Tim’s Family Fun 2

I was 12 and my kid sister Haley was 10.

Haley was big into pro wrestling. I was dead asleep on a Saturday morning and I hear “Hail Storm!” And she runs in goes airborne and lands on me.

“I am going to beat your fuh….”, I said and saw my dad standing in the doorway.

“I am sorry. Don’t mind me. What were you gonna say to your sister?”, he asked, “Watch that language! Get up! Breakfast is ready and your Mom and I are going out. I am leaving you in charge.”, He said. He told Haley to try not to kill me.

“What the fuck is Hail Storm?”, I asked

“Hail Storm is my finishing move! Like on tv and in the video game. Get it Haley…Hail Storm.”, she said

“What happened to DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME?”, I asked

“Well you are my brother. Your fun to wrestle with!”, she said, “Plus you know where to touch.”

“Well my signature move is the crotch grab and kiss.”, I said and slid my hand down her pants feeling her soft moist vulva. She giggled.

“Stop! Wait until they leave. If you’re nice I will let you have the other side or maybe if you are not nice.”, she said.

I got up, picked her up and body slammed her on my bed. She was laughing hysterically kicking and fighting with me. She bent her knees to her chest in a defensive position.

Our dad came back. “What part of ‘get up’ don’t you understand? Quit screwing around!”, he barked

“She started it.”, I said. She punched me in the arm.

“Liar!”, she said

We went and ate. Our parents left and we went to my room. “Come on. Let’s fight.”, she said

“No I don’t want to fight you.”, I said. When she had her guard down I forcibly threw her on the bed. I tried to get her pajamas down but she resisted. “Stop fighting!”, I said. She was trying her best to get away. Putting her hand in my face.

“Stop it!”, she said in a helpless voice. “Leave me alone!”, she said. I play slapped her and she punched me several times in my upper body. “Leave me alone! Please!”, she begged. I put my hand in her face and she bit it. Grabbed the top of her pajamas and just pulled them down as hard as I could. “No! No!”, she said, “Noooo come on! I am only 10! Mister please!”, she begged. I grabbed some string off the nightstand and I bound her hands together. I rolled her back over. I grabbed my dick and was waving it as I slowly approached her face. I slapped her. “Please?”, she said in a pitiful voice. “Please let me go!”, she said. I put my dick to her face. She resisted. I swished my mushroom across her lips. She kept her lips tight. I put my hand around her throat and pretend choked her. She made her face red and finally sucked my dick.

“This is how we learn.”, she said

“Please mister!”, she said. I grabbed her head and roughly face fucked her. There was saliva everywhere as she was drooling from what I was doing. I went and grabbed the lube my parents use and put some on my dick. She got up trying to escape. “No come on not that! Mister….Please!” I whipped her forehead with my dick.

I got her on her hands and knees on the bed. I lined my cock up with her pretty asshole and just shoved it it unmercifully. She let out a yell that would curl your hair. I was jamming it hard. “Damn you Tim! Aw my gosh!”, she said. I fucked her rough. “Come on spank me. Redden my ass cheeks!”, she said. I spanked her hard as I could as my slid in and out of her asshole. “Aw come on Tim! Show me how bad I’ve been. Please. I’ve been a bad girl Tim! Punish me.”, she said

“You are a dirty little girl! Making me want to fuck your dirty little asshole!”, I said. I spanked her hard as I rammed her. “Filthy 10yo slut! Look what you have done to me making me fuck you!”, I said, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, “you like that? You like getting your asshole fucked like a bad girl?” I spanked her ass cheek and jammed my dick into her hard

“Aw! You’re hurting me! Please stop!”, she said in a helpless voice

“No! Bad girls get punished!”, I said

I felt my nut coming on and grabbed her hips and slammed her continuously until I came. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled hard as I unloaded my nuts into her. I pulled out and caught my breath. I roughly threw her down and spread her legs. I shoved a finger inside her and rubbed her clit, finger fucking her hard. “Awww Tim!”, she said. I pushed her chin with my free hand and told her to shut up.

She let out a high pitched moan. Her legs closed and opened. Closed and opened. The third time they locked into on orgasm. “Uh mmmmmmm uh Timmy!”, she said as she came. She laid still for a second. I went to her face and we made out. I freed her as we did.

“That is fun! I like role playing! I like when you spank me and punish me. I like bad Tim!”, she said. She pointed at dick, “that is so neat!”. I laughed.

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