands thru his hair…. I ask him to lie on the floor.

(JJ) While I know I had randomly mentioned this to her previously, the thought that we might actually get to do it never crossed my mind. So…I was more than willing to do any and everything she asked. If I wasn’t trying to be cool, id have dove directly on the floor from where I stood. Lying on my back, the smile on my face wasn’t the only way u could tell I was happy. She, in her ridiculously sexy heels, started strutting around me. A slow, sexual, intense strut. Add to that a hardwood floor and u have quite the sound and sight. She pretended to halfway step onto my cock, which by this point is hers to do with as she pleases. By her 3rd lap around, near my head she stopped so I could get a clear view of the heaven that was underneath her sexy negligee. slowly, but with purpose, she lowered herself, and her delicious hole right onto my face. It needs love too you know. So I gave it some :). Licking and sucking her underside was heaven. She knew she had total control over me, and I loved every second of it.

(Miss B) As JJ’s warm wet tongue explores my bottom, running the tip around the rim of my pink opening… then pushing in past the outer ring….I can feel every twist and turn he makes… filling we with a driving lust. I lean forward to lick the sweet and salty precum from the head of his hot cock… licking it clean before swallowing his shaft… moving back upright and pulling my bottom from JJ’s face… looking down between my thighs I see JJ’s devilish grin looking up at me…. at that moment I take his hand closing it into a fist and extending his pointer finger…as he looks up at me…. I wrap my red lips around his finger… lowering it under me and inserting it into my hungry hole… as we stair into each other’s eyes… he begins sliding his finger in and out of me. I stand up and strut around him one more time to then straddle his chest… he runs his strong hands up and down my silky long legs… lowering myself…placing my cock between his lips… he is mine… he is there to serve me. Sliding my body down his chest we lock lips in a passionate kiss…I can feel the length of his shaft between my cheeks gently gliding over my exposed pink hole…. I stand up and sit on the edge of the coffee table…. my legs open…without the need to exchange words… JJ moves in and begins sucking my girl cock, biting my inner thighs and rimming my lustful opening…. Moaning as I look down at him through strands of my blonde hair… his eyes filled with desire looking back up at me… ass belongs to JJ to use however he wants to use it…. I ask JJ if he would like another glass of water… yes ma’am… he downs another glass…. using his large hard cock standing at full attention as a handle I slowly lead him down the hallway to my bedroom.

(JJ) As she led me around by my manhood, I couldn’t help but become increasingly aware of my need to piss. She had mentioned she was interested in doing something for me before me met, and I of course wouldn’t and couldn’t say no to her. She knew I needed to go and led me back down the hall to the toilet. She loved the feeling of holding a hard cock with hot piss coming out. She whispers go to me. After a few shy seconds, and overcoming a hard on while trying to go, it came, and came, and came. For nearly 45 seconds. It was a relief, and I could tell she loved helping me out.
As we exited the bathroom, her wine glass in hand…we stood in the hallway and just kissed for a bit. Then my gears got turning…”miss b? Please put down ur wine glass?” As she sets it down, soon as her fingers leave the glass, I playfully push her up against the wall. Biting her ears, lips, neck. She made it too easy for me. Her moans told me all she wanted was more, and more I gave her. Fondling, caressing, stroking each other, it was all natural and perfect. Now, miss b is by no means small. For as perfect as she is, she’s even more perfect down there. Not too big, not to small. Perfect. She was very excited from kissing, biting, and stroking, as her full girth came to show. She’s thicker than me probably! 🙂 I slowly went down to my knees and took her into my mouth.

(Miss B) With my back pressed up against the hall wall, JJ on his knees, his head between my thighs as he engulfs my swelling member… I run my hands thru his hair…. I’m in complete ecstasy…. I raise my leg and plant my foot against the opposite wall to keep my balance… as he stands back up biting my nipples then my neck… pressing his lips against mine (we both express how insanely natural our physical connections is). I take hold of his manhood and lead him to my bed… playfully pushing me backwards onto the bed, JJ limbs on top of me… working my nipples and neck… rolling on top of him.. our lips locked and hands caressing each other’s naked bodies… I whisper to him “I want to feel you inside me”  JJ flips me over on to my back… my legs resting on top of his strong thighs as he moves in and gently rubs the head of his hard cock againt my opening… looking down at me JJ asks if I have any lube… looking at him without saying a thing, he know what he needed to do… grabbing hold of the backs of my knees… he lifts my bottom up exposing my pink hole…. he dives in with his mouth and tongue getting me nice and wet… lowering my legs back down.. he slowly and gently begins to insert his maleness deep inside of me. I begin to adjust to his size and he starts to trust with a steady rhythm while kissing and biting my neck…. he feels so good inside me… the weight of his masculine body against mine is intoxicating… we roll over… JJ now on his back… I ride his cock cowgirl style… him thrusting his hips up with my pushing my hips down… alternating my body forwards and backwards taking every inch of his manhood… I pull off just in time to watch his hot cum erupt like lava onto his stomach… he quickly places me on my back … taking my member in his warm mouth and slides a finger in and out of my wet hole… moving his lips now to mine… I ask him to insert a second finger… JJ sits up between my legs and inserts two fingers…. this is insanely hot… him looking down at me with that devilishly sexy smile… two fingers pressed deep inside me stimulating my prostate… as I look up at him stroking my girl cock until I shoot my sweet liquid…. Kissing one another again our breaths heavy… we just spent 4 hours nonstop pleasuring each other… if it wasn’t for the fact that we were limited to 4 hours… I know it would have gone on even longer 🙂

(JJ)  Now that we were spent, we lay there for a while…basking in the ecstasy of what just happened. All too soon it was getting closer to when I had to leave. I needed a shower first. Being covered in ruby red lip marks from head to toe was no way to go out in public. So we hopped in the shower together. Some amount of scrubbing, and many different types of shampoo and makeup remover later…I was fresh and clean. We soaked in the warm water for a bit knowing the end was coming…she tossed me a towel to dry off and I got dressed. I purposefully brought in an extra T-shirt. Miss b wanted to keep my white t-shirt, so who was I to say no. We kissed, we hugged, and we kissed some more. It was the most unique but natural experience of my life. With parting, I told her “Until next time”. Gave her one last embrace and kiss…and was out the door.


(Miss B) JJ said it best- It was the most unique but natural experience….after several hugs and kisses good bye, being careful not to leave any red lipstick marks….. I watched JJ leave, knowing that this was not Good Bye, but only Bye for now…. picking up his white t-shirt and holding up to my face, I could still smell his scent….”until next time”